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Title: [Rules] The Importance of Profile Fields / Why did my account get rejected?
Post by: Furry-Sneezes on December 02, 2013, 01:57:19 AM
To those applying for registration on the forum:

First, if you are wishing to sign up just to ask questions or provide us with a single topic of information, please use the General forum (if Guest Posting is enabled), or send an e-mail to me directly at

If you do not fill out most-to-all of your profile, I will likely not approve your registration. The main reason for this is that I want people to be both open to others, as well as not be lazy. The least you can do is answer the few questions listed and the sneeze preference options. There are fields for those who do not know the answer, so when you leave everything as skipped, it shows you did not read things, or aren't willing to spend the time to answer. That is how I view it. So for myself and the others of this community, please fully fill out your profile when registering!

Another issue that you should understand is that forums often get bots signing up for them, no matter what preventative measures are included. There's a reason that I reject accounts that don't take the time to properly fill things out, or that fall into certain patterns that look like a bot was used. Below is an example of an account from the past that was clearly a bot.

Do you have a sneezing fetish?: Possibly / Curious
Why do you want to join You will find details about article marketing on mine website. thanks Mrs. Caprario [/url=http://URL REMOVED]article marketing[/url]
How did you find this site?: google
Furry Gender Preference: Skipped
Sneeze Gender Preference: Skipped
Sneeze Species Preference: Skipped
Fav. Part of Sneeze: Skipped
Fav. Part of Sneeze Cont.: You will discover additional information about article marketing on mine internet site. thanks! Mr. Caprario [/url=http://URL REMOVED]article marketing[/url]
Enjoys Adult Sneeze-Content: Skipped
Anthro or Non-anthro?: Skipped

Anyone who types 'google' with no capitalization or other words was previously an automatic red flag when it comes to approving registration. Also, anyone who skips all of the fields is immediately subject to extra scrutiny and must have a detailed reason for why they are signing up that would have things make sense for ~not~ filling out the fields.

In the end, I'm not trying to deny anyone legitimate the chance to view the content on this site, but it's very important to keep the bots from signing up. This prevents spam posts and spidering of the member-only data of the site. This also helps to deter troll accounts from signing up, as they are usually rather easy to spot as well.

Hopefully this helps better clear up my stance on member approval and the importance of taking the time to fill out your profile fully and honestly. :)

I look forward to all the new members of the site in the future. ^_^

Title: Re: [Rules] The Importance of Profile Fields / Why did my account get rejected?
Post by: Furry-Sneezes on June 12, 2014, 11:09:24 AM
It has come to my attention recently that a few people have been unable to re-register after having their account rejected. I have looked around for any sort of option involving this and have found nothing. I strongly encourage anyone signing up to take care when filling out their profile, and if your registration HAS been rejected, please try again in a few days, or with an alternate e-mail (and change your e-mail after succeeding) Once an account has been rejected, you should be able to re-register using the same name, btw. The issue is either an IP-based cooldown or an e-mail based lockout/cooldown.

I have had a reduction in spambots over the past year, but I still feel there is value in ensuring members are at least willing to put in enough effort to share a little about themselves through sign-up as this IS a community-driven site. Thanks for understanding.