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A walk in the park[F]
« on: May 03, 2017, 09:23:48 PM »
so this small story came from and idea thought up by Y31, (and for Y31 thank you man.

     Now was the best time for a midday snack. The most opportune time to get outside, to breathe some fresh air. Most importantly, go out and take a nice jog.

     Joanna was not exactly the most active, but never turned an eye at times of relaxation. Sliding on her pink tank top over her firm, crispy white fur. Putting on pink basketball shorts to match with tall but flat tennis shoes. She also wore black and bold shades for the burning sun our ready lioness was about to brace.

     Walking briskly outside of her townhouse, she hurried across the street which in the other side was conveniently the town park.

      Taking her usual path, she notices in the corner of her eye a group of girls having trouble with an unusual activity, or its just frantic allergies. Not that she minded it of course, it was just...odd.

     "Claire, I know you'll pull through just letmetickleit." Rosa pleads as she attempts to bring a feather to Claire's nose.

     "Rosa, you can't just make people sneeze 24/7. We're here at the park for a reason, do you know EXACTLY what that reason is?" Sam asks Rosa.

     "Umm, uhhh...oh its new people." Rosa answers.

     "Yes, we can do that too, but what else?" Sam asks.

     "I don't know, but we should kinda get involved with her. She looks like she needs to sneeze REALLY bad."Rosa says as she walks up to the poor lioness.

     "Sniff, ahahhh... Oh, I'm so sorry you had to see me like this. Its just something right here is really getting to me." Joanna apologizes.

     "Rosa, what is this?!" Sam yells.

     "Oh, that's just some perfume, no biggie." Rosa says.

     "Just a little? This is enough to set off the whole park, we gotta make a schedule for this where you are... YOU like some days of the week." Sam suggests.

     Sam walks up to Joanna with a hand full of tissues to help Joanna.

     "I'm so sorry about this. This out fault, I wish none of this would have happened. I can make this up to you, take these. I hope you understand." Sam forgives as she gives Joanna some tissues to tend to her stuffy nose.

     "And Rosa, can you please close that before the mayor starts sneezing." Sam asks

     "Fine, I'm just a little bummed out that we can't have fun with our new friend." Rosa sighs.

      "Oh thank you so-*shorts* much... *gasps* *shorts*. Huh I can seem to blow this gook out." Joanna asks.

     " Rosa *sighs*, you know what that means?" Sam says.

     "*gasps*, you know it!" Rosa squeals while she takes a bottle of perfume while confidently gesturing Sam to move out of the way, annoying Sam. She takes the bottle and places it only a couple feet from the cat's face.

     "Hiya, I'm Rosa. Now when you feel this..." Rosa says as she boops the girl's pink nose.

     "...thats when you should take a deep breath, ready?" Rosa asks.

     "Sure, the sooner the better I suppose." Joanna says, already on edge by the giddy skunk girl.

     "BOOP" Rosa says with a tap to the cat's nose.

     "Snifffffffffff." Joanna breaths in as the perfume invades her nostrils almost strong enough to knock her out.

     The cat's nose flaired more and more she breathed in more of the perfume surrounding her, causing them to sting more and more. The pain got to her as she tries to remedy her nose with a gentle rub along her twitching nostrils, only to see her hand was covered in pollen.

     "I hope that helps." Rosa says, glancing at that finger she presumably covered in pollen.

     "Hihihaaahhh...ihihh...its still stuhaAAAAhhh... Stuck.." Joanna complains.

     "Hmm, I got just the thing." Rosa says, feeling proud As she takes her trusty feather from her sports bag, swipping the feather on top of her nose.

      As Joanna is still suffering, Sam sports a questionable look at Claire.

     "Hey, you ok there?" Sam asks.

     Just as Sam says that, Claire's trance on the cat's nose is broken as she snaps to Sam responding to her by saying "uh, yeah I'm fine."

     "Hmm, never knew you would grow so quickly." Sam says, rustling the small raccoon's hair.

     "Hey stop it." says Claire playfully as she moves Sam's hand away fro her head.

     "Hihiahhhh...alllllllmooosHACCIIEEW, haciewew, huh huh...HAciewew. there. Wait, one mehihhhh... Has a...itchieeeeehhhhh itchieeeh. Thank you so much." Joanna sneezes.

     "It was my pleasure." says Rosa, whipping her hair back as she walks back to the others.

      Sam walks up next to Joanna before she heads off.

     "Forgive me of her but, she can be a bit loud and well... You get the point. If you ever need anything, just call me on this number, if you need something done well, I owe ya. See you around ." Sam says to Joanna.

     "No, its fine. I think I just got a whole new look on things if you know what I mean. Anyways see you too. THANKS ROSE. I'll make sure to call, but I'm too busy right now, I gotta go." said Joanna.

     "So, it looks like I got myself a new friend." says Rosa.

     "I honestly have no idea on how you do it, that's really something." says Sam.

     "Is she really gonna call you?" Claire asked Sam.

     "Who knows, only time will tell. Alright girls, lets get going."

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Re: A walk in the park[F]
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2017, 09:29:32 PM »
Aww.  Sweet.

No problem on the idea front, I enjoy helping.

Can't wait to see what these girls do next!  ;D