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Closet troubles [F]
« on: May 02, 2017, 10:12:41 PM »
      After the little incident at the library, our girls noticed how much time went by, ruining any further plans. Thinking of what to do, Rosa comes up with a lovely idea. Since she loved to cook, she took them to her place and a full course of delicious pasta, topped with her favorite spices.

     Shortly after the three got cleaned up, Rosa walked the others to the places where they would be sleeping, which were 2 modest bedrooms that still looked very nice. Getting situated, the two found these new beds comfy, and found themselves quickly falling asleep.

     "Nghh, man what a night." Sam Groggily said.

     "Huh, what's this?" Claire questioned as she picked up a paper from the bedroom door.

     Reading the paper, it says
"Hello ! And good morning!
Hopefully this doesn't come as a shock, but I am quite busy today, aaaaaaaaand I'll be gone for while. I know, you gals might've had enough after last time.
BUT, don't worry I got a special surprise for you 2 as soon as I get home and I KNOW you aren't busy today, I made sure of it. So relax fro the time being but there is a catch, my paps is right next to the closets and the walls are very thin, and since he doesn't not you 2. He'll think your invading him, seriously he is ALWAYS ON EDGE but is the sweetest thing, I'll make sure to introduce him to you 2 when I get home...

Good luck!

From your bestest friend

       "This is a closet? Hmm nice, but why?" Claire asks as she quietly looks around.

     "SHIT." Sam curses in response of the predicament.

     Losing control, Sam frantically searches for a way out when a sudden snore comes out of what she assumes is Rosa's dad. Curious, she peeks outside the door to see a chubby figure underneath a large blanket through the thick darkness of the room.

     Closing the door gently, she scavenges the room for any resources of use. With a shimmer in the bleak light, she spots a empty can with a string on it. She instantly grabs it, putting it near her face to see if anyone is in the other side.

     "{hello, hello, is anyone here, helloooooo? Aw come on Claire it's gotta be you, is it?} As Sam asks, Claire grudgingly picks up her can.

       The book was getting good, what is it. I'd rather not get caught thank you very much. Says Claire annoyed.

     {But I don't know long we're gonna be here and... I don't wanna die.} Complains Sam

       Seriously, can't you just read a book? As Claire asks that, Sam takes her advice and looks around to find said book.

      Just above her, she finds a book barely in her reach. She gets on the tips of her toes to slide the book out from the shelf, catching it right as it falls.

     Rosa's dad snores again, this time a bit more louder, suggesting to Sam to be more careful. As she sits down to take a look at said book, her nostrils flair at the presence of all the dust, sucking some dust up in the process.

     "Hey ihihhh... I found a book, is it dusty where you are? The dust is really settling in right now." Says Sam, already feeling her nose trying to take hold.

     "*sighs* no, and why are you finding the dustiest possible book in there?!" says Claire angrily through her bared teeth.

     "I don't know, you said to find a book to read so I did!" Sam yells, only to have Rosa's dad to snore again.

     Both taking note of the snore, they lower their voices, mind you still in an angered tone.

     "Ok, so I have plenty of books here on my side. How about I look around and I don't know, look for a book on how not to sneeze?" asks Claire sarcastically.

      "Might as well I guess." Sam says, calming herself.

      "Sniffff,*sighs*. I'll see what I can do." Claire responds, calming herself as well.

     As soon as Claire said that, Sam began to run her nose forcefully to drive the tickle away until Claire added " and don't go rubbing your nose unless you absolutely must, for now is it press you finger on it or something...and don't even look at it." Claire adds.

     "Is that what the book said." Sam asks.

     "In fact yes, and frankly I'm following these steps too after trying to help you. No offense." Claire says.

      "No taken, but wouldn't rubbing your nose help?" asks Sam.

     "Usually, but it's what the book says anyway. Gotta go with the facts." Claire says.

      "If you say so." Sam says.

     While they are waiting for the sneeze to go away, both their noses seemed to be doing a dance. As one nose twitched or quivered, the other would hitch their breath.

     "How long you think this should take?" Sam asks.

      "It doesn't say, it just says until content with feihihh...feeling." answers Claire.

     And for every breath each of them took, the seconds grew longer until one of them couldn't take it no more.

     "Hihhhh... I can't take it, Gotta stop it." Sam impulsively says as she scrubs her poor nose.

     Despite all the rubbing, at least one thing was true, the rubbing was making it worse. Her action was causing her brown, oval organ to be tickled and flaired even more so. Causing her sneeze to be impossible to stifle silently.

     Rearing her head back, use released four gigantic sneezes from her comparatively small nose.

     "Hihihhh... Cahhhh... Cantsneeze... please dahihhhACHIEEEWWWWWww HaACCCIEAAA CHIEEEEW...HAAAACIEWWW... Oh nose." Sam says as Rosa's dad woke up from his slumber, walking am.met menacingly towards her door.

      "(oh god he got her...wait what is he-oh god he's strangling her, why is she not breathing. Can't sneeze. Can't sneeze. Can't sneeze.) cahihhh..." Claire panics as her nose is taking hold of herself.

     In a bold attempt, she takes her hand and rubs her nose as long as possible. Her eyes water up and the last thing she sees is the newfound serial killer walking by her door.

     "What? Whihh... Me? Idontwannasneeze...haaaaa...HAAAAAAAAA..."Claire cries.

     As Rosa's dad walks by Claire's closet, he goes up to a switch and turns on the lights. Back at the closet, he takes his hand and slowly opens the door to meet his other intruder.

     "HAAAAAAAAAAAAACHIEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWW , whew. Bles- AHHHHHHH, pleaaedontkillmeplease!" Claire whimpers, only to be greeted by someone else entirely.
      "Happy Birthday!"
      "Happy Birthday um uh, who is she?"
      "Oh, that's Claire."
      "Thanks mam, Claire you shining star!" Tony says, giving Claire a warm hug.

     Shocked, Claire stares wide eyed into the distance as she understands what just happened.

     "Happy 21st girl, and you know what that means." Sam says , gesturing to a bottle of wine in the dresser.

     "Well not mine haha, well time to- what's wrong, is it because you sneezed on me. Don't worry, you can let that nose do it's thing when I'm around." Tony says as he pokes Claire's nose, still holding her in a firm hug.

     Claire snaps out of her daze and replies to Tony right when she is booped.

     "Wait, you do that stuff too?"Claire asks.

      Before Tony could respond, Rosa herself walks in to greet Claire with a huge hug as well.

     "Daaaaddy, the pancakes a- OH MY GOD HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BESTIE." ecstatically says Rosa, jumping on top of Claire for a brief and firm hug of her own.
     "What's wrong girl." asks Rosa.

     "Well you see-." says Tony , pointing as his nose.

      "Oh yeah, tell'er about it." Rosa says .

      " Well you see, my great grandfather invented the "boop", and since then my granddad and grandma's done, it then their kids did it, me and my lovely wife Diane's done it aaaaaand." Tony says, pointing at Rosa.

     "I did it. Boop!"
                  "Boop" Rosa and Tony said in sync as they booped each other.

      "So how'd ya think of it? " Tony said anxious to hear her response.

     "Oh. Being trapped in a closet with my life at stake, well first of all I LOVE IT. It's like the closest thing I got to a real horror film, especially when you looked like strangled Sam, that was soooooo good." Claire said with glee.

     "Wow, I didn't know you loved those types of things that much." Rosa says surprised.

     "Yep, thought of it myself." Tony boasts.

      "Shut up, if it wasn't for me she could be been there all day." says Rosa.

      "Well you see, get that book right there real quick." Asks Rosa.

     Before Claire could move, Sam generously went to get the book for Rosa.

     "As you can see, it's really-" Rosa says while revealing the truth about the book.

      "- how to sneeze the best you can." Rosa states.

     "I added the brail." Tony said, proud of himself.

     " she wasn't gonna read the brail. She could have CLEARLY see that the front says how NOT to sneezes, she isn't blind." says Rosa.

     "Actually, I did read the brail." says Claire.

      "See, I knew that a girl as smart as her would read the brail for sure. You know how dark it can get in their? I bet she could barely read the print, I mean look at it." Tony says.

     "Anyways, you can keep it. Maybe you too can prank or pleasantly surprise someone YOU know." Tony says.

      "Thanks and all buhihh... But I'm fine." Claire says as she looks at the rest of the book, not paying mind to any of the content.

      "Tell ya what. How about we get some pancakes and will see what we can do from their. Sound good?" Rosa suggests.

      "Of course, just give me one second. Just got to get uh- cleaned off." Claire says.

     "No problem, will be in the dining room when your ready for some PANCAAAAKES." Rosa sings as she walks out the room.

      As the door closes, Claire is left still with her twitching nostrils keeping her at bay. Concerned, Sam comes up to Claire and blocks her nose' s airways with a firm finger.

     "I got you." Sam says.

     "I'm fine, I just need to clear out my nose. Got some dust?" Claire asks.

     "Sure" says Sam.

      She goes back to her closet to get to get her dusty book, takes a handful and puts it on Claire's muzzle.

      "You couldn't of put it IN my nose. I still can't sneeze, but it's getting there." Claire says, letting the sneeze get to her.

      Claire sighs, pinching her muzzle of embarrassment. Instantly, her nostrils flair up and sting a little. Making her reflexively grab her nose.

     "Hihh gah, thats prehihh... Pretty strong." Claire says, trying to rub her nose in her already clenched hand that's on top of it.

     Meanwhile, Claire's nose seems to already have taken her will, causing her sneeze harshly.

      "Hahihahhh... HA-IEEW... huhHUHCCIEWWW sniff...grehACIEWWWW... Great, good but great." sneezes Claire, running the rest of the itch from her mostly clear nose.

     "Huhctshhhh...hahhihhchshh...whew HACIEW." Sneeze Sam after a failed third stifle.

     "Hello, are my 2 besties sneezing without me, the pancakes are gonna go cold, I think." says Rosa from the kitchen.

     "You know, it may have been on a few minutes since you turned 21 but you know, I'm proud of you." says Sam

     "Thanks" Claire says. Who knows what will happen next after the interesting encounter with Rosa's dad. Will Claire completely overcome sneezing? Will out trip meet more unusual parents of varying shapes and sizes? Find out next time...



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Re: Closet troubles [F]
« Reply #1 on: May 02, 2017, 10:25:47 PM »
Rosa is such a kidder.  That would be quite a mean thing to do to your friends if it wasn't all a joke. 

(Oh, and I appreciate the references to her part Italian heritage).
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Re: Closet troubles [F]
« Reply #2 on: May 02, 2017, 10:43:07 PM »
Rosa is such a kidder.  That would be quite a mean thing to do to your friends if it wasn't all a joke. 

(Oh, and I appreciate the references to her part Italian heritage).

      Oh, and I should've tried to mention in the story that Sam was actually aware of this and was playing along, well I guess it still turned out ok.