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Books and Comics / Tuck Sedo -The pinguin playboy
« Last post by StrongestSneeze on July 25, 2017, 01:04:12 PM »

The last story on the bottom of the page, elephant and other animals with sneezing powder.
I don't know if it was just notified... ???
Art, Art, and Art! / Re: [M] Gotta Stay on Top of Maintenance
« Last post by Alrek on July 24, 2017, 10:55:38 PM »
Hah, thanks! It was a very quick suggestion that I did. I'd like him more if he wasn't such a turd!
Unarchived Art / Re: [F] The Sneezing Bullies
« Last post by sneezyserpent on July 24, 2017, 03:36:49 AM »
Thank you for the recent people who commented on this. It has been a very long time since I've seen this drawing, and I still really enjoy it :D The detail you did with the muzzle scrunch lines and how the noses themselves look, not just the nostrils but the dark noses themselves look great in the shape you gave them. I enjoy how their ears react to their sneezes, and I think it is strangely cute to see the differences in their sneezes :) Both are sneezy, but they sneeze in different ways.

Also............sneezy karma is awesome to see..........:D :D Seriously, karma itself is sweet, but sneezy karma is amazing just with the idea of it alone. How you drew it turned out great ^^
I'm New Here / Re: Hello
« Last post by sneezyserpent on July 24, 2017, 03:30:04 AM »
Nice to meet you :) This forum has a really large gallery and video section. some weeks are not active but I hope that you find new friends here =)
I Found Something! / [Unlocated][M - Monkey] Oz the Great and Powerful
« Last post by Chikara on July 23, 2017, 07:39:28 PM »
While Oz is explaining a plan using drawings in the dirt, the monkey sneezes and blows away the plan.
Real Life Lounge / Re: Where do you live?
« Last post by RyuunosukeKuorsawa96 on July 23, 2017, 07:35:28 AM »
Southern Arizona.
Unarchived Art / Re: [N + Macro] First impressions
« Last post by KakiFennec on July 22, 2017, 03:14:16 PM »
looks great
Hehe, I remember this old show! I also remember that episode!
Art, Art, and Art! / Re: Pig Queen return![x2F]
« Last post by Danielle on July 21, 2017, 05:17:20 AM »
Words cannot describe how AWESOME the Pig Queen comics are! I love the attention to detail! ;u;

Long live her majesty! :D
Art, Art, and Art! / Re: Sneeze Freeze [Feline - F - Commission]
« Last post by Daphine on July 19, 2017, 02:52:53 AM »
I have been known to freeze when I have to sneeze.  The worse was when I was walking across a busy intersection ;)
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