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F+ elephant+ dystruction
« on: August 15, 2017, 07:47:07 PM »
First off I would like to say this is my first story ever and I may have mislabeled the mature section cause of the way things are worded. But I trust if it is not mature I will be corrected. I see it better safe then fried.
Myra was gorgeous, curvy, and popular with most crowds of people. Always has been. However, odds stacked against her when it came to games like hide and seek. You see not only was she an elephant, already making hiding a hard thing to do, but she had a very sensitive trunk.
When she was young she would always be found first cause she would sneeze and make herself known. It's always been her luck to run into an allergen. Cat fur, perfume, dust, pollen, or hay. It would find her trunk. Now however as an adult midway through college she still had a hyper sensitive trunk, but no need to hide. She likes it that way too. But today was going to be a surprise.
A surprise party was being planned for her best friends birthday. The cake was ready, the streamers were up, and everything was looking great. All there was left to do was hide and wait for her to get home.
Myra looked around for a good spot to hide and saw a perfectly good walk in closet. Perfect. "Sue keeps a very clean house so it should be okay to hide there"
Myra was not the last one to pick a spot to hide, just as she shut the door a very lovely cat walked in with flowers. She sat the flowers on the counter and saw the closet and ran in side.
The cat girl was surprised when she saw Myra standing in the closet. "Oh.. hi. I didn't know someone was in here. I am Jone."
Myra could already feel her trunk start to itch. "I'm Myra. Nice to meet you." She was lying of course but wanted to be friendly to her friend's friends. 
Jone was looking out of the small slit doors. Her excitement was almost a mix of anxiety and happiness. "I can't wait.for.her to get home. I haven't seen Lorie for over 5 years."
"That's quite some t..t..ttt... time." Myra stammered out her trunk already causing her to hitch.
Jone watched as Myra spoke and noticed the elephant' s trunk twitch and move. "Oh no. No elephant sneezes here." Jone quickly massaged Myra' s trunk.
"Aahhh..ahhh..ahhh. Phew. Thank you. Where did you learn to do that?" Myra still could feel the tickle but the massage was feeling so good.
Jone laughed. " I actually work with elephants and allergies so I quit often have to ease there ever sensitive trunks."
Myra blushed a bit and she she smelled something in the air. Her trunk jerked as it smelled the sweet smell of lillies. To her horror there were two of her biggest allergens in the room with her and one was touching her trunk.
Jone jumped and tried to ease the trunk again realizing something intense set it off again. "Woo now. Calm down. What's making you have such trouble?" Jone' s fur started to turn Myra's trunk red as it massaged and tickled.
Myra looked at jone through allergy ridden eyes. "I'm al..all..allerfic to and aahh..ahh...ahh... lillies. AAHHH..AHHH...AAGGAAHHH..." Myra's trunk tried to squirm our of the cats hold but was failing.
Jone's eyes widened as she realized she was part of the problem. "Oh no. I'm only making the sneeze grow stronger then I am so sorry."
Just then the doors opened and their friend was in the room.
" just a bit more." Jone whispered in protest as her friends looked around and picked up a card. Jone got so excited her tail swisher across Myra's trunk.
"Oh no AAHHH..AHHH..AHHH..."
The other friends jumped out and yelled surprise while Myra was only seconds from...
The closer door blast open and threw the cat girl into the center of the room, breaking everything in the path. Myra just stood in the closet red from embarrassment.
"Happy Birthday?"

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Re: F+ elephant+ dystruction
« Reply #1 on: August 23, 2017, 03:46:16 AM »
This was very cute.  I quite enjoyed it.  :)
Feel free to give me a message sometime.  I'm almost always up for a little RPing, or story ideas.
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Re: F+ elephant+ dystruction
« Reply #2 on: August 23, 2017, 06:38:46 AM »
Thank you. I will make another in time. I use my phone so it takes a bit to make one story.

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Re: F+ elephant+ dystruction
« Reply #3 on: August 25, 2017, 12:38:12 PM »
Great read! Massive elephant sneezes are the best <3