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Title: [F+Anthro] 9 o' Clock Worries
Post by: A pretty cool guy on February 11, 2018, 01:29:08 AM
Title: Re: (F+pollen+pepper) 9 o' clock worries
Post by: Furry-Sneezes on February 11, 2018, 10:10:15 AM
Nares, huh? Had to look that one up. Had never heard it used before.

There's a fair bit of stray typos and formatting mistakes, but mostly pretty minor. An interesting take on setting a public scene. There's a few too many animal types for my personal tastes, but as a fetish story that's a non-detail. Enjoyed the story well enough. Good sneeze spellings. Decent stray details. Still reads like a sneeze fic, but let's face it, most anything Slice of Life will read like a sneeze fic if there's enough sneezing in it. :P

First story I've read around here in a while. Thanks.
Title: Re: (F+pollen+pepper) 9 o' clock worries
Post by: TikoPiko on February 11, 2018, 03:50:28 PM
Hey nice story, it's pretty well detailed :).
Title: Re: (F+pollen+pepper) 9 o' clock worries
Post by: A pretty cool guy on February 11, 2018, 07:01:32 PM
Might not be as strong as the last part, but I hope you still enjoy.

   Relieved, June collected her thoughts and tried to remember what else she was here for. Her otter friend felt all the stress put on her nose. She rubbed her sore head, catching the attention of Juniper. June read the otter’s aching face and began searching through her purse, trying to remember where her Ibuprofen might be with her still scrambled memory.
“You’re welcome!” the kitty couple say, cleaning both the otter’s and the doe’s spilled coffee. Sam gasped at how sweet the two were being and offered up a coffee coupon as she said “Thank you. We’ve must’ve been the worst to y’all. I mean…” she gestures her paws towards the ground and her pinkend nose. The female cat blushes and responds “Heh, you two are a couple of mockingbirds. My avian friend can attest to it.”  Both cats give a good laugh. After a few moments, she continues “This dearie here was friends with my ‘coon daughter back in high school.” Her SO adds “But you how things turn out with school…” the cat girl then says “Oh, she’s such a sweetheart. I’ll tell ya.” Sam interrupts “Oh, so you adopt?” Both cats look at each other for a moment, then both respond “We’re foster parents.” male cat adds “the same thing, ya know?”
An electronic beeping comes from the cat couple, they spring up while saying “Sorry, but we gotta jet.” The male one says “I got a [i|special[/i] day for you!~” The female cat hugs her SO, then they both walk out the building holding hands.
   The doe looks back out the window seal, not appearing relaxed. Sam notices this and asks “Need any help with that?” the otter holds a finger up as an offer to put it under the doe’s quivering nostrils. June scrunches her muzzle with great force, which helps with the tickle enough for now.
   Some concern still struck the mustelid’s face, but she thought it’d be silly to worry about such a minor tickle. The doe was more elated at the fact that she remembered why she was to meet the otter girl in the first place. The doe sat and said the otter “Listen, I know it was kinda awkward and all that I made you have to deal with my pesky nose as well…” The otter was about to interject, but the doe continued “But hey, with that out of the way, we can finally get to know one another.” Juniper extends her hand to Sam “Names Juniper, but my friends call me June for short.” Sam smiled, responding with “Hi Juniper, I’m Samantha, but friends call me Sam.” 
   June immediately dropped her head . Allowing Sam’s caring nature to ask her “What’s wrong?”. flustered, June admits “What is there to say? Claire must’ve told you everything. I just can’t…” A few co-workers from the back started there 9:30 shift and began asking people for seconds. A cheerful squirrel came by and decided to remedy the doe’s and otter’s situation. She pours them seconds on the house and says to the otter “Well, what did she tell you?” The squirrel smiles at the otter and uses a finger to turn Sam’s head towards her. Sam smiled , giving her re-aquainted friend a big ol’ hug.
   A mysterious tickle formed in the otter’s gentle nose. It’s perfect oval shape wiggled as it twitched slightly, but it wasn’t too much of a bother to even herself. Sam gleefully asked “Where have you been?! It’s been so long!” As the two cheered about their reunion, a saddened doe was still feeling a bit down. Before either of them notices there damsel in distress, June’s phone started ringing. She took a deep breath before answering the video call as a voice call. She said “Hello, who is this?” The voice on the other side, just as, said “Um, your ear…” She felt her deer ear, checked her phone, then immediately started sweating. The doe looked through her purse for her earphones as the ‘coon on the other side said “ Relax, those two seem fine about it.” Sam replies “Claire?! What are you doing up? I told you to get some rest, your can't be up and about like this!” 
   The otter’s squirrel friend says “I guess one of us aren’t so fine, come on!” She playfully shoves the otter “Maybe YOU should relax, eh?” Sam rubbed the back of her neck as her friends chuckled. The air seemed a lot less tense than it was before, but that didn’t change the otter’s flaring nostrils. Her modest ears fell as she closed her watering eyes for a quick sneeze. “Hepchiieeew! *sniffle*” Sam could swear the scent bothering her nose was nearby, but before she could say anything, her striped faced friend commented “Now don’t go getting sick before I get better, can you even imagine Rosa being a nurse.” The two laughed. Sam said “Don’t even! She would be like…” She stood straight, putting on a sassy impression of there skunk friend “Don’ worry, the peppa is for medical perpouses, sweetie!” They laugh some more, shedding some tears of joy.
   Calming themselves down, June asks “Claire, what did you tell Sam?” The raccoon then lists “Your whole life, your friends, your enemies, your crush!” The poor doe sweats nervously. The raccoon continues “You’d always have these big posters in your room Anton the Siberian Tiger, Russia’s super stud haha! Such a brute.” The doe admits “Yeah...he kinda was.”
   They all grinned at Claire’s verbal horseplay. June brings a finger to her nose and asks Claire “So, I heard you had a…” rubs her nose to express her point “problem with something.” Sam replies “Oh shut up, you know you’ve wanted to do that ever since TIff’ here came over.” The doe nods, putting a smug on her face. The ‘coon gasps at the doe, removing her finger to make a point only for her nose to quiver and to let out a quick sneeze “Hapspkkkkshhhhh! *snuffle*” Claire blows her cold-filled nose, only for it to be just as stuffed as before not a few moments later.
   An anger beaver yells for refills across the room, signaling the squirrel to quickly leave. She exits there space by saying “Call me, Sammy.” and leaves them with a single flower as a welcoming gesture. Sam sneezes again from the inescapable pollen. “Hepchieew!” She rubs her nose, getting little satisfaction out of it. The raccoon on the cell puts a look on her face saying “I was right, wasn’t I.” Sam looks at her, groans, and responds with “Hay fever is an exception, not the rule.” The doe interjects with “Well, I wouldn’t want a nurse sneezing all over me…” Sam chuckles lightly.
   The doe’s nose twitches with more intensity. Sam says to June “Don’t be shy, go and sneeze.” She gestures towards the window. The doe nods and proceeds to coax the sneeze out of herself, her muzzle is scrunching as a start.
   The sickly raccoon tells the otter “Hey, If we’re both sick and all, wouldn’t you want to go out somewhere where no one has to do anything?” Sam thinks about it, and then says “Well who’s gonna pay for the spa?” The doe raises one hand while raising another with a tissue holding it, ready to catch the oncoming sneeze. “Hepchieeww-ahhh! *sniff sniff*”.
   The doe takes another tissue and wipes all around her nose and it’s mildly dripping nostrils. Her now sensitive nose doesn’t take the tissue rubbing lightly and begins to spaz out, causing another, more satisfying sneeze to release. “Hep-ccchewwww! Ahhhhh! *sniffle*”
        Satisfied, Sam continues “Wait, are you sure you want to?” The doe nods her head, before raising her head for another sneeze. The otter feels the sneeze creeping back into her nose, doubling over instantly “Hechiewww! Hehh-sniff, chhiewwww!” The otter steals a tissue from the doe, giving her nose a decent honk with it. She asks Claire “So, when do you wa-” she notices her alarm has gone off and rushes out the room while reminding Juniper “I’m so sorry, but I-I ehchieww!” The otter pauses again, rubbing her nose. The raccoon comes back on the phone and tells her friend “maybe you should...take the day off.” Sam sniffles and smiles, agreeing with Claire’s advice. She walks back to the doe and suggests “Wanna spend some time with your sniffly little friend, we can talk more then.”  The doe sneezes “Hepchieee-ahhh!... I’ll meet you in the car.” The otter happily nods and strolls out of the coffee shop, feeling more energetic than one with hay fever should be. The doe finally makes it to the mini van and briskly covers her poor nose before sneezing one last time. “Hehhh….ahcieee-ahhhh! *sniffle*”
Title: Re: [F+Pollen+Pepper] 9 o' Clock Worries
Post by: TikoPiko on February 11, 2018, 10:50:35 PM
Very good story  :).