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Trial by snezzing [F]
« on: April 29, 2017, 05:56:41 PM »
     It was pitch black, every door was closed, and thick thunder storm covered the town. These were the perfect factors for someone in particular. Her feet swiftly moved on top of the creaky rooftop with ease, giving off a cool silence with her shoeless feet, as she preferred to be more silent with her footsteps.

     Reaching the end of a rooftop, she paused herself for there were 2 guards nearby, standing there as if they knew she would be coming. The moon shimmered gently on her black ninja outfit, fitted with the typical ninja sword, ninja stars, and back up ninja knife.

     And just like a ninja she is, she arrived to her destination ghostly. Her mission was to assassinate the corrupt queen of the village, who could be just as dangerous as she is.Not that she was worried or anything, she just couldn't go easy on her target.

     In the back of the house, she could see 2 guards passing by her. She then quickly hid in the pile of hay, hoping they would only pass for a moment. Right when the guards were walking by her, the only possible issue surfaced at that exact moment, her nose became itchy.

     As the guards went past her she came out of the hay as her nose twitched. She was able to visibly see it on her black mask that went up to half way on her muzzle. Compromising with her nose, she rubbed her nose briefly while her mask was still on ( you know because her identity ).

      Getting her bearings, she quietly snuck around the house and took out the one guard from the side and the two from the front entrance. Slowly opening the door, the door then opened itself up. Suspicious, she walked inside bracing herself for the unknown.

     Right as she stepped inside, the door closed behind her as she checked the door impulsively, as soon as she did that, the queen herself appeared behind her and before she could react, four guards went to her and immobilized her.

     "So, your the one who wants to kill me isn't it? Or am I mistaken, Claire the raccoon?" said the skunk queen herself, wearing a beautiful purple robe and a golden staff having plenty to show off herself.

     " You'll never get away with this!" Claire screamed. Staying calm while this was all going on.

     "And what makes you think that?" The queen said confidently.

     Claire pulled out her knife and gracefully took a guards staff by force while taking all of them out with one clean sweep of the guard's staff. Dropping it, she went up to the queen, placing a blade towards her neck.

     "Because I know exactly what your gonna do." Claire said with a smirk on her face. As she was saying that, her face was right near the flower placed on the skunk's hair. Her nose spasmed as she succumbed to her allergies yet again.

     Confused at first, the queen shakes that feeling off and takes the knife from the allergy blinded ninja. " You thought you knew me, but I know all of your allergies."

      "whaa- hahihhh... How do you know? " Claire said through her sensitive nose.

     "It doesn't matter how I know, what matters is how that will affect you." the queen said, thinking of how to end this. " If you lose to... 3 sneezes, I will end your life." the queen announced. " You can also have this tissue, but of course that will be useless." the queen says, eyeing the mask on the ninja's face." " Your challenge begins now."

     Claire was frightened at first, but she knew she could find a way to get out of this. " Oh and Just so we're clear... You leave, and you die faster than your nose can twitch."

      "That shouldn't be too hihhh... hard I *sniff* suppose." Claire says, sniffing loudly

     Right when Claire was going to rub her nose, the queen came up to her and tapped her right on the nose, and before she could do anything, her nose became more spastic while her muzzle scrunched to the point of having her mask fall off.

     In fear of losing her mask, she covered her nose with her hands to catch the mask, only to have her nose let loose two sneezes.

     "Hihhh... No, please don't haaaaaa...hitchiew...sniffff no no no itchiew sniff."

     Catching a break, she lifted her mask back up. Only to be greeted with laughter from the enemy herself.
"Haha haha... Wow, did you just seriously sneeze twice! Come on, I'm her to KILL you. That nose of yours really wants to die doesn't it." the queen says hysterically.

     As the queen was laughing her head off, Claire went up to her, took the flower on her head, and shoved it right in front of her nose.

     " How about this, next person to sneeze dies." Claire suggested.

     "Sniff, your on." the queen agreed.

      Claire was more prepared now, rubbing her nose as long as she could. She couldn't however, get rid of the mess from her last sneeze in her mask, making her nose all the more irritated.

     The queen however, already closing her eyes for her sneeze, she couldn't lose now. So she went to the ninja and attempted ed to take her tissue back.

     "You give that back, I need it." the queen whimpered.

     "No, how do you think that's fair?" questioned Claire.

     "Well since you have that mask of yours to contain the sneeze, all I have is my robe, and I am NOT getting this messy because of a simple sneeze." the queen protested.

     "If you have that robe, then I don't see how you need this." Claire declared as she put the tissue on top of the fire place near the queen.

     " *gasp* you dihihhhh... HAAAA..." the queen screamed, defeated as she took her silky robe and rubbed her nose with it to hold her sneeze back.

    "Fine, but after this you are cleaning this robe, then I'll kill you." the queen said.

    " Wehihhh... Well that's if you win, if I win, I'm rubbing my nose all over that robe."

     The queen gasped as she rubbed her nose even more so into her robe to keep the itch at bay. " I'll NEVER let you do such a thing you monster!" the queen said.

     As the queen gave her final word, the itch in Claire's nose spiked a despite her rubbing it as much as she could.

     "Hihhhh... Sniff how is your nose holding up... HAAAAAaaaaa..." Claire asked as she furiously scrubbed her nose through her mask.

     " fahhh... Fine I guess" lied the queen.

      Continuing to rub her nose in her robe, her nose became a bit raw from the silk, causing her nose to quiver and her nostrils to twitch erratically.

     "What's the matter? Your nose catching up to you? "  Claire said, knowing her chances of winning almost doubled.

     "Nihhhh... No, just showing off." the queen sais, confused of even her own statement.

     Puzzles, Claire shook that off as her nose was on the verge of sneezing. Her nose has been running in her mask, making her nose itch and her muzzle to shake her mask off again.


     Feeling the itch spike in her nose, the queen resorted to rubbing her nose with her elegant hands, only causing the itch to accelerate. Causing her nose to twitch fiercely, making her eyes close up.

      Almost considered a coincidence, both girls noses itched at that exact same time.

     "Hihhh...oh nahihhhh.... HITCHIEWWWWW!"

     "Come on guys, this isn't even close to how its suppose to go. Rosa was suppose to get killed off, she would bring in her new character and both of you would be ninjas together." Sam complained.

     "Yeah, but you got to admit that it was kinda fun." Rosa cooed.

     "But, sneezing is weird. I don't really think it's normal to enjoy it like...that." Claire said.

      "Listen, we all sneeze a lot, more than anyone in our classes. If we all learn to make the best of it, maybe we can embrace who we are." Sam suggested.

       "Yeah, and you know if you want to talk at all. You can come to me at any time... I got you girl." Rosa said while playfully punching her.

      "Yeah, I guess your right. Thanks guys, your the best."said Claire.

      "Yeah, so how about we all go get some ice cream?" suggested Sam.

      "And like I said, I'll always be there for you, even if it's in like 10 years or something, right?" Rosa said

      Everyone paused, shortly followed by laughter from them. And this is what started the friendship of Claire with Sam and Rosa. I wonder what their doing now? ( if any of you want to find mr, I'll be reading love-craft at the library, I've always loved his books. )



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Re: Trial by snezzing [F]
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2017, 07:39:51 PM »
I assume they're playing D&D?   ;)  Always a fun time with friends.  Careful, Sam, the players can be a handful.  Or should I say pawful?

Nice to see another new character as well!  I've always loved raccoons, Claire should be fun.
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Re: Trial by snezzing [F]
« Reply #2 on: April 30, 2017, 05:36:17 PM »
Nice job!  Love all the buildup and how descriptive their noses being irritated was.

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Re: Trial by snezzing [F]
« Reply #3 on: April 30, 2017, 07:41:30 PM »
Very entertaining story. I can't wait to see what you post next.
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