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(To Be Updated.)

Method 1: Paid Subscriptions via Forum

Donate here ->;area=subscriptions

Paid Subscriptions are now active. Those who choose this option will become "Benevolent Dragons" and receive a special forum status. It costs $5 a month for this option. Money will be used to cover website costs.

Benevolent Dragons receive a gold user name on the forums and chat showing that they donated to help support the site. They are also given the option in the Media Gallery to "Mass Download" the different album/folders, as well as given temporary Level-5 Poster status (which allows you to set a custom bonus title.)

Method 2: PayPal Donations / Tips

If you don't want to go through the hassle of the forum's interface, I will provide my Paypal address via note to anyone interested in donating. There is no minimum donation/tip and I will credit the account with special member bonuses as applicable.

Remember, folks. Without your donations, the money still has to come from somewhere. $120 a year is about how much this site costs to maintain. With just two year-long Benevolent Dragons, the site is totally paid off. :3

(Current June 2015-May 2016: $120/$120!)
(Further donations fund advertising, fun sneeze commissions, contests, or UI Element upgrades)
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