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Given that I also have monthly costs related to the domain, and a few other domains, even $10 a month is pushing my budget higher. I am fairly sure that the two years I bought most recently with Lunarpages was at a $7 a month pricepoint.

In any case, there's no huge hurry, as I'm still giving Lunar a chance to actually figure out what's fucking me over. Gonna keep talking to the contact I have, as he's a fairly decent dude, and if that falls short of being usable or affordable, I'll look deeper into Gator. Have to try to get my money back with Lunar as well, though, or the next year of hosting had better be at a price point of $0.00/mo. *paid through another 12-15 months at Lunar atm. >.>*
Linode offers both $5/mo and $10/mo plans (and prohibits only child porn, non-consent, and bestiality, which they'd have to be really churlish to lump furry with), though admittedly the 25GB or storage on the $5 one would be a constraint.  Digitalocean probably has something similar.  But the real barrier there is likely the learning curve.

Malware scans are approximately worthless, and from the sounds of it Lunarpages' one produces loads of false positives.  It's not problem-solving, it's waving a divining rod.

Re HostGator, it's not immediately clear what their "cloud" offering is, but SMF is an old-style single-machine app, which makes me slightly anxious.  Though as long as the system presents (1) a single, shared MySQL database, and (2) a shared data directory, I think SMF should work.  It, uh, would be good to see if you can test it before buying.  They appear to have a 45-day money-back guarantee, and IIRC part of why HostGator were well-regarded back in the day was because they were really good at fulfilling that guarantee (and it was longer than most).

4GB should be plenty.
Currently in talks with someone in the fandom.

And yeah, shared hosting is kind of a requirement in the sense that my budget is extremely small for this stuff. I appreciate what is given by those donating, but donations would probably have to double in order to move to another step and I can't really justify asking that of people when I'm as hands-off these days as I am. x.x;

As for the first bit there, yasl, it's them trying to problem solve things, they 'ran a malware scan' on the server, it 'returned' a few random php files including a fair number from the cache folder, and some tool I use (also php) on another subdomain that's been the same set of files unmodified for many years. So I don't know what they're thinking they're finding, but removing and replacing as-per-relevant with every file mentioned resulted in no improvement at all.

The bottom line is that ever since we did the beta thing, or hell, was it even doing it back then or only a little ways after putting it live? And it's gotten much worse since then. Even running vanilla here, things break if you as much as open a few tabs to the site. Yeesh. XD

I'll keep HostGator in mind; would I get the Cloud Storage step or the regular web hosting step? And if Cloud Hosting, would I get 4gb or 6gb ram? I have to have unlimited domains no matter what I grab, so I can't get the lower options. >.<;
A malware scan?  I can't even comprehend what they think the relevance of malware is in the context of shared hosting -- either there's some hacked script that is abusing their systems in a way that will hurt their other customers and/or their reputation, or it's the site-runner's problem, not theirs.  Unless they claim you're /distributing/ malware.  But then your account would almost certainly be suspended already.

Anyway, you already know what my opinion of shared hosting is, compared to e.g. VPS.

But if you're stuck with shared hosting (please don't be) then HostGator is probably not a bad bet.  I seem to recall them having a fairly good name, and their Acceptable Use Policy mentions "porn" only to explicitly prohibit child porn.  Which, like, duh.  The clear in-between-the-lines meaning is that (US) legal porn is permitted.
+ 2:32
Just recently discovered this cute little cartoon on DVD, and quickly found this online -

Nelly & Caesar want to go outside and play in the snow, but the mouse Nelly can't because she has a cold. Sneezes at 0:30, 1:31, 2:13 and 4:04.
Art, Art, and Art! / Re: Comic Commissions (anthro f: canine, raccoon)
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Those are so cute.  I love the big noses X3

And the library one has some great expressions.  Failing to hold back is always a fun scenario.

Don't try A Small Orange, ever since they got acquired by some company they're terrible.
I don't think this has been posted. All in all, pretty good set of sneezes there. Good find!
As an update, they supposedly did a malware scan, found 'infected' SMF files (I'm not running with any addons atm, as a note) and these files are the default straight-from-the-zip files. So their malware scan is garbage. Not really sure what I'm going to do. I have over a year's worth of hosting time with these guys still paid for.

Don't suppose someone else can scout around and look for a place with $100 or less a year hosting that is unlikely to bitch about some degree of adult content..? Heh. I wouldn't know where to look.
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