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My HTF sneezefics (M+F)
« on: December 13, 2016, 04:17:33 PM »
I wrote several sneezefics based on Happy Tree Friends (my favorite show) and posted them on deviantART. I'd like to post the actual stories here, but I think it'd be easier to just give you the links to the stories. Also included with each link are the genders of the character(s) who sneezed in the story and the cause of their sneezes.

I also deliberately made the stories more family-friendly than the actual show.

And yeah, I know that most of the stories involve male characters sneezing, but there's one female sneeze story so far. And after I post more stories on deviantART, I'll update this archive to include them. Enjoy :)

1. Lumpy Sneeze Paragraph (Male)

2. Flaky Sneezes (Female, pollen)

3. Lumpy and Pepper (Male, pepper)

4. Robbery Sneezes (Male, allergic reaction)

5. Lumpy's Secret (Male, tickling nose with feather)

6. Lumpy Has Allergies (Male, allergies)

7a. Sniffles' Sneezing Powder part 1 (Male, sneezing powder)

7b. Sniffles' Sneezing Powder part 2 (Male, sneezing powder)

8a. Lumpy's Loud Sneeze (Male)

8b. Lumpy's Loud Sneeze (cold variant) (Male, illness)

9a. Lumpy's Sneezy Adventure chapter 1 (Male, pollen)

9b. Lumpy's Sneezy Adventure chapter 2 (Male, pollen)

9c. Lumpy's Sneezy Adventure chapter 3 (Male, pollen)

9d. Lumpy's Sneezy Adventure chapter 4 (Male, pollen + tickling nose + feather)

10. Being Talked About? (Male)

11a. The Sneeze Bombs chapter 1 (Male and female, sneeze bombs)

11b. The Sneeze Bombs chapter 2 (Male, sneeze bombs)

12. Rare Sneeze (Male)

13. Tickling My Nose (Male, tickling nose with feather)

14. Lumpy and Giggles (Male, illness)

15. Lumpy and Holiest of Them All (Male, tickling nose with feather)

16. Allergic to Dust, Too (Male, allergies)

17. Sneezing During a Meeting (Male, allergies + tickling nose)

18. Sneezite (Male, Sneezite)

19. Lumpy and Your Majesty (Male, allergies + tickling nose with feather)
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