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Library sniffles[F,allergies] Parts 1 & 2
« on: April 23, 2017, 11:14:55 AM »
This was created out of ideas from me and Y31 last night and I hope to make more of this one.

      The sun shining at high noon, the air filled with a warm, thick feel, cars whizzing, people pacing, flowers bracing the noticeable but calm winds, and the smell of the best hotdogs this side of the city were all you could see. For most others, it would just be a bustling streetwise. For Rosa, she couldn't be more than excited to look in every shop to meet new people. But there was something else different about her...

      Learning from one of her friends someone special would be at the library, she took her trust with her and went knowing she wouldn't waste her time.

      Just as the sliding doors opened up, her light and welcoming tennis ( summer shoes with holes in them ) that were as blue as the sky on a clear day. Followed by showing off the sleek, jet black fur of her legs, and on her legs are denim feeling shorts followed by a very light and smooth jacket that sometimes appear skin tight but is actually quite comfortable.

       The thin, sky blue jacket looks almost textureless covering her white tank top. Her jacket also had a zipper that could zip just enough to show a fair amount of cleavage, but decides to keep it halfway. To cover her cleavage, she has a dark blue bra on that looks fancied up on the edges that were also light blue.  She also has a nice rosey touch to her nails as a node to her first name.

       Just above that jacket is her adoring skunk face. Her lips were a peachy color, but not too glossy. Her eyes were a natural blue, which if you ask her is what inspired her personal look. Her hair was the same color as her fur and that went straight down to her shoulders and part to the side at the very end. That hair was covered by a cute blue, beret on top it. Her muzzle had a white streak that went toward her nose and was was narrow to say the least. Her nose was pure black, a trait all skunks long for.

        Her eyes shifted as she looked for a familiar face, she thought of sitting near the fantasy section for the books and as a vantage point. She noticed something with Her nose, but dismayed it for the sweet freshener in the air doing wonders. However, it was doing quite the opposite. Her muzzle scrunched briefly, nostrils flaired and stayed like that. Yet, she was oblivious to all of this.

       Meanwhile, Samantha is looking for some me time. She considered taking a walk with nature...but yet she didn't want to think of that at the same time. She was just hoping to be able to sit, relax, and to just take a break( I mean it's been 2 weeks since her last break, and we all know how that turned out ).

      So she took her now dark green attire ( similar, mind you ) and headed out the door. The library was only about a mile away, so it should take her too long.

     Walking just outside her house can be rough at times, it's quite the busy street. So as always she sits at the crosswalk waiting for the cars to pass.

      " um, excuse me.Do you need help with...." A firm, short sleeves wolf man said, gesturing to his nose. Rosa responded by crossing her eyes and hitching up her breath just a bit. "Hihhhhh... Yeah, now that you think of it". Prepared, the wolf man gave her a tissue.

      "Ah, thank you so much you gentleman". Nudging him playfully followed by a harsh sniff. The man maybe an expression that looked like your welcome with a small smile on his face briefly before going back to his book.

       At this point, Sam has crossed the road and is already on the main street. There is still much distance to make, but there shouldn't be traffic most likely.

        ( Gee, what is setting you off this time. Your always such a trouble-maker. ) Rosa looks around to see if she can spot anything that may be cause her predicament. Putting her nose in the air, she can plainly see the problem. "Yep, its dust again" ( and I thought I would be safe here, I guess love-craft ain't so popular ).

       Carefully taking her tissue, she places it with her hand on her nose and gets to lightly blow it without disturbing anyone. However, the wolf man and a few others eye her for a moment followed up by a "sorry" from Rosa. She know she can't escape this sneeze, but she has to try. She can't make a scene. Oh, that would go against her nose quite was enviable.
      She could already feel every movement her muzzle was making before, only much stronger. Her eyes were on the verge of closing only to be drafted by the stream of tears coming from her eyes.

      Almost there, she found herself having to cross the street, only for the lights to inconvenience her. She was in no rush, so there was no reason to jaywalk, she patiently waited at the crosswalk.

      "Hihhhh...I'm gahihhh...sneihhhh..."Rosa desperately said, barely getting her message across.

      She wanted nothing more now than to rub her now even if it went numb, but that's exactly what her nose wanted. She did the only thing she could do and fanned her nose to possible breath some fresh air, but between the teasing freshener and the irritating dust, she cornered by scents and substances.

      Feeling the sneeze winning, she braced herself with a tissue in hand.

     The sign says walk, and Sam finally makes it to the library in time. The doors welcome her as she meets someone all too familiar. She isn't sure if she is who she thinks she is until she let's out the first brief "hiHCIEEww".

      "Oh my god, I'm so sorry. I knew holding it in made it worse *sighs* . Thanks a lot... Jerk" Rosa says as she rests her hand on her muzzle, feeling defeated. Tapping her nose, she lifts herself back up.

      "Well, at least I'm a little strong hehihh... HichiEEWWww". Rosa sneezes yet again. She was going to sneeze a third time until she felt a familiar touch right on her nose.

       "Don't worry. I got you girl" Sam reassures, winking at her. "NO,ohmaygodohmygodohmygod, where have you behihh...oh thanks." Rosa excitedly says as her long lost friend's finger helps her with her quivering nose.This starts just the beginning of their return as great friends.
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Re: Library sniffles[F,allergies] Part 1
« Reply #1 on: April 23, 2017, 01:58:17 PM »
This is a pleasant surprise!  It's cute, I'd love to see more.  :)

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Re: Library sniffles[F,allergies] Parts 1 & 2
« Reply #2 on: May 01, 2017, 08:10:06 PM »
thank you chat for the ideas last night, and also here is part 2.

      "No, really, its fine. It's just a smahihh... Smihh... Small ihaCCHiewww... Itch." Rosa says through her vulnerable nose.

      "Listen...there they are. Take these, they'll help with you with the dust.I took some just before I left otherwise I'd be sneezing as much as you." Sam explains while she gives Rosa some allergy pills.

      "Sniff sniff... Wow, these really do work. So, how about we check some books out..." Rosa says, noticing how everyone has seemed to walk away for the even they've created.

     "*shrugs* beats them... So how have things been for ya?" asks Sam

     Ya know, same ol', same ol'. But, I just got back from this amazing vacation with my papes" Rosa chirps.

     "Wonderful weather we're having." quietly cursed the wolf man.

     "...what's wrong, you seem...tense." Claire says, concerned of the wolf man's tone.

     Her face is puzzled under her raccoon mask and natural red hair cut. Her eyes are an emerald green with mostly natural features for the rest of her face. She sports a T-shirt of her favorite college football team, though she isn't a big fan of the sport.

     She has white and green basketball shorts to match her shirt with also green flip flops.

     "Its just those two in the corner made the biggest deal out of a sneeze, A SNEEZE. Would you believe that..." the wolf man says.

( I can think of two people who would do that. )Sir, where would those two be?."Claire asks.

     "Sniffffff...THERE." the wolf man says after taking a deep breath.

     "Oh, OK. Thank you" Claire says.

     "Your are SOOOO welcome. Sure, help the two that don't understand HOW A LIBRARY WORKS." the man screams , flipping out entirely.

     "Excuse me, but your going to have to leave now." states the librarian guard.

     "Sniff...ahhh. Sorry, it's just I got a little heated up thats all." the wolf man assures.

     The wolf man grumbles as he walks out the library, slamming a fist to a wall next to him as he leaves the building.

     "Huh, I wonder what got to him? He wasn't so bad when I first met him." Rosa questions.

     "You know him?" Sam asks.

     "Nope, just met him while waiting for a friend." Rosa answers.

     "And is that friend me?" Sam happily asks, excitedly waiting for her answer.

      "No... But she is for sure. Hey Claire, how's it been." Rosa replies

     "Oh... Hi guys. Or girls. I forget which one is OK." nervously says Claire.

     "You know, after a while I honestly don't even care." Sam says.

     "Yeah, relax girl. You need to lighten up." Playfully says Rosa.

      "Yeah, about that..." Claire says while rubbing her irritated nose.

     "Hmm, I think I got something for that." Sam says reaching into her purse for her pills.

     Rosa eyes Claire's nose, which is all but subtly twitching at an unknown irritant floating in the air. Making her wrinkled muzzle blush.

     "Oh come on, what could possible be bothering that cute button right there." Rosa good as she lightly touches Claire's nose "boop."

     "Hihhh" Claire's breath hitches as her cheeks blush even more as she sees another person come in the library out of the corner of her eye.

     "Seriously Rose, there are children here. I know how you are about that sort of thing." scolds Sam

     "What, its just a nose. Boop. See, no harm, no foul."says Rosa as she boops her own nose. "...and Excuse me. The name's Rosa." Says Rosa.

     "Yeah sure, but if your really the Rosa I knew, then at this point that's more than a nose to you. Anyway, here is you go, this should fix you right up." Sam says.

     "Of course, where are my manners. Can't go about just poking noses like that if you know what I mean" says Rosa.

      "No just stop, after this I'm fixing you for sure." says Sam.

     "Relax, I'm not that weird about it, I just follow some forums that's all." says Rosa.

     "*gasp* You wouldn't!" says Sam, surprised.

     "Gu-girls, I think I doesn't work." Claire says, still rubbing her itchy nose.

     "I thought that was suppose to be ALL your allergies." Questions Rosa.

     "It is, what? Have you guys never tried out the new perfume." Says Sam as she is eagerly ready to show off her new perfume.

     "A new what !? I have to have that, what is it?" says Rosa as she is on the edge of her seat.

     Sam pulls out the purple, lean bottle of perfume as she holds it in a presentation fashion.

     "Introducing the lilac breeze, transporting you to a luxurious spa and a relaxing vacation." Sam introduces.

     "Wow, can I try it?" Rosa asks.

     "Sure." Sam says as she insistently hands over the perfume.

     As Rosa soaks herself with the scent, her nose is invaded by the irritant while her nostrils flair right when the scent touches the back of her smooth muzzle.

     "Wow, this is la-ovely. Sniff, I really do feel relaxed." says Rosa, unaware of the irritant.

     "Hihh... Acheehh. Sniff, I think that's been my problem since I got here." Says Claire.

     "Say what now?" Rosa says, feeling the itching her nose spike significantly.

     " gee, I'm sorry. I didn't know you were allergic." responds Sam.

     And as of in agreement, Ross's nostrils flair wildly as her muzzle squeezed in itself, almost as if it was trying to squeeze the sneeze deep within it.

     "Hihh... Hihaaaa...grhiaaAAAcHIEEEWWWW.great." Rosa says as she attempts to nurse her own nose with a considerate but fatal rub.

     "I guess that's another allergy on my lihihcCIEWW. Man is that stuff strong." says Rosa with yet another sneeze.

     "Well, you kinda just bathed yourself in the stuff." pointed out by Claire.

     "YeahihCCHIEWW hacCCHIEWW. Bless me, but how come your not sneezing you head off?Itchew."sneezes Rosa.

     "Well if she just put her nose right on top of it like you did then yeah, she would have." Sam says as she sways the bottle right in front of Claire's nose.

     Right when the bottle was near her nose, Claire took a deep breach involuntarily. Causing her to lose control of her nose. Cross eyed, Claire could see her nose twitching every which way as if it wanted to escape from the perfume stuck with it. Her eyes watered and she began to rub her nose before it was too late. However... It was far too late.

     "Oh no, come on come on. Hihh haa haaaaaa... HAACCHIEEEWW! Ugh, well that sucks." Claire says, feeling defeated.

     "Come on, we're here. Don't tell me your still worried about sneezing?" asks Sam.

     "It's nothing, I'm not worried about anything rehihn... Really, I'm fine." Claire says, still nervously rubbing her nose raw.

     "Huchew... You just gotta be relaxed, and even if yihh...hacCIEWW feel like it's the worst thing to do ever, just enjoy it, even a little bit." Rosa says as she rubs her quivering nose.

     "Really? Thanks guys." Claire says, her blush fading until another person comes walking in, causing her face become completely red.

     "Rosa, your seem... Tense. How's your nose treating you.?" Sam says.

     "Hey, were you watching me earlier?" Claire says, slightly mad at Sam for ease dropping.

      "Well we were a lihhACCHieww, a little. And dang, I feel like I'm gonna sneeze my head off I swear." Rosa replies.

     "Sniff, you have any ideas on how to fix this?" Claire says, pointing at her suffering nose with a shy look.

     "Well, like always I guess you both will have to sneeze them out." Replies Sam.

     "Are sure there aren't other ways to deal with this?"asks Claire.

     "I don't know what to tell ya, I swear every time I need to sneeze, its never like a quick one or anything. Its always this drawn out scene that seems like a bigger deal than it really is but always ends up quite satisfying. I've even read stories about this on my forum." explains Rosa.

     Claire and Sam look confused at Rosa, noticing she could be a bit different fright now.

     "Rosa, that's awfully descriptive. You sure about that." asks Sam.

     "Yeah, and it seems this particular situation seems like  something right out of one of those stories, don't ya think?"Rosa points out.

     "Sure... You-you read those stories." Sam insists.

     "ITCHIEW" sneezes Claire abruptly.

     Rosa's nose tingles after Rosa herself seeing Claire sneeze, reminding her nose that it still has a tickle inside itself.

     "Sahihh Sam, you have a tissue, I need one so bad." Rosa pleads.

     "Of course, let me find one real quick OK?" Sam says

     "Thank you soooo much, this nose is really killing me right now." Rosa says, anxious to rub her nose with her bothersome paw.

     "Why can't you just rahih... Rub your nose with your paw?" asks Claire while she rubs her own nose.

     "Well um, how do I out this, I'm allergic to... My own fur." Rosa says, slightly embarrassed." but at least when I want to sneeze, I can't just give her a good rub and I can sneeze away." Rosa says.

     "Here you go" says Sam.

     "Thank you, well anyway you didn't know me at the time but back then girls would bother me about my nose by always saying well if you rubbed your nose, My skirt wouldn't be this disgusting. But hey, I got the two best girls right in front me, screw them." Rosa says as she rubs her nose with the tissue.

     "Wow, and to think I'm worried about sneeihhCieww, sneezing." Claire says.

     "Yeah, don't worry about that nose of yours, will be with you every step of the way." Rosa says reassuringly."And even if you sneeze your head off all the time, we got you."

     "By the way. I think you put more of that perfume on this tihihh... Tissue, its not really helping out." Rosa says as her eyes water more so.

     "Well I guess you'll have to sneeze it out." Repeats Sam. "After all, you do looooove sneezing."

     " do nahihh... Not. I just like the sight of other sneezing, just a bit." Rosa says.

     Claire huffs and covers her nose only to uncover it and not really mind Rosa's liking to sneezing.

     Having nothing to stop her nose from itching, the itch in the back of her muzzle surfaces to the outside of it and causes major irritation to her nose to where even the nostrils itch horribly.

     "So with nothing to guard that nose, its only a matter of time until it bursts." Sam says.

     "Yeah, what she said." follows Claire.

     "Funny you should say that, it may be sooner than you think." says Rosa.

     "So, are we gonna talk soon or you gonna just stare at that nose, I mean it's just a sneeze."asks Claire.

     "Shh, hold up its coming up." says Sam.

     Rosa's fans her nose as wide as her nostrils are flairing, which the nostrils themselves are reaching their breaking point.

     Desperate, Rosa resorts to scrubbing her nose with her paw. Resulting in horrific results ( depending on how you think of it )

     "Hihhh...haa...HIHHAAAAAAACIEEwwww HAciew HACiew CChiew HAAA,HAA... HAAAA- really Sam?"

     "Welllllll, I'm want you to hold this one in." Sam says , anticipating the next sneeze.

     "Its just a nose, I don't get it."Claire says.

     "Well when you sneeze as much as us, it gets boring to look at sneezIng the same way."Sam says.

     "Yeah sure, and I'm the one with the fetish." says Rosa.

     "No, its not sneezing. I just like it when people suffer occasionally." Sam says, smiling in return.

     "Also could you move your finger, I really need to sneeze."Rosa asks.

     Sam nodded and removed her finger. Leaving Rosa's nose to sneeze against her will, but she wanted it anyway.

     Still confused by the sight of her reunited friends, she felt at ease somewhat knowing they were the type to be willing to do anything. She Sat firmly in her chair knowing that any future endeavors would be ones without worry. But until then, Rosa still had to sneeze, and boy was it huge.

     "Hihhh...hAAAAAAAAAAAAAACHIEEEEEEWWwwwwwwww... Why are always like this? Oh well at least you met a new friend,  and his name is lilac!" Rosa says, perky as ever.





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Re: Library sniffles[F,allergies] Parts 1 & 2
« Reply #3 on: May 01, 2017, 08:24:21 PM »
Aww, Claire's sweet.   :D

These are quite fun, Rosa in particular is interesting.  Booping noses and such.   ;D