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Unarchived Art / [F] Annabelle's Closet Illustration
« on: May 27, 2015, 11:52:35 PM »
An illustration from a story I wrote a while back  Enjoy my crappy art -w-

Unarchived Stories / [F + Sonic] Annabelle's Closet
« on: March 22, 2015, 07:55:56 AM »
So! Reference - (The Wolf with pink hair~)   And here's a picture closest to what her closet looks like

She's a cunning mean girl who knows every trick in the book, but plays innocent until you cross her the wrong way. ANYWAY.

"Ugh, these IDIOTS don't know WHO they're dealing with...I know...I KNOW!" Groan, "I said that earlier but NO. She wonders why no one likes her!" This silky yet demanding voice echoed through out the entire multi million dollar Rich Mansion as footsteps headed up the grand staircase to the second floor. The brilliant white fur of the she wolf shined as she entered her massive bedroom while talking to ber BFF Kristy on her priceless iPhone 6.

"Yeah. I know. Party tomorrow at 8. I'm there, K." She grinned and started to take her jacket off and throw it to the floor and kick her heeled grey boots off. Waltzing over to a pair of double doors she opened it and took a deep sigh, looking over her beloved two story black and gold colored closet, name branded items litered the two story area and a spiral staircase lead to the second level. Taking the black bow out of her hair she held her phone up to her ear with one hand and ran her fingers through her perfectly styled and curley pink locks with the other.

"Well I'm walking into my closet as we speak, so yeah. OK! I'll see you tomorrow~! Byee~" She hangs up and sighs as she folds her arms, "Time to do some searching..." She said to herself. The she wolf knew exactly what she was doing...She wasn't crowned Homecoming Queen at DHS every year for nothing. Other girls evied her so much and some were just flat out in love with her. And then there were the 'haters'. She didn't dwell on those losers for long periods of time unless she was making them absolutely miserable. A wonderful pass time for her and her huge clique known as the Poppies. She thought about many things as she searched high and low for the perfect outfit, but soon grew to tired and sat down on a love seat in front of a mirror.
"Ugh...This is useless...!" She said to herself, "Maybe I should have went to buy one..." She was pretty out of ideas at this point...Until-
"The bathroom closet!" She jumped up, racing out of the closet with swift and graceful speed. Reaching the bathroom she went towards the very untouched bathroom closet and ripped it open, flipping the light switch. Dust could be seen flying in the light rays, but the Queen Bee couldn't care less as she quickly walked in, eyeing the racks upon racks of unworn outfits and articles of clothing. But she stopped, a blue sleeveless dress caught her eye as she grinned, ripping it from the hanger as she looked it over with a grin, "Perfect...I have heels and make up plus a bow to match..." She laughed to herself as she fanned away some of the dust cloud that came along with the dress...But now that she had it in the open, she frowned. The perfect dress had a large layer of dust covering it. She wasn't worried. Not like she had an allergy, although her nose did twitch as she pulled it closer to rip the $550 price tag off. With that she waltzed out of the closet and shut the light off before slamming the door shut with her useful tail.

"Hmph! Looks good to me..." She had went and tried the dress on, grabbed some shoes and a blue bow and was modeling the outfit in her closet. However, her nose still twitched from time to time. She grinned as she admired herself in the mirror and took a deep breath, before looking at the still present layer of dust on the black lacy parts of the outfit.
"Ew...Can't wear this thing with all that on it..." She scoffed as she started to pat the dress, th dust poofing out into the open air and into her face, making her cough.
"Ugh...!" She growled softly as she fanned the particles away and sniffed, and with this sniff, she could feel a small ticke form in the back of her sinuses, but she sniffed again and shrugged it off. She smiled once again and grabbed her phone before choosing the amera option. She had a habit some times of taking pictures of outfits she wears for the first time, let alone taking pictures of herself period...
"Ugh..!" She groaned as she rubbed at her nose roughly, turning her cheeks and the base of her nose red with irritation, but she ignored it as she sat down in front of her favorite mirror.
"Hm.." She sniffed again, and the familiar tickle came back with a vengence...Sniffling again she furociously rubbed her nose with the back of her hand, growling, up until she suddenly felt the need to sneeze.
"You gotta be k-hhhii-idding me...!" She sniffed again, the sound coming out wet as she scoffed in disgust. She put her phone down and went to fetch a tissue box nearby, but as soon as she took the first step, she locked up with a sneeze inching towards the tip of her canine nose...
"H--hh-!" Her breaths were quick, and hitching as she stuck an out stretched finger under her irritated, and now runny nostrils, waiting for the explosion.
"Hhh-hh-g-nn---!!!" She gave a small gasp as she took in a quick breath of air and shot forward, "IsshhIEW!!!" The sound echoed throughout her closet as she growled, sniffling wetly and quickly snatching up the tissue box and blowing loudly, glad that no one was at home...
"Ugh.." She sniffled again, "I swear, if I have allergies I'll be so pi--pi-hh-..." Her breath began to hitch once more as her head arched back in anticipation. "C'mon...!" She sniffed again and stomped a heel angerily, "This is wasting mby timbe!" She growled as her voice became stuffy with congestion. Huffing she looked at the tissue box and grabbed it before walking back towards the main love seat. She felt so stupid but she knew that last tickle wouldn't come out without a fight..."This is embarrassing..." She sighed as she began to roll up a clean tissue into a point. She had sometimes seen her little brother and sister do this, in a "Don't Sneeze" contest, but she always thought it was very disgusting since they usually did it when they were sick with colds in an attempt to help breath through their congested noses. This resulted in one or the other getting sick with the infected siblings virus, if they weren't both sick to begin with. Of course, mom and dad disapproved of it just as much as Annabelle did...
"This bedder work..." She grumbled. Sighing again, she closed her eyes and slowly inserted the point into her right nostril. She sniffed wetly, which made her shiver and wriggle her black nose around slightly before she started to poke and twist the tissue around. No good. This just made her even more angry as she began to move it even deeper, twisting and turning here and there.
"Ugh...this is stupid..." She began to wriggle her nose a bit, and stopped in her tracks as her nostrils flared. She poked a special place in her nose and immediately felt a large tickle fill her irritated nose...Her breath instantly began to hitch as her hand only stayed in place..."Hii-hehh-! Hhh-!!" Her mouth opened wide as she waited for the sneeze to reach its peak...and most likely, more to come after..."Hi-! Ahh--...!! HhhH-! IssHIEWW!! Hh-!" She shot forward as she gripped the tissue, spray flying into the air. The second sneeze came so quickly that she didn't even have time to sniff, "Hii-! Hii-CHIEWW!!" Then a third, and a forth, "Icch-IEWW!! Hh-! IshHCHIIEWW!! Ichh-CHIEWW!! ChieWWW!" Her slightly high pitched sneezes filled the house, and with one final sneeze, "Hh--!! Ah-! IICHHEW!!!" She was done. She fell over on the love seat as her nose ran rapidly, and she held the drenched tissue up to it...She hadn't felt so much relief in so long. Sneezing actually felt...Good. But she didn't want to admit that...She sat up and grabbed a handful of tissues before blowing her nose loudly and scoffing in disgust as she looks at what she blew out. She tossed it into a trashcan in the corner and sniffed with a sigh. "Finally...!" She stretched, "Time to take those selfies...~"


So yeah -w-

That's what I think the dress would look like :3

I also posted this on the Blue Forum so, y'know -w-

Unarchived Art / [F] The Sneezing Bullies
« on: August 23, 2014, 06:35:20 PM »
Annabelle and Lola are major bullies, or to be more accurate, mean girls! :o They just can't leave Danielle and Kim alone! What better karma then sneeze karma, hm? ;3 So...Enjoy! ^_^

Real Life Lounge / RIDICULOUS Winter 2014
« on: March 05, 2014, 04:30:09 AM »
Holy shiiiiit guys x.x This winter is UNBEARABLE. Especially where I am! Mid-South States,(Tennessee, Missouri, Alabama, ect~) One weekend it could be in the 60s! Another week it'll be 18! We got hit HARD this week and school got cancelled Monday, Tuesday, AND tomorrow! The bad part? From Sunday night to this evening, my power was out, and we were sitting in the dark, FREEZING. But don't worry, we had a generator that had we hooked up to the heaters. The downside to THAT was that the house would smell of gas half of the time, and it kept most of us up at night.... UGH. I-40 was shut down too, people were stuck in their cars for a day or two. I feel REAL bad for THOSE guys! What about everyone else? Anything interesting happen? And are you freaking READY for Summer time or what? :D

Unarchived Stories / [M + Sonic] A Treasure to Behold*
« on: October 08, 2013, 09:43:15 PM »
I sighed happily as I lay on his soft warm chest…It was movie night. He invited me over for it, which was a first! It started when we were sitting on the opposite sides of the couch, and we just moved closer…and closer…and closer…Until I was on top of him. While the movie was reaching its climax, I looked up at him, and he was fast asleep. His adorable needle nose was sitting there, unprotected…I blushed lightly. Now was my chance…I had been waiting for an opportunity like this for so long! With my eyes still trained on him, I reached down onto the floor and dug through my purse. When I felt something soft brush against my glove, I quickly grabbed it and pulled it out- A pink feather. Rather small, but I know it could get the job done…
‘A sleeping sneeze,’ I thought, ‘I’ve always wanted to see one from him…Sonic, stay asleep, and cooperate with me, and if you do, my life will be totally complete…!’ I scooted up a bit more while lying on his chest, and softly ran the feather over the outside of his black nose. I could feel the warm air coming out of his nostrils and onto my hand, and blushed. His nose wriggled around lightly and I heard a light moan from him, as he slowly moved his hand up to his nose to rub it. I quickly snatched my hand back so he wouldn’t feel it. He moaned in a sleepy manner once more before putting his hand back down, and moving his head lightly. Now his nose was pointing straight up. It just sat there, calling my name lightly…I couldn’t risk getting caught, and I couldn’t stand not going through with it. When could I get another chance like that?? So I took the feather in my hand again gently and  moved it back into position, moving it up and down his needle nose, watching it twitch a bit, not much, but still a little bit. At that point, I took the risk, and started sliding it into his left nostril. As if in on my little plan, he sniffed, and I could feel his chest expand with the breath, making me squeak lightly under my breath. The feather had gone in a little further, quicker then I had planned it to go. I simply went with it, and soon, his nostrils started to react.  They flared lightly, and slowly but surly started to expand bigger. His lips lightly parted as I started to twirl the feather slowly and moved it in and out, in and out, of his left tickling, twitching nostril.
“Hehhh…” I heard a light sound from him, as I felt his chest expand with air, and it just went on continuously as I wiggled the feather around some more.
“Hehh-ehhhh…A-ehhh…” He breathed heavily. His chest expanded more and more and more. I though I was gonna fall off at one point! But I kept my balance and just kept going…If I pulled back to early, the sneeze would likely disappear. If I pulled back to late, he would know that I caused it. How awkward would THAT be?
“Aeehhh-Hehh!!” His hitched breathing snapped me out of my thoughts, as I saw a gloved hand move up to his muzzle. Every part of me was yelling, ‘Pull BACK’! But I couldn’t not just yet…His hand didn’t move close enough to the feather for him to touch it, and that gave me only a second of safety.
“C’monc’monc’monc’mon…!!!” I whispered to myself. I felt like a mad scientist or just a really sick person! But I wasn’t going to stop…His nostrils flared wildly and his breath hitched higher and higher until…
“He-ahheehh-!! HESSSHHIIOUU!!” I yelped lightly and threw the feather in between the cushions out of fear of being caught. He bolted upright, with me still on his chest. I could feel the spray coming down onto my legs. Kind of like how you spray air freshner and you can feel it coming down on your arm or your legs. Except, it made me blush happily…I could suddenly feel his chest expanding once more…Yup, there’s another sneeze in there, dieing to come out…-
“HeashhIOUU! Heh-HESHIUU!! Ugh…” Sonic sniffed deeply before looking down at me. I looked up and blushed at him with a smile. He blinked and rubbed his nose as he smiled back. He didn’t suspect a thing…
‘The Sleeping Sneeze…’ I thought,’ It truly is a treasure to behold…’

Unarchived Stories / [M + Sonic] A Day in the Park*
« on: September 04, 2013, 11:53:13 PM »
It was dark. Really dark. I couldn't even see where I was being pulled.
"Sonic! Where are we going?! I don't even know where we are NOW!" I said furiously. He said something about a special place he found that reminded him of me, but besides that, I couldn't get anything out of him.
"Just be cool Ames! Were almost there!" He said in his regular confident voice.
I knew people were probably staring at us. I didn't even have to look to see if they were. Sonic the hedgehog dragging his somewhat girlfriend through God knows where with a blind fold on would definitely turn some heads.
'Maybe...its a gift for taking care of him that time he got sick? Nah.. maybe he's gonna play a prank on me...?'
"Alright! Were here!" His voice suddenly caught my attention and snapped me out of my thoughts. I heard his shoes hit the ground as he went behind me to take the  off. The light from the shined down in such a pretty way!! When I looked in front of me, I saw the most amazing scene ever! It was a small circle of grass surrounded by trees and flowers of all colors. In the middle, was a picnic basket and blanket.
"I can't believe it!" I said happily, starting to jump up and down.It really was gorgeous!!! I loved the warm summer breezes the brushed through the trees and the grass.
"I decided to set this up for ya. You know, since I'm always running off when you set up a picnic for the two of us...Heh..." he gave a light chuckle after wards, scratching his head. I jumped up happily and wrapped my arms around him!
"I love it Sonic! I love it so much!!" I said to him.
"I knew ya would Ames!" He said back. He took my hand and I could feel myself blush a bit.
"Shall we?" He said with that regular smirk of his.
"Yes of course!" I said happily.

We talked and laughed and snickered back and forth, talking about recent events and things to come in the future. But as we got deeper into our date, I noticed Sonic sniffling every once in a while. Not to mention I saw him wiggling his nose around constantly too, and he was trying to rub it when I wasn't looking. Up to that point I don't think he knew I was taking note, so I just kept it that way. Seeing him being irritated by something like a little tickle in the back of his nose was pretty amusing...In the weirdest way possible...-

"Hey Ames," He stopped me in my thoughts as he stood up, "Lets go for a walk." He smiled at me. I smiled as I took his hand and stood up.
"Of course!" I gave a small giggle and he smiled back at me. His little black nostrils were flaring at me, I swear. Soon, we were walking down the gravel path, hand in hand. I looked out onto the fields of flowers and smiled to myself happily.

'This date couldn't get any better for me...~' I thought happily, 'I guess there would only be one more thing to complete this but I doubt there's a chance Sonic would-'

"Ahhhh..."  I heard this quick inhale from Sonic just for a brief second. I blinked in disbelief as I looked over to him, and all the while, I knew I was blushing, since I knew that sound all to well. When I looked at him after that light sound, he was looking away from me, and had a gloved hand up to his nose, rubbing it in a frustrated manner. I couldn't help but give a small smile at that image. It was like he was a little kid. So cute...!
"Uh, Ames, you there??" He said, waving a hand in front of my eyes.
"S-sorry." I said, lightly blushing,"Just got stuck in my thought's that's all..." I looked away. I could hear him chuckle lightly, and then afterwards, I heard a light sniff. I turned back towards him, and put a hand on his forehead.
"You're not sick again, are you?" I asked sternly. He blinked in response, and a promising smile came across his lips as he tenderly took my hand off of his head.
"C'mon Ames, you know me better then anyone." He smirked at me, but it looked like his nose was trying to prove him wrong. His eyes closed shut for a second, as if he was trying to concentrate on something difficult, as his nose twitched away. I heard him take in a few deep breaths before looking at me, with that smile of his. Then it hit me...
"It's your allergies isn't it??" I said, taking a step back. He blinked a few times.
"What? Nah! O' course not!" He gave a chuckle as he put his hands on his hips. As he did this, I heard the leaves on the trees brush together as a gust of wind rolled through. It kicked up the pollen in the flower field behind me, and the particles went flying everywhere. I looked around, smiling at the sight, before looking back at Sonic-

'Here we go...'

"Oh great..." I heard him mutter silently. His eyes forced closed as the pollen entered his nose, and you didn't have to be a rocket scientist to know what comes next. His gloved hands moved up to his twitching nose, as he took in hitched breaths.
"I-I need to....Heehhh...sneeze.....-" He forced his index finger under his twitching needle nose and opened one eye just a bit, his lips still parted waiting for the sneeze. He stopped for a moment.
"I think it...-" He slowly took his finger away, before blinking both eyes open, but I knew that tickle wouldn't stay gone forever.
"Sonic..." I came over to him, "If you're gonna sneeze, then just do it. We've been through this, haven't we?" I smiled.
"But, I...Didn't wanna ruin it for ya Amy..." He looked away and blushed.
"It's never ruined when you start sneezing Sonic..." I couldn't believe I said that in front of him. I blushed so hard I thought I was gonna turn into a tomato! He smiled at me, before his lips parted again, and he started taking in big breaths.
"Hehh....Heh-Ahhhh-G-gonna-Hah- HitshhiOUU!" He sneezed loudly into the palm of his glove, and afterwards let out a light moan. I gave a small sympathetic smile as I took his other hand.
"Are you thinkin' what I think you're thinkin'?" He gave a light smirk. I smiled back as I pulled him into the flowers, but he snatched his hand back quickly, I turned to see him, gearing up for another sneeze.
"Hehh-heh-Ehh..." He was bringing his hands up to his face to cover it. Not while I'm around mister! I quickly grabbed his hands and kept them held, even though I knew he was struggling.
"Ames, I-I-don't wanna...Hehh-" His breath just hitched higher and higher. His head raised up as I saw his nose twitch rapidly, along with his flaring black, and now reddened nostrils. I only smiled.
"Heh-HishHIIOUU!! Ah-AsSSTIIIUU!!" He sneezed, doubling over, and lightly spraying me. I only licked my lips, and at that point I thought I was a complete sicko! Until I heard...-

"That felt...Really good...Lets keep going..." He said, sniffling.

Unarchived Stories / [M + Sonic] Cooking With Amy*
« on: August 10, 2013, 02:07:19 AM »
I already posted this on the blue forum, so why not here? :D Enjoy ^_^


'So, the pie's in the oven and there's food on the stove...Where's the salt? didn't I leave it here? Ahh! I almost forgot about the veggie's on the stove!! Where's spatula? Where is the salt?!? Oh wait, here it is...I need pepper too! Geez, I'm REALLY multi-tasking this time around...!!!'

Amy ran around her kitched, from counter to counter, stove to oven, preparing what looked like a big meal for a big party! With her well brought up cooking skills, she knew that the others would be blown away by her-
"Huh? Someone must have decided to come early." Amy said to herself."Maybe I can get a little bit of help!" She wipped her hands off on her apron and went to the front door, opening it wide.
"Sonic! Glad you could make it!" She said happily. The blue blur smiled, his gloved hands on his hips. Amy absolutely loved seeing that smile whenever she saw him. It just sparked some kind of light in her heart. She was snapped out of the thought when he finally said-
"So, is the food ready yet~?" He rubbed his hands together, licking his lips."Can't wait to get my hands on those chili dogs!!" Amy giggled in response.
"I'm gettin' there! Maybe I'll let you sneak a bite before everyone else gets here." She said."IF you help me get everything done in time."
"You kiddin'! It's Sonic the Hedgehog you're talkin' to Ames! Lets get crackin'!" He zoomed in past her and went straight for the kitchen. Amy giggled as she shut the front door softly, and went to join him.
"This is gonna be easy!" Sonic cracked his knuckles.
"That's what you say now blue butt." Amy smiled.
"So, what do you need me to do?" Sonic asked.
"Well, I've got a pie in the oven, and chili on the stove, and I also have some veggies there t-"
"Ah! Say no more! I'm on chili duty!" He stares at the pot. Amy couldn't help but laugh at his sudden job decision.
"OK, OK." She giggled. Sonic always had a great sense of humor to her. And he was always happy when he was able to make HER happy. It's a win win, ya know?
"Well, the chili is almost done, I just need to add spices to it to finish it off...What was it that I needed...???" She tapped her chin, and Sonic smirked at his girl's gesture. She suddenly snapped her fingers, and a smile spread across her face.
"Pepper! THAT'S what I needed!" She turned to a cabinet on the far side of the kitchen, and Sonic popped up.
"I'll get it for ya Ames!" He went across the floor quickly and reached into the cabinet. His nose lightly twitched when he opened it, the smell of all of the spices making his nose itch a bit. He wiggled his cute little needle nose around and grabbed the pepper from the top shelf, before zooming back across the floor...But not before slipping on a small puddle of water on the floor...
"Whoa!" His feet slipped forward, as the pepper shaker when flying up near the cieling.
Amy gasped as he fell right near her feet, on his back. He gave an embarrassed chuckle, and Amy couldn't help but giggle.
"Are you OK?" She asked him, reaching down to help.
"Ames, lookout!" She looked up to only see a blur of red and black. She tried to grab it, but she didn't react quick enough, before it hit sonic in the head, with a light 'thunk'. But that's not the half of it. On impact, the shaker's top popped off, rolling along the tile floor before hitting a counter. The pepper went all over Sonic's face and chest, and he shut his eyes, trying to keep the spice from getting in them. It sprinkled over his muzzle and over the top half of his chest. Amy gasped again, only this time, she didn't find it funny. He let out a light chuckle.
"Hey Ames..." He chuckled, his eyes still tightly closed."Do I look a little like Shadow from your point of view??" He snickered, and Amy tried her best not to laugh at the random question.
"A little, yeah..." She giggled under her breath."Sonic, I'm so sorry...!" She said, reaching down to help him up.
"Don't worry about it. I'm the one that slipped and fell." He took a deep silent breath through his nose, believing it would have been safe...Bad Move. He immediatly sat up, coughing and rubbing the pepper away from his eyes to open them. He sniffed a few MORE times to try and dull out the burning, tickling sensation building at the tip of his nasal cavity...But to no avail. The tickle spread quickly, burning and itching and burning, as if someone had set his sinuses on fire. He coughed a bit more, as his eyes started to water a bit.
"Sonic?" Amy walked around him and squatted next to him, looking at his growing dilemma. She blinked a few times, and blushed...
'Oh no...Here we go again...' She felt a bit awkward as she sat there and watch the blue blur try to fight off the burning tickle, but he was losing...badly. He sniffed deeply, once, twice, three times, soon at least up to 9 times in a row. Not to mention he was still trying to get all the pepper away from his eyes. He wipped a gloved hand under his slender black nose, as it started to run. Soon, the tickle had reach the tip of his nose, just as he had gotten the pepper away from his eyes so he could open them a bit more. Tears streamed down his cheeks as he took in breath after breath, hitching silently. With every single one of his breaths Amy's cheeks got reder, and reder, and reder...Sonic's nose twitched in all different directions, eager to get the irritants out of his nose...
" Hehh-heh...I-It's t-to s-strooooo....-- I...I caaaaa--..." His breath hitched with each word as his now reddened eyes closed shut, more tears streaming down his blushing cheeks.
"Ehhh-ehhh-eh--Hahhhh--.....!!!! HITSHHHCHiiiOOOUU!!!!" He sneezed loudly, making Amy jump a bit. At the right angle, spray could be seen flying across the room, along with the pepper particles, mixed in. Amy could only sit there, hypnotized by the huge sneezes.
"Ughhhh...." His nostrils flared massively, as he geared up for another sneeze. He held a hand up to his nose to stop it, but Amy grabbed his hand and pulled it away. She then did the same thing with his other hand, and she was willing to sit there, in the line of fire.
"It's not good to hold them in. Letting them out is easier." She gave an innocent smile, as Sonic's mouth opened up bigger, until-
"HisshhhHIIOOUUUuuu!!!" He doubled over, covering half of Amy's body with the spray. He gasped for air, as another sneeze approached.
"A-Amy...I-I ndeed to-t-tooo-....HichhSSSIIIOUU!!! Heh-haaahh- HISSHHIOOUUUU!!! Heh-HISHHIIOUU!!!" He gave a few congested coughs afterwards, and looked up at her, his nose running terribly. His nose still twitched back and forth, trying to trick him into another sneeze. Amy let go of his hands and turned away, her hands on her face.
"I-I'm sorry...I just wanted to help...!!!" She said, her voice quivering. She suddenly heard him chuckle lightly.
"It's finde...I forgive you Ambes..." He said."Ondly on onde conditiond." He said, breathing through his mouth. Amy turned back to him.
"Could you get mbe a tissue...?" His muzzle turned red as he looked cross-eyed at his running, messy nose. Amy nodded as she smiled at him.
'Anything for you my sneezy hedgehog....'

Unarchived Stories / [F] Cuddles!*
« on: July 12, 2012, 02:30:24 AM »
A really short story with my two Furry characters Danielle ( ) and Anthony ( ) Who are a couple, and like cuddling up with each other, but it's not mature, there just hugging and stuff :3 Mew~

Danielle cuddled up with Anthony on the couch as they watched a movie.She cuddled close to him and wrapped her arms around his waist.Anthony looked down at her and she smiled up at him, and he smiled back with a slight blush.She rubbed her face into his fur and relaxed.Her nose started to itch because of his chest fur.She sniffed a few times, which didn't help her out to much.Anthony looked down at her.

"You OK?" He asked her.Danielle looked up at him and nodded, while the itch turned into an annoying tickle in the back of her feline nose.
"If you say so..." Anthony said.Dani layed her head back on his chest.She sniffed a few more times, before she realized she REALLY needed to get that itch out.She rubbed her nose with the back of her hand.She took a deep sniff, and the tickle started towards that special spot in her nose.

"Hmm?" Anthony could feel her hitching breaths on his chest, and he could tell what was going on with her.She sniffed once more.

"A-Anthony...I-I need to-to-Ahhh-hahhh-HITSHHIoooo!" She sneezed, and sniffed a few more times afterwards.Anthony could feel a bit of the spray on his chest from her sneeze.He smiled lightly at her, knowing just one sneeze from Dani could bring out countless more...Her breath started to hitch again as her feline nose started to tremble, and her nostrils started to flare.

"HITSHHiooooO!!Ahhhh-ASTTHHiooo!!!Hahh-Hatshhiooo!!!" She sneezed a few more times in a row, and her nose is slightly running.Anthony handed her a tissue.She smiled at him blushing and rubbed her nose with the tissue.Anthony took it from her and set it aside.When he turned back to her, she was stuck in a very sneezy expression.Anthony chuckled and raised an eyebrow at his sneezy feline girlfriend.She sniffed and looked up at him.

"It's not-hahhhh- *Sniff* Funny..." She said rubbing her nose.She sat up rubbing her nose furiously.
"That's gonna just make it worse..." Anthony said sitting up as well.
"Well what do you think I should do einstein?" She sniffed,"I need to sneeze so bad..." She whined.Anthony thought for a second, and pulled his long tail in front of him.An idea popped into his head.
"Why don't I help?" He said holding up his tail.Dani blushed.
"Are you sure?" She asked shyly.Anthony nodded and scooted closer to her with tail in hand.He brang the tip of his tail up to her small twitching nose.He insets the tip of his tail in her right nostril carefully, and it immediatly starts to twitch.The hairs start to poke the inside of Dani's tickling nose.Her eyes start to go blurry with a few tears, and her chest starts to expand with every breath.

"Stay still, k?" Anthony said putting his arm around her.The tip hair on his tail finally reached Danielle's sneezy spot, and she reacted immediatly.

"Ahhhh-I-I-That's i-it-" She muttered as her nostrils flared wider and wider.Anthony starts twirling his tail in the trademark spot, and watched as Dani's sneeze starts to come forth.

"Ahhh-I-I-N-need t-to-to-Ahhh!AHHTSCHHIoooo!!!I-ItSHHHIooo!!!SCHOOOO!!!ItchIIISHOOO!!!I-ITSHHIOOO!!!" Sneeze after sneeze, Dani doubled over on the couch.She let out one final sneeze.
"ATCHHIOOO!!!Ugh..." She sniffed deeply and groaned slightly.She looked over at Anthony, who had been watching the whole time.He blushed and looked away.
"I know you enjoyed that." Dani smiled at him as she layed back on his chest.
"Maybe..." He gave her a look.She smiled at him as they layed back down together and continued to watch the movie.


Unarchived Stories / [M + Sonic] Allergy Attack!*
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A quick story I came up with like...A minute ago XD Enjoy~
Sonic and Amy both belong to Sega/Sonic Team.
Sonic ran through the field of flowers at top speed, leaving clouds of pollen to go floating about in the warm spring air.He had to hurry, or he would be late meeting Amy at her house.He stuck his hand out and grabbed as many flowers as possible, and ran on to cross the field.

"Its a good thing I don't have allergies." He thought.

He quickly ran into the woods and kept running.

Meanwhile at Amy's house...

"I wonder where he is..." The pink hedgehog thought, "I sure hope he's not sick again..." A small smile comes across her face."Then again..."
There was a sudden knock at the door.She quickly goes to answer it.
"Hi Sonic!" Amy said smiling.
"Hiya Ames." Sonic said.He quickly pulled the flowers from behind his back, "Heh, I got these for you." He said with a slight blush coming across his face.Amy carefully took the flowers from him.
"Sonic!That's so sweet of you!C'mon in." She said with a smile.Sonic started to take a step forward when he noticed the pollen all over his gloves.He faces away from the door and starts clapping his hands together to get it all off.The pollen formed a small cloud that blew upwards into Sonic's face.He coughs a bit before the cloud is blown away by some wind.He is about to turn around, when a strange tickle starts to form in the back of his nose.He quickly scratches his nose, and goes inside, closing the door behind him.Amy goes into the kitchen and puts the flowers into a vase.she grabs a glass and fills it with water to put in the vase.Sonic leans against the door frame of the kitchen.
"So Ames, what have you been up t-t-*Sniff*to?" He said rubbing his nose.The tickle had returned, and he didn't want to worry Amy.
"Nothing much.Just getting things ready for our Independence Day party of course." She said with a smile.Sonic continued to rub his nose roughly.
"That's good.This party is gonna be fun.Have you got your share of fi-fire-*Sniffs* fireworks?" Sonic asked trying to keep the tickle at bay.
"Yeah, I've got them," She gives him a look, "Your not sick again are you?" She asked him.
"What?No, of course not.I feel fi-fi--" He pinches his flaring nostrils in attempt to stop the sneeze from coming out.He sighs and sniffs deeply.
"I bet you are." Amy walks over to him and feels his forehead,"Well, your not really warm, but..."
"I bet you would like it if I was sick again wouldn't you?"
"Huh?What are you talking about?"
"Remember what you said while you were taking care me?"


"Hey Ames," He said, "I've noticed that, you act a little weird whenever I sneeze.Why is that?

'Busted.I didn't think he would realize it at all, but now I know...he probably could tell the whole time!Now what?' Amy thought...'Oh man...I'm freaking out at this point!!!'

"Uhh..Umm...What do you mean?" Amy blushed very heard as she muttered that sentence.Sonic raised his eyebrow at her.She knew that look to well.He knew something, for sure.
"You blush every time I sneeze." He said.
'He's got me cornered.There's no way out!What now...?!'
"I don't know what your talking about." She said denying it all.He came closer to her.
"Don't lie to me Amy.Do you 'like' my sneezes?" He asked.She jumped up.
"Of course not!That is the farthest thing from this whole situation!" Amy lied.
"Amy." Sonic gave her an impatient look, and he holds one of her hands,"You can tell me.I won't tell anyone else, I promise." He said with that handsome smile of his.She sighed.
"Your completely right Sonic." Amy blushed.
"Hey, its ok.I don't mind."

(End of Flashback)

Amy slightly lowers her head as her cheeks start to blush deeply as that conversation starts coming back to her.
"Hey, like I said," Sonic said, "I don't mind." He smiles at her, and she smiles back.But that smiling face quickly turned into a sneezy expression.Sonic quickly backed away from Amy, so she wouldn't be in the line of fire.
"Amy-I-I c-an't hold it b-back...-Aghhh!HahhHH-ITSHSSSSIOOOOooo!!" Sonic sneezed himself off of his feet and onto the couch.Amy quickly went over to check on him.
"A-are you ok?" Amy asked.Sonic chuckled.
"Heh, I'm fi--"Amy could see his nostrils start to flare up again, and she quickly stood up.
"I-I--ITSHHHIOOOOO!!!" Sonic sneezed again, but didn't go anywhere.He sniffed deeply and rubbed his nose with the back of his glove.
"So, your not sick, but that doesn't explain why your sneezing like this." Amy said, "Maybe you have allergies?"
"I'm not allergic to anything!" Sonic said taking pride in himself.
"Oh really?" Amy said with her hands on her hips.
"Well duh." He said confidently.
"Well, how about we go around the place and find out?" Amy said going into a different room.
'She's planning something, I can tell...' Sonic said sitting up straight.Amy comes back with a can of air fresher.
"I just started using this the other day, so maybe this is whats making you sneeze." Amy said with a smile.She starts to spay some around the living room, and Sonic's nose instantly starts to react.Sonic's pre-sneeze face was always strange to Amy, but alluring.
"I-I g-gotta-Ahh-Hahhh-CHHIOOOO!!I-CHioooo!!CHOOO!!!Ugh-!" He rubbed his nose and groaned.
"Uhh-Huh, thats probably it." Amy said with a smile.
"That doesn't prove anything.Anyone can sneeze from some that!" Sonic said with a sniff.
"Yeah, but that doesn't tell us if you have allergies or not." Amy said.
"I already told you I don't!" Sonic said getting frustrated.
"Alright.Prove it." Amy said, " Go and take a big smell of the flowers you brought me." Amy said with a grin.'Haha, I've got him now.' She thought.Sonic's nose started to twitch just at the thought of smelling those pollen covered flowers.He swallowed his pride and stood up.He wen't over to the flowers which were sitting on the table.Amy watched on for every detail.Sonic put his nose just above the flowers, and took a sniff...his eyes started to tear up slowly as he quickly stepped away from the vase of flowers and covered his nose.
"Huh?" Amy looked on carefully.'I didn't think he would react like THAT.' She thought.Sonic's breath kept hitching to points that Amy didn't know were possible for him.He tried his hardest to hold them back, but the pollen already in  his black nose, tickling the inside were already doing their job.
'N-no-don't-you d-dare!Agghhh--!!!!" Sonic's nostrils flared to the point of no return.Amy could even see into his nose at this point.Tears run down his cheek, until he didn't have the strength to keep fighting....Suddenly...
"Aghhhh-Haaaahhhhh--Ahhh--!ITSHHHIOOOOOoo!!!ITSHIOOOOOO!!!I-I--ITHSSSSHHHIOOOOO!!!Ahh-Ahhhii-AHHHITSHIOOOOO!!!" Sonic sneezed loudly and Amy was blown away, almost literally.
"Agh!" Amy shrieked when the gusts of wind hit her.
"Agh-ahhh-A-amy-Ahhh-ISTSHHIOOOO!!!" Sonic sneezed once again, knocking Amy off of her feet.
"Oh no!" He quickly goes to check on her, not even caring if the tickle in his twitching black nose was gone or not.
"Amy!I-I'm so sorry!Are you ok!?" Sonic said kneeling down to her.
"Yeah, Im ok, don't worry." She said with a small smile.Sonic sighed sadly.
"I-I'm sorry, I didn't even know I had allergies this bad...I guess I never really stop to smell the roses." He slightly chuckles.Amy slightly giggles.
"It's ok, it's not your fault." Amy said as she started to stand up.Sonic helped her.But suddenly...The tickle came back with a vengence.Sonic quickly turned away and covered his hands with his mouth.Amy only looked on.
"Aghhh-I-I need t-to-tooooo-I-ATCHSSSHHIOOOO!!!" He turns back around rubbing his nose with the back of his hand.
"Heh, Sorry,bless me." He chuckled nervously.Amy took a seat on the couch and smiled.
"Its ok Sonic.Don't worry about it." She said.Sonic goes to sit next to her.
"Then again I'm sure you enjoyed that huh?" Sonic said with a sly smile.
"What do you-Oh, right...^^;" Amy said.
"Let me ask ya somethin' Ames...."Sonic said, "Did you spray that air freshner just to hear me sneeze...?" He smiles and raises an eyebrow at her.Amy blushed deeply.Sonic chuckled at the sight of this.
"Uhh..w-well..-I-I-" Amy stuttered.
"It's alright if you did, or if you didn't want to do it on purpose either Ames.I understand either way." Sonic said.Amy looked down embarrassed.
"Hey, its ok Amy," He said holding her chin up so he could look her in the eyes, " I don't mind." Amy sighed.
"Your totally right Sonic...." Amy said blushing.
"Heh, I knew it," He said.He quickly went to grab a flower out of the vase and went back to Amy.He scooted closer to her,"Where?" He asked.
"Where what?" Amy said.
"Where do you want me to sneeze on you?" Sonic asked.
"W-what?" Amy said in a surprised tone.
"Well you gotta have some kind of place you've always thought of." sonic said with that friendly smile of his.Amy was silent for a second.
"W-well, I guess, on the neck..." Amy said.Sonic slid closer to her then he had ever before to Amy, lying his nose and the flower on her shoulder.He could tell she was very embarrassed and tense but he wanted to make her feel calm.With one sniff of the flower his nose started to tingle right away.Amy could feel his nostrils twitching on her shoulder, and feel his hitching breaths against her back.
"Hahhh-Agghhhh-ATCHHHIOOO!" He sneezed dead on on her neck, and a shiver went down Amy's spine.She quickly got up and left the room and went into the kitchen.
"Huh?Ames?" Sonic quickly followed.
"This feels so wrong."Amy said when he came in, "This can't be natural.It's to weird...."
"Amy, I don't think it's weird to be honest." Sonic said.
"Huh?" Amy said in dis-belief.
"I think your interest is pretty...well, interesting." He said as he held one of her hands, "It's your thing, and I respect that.Lots of people have things like this, and your no different." She looked up at him.
"Aghhhh-Hahhh-ATSCCHHIOO!!!" Sonic sneezed once more.Amy smiled at him.And he smiled back.
"I guess your right..." Amy said.
"Heh, I'm always right." He wrapped an arm around her as they walked back into the living room.

The End :D

Unarchived Stories / [M + F + Sonic] Sick Day*
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My first Story! Finally! Im very happy :D Of course a Sonic the Hedgehog story There are 2 parts to this story and this is part 1 and I'll put up part 2 soon after and Im pretty sure part 2 will be longer then part 1 :3 This story is told from Amy Rose's point of view people ^^ I hope its good!

I dont own the Sonic Characters!They belong to Sega/Sonic Team :3

"That big jerk!I cant believe he completely forgot about our date!That's the fourth time in a row!I've had it with that hedgehog!He could've at least called or...or SOMETHING!Just wait until I get my hands on him!"

I yelled those words constantly in my mind over and over and over while I stomped to Sonic's house.I've stopped chasing after him and he STILL won't give me a chance!He better have a good enough excuse for why he missed it this time! "Oh, sorry Ames!I completely forgot!I'm sorry Amy, I must've over slept!" I am SO not buying that crap any more!I stomped through the puddles of water from last nights rainstorm and up to Sonic's front door.I banged on it like an angry landlord who didn't get this months pay.I was fuming, and from sheer anger I took out my Piko Piko hammer, but I would never hurt him, just give him a piece of my mind, at least, I think I will...I waited a few seconds and there was no answer.I knocked on the door again.

"Sonic!Come out here, NOW!"  I yelled, " You've got some explaining to do!" A few more seconds past by...And I was about to explode.
I growled loudly.
"Sonic!I've had it with you!If you don't come out here on the count of three, I'm gonna break this door down!!!" I hardly believe that I had  gotten that mad at that point...

The door suddenly started to creak open, and I saw the outline of a figure.I took in a deep breath so I could yell at him, but something stopped me.There was definitely something off about him.Usually he would've started spouting excuses by now but, he was just quiet.
"Umm, Sonic?Are you ok?" I asked him in a worried tone as I quickly put away my hammer.He tryed to talk, but just ended up releasing a loud "ISHHHIOOOO!!!" and a short coughing fit right after.The sound of him sneezing that loud made me jump, and he no doubt realized it.He then decided to open the door all the way, and I instantly gasped when I saw him.He looked nothing like himself!His quills were ruffled and droopy, and so were his ears.His muzzle was pale and his mouth was dry.His forehead was covered in sweat and he had dark bags under his eyes, probably because he had trouble going to sleep...And his nose was...slightly disturbing to look at.It was running constantly, and it was slightly reddened and moist.

"Ughh, Sorry Ambes...I kinda got sick last ndight on by way to see you.Then I got ambushed by Eggban and..and...ITSSSHHHIOOOO!!!"
He quickly turned his head away to avoid sneezing on me, and its the least he could do after missing our date...I felt so bad!I could never yell at him when he's like this!My anger quickly melted into sympathy and worry for him and my expression quickly changed along with it.

"Sonic, its ok-"
"No, its not ok Amby...I really mbent to show this timb but Eggmban got in the way, and I would've expected you to be gond after all of that happened last ndight...Imb really, really...sor-sorry-I-I-..."  I stared at him as his teeth started to slightly show and a sneezy expression took hold on his sick face.His pinkish nose started to twitch and scrunch up and his chest started to expand with every hitching breath.Without thinking, I quickly placed the back of my hand under his scrunched up twitching nose.He looked at me with his slightly watery eyes.

"You've got no reason to apologize to me," I said to him softly,"Just seeing you like this is enough to tell me why." I smiled at him and took my hand back.He weakly smiled back at me before that itch in the back of his nose returned.I could tell, because his nose twitched and scrunched up before he could react.He clenched his teeth and his eyes squeezed shut with a few tears.I could see his black nostrils quiver helplessly and I quickly stepped back...for safety reasons.If I remember correctly, sometimes when Sonic sneezes it can launch him off of the ground and into a wall, but that rarely happens...I think...but before I could gather my thoughts...

"I-I caaaa-...ho-hold it....-back....HITSHHIOOOOoooo!!!" There was a slight gust of wind and I covered my face with my hand.When I looked up, Sonic was gone...I proceeded to panic.
"Sonic?Sonic?" I quickly stepped into the room and closed the front door behind me."ISTTHHSSHIIOOOO!!" Another sneeze erupted from Sonic, and I spotted him in the corner, rubbing his head.I quickly ran over to help him up.
"Ughhh, I HATE bein' sick..." He groaned.
"You look miserable." I said trying not to giggle.
"I FEEL mbiserable..." I felt so bad for him, but seeing the fastest thing alive, stopped completely in his tracks by a cold, had me laughing under my breath.Then, I saw that moist nose of his scrunch up again.His chest extended and his head arched backwards, preparing for another sneeze.

"Uhhh..N-not a-gainnnn...."  'Think fast!' My brain yelled.I opened up my shoulder bag and found a spare tissue.I quickly cuffed Sonic's swollen twitching nose with it, right as the sneeze was released. "ITSSSHIOOOooo!!!" He sneezed painfully into the tissue, almost dissolving it in my hand.I could feel the moist part of the tissue on my hand through my glove.When Sonic's eyes opened back up he instantly realized what he had done and slightly blushed.
"Amy!I-Imb so sorry!I seriously didn't mbean to-" I placed my index finger over his mouth.
"Stop apologizing for five minutes would ya?" I said with a smile.He smiled back.
"So, I guess your just gonnda leave ndow huh?" He said in a miserable tone.
"Nope!" I said holding his hand in both of mine,"I'm gonna nurse you back to health myself Sicky!" I smile at him.I could tell by his expression he was thinking, 'Aww man, this is gonna be worse than an actual date...'
"Finde..." He said, his voice getting stuffier by the second, which made him even cuter.I was kinda suprised to hear him be so calm about the situation.It must've been his fever messing with his judgement.I quickly pulled him to his bedroom, into bed and put a blanket over him.He folded his arms like an upset toddler.
"Ya know," I said as he looked up at me,"You look kinda cute when your sick." I said with a smile.He just glared at me.
"Sorry sorry."I said, "So, is there anything I can get you?" He was quiet for a second.
"Sombe soup?" He said.
"Sure." I nodded and left the room and closed the door behind me.I put my hand up to my mouth in thought.

'Who knew that Sonic looks even cuter than normal when he's sick?And that sneezing of his...' I shook my head in confusion,'What about his sneezing?Its just sneezing!Nothin' more, nothin' less!But, still...Hmm, this may turn out to be better than any old dinner date...'


Another one of Sonic's huge sneezes echoed through the whole house, and made me jump.It had been a day or two scince I found out he was so sick, and it hadn't let up at all.Oh sure Sonic thinks he's all good to go running, but his temperature, and his sore nose, represent otherwise.

"Ahh...Haahhh...TISHHIOOO!!" After hearing that sneeze, I was a bit scared to go into his room.Knowing him, he'd probably knock himself, or me, out of a window.I knock on the door.
"Come in...." I heard him mutter from the inside.I opened the door slowly and then came in.His room was a complete mess thanks to his constant sneezing fits.Used tissue's littered the floor around his bed.As I walked up to his bedside, I notice his head burried into his pillows as he went into a coughing fit.
"Hey, you feelin' any better?" I ask.He lifts his head up slowly and I almost fall over.'Good god!W-what in all of Mobious happened to his nose?!' It was big and red and sore and-and running!I almost freaked out!And Sonic could definitely tell by my expression.He sighs heavily, the snot clogging up any airway to his nose.
"A-are you ok?" I asked him.
"I'mb fide Ambes.Why do you worry so mbuch?" He slowly sat up and grabbed a tissue off of his nightstand to blow his nose.After that, it looked not as horrifying.
"Why?Because you look like a zombie!" I said.He chuckled at me.
"Its just a cold Ambes, ndot the plauge.I'll be finde." He said.He suddenly went into a coughing fit.I look over to the tray I brought in with me.
"Here," I handed him the glass,"I made you some warm tea to help with your throat." I smile at him.He takes the glass from me and started to drink it.He suddenly put it down and gasped for breath.I just stared at him, my eyebrow raised.He noticed my confused look.
"Why are you looking at mbe like that?I can't drink this mby ownd way because I cant breath through mby ndose..." He groaned.Something suddenly clicked in my head!I had forgotten about it so quickly!
"Sonic, finish that up, because I've got something fun planned out that I just remembered!" I quickly go to the door.
"Oh, great...I kndew this thing wouldn't work out properly..." I heard him mutter under his breath, "What kind of 'fund' do you mbean Amby?"
"Oh you'll see!" I smiled as I left the room and went into the kitchen.
"This isn't gonnda end well...." He said."Hehh..Heh..ITSHHIOOOO!!!"

"THIS is your idea of fund?" He muttered at me.
"Maybe not to you." I said with a smile.I had him hold his head over a boiling pot of water, with a few herbs thrown in, thanks to Vanilla's help.
I had a towel over his head, to keep him in the steam.I had what seemed like a permanent smile on my face.
"You kndow...when you said 'fund' this isnt what I was thinking about....and thank god it wasn't..." I stifle a laugh.
"Keep breathing Sonic!Well have your nose clear in no time flat!" I said with a smile.
"Ughh, but its so hoooooot!" He whined loudly.
"Ok, Ok, you can take a breather." I said.He quickly sat back in the chair and pulled the towel off of his head.I giggled softly under my breath.His quills were a mess, and his nose was brightest red now.He turned his hear towards me.
"Dnot a word..." he groaned folding his arms across his chest.He looked over at me again as I started to laugh.He stood up.And smiled.
"You think its fundy huh?Do ya?" He suddenly tackled my to his bed and started to tickle me."Is it funddy?Huh?"
"Sonic!Sonic stop!" I shrieked out and laughed loudly.
"Get back under the towel!" I laughed.
"Fiiiiiinde..." He said as he sat back down and put the towel back over his head.
"Atleast try to breath through your nose." I said with a chuckle.He took a deep congested sniff, letting in some of the vapor and herbs into his clogged sinuses.
"Hold on, not to much." I said.But it was to late.He lowered the towel to his shoulders as his red nose started twitching with no mercy.His chest took in a huge breath before-
Thank god he didn't take off, but the table rattled with both sneezes, and pushes his chair back a foot or so.
"Bless you," I said,"You Ok-"
"Amby, I-I-" His nose started to twitch again and it started to run a bit,"I-I nd-deed a-Haahh-!" His breath hitched with every word.
"A tissue?" I said looking around for the tissue box.
"Quick!Its a big onde...!"
I freaked out.I spotted them on the nightstand and quickly grabbed them.I grabbed a few out of the box and handed them to him.He quickly brought it up to his nose.
"HEEH-CHUMMMMFF!" He sneezed into it.I rubbed his shoulder as he started to blow his nose.He groaned.
"Bless you." I said.
"How long is this stupid cold gonnda last...?" He said with a sniff.
'That feeling again...The one from the other day...the way I was feeling when Sonic sneezed.I don't understand it...but it doesn't matter right now.' I though.
The next day, Sonic was at his worst.Just stepping into the bathroom made him shiver uncontrollably, and his sneezing had gone from every few minutes, to almost every 20 seconds, but they were NOT as violent as the ones yesterday, or the day before.He was so confident that he was going to get better, but he's been unable to go anywhere but to the bathroom today.I just sat by his bed watching him, and damping his forehead with a cold wet cloth to try and bring his fever down.

I sat there, just staring at him as he shivered under his blankets.I felt so bad for him, then again, he kinda deserves it for all those times he blew off one of our dinner dates...He slowly started to open his eyes and look up at me.
"Hey, you ok Ambes?" He said in a raspy voice.
"Hmm?Oh, yeah I'm fine." I said.He gave me a weak smile, and I smiled back at him.Even in this awful condition that he was in...he still looked so handsome...I reached onto the nightstand for the damp cloth that had been sitting in a small bowl of water for a minute or so and placed it on his head.
"Let it stay there." I said.He nodded.All of a sudden his expression changed into that sneezy expression of his.His breath started to hitch as his eyes squeezed shut, and his nose started to crinkle upwards as his mouth opened drawing in a huge breath and letting out a loud..."HEEEEEEESHHHHHIOOOOOOO!!!" It was by far the loudest one yet, and it scared me even though I saw it coming from a mile away.The force of his sneeze bolted him up and trusted his head forwards, and the cloth hit the wall  on the far side of the room with a splat.Sonic put his head in his hands in embarassment.
"Uhh, bless you..." I said blushing.
"E-excuse mbe...I'mb so sorry Amby..." He said with a sniff.
"Its ok Sonic, its not your fault." I said with a smile.I suddenly felt a weird tingle in the back of my nose, and its started to spread.I sniffed a few times, but it refused to go away.
"You ok Ambes?" He asked me.I nodded.Obviously I was lying.The strange tingle some exploded inside of my nose, and I needed to let it out.
"Hee-ChhhKK!" I managed to stifle it in time, and Sonic only looked on.He only stared at me.
"What?" I said with another sniff.
"I kndew you would probably catch it." He said.
"I'll be fine Sonic.Really." I said.
"I don't think you will be." He said,"You can, spend the ndight if you want to.It's suppose to rain to night." He smiled at me, and I smiled back.I stood up.
"I'm gonna go make us somethin' to eat.OK?" I said going out the door.
"Ok." Sonic said as he lied back down.I closed the door and quickly went into the bathroom.I grabbed a few tissues.
"Hiitchioo!!Hitchhioo!!!H-hitchhhioo!!!" I sneeze about 7 times in a row, and I really hoped that Sonic didn't hear them...He would probably feel guilty about getting me sick if he knew.But, I've gotta finish taking care of him first.That's all that matters right now.
Two days later Sonic was up and around.He may have looked better, but his sneezing hadn't stopped just yet.Mines however, had just begun.I watched from inside as he ran down the road and back a few times.I could definitely tell he was happy to be out and running again.He skid to a stop in front of the house.
"Heh, never better!I'm as good as- a-ahh-ISTHHIOO!Ugh...almost..." I giggled. Sonic ran up onto the porch and into the living room.
"So, feelin' any better?" I asked rubbing my nose slightly.
"Yeah!Good as new.Well, almost, heh."
"Thats great!" I said with a smile.
"Oh, and thanks for helpin' me out Ames.I appreciate it." He said with a smile.I was about to respond, but, that familiar tingle came back to my nose...It was getting more difficult to hold those sneezes back.Now I know how Sonic was feeling for the past few days...My nose crinkled upwards and started to twitch.Sonic sat down next to me, a tissue in his hand.
"HItchhiOooo!" I sneezed loudly and blushed.Sonic chuckled and handed me the tissue.
"Looks like someone's got a cold..." He said in a sing-song voice.
"Maybe..." I sniffed again,"Heehhh...Hitchhioo!!"
"Bless you." He said.He quickly turned his head away,"HITCHHSHHIOOO!"
I blushed at the site of him sneezing so loudly again...And that strange feeling came back as well...And Sonic could tell.
"Hey Ames," He said, "I've noticed that, you act a little weird whenever I sneeze.Why is that?

'Busted.I didn't think he would realize it at all, but now I know...he probably could tell the whole time!Now what?' I though...Oh man...I'm freaking out at this point!!!

"Uhh..Umm...What do you mean?" I blushed very heard as I muttered that sentence.Sonic raised his eyebrow at me.I knew that look to well.He knew something, for sure.
"You blush every time I sneeze." He said.
He's got me cornered.There's no way out!What now...?!
"I don't know what your talking about." I said denying it all.He came closer to me.
"Don't lie to me Amy.Do you 'like' my sneezes?" He asked.I jumped up.
"Of course not!That is the farthest thing from this whole situation!" I lied.
"Amy." Sonic gave me an impatient look, and he holds one of my hands,"You can tell me.I won't tell anyone else, I promise." He said with that handsome smile of his.I sighed.
"Your completely right Sonic." I blushed.
"Hey, its ok.I don't mind." He said with a smile.I look down in embarassment.All of a sudden...Sonic kisses me on the forehead.I though I was dreaming at that point!Did I fall asleep on the couch while watching him run?But no, this was, amazingly, real life...I looked up quickly to look at him.He smiled at me.But then...My nose decided to ruin the moment.Sonic quickly grabbed a clean tissue and put it over my nose just in time.
"HItshhIoooo!" I looked up at him and blushed.
"Well, looks like the tables have turned.Looks like I'm the one taking care of YOU." Sonic chuckled.He lead me over to the couch and put a blanket over me.I smile up at him.
"Can I get you anything Ames?" He asked me in that tender voice.
"Some soup?" I ask.

The End :D

I'm New Here / Hello ^^
« on: January 22, 2012, 05:16:52 AM »
Ive been here for atleast a month but I just wanted to say hello.Still gettin use to searching around this site ^^ and I like to roleplay alot ^^

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