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Writer's Den / PHD in Chemistry [F+Animaniacs+Minerva Mink]
« on: April 22, 2018, 08:07:47 PM »

Writer's Den / [F+Anthro] Sick, Sneezy Sharkie
« on: April 04, 2018, 09:27:37 PM »

Writer's Den / [F+Anthro]Needle in a Hay Stack
« on: April 01, 2018, 12:49:23 PM »

Writer's Den / (F+Anthro) Flower Parade
« on: March 13, 2018, 10:04:05 PM »

Writer's Den / (F+Anthro+Cold) A Full Moochieeewwn
« on: March 05, 2018, 01:03:56 AM »

General Chatter / Wolfstar15's sketch requests!
« on: March 03, 2018, 04:58:50 PM »
What's up guys,

If any of you guys have a Deviant Art account, you should go check out Wolfstar15's page here
She's taking sketch requests ATM and are limited to 1 request per person, so ask wisely.
You can ask for these requests by sending her a note on the site, which a note is just a personal message for those who don't know.

Good luck and have fun with the sketches!

Writer's Den / (F+Pokemon) Two sniffles make a sneeze.
« on: March 02, 2018, 12:26:54 AM »

Writer's Den / (F+Pollen) Pollen Park
« on: February 26, 2018, 11:34:02 PM »

Writer's Den / (F+M+Digimon+Tickling) Just like the old days
« on: February 22, 2018, 05:29:33 PM »

This story was made out of a request from Y31. Hope you enjoy it (I sure did).

   One day, there was a blue beauty. One who stood tall and proud, breathing potent fire, a fire greater than other fire-breathers. One may assume this small dragoness may be an ice dragon. This would be a grave error, for this reptile can’t even handle a chilly breeze. Her nares protruding proudly from the front of her face were flaring from quite the discomfort.
   This sickly, sniffling mess gasped. Her sinuses were being very sensitive today, and that doesn’t even include the cold stuck inside her muzzle that was reeking havoc. She raised her long head, closing her eyes in sync with her nares opening wide. “Rahhhhchiewwww! *sniffle* ugh!” She wipes her nares her hanky, which is now burning from her flame filled muzzle.
   Tired of all the sniffles, she stood up and strutted out the door. She got her car started, only for her muzzle to twitch again. “Rehihhhh…” She jammed a finger to her dragonic muzzle and scrubbed thoroughly, this wasn’t going to be easy for her, exactly.
   The engine roared from the car, the sound reminding the dragoness of her ancestors and how bombastic they were. She sniffled, shuddering at the ill sound as she began backing her car out of the driveway. Her mind was scrambled, as only her eyes were searching for a pharmacy as she drove cautiously around the neighborhood.
   Her nares were nearly as alert as she was. Her eyes saw bright red neon light flash, deceiving her notion that she could beat the yellow light. Her muzzle didn’t like this sudden stop and responded harshly “Rehhhptkkkk!” She sneezed, shielding her car with a scaly arm to suppress the blast. She groaned as her sinuses started acting up again. “Reehciewww!” She sneezed freely, catching the sneeze with a tissue. The car wheel became scorched, bringing panic to the dragonic mess.
   She heard a horn blast right behind her, startling her more. Her nares twitched to cue another sneeze, “Raachiewww! *sniffle*”. Her window melted a fair amount, making her kick the melded window off to see what’s in front of her sedan. She failed to notice the green light right away, making her feel small as she drove past the intersection. She clawed at her nose meekly, feeling more like a lonely rodent after looking past a glaring green light. She made a left turn, resting her head down.
   She had half a heart attack as she nearly forgot to stop for the pedestrians in her way. The shock brought a wave of reactions from her body, goosebumps being not far behind a scrunching muzzle. As the pedestrians walked by, she brought a hand up to her rising muzzle as she held it high for another tense reaction, “Reihhhhh...Rahhhhciewwww!” Her hand caught the fiery sneeze. She patted out the fire before continuing onwards. “If I don’t get this cold out soouupptkkkks!” She stifles the blast. “Soon, I’ll have to walk back home” she thought to herself. She slammed her foot on the gas as she raced to the store.
   Sirens blared, worrying the dragoness more so. She begrudgingly pulled over, pawing at her volatile nose. She hears a knock at her side window, her hand glides to the power window button. The brown dragon says “Ma’am, you have a lot of explaining to do.” The dragoness panicked, but that worry turned into guilt. She pointed at her nose in shame. The officer responded “I see.” He gives the draconic sniffler a ticket “stay home next time, eh?”
   As the officer began walking away, the dragoness stopped him by saying “But I still need somebody to get me some meds.” the officer stood there for a moment, shoulders slack before he sighed and turned around. He re-approached the window, looking left and right to make sure nobody would suspect him, then sprayed the dragoness. “RRaaacheiewwww!” She sneezed outwardly. Thankfully, the brown dragon caught the sneeze with a leather handkerchief. “That should last you about 10 minutes, make it quick!” The girl nodded, putting her car back in gear as she felt her sinuses clear up.
   With a boost of confidence, she went to the pharmacy smiling. She picked out her favorite soda pop, chips, perfume, the whole nine yards. As she approached the register line, she felt this gnawing tickle grow back into her muzzle. Scared, she dropped everything and began clawing the very front of her muzzle. Her nostrils weren’t happy with her rebellion, for they were dancing around the claws that were trying to contort the fiber of there being. She fled the line and searched for the medicine she so desperately needed.
   Her tearing eyes met with the medicine aisle. The tips of her feet pushed her quickly towards every type of medicine that could possibly help her. She one-handedly tossed any item that wasn’t meant for her. “Headaches, ulcers, pink-eye, bad-breath...Itchy nose!!!” She said, cheering for her minor victory. Her nose was also celebrating a minor victory the grasp from the blue fire breather was gone.
   Hitching loudly, she approached a mother dragoness, asking her for a tissue through her desperate actions. Wincing, the healthy dragoness pressed a sturdy tissue against the sickened dragoness’s nose. The mother fought the nose as the ill dragon raised her head, giving in to her sickly urge. “Raachiewww! Rehihhh...rehihhh...cheiwwww!” The blue dragoness sniffled into the tissue, or what was left of it. With a loud harump, the scorched mother guarded her kid as she stormed away. The blue dragoness quietly said “Th-thank you…”
After a brief wait at the register, the ill dragoness started her drive back home. On her way home, she sneezed boisterously, disintegrating her well kept sedan. “Raachiewww!” She began pacing back and forth, furious that she has to walk home now. She sat on the curb, contemplating calling a SUPER. Her mind wanted to do nothing more than to sneeze herself to death, but something in her wanted more.
She squeezed each nostrils with a claw. Both nares, however, spasmed despite her grip, tiring her. A few minutes pass and right as she was about to sneeze, a group of ruffins walked by her. She rubbed her nares into her arm with the rest of her energy for the sake of the children.
As they disappeared from her vision, the tickle in her muzzle grew to unthinkable heights. She raised her head in preparation, as if she rehearsed it a thousand times. Keeping all but a pathetic claw to block the fiery blast to make way through her nasal passages. She closed her eyes and “Rrraachieww!”. Fire stuck to the streets before quickly dissipating.
She moaned, pulling her phone out and calling in a SUPER. “Cahihhh...Can I gehhh...CanIgetarachiewww! *sniffle* ride.” The sneeze costed her extra since it endangers the health of the driver. “Ugh!” She responded to the price. She sat there, sniffling away. Every once and a while, a friendly figure would ask if she’s alright. Where she would move the fellow to the side and let out a quick “Rechiewww!”, cueing them to go about their day.
The driver finally came, making the blue sniffler’s tail wag with joy. She waved her hands up high as the driver slowly pulled over. Her nose was quite excited as well, flaring nostrils trying to catch more attention than the dragoness herself. She brought her claws to her snout, hitching loud, shaky breaths. Right as the driver stopped, the dragoness let out a explosive sneeze.
   “Raaachiewww!” She sneezed, burning all of the car to ash except the drive himself. He looked meanly at the dragoness, putting both hands in his pockets as he paced away from her. She sighed, walking home and burning everything her snout could smell.
   She plopped onto her bed, ending up right back where she was. She eyed the medicine she got earlier, thinking of whether she should take them or not. Her snout decided for her a twinged. She clung onto hope with a claw grasping the front of her snout, her snout was more advanced and ignored the plea.
   As her claw became limp, she looked up and shut her eyes. “Raahihhhh...Rachiewwww!” She sneezed, burning the medicine to a crisp. She saw a charred medicine bottle, which signaled her to grab it. The moment a claw touched it, however, it too turned to ash.
   Defeated, she accepted her fate as a sniffly monster of the east. Her muzzle confirming this with one, gigantic sneeze. “Rrrraaachieww-yyyy! *sniffle*”

Writer's Den / (N+Digimon+Non-Anthro) Aquilamon Request
« on: February 20, 2018, 08:40:41 PM »

General Chatter / Taking story requests!(SHUTTING DOWN)
« on: February 18, 2018, 02:45:26 PM »
Novice writer here,
Have any cool story ideas that you just don't have the time for?
Don't have enough money to find a writer to commission said story?
Then I gotcha covered!
I'm open to up to 5 requests at any given time and will try to finish the stories at the latest within the month to be generous.
I'll be open to requests until the end of March and at that point, I'll consider taking more requests or not.
What if I don't have a Sneezefurs account?
Don't worry, you can always contact me at my email
There are a few things I can't say I'll be able to write about to the best of my ability
*male sneezes
*excessive snot
Everything else I can manage at the very least.
You can make up to 2 requests at once, on your own, but I can't stop you from asking a friend to request something for you.
Requests are made official once I confirm them Via DMs which is when I'll mark the request being made in this post.
You can see how much room is left for requests below

Requests left: 5

Have fun!

I'm leaving this post up for about 24 or so hours so people know that I'm ending requests now.
By the way,
I'm ending requests now. I'll leave a new post up for whenever I wish to ask for requests again!
Thank you all for the requests you've given me and sorry for anyone's request I haven't fulfilled (I'm soooo sorry PPL!).

Writer's Den / (F+Anthro) Scientifically Sneezy
« on: February 17, 2018, 05:38:47 PM »

Writer's Den / [F+Anthro] 9 o' Clock Worries
« on: February 11, 2018, 01:29:08 AM »

Writer's Den / Space Sniffles [F+Star Fox]
« on: January 20, 2018, 06:37:29 PM »

General Chatter / Anthrocon in Pittsburgh anyone?
« on: January 07, 2018, 03:49:56 AM »
I've been a furry for a few years and never really thought of going to anthrocon even though I live in Pittsburgh and everything. I was just curious if any of you have been to Anthrocon or have planned on going this year for the first time. I personally think it'd be great for me to meet some like-minded people in person with varying interests, and hopefully, make some new friends in some manner. Or at the very least, have a good time.

Writer's Den / [F+Anthro] Foxy shopping
« on: October 03, 2017, 10:18:11 PM »

Writer's Den / [F+Star Fox] Krystal the house nurse.
« on: October 02, 2017, 11:54:34 PM »
I do not own Star Fox or any of its characters. Only the story

This is how both main characters look like if you haven't seen them before.

Miyu Lynx


     In recent years, a few members have been added to the Star Fox crew, those members are Miyu the lynx and Fay the cocker spaniel. These two have proven they are more than capable arwing pilots for any misson. With both Fay and Miyu being quite the colorful characters, they are welcome additions to Star Fox. However, today seems to be a new low for one of these recruits...

     "Sniffle, I thought I told Fox, I'm not si-Ichiew!" said Miyu, sneezing for the fourth time.

     "Listen Miyu, I got to head out in 20 minutes." says fox, as he winced in frustration while pinching the back of his muzzle, between the eyes. He sighs as he begins one last time to repeat himself.

     "I really don't have time, so let me make this clear. You ARE sick, and don't tell me different because you know you are. And we also can't afford anyone to be a liability under any circumstances, except for Slippy, he at least can maintain out arwings."

     Miyu glairs at fox, annoyed. Fox looks back at her as he rolls his eyes.

     "Hey, to be frank, being a pilot is the only thing your good for." Fox kneels down and begins to talk to Miyu in a softer tone. " But your still a great person, so I wanna look out for ya too by helping you. "

     Miyu sighs and turns head. "Sniffle, and that's suppose to make me feel better."

     "*Sighs*, I guess not, but you need to rest. I'm gonna have Krystal take care of you." Fox says as he gets up and walks away.

     Miyu attempts to get up, but quickly feels weak and lays back down. "He is right 'bout one thing, I feel pretty shit." She says to her self.

15 minutes later

     "What?! Why can't you stay back, your so much better at this." Krystal asks, having a confused look on her face.

     " Well..." Fox looks down, a bit scared to admit the truth. "I kinda said you would help her."

     "Sniffff, fine. Just don't be gone for too long." Krystal says, willing to comply.

     Fox nods his head he gives Krystal a long hug and kiss. " Don't worry, I won't be." He says as he wave goodbye and begins walking to his arwing.

     As the sliding door to the arwing closes behind Fox, Krystal groans at the day ahead whilst trudging towards Miyu's room.

     "UGH, really?! Why does she have to get sick now, it's not like we needed to do anything this weekend, Fox could've help her easily. I swear if he-." Krystal stops after complaining to herself as she makes her way into Miyu's room.

     Despite Miyu being pretty new here, Krystal knew her well enough to know she could be quite stubborn. So she knew this wasn't going to be easy.

      Miyu's room is a mess to begin with, having clothes littered across the floor. On top of that the trash bin next to her queen sized bed was overflowing with wads of tissues. The walls however, were quite clean. They were the standard light blue that was for all rooms inside the great fox, however Miyu decorated her walls with many different famous arwing pilots and movie actors. The lights on her ceiling were off and she only had a dim lamp on top of a small dresser next to her.

     "Hey! You are..."
      "Krystal, really that's just rude. Not knowing your own co-pilot's name." Krystal remarked, slightly annoyed already, but she tried to keep a cool head.

     "Fox told me your sick, but he didn't say exactly how sick. So could you do me a favor and humor me a bit while I fix up your room." Krystal commanded while cleaning Miyu's room.

     "Sniffle, well I'll have you know I'm not sick. I just h-hihhh..."

     Miyu's breath begins to hitch, her hands instinctively grab a tissue from her array of tissue boxes. At the same time, she puts a finger up to her cold-ridden nose to stop the tickle in it.

     "...have allergies." Miyu finishes.

     "Ok, then what are these?" Krystal asks, showing Miyu the filled bin of tissues next to her.

     The tickle spikes in Miyu's nose. Her long ears flatten to the side as her back arches and her muzzle scrunch as the result of her itchy, flairing nostrils being eagar to give a powerful blow.

     "Hihhhh-ha...ehhhh, Ahcieww! Sniffle, ugh." Miyu sneezes roughly into her tissue as she wipes and blows her nose with it.

     "Uhuh." Krystal acknowledges Miyu with a suspicious look on her face, amused. She feels Miyu's forehead and just knows she has a cold. Feeling mischievous,  she plays a cruel trick on Miyu, while still helping her of course. By doing this, Miyu will have to cooperate " You know what? You actually don't seem ill at all..." Krystal takes Miyu's tissues away from her and finds her allergies pills for her. " So you won't need this of course, just take these you'll be fine." Krystal walks out of the room while saying, " I think I'm done her, take care."

     "Wait a sec." Miyu says as she leans forward while faking a cough. " *cough cough* I think I'm sick now *cough* (the door slides close). *sighs*, great..."

     Krystal leaves the room and starts going on her way to ROB 64 to get some pills for Miyu.

      "Rhacieeww!" Miyu screams, with Krystal hearing her faintly.


     "Hello, KRYSTAL. How may I help you?" ROB asks, waiting with a dull expression as always.

     "Miyu is sick-" Krystal says, only to be briefly interrupted by ROB.

      "And she has a moderate cold. I have prepared this for her in request of FOX MCCLOUD." ROB states. " Is there anything else you require?"

     Krystal quickly takes the pills and her "conversation" with ROB abruptly ends. Krystal is about to jet when ROB quickly remarks. "FOX MCCLOUD will be here in ONE HOUR and FIFTEEN MINUTES. He will stay here for approximately FIVE MINUTES.

     Upset, Krystal rushed back to Miyu's room without a word.

Miyu's room

     "Five minutes?" Krystal repeats to herself as she approaches Miyu's bedroom. She shoves that thought to the back of her head as she continues with her plan.

     "So, if your not sick. Then you defiantly don't need this." Krystal shows Miyu a bottle of nasal decongestants.

     "Pfft, of course not. Besides it's only allergies,sniffle." Miyu says, sounding confident. " Even then, I still need some tissues, ya know. These allergies are really killing me." Miyu says, obviously faking.

     " Then what about those pills over there?" Krystal asks, gesturing towards the allergy pills she took out earlier. Which are still in the same place from when she left the room.

     "...mhhhhhhhhhh, can I have the tissues please?" Miyu says, avoiding the question.

     " Oh come on, all you need is to swallow one of these right?" Krystal says while opening the allergy pills and pointing one towards the front of Miyu's muzzle, slowly.

     Backing her head away, Miyu whimpers slightly as the pill inches towards her mouth. Right when the pill is about to touch her lips, she takes the pill and says. "*sighs* fine, I am a little sick."

"See, was it that hard?" Krystal teases Miyu. Miyu cocks her head to the side and crosses her arms.

     " Sure." Says Miyu.

     Krystal takes the allergy pills away from Miyu and steps outside the room for a moment to get the tissues that were sitting beside her door. Right when the tissues are in view of miyu, her nose reacts at just the reminder of having to sneeze.

     Miyu's nose flairs and spasms, her muzzle scrunches again while her ears and body commit to same song and dance of shrinking themselves as before. She raises her head with her breath violently hitching.

     " qui-ihhhhh...quickly, the tissues. Sniffle, Hihhhh, Hachixxxss." Miyu becomes light-headed from all the sneezing she's done so far, have this one being her 30th.

     "Alright, here you go." Krystal says as she hands Miyu her tissues and some pills.

     "Sniffle, thanks. Ra-chieew. Appreciate it." Miyu says, accepting her illness.

    As the next hour went on, Krystal brought Miyu some soup and comforted her my fluffing her pillows, most importantly she stay at her bed side. After a little while, the air around the two began to feel thick with Miyu's cold, Miyu couldn't feel it, but someone definitely could...

     As Krystal began to hand Miyu a tissue for her quivering nose, her own nose began to feel twitch on it's own and had an annoying itch in the back of her muzzle.

     "Hihh-Hey, I still neeehhhh, need to sneeze. Miyu said, but then quickly looked at Krystal and scoffed at the itch in her muzzle. " I guess I'm not the only one who needs to sneeze."

     Krystal had her eyes squeezed shut and a tissue ready to catch a sneeze but just from hearing Miyu's remark, she opened her eyes and looked at her in annoyance.

     "Says Ms. snehihhh-sneeze ahhhhh. Alots, sniffle. Rachhhcieew," Krystal sneezes, wiping her the tears from her eyes as her nose begins to run slightly.

     "Krystal, don't you know? Sharing is caring." Miyu says while putting a hand up expecting a tissue to be placed in her hand.

     Krystal pulls the tissues away from Miyu's hand as she wipes her own twitchy nose with one of them.

     As she finishes, she briskly hands Miyu the box of tissues.

     "*Sighs*" Krystal sighs. She rubs her nose, eyeing the box. Knowing how much she'd much rather not wash a mucus covered rug, she asked.
"Hey, sniffle. Could I have o-." Krystal is interrupted by Miyu harshly blowing her nose.

     " No, there are only two left in here. And I'm the one who needs help." Says Miyu

"But you wouldn't want me to sneeze all over your furniture, would you?" Krystal points out.

     The two of them sit there and think about the last two tissues. After a moment, they realize something.

     Miyu figures out that with little tissues being left, that means they both can't sneeze...


     "Hey Fox, don't you think we should head back to check on those two?" Falco points out. Fox alarm beeps.

     " Right on cue Falco. Everyone head to base."

Back in Miyu's bedroom

     With no tissues available to use, Krystal and Miyu's minds begin to panic.

     Oh god, what are we going to do. I mean he's almost here, but it's not like time is going any faster- Krystal thinks, only to have Miyu put a finger under her nose.

     Miyu then gestures to her own face towards Krystal hoping she gets the memo. Krystal slowly slides her finger towards Miyu's contorted face and under her nose. They both sit still, waiting for the itch to go away.

     "Come on, only five more minutes." Krystal says.

     "Five minutes to what."


     Krystal's nose begins to flair rapidly and is about to let loose only for Miyu to generously rub her nose for her. Miyu's nose gave off large tremors for a thing so small, but was noticable enough for Krystal to begin rubbing it. Barely saving Miyu's nose in turn.

     For about the next five minutes, Krystal and Miyu had a contest of "who's nose was itchier". With the both of them tiring out from the constant struggle, their whole bodies shifting as their noses were ready to give a large and long release.

     As their noses were pointed high up in the air. Fox walked in on both of them as they finally sneezed.

     "Hachieeww, sniff I'm so sorachiieww. Sorry Fox, sniff. Huuucieww, Ruchieeww!


      "Hehe...*sighs." Fox sighs as he very well knows that now he has to help both of them, and the story continues...

Writer's Den / [F+Sly Cooper+Induced] Carmelita Fox
« on: September 12, 2017, 01:29:13 AM »
This is one of Megacycle's older stories that he couldn't save and I managed to find it on the SneezeFetishForum and was posted Augest 9th 2012. So make sure to give credits to him for this story.

(Enjoy everybody, please comment and tell me what you think.)

Running from rooftop to rooftop from the infamous Carmelita Fox is France’s newest thief Wolf. “this is to easy.” He make one more leap to land on his final rooftop and begins his descent into the streets below and begins running once more. He runs into a shadowed alley only to come to a dead end. “dead end, not good, not good at all!” he thought as he searched frantically for a way out of the alley.

“I have you know Cooper.” said Carmelita in a commanding tone while pointing her pistol at me.

“Well you did catch me ,but I am not Sly Cooper.” said Wolf as he stepped out of the shadows to reveal himself. “But I am glad to know that I measure up to his abilities in my crimes, gorgeous.”

Carmelita looks upon the face of France’s newest thief to reveal a gray furred wolf slightly taller then her wearing a dark blue muscle shirt, black pants, and black boots. “Who are you?” she demanded.

“You can call me wolf” he said calmly as he walk slowly toward her and then lies face down on the ground with his hand behind his back. “And I know when I have been beaten.”

Carmelita Fox stands above her latest capture. She begins to cuff him with her handcuffs “tell me your name.” she ordered as she hauls him back up on his feet to take him to jail.

He stumbles slightly as she raises him back to her feet. “gladly, the name is Benjamin Wolfe” he said.

Just as he said his name someone came out of the shadows and knocked Carmelita out with a quick blow to her head. “Why am I always bailing you out of trouble Wolf” said a feminine voice.

Ben quickly picks the locks on the cuffs and looks at his short friend a ferret wearing a black shirt, black pants, and dark brown boots. “Oh you know you love saving my ass Mina” he said as he finally removes the handcuffs. He bends down and cuffs the officers wrists together. He then hoists her over his shoulder and begins to walk out of the alley.

“Why are you taking her?” Mina asked.

“Just thought we could drop her off at her apartment.” Ben replied.

“Always the gentlemen, fine well meet me at the hideout when you’re ready for the next heist.” Mina said as she disappears in the shadows to travel back to their hideout unseen.

Ben carefully raises the window of her apartment and enters while gently carrying Carmelita bridal style to her bed. He gently sets her on her bed. “she is so beautiful.” he thought as he stared down at her. He turns as he gets ready to leave when he notices a second pair of handcuffs setting on her dresser. An idea quickly forms as he takes both of her handcuffs and cuffs her wrists to the bedposts. He pulls out a small packet of pepper from his lunch and sprinkles some onto her nose. He watches closely as her nose scrunches as she breaths in the pepper.

“*sniff* aah *sniff* aahhhh” Carmelita’s eyes fly open as her nose twitches and wiggles with the tickle inside it.

Ben watches as she tries to rub her twitching nose. Eyes closing as her chest expands with her heaving sighs.

Carmelita’s nose gave one final twitch as her nostrils flared and her chest fills itself with air preparing for the powerful release. “HAAH! AAAAAHH! HAAAAKSHOOO! HACHOO!” her body jerks forward with the release.

Ben walks over to her and gently rubs her nose to calm the tickle he caused. “I see you are finally awake gorgeous.”

“When I get out I will capture you!” Carmelita growls.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Ben said. He then brings his face down to hers and whispers “But I am going to be a hell of a lot harder to catch now.” He then grabs the left side of her face gently with his right hand and puts his left hand in hers and gives her a deep kiss that seemed to last forever.

Carmelita feels him grasp her hand and kiss her. She closes her eyes as she enjoys the best kiss she had ever received.

Ben ended the kiss and whispers to her. “I’ll see you soon, love.”

Carmelita Fox watches as the newest thief of France slips out her window. She looks at her right hand to see what he left her. “He gave me his lock pick.” She was soon free from her own set of handcuffs. She walks over to her window and gazes out at the nights sky. “I will catch you Benjamin Wolfe” she lies back in her bed, and as she goes to sleep she can’t help but dream of him and her dancing under the moonlight.


Video Games & Anime / Marvel vs capcom Infinite
« on: September 04, 2017, 11:42:34 PM »
Anyone excited about the new marvel game? I'll be online every chance I get so if anyone was gonna play ask me for my PSN and maybe we can get a few matches together.

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