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Site Rules, News, and Suggestions / [Announcement] Member Prune
« on: April 06, 2017, 05:37:29 AM »
Removed around 75 members tonight that had not been on the website in several years and have very few to zero posts, as well as many that had not been on the site in over a year that had zero posts. If you've been active on the site, you have nothing to worry about in regards to being pruned. If you have between 0 and 4 posts, be aware that if you take a long break from the site, there's a large chance your account will be removed. The best way to prevent this is to be an active member of the community. Real life happens, and sometimes stuff on the internet becomes less important. In any case, even if you do get pruned, you should be able to recreate your account with the same name. :)

General Chatter / $15 Sketchpages
« on: April 06, 2017, 04:04:52 AM »

A decent rate, a decent level of skill. Kind of a Sonic-driven style, but not bad. It might appeal to someone here, and it can have NSFW. Artistic freedom, as it should be. I'll remove this if for some reason the artist says no to my question :P


Another odd one. :P

(Also found by my friend, haha)

I Found Something! / [Needs Clipped] Onegai! Samia-don - Episode 74
« on: January 15, 2017, 05:36:15 AM »
(Spanish[Portugese?] version) - 5ish - Micros / - Extra - Chills

Features high detail internal shots, and multiple sneezes.

(Located by a friend)
(Japanese version unlocated)
(Link replaced with full episode)
(Added a new sneeze find in the full episode)


16:48, 17:13

Maybe others. Also no clue where the English version is.

Edit1: French

Edit2: English~ (USE GOOD ADBLOCK!) - It's around a minute early in this one.

I Found Something! / [Needs Clipped] Natsume Yuujinchou Go - Episode 09
« on: December 09, 2016, 08:00:58 PM »
Torrent - 11:45

Writer's Den / [F + M (Non-Anthro) + Warcraft] A Cure for Volpin
« on: November 12, 2016, 10:24:42 AM »

Many of you may be rather surprised by this one, given that I am not known for writing. But, I made a promise to myself. If-and-when I managed to acquire the fox mount in WoW, I would use that inspiration to create a sneeze story. I thought long and hard about this, and you might find it to be a little non-standard. The reason for that is that it's not written explicitly as a sneeze story. It's actually meant to be a good story and adventure in its own right. It just happens to contain a moderate amount of sneezing. I've always felt this is the best way to write a fetish story. Start with a strong core idea, and then let the story flow on its own.

When I started this out, I only had a really vague idea of how this would play out. I knew a few key moments I wanted to include, but how I was going to reach them wasn't something I had worked out before hand. Once I started writing, however, I was able to use my memories from playing the game to create a vivid mental image of what was happening, and from that, I was able to guide the story to where it hit all of the goals without the characters taking any action that felt awkward or sudden. I also consider it good writing to include random remarks that make the reader smile, even if they aren't explicitly part of the plot itself.

I hope my writing here can be a good lesson to others for the stories they craft. Overall, it took about 3 hours to write once I sat down to work. I made sure to keep focused until I was done, too. As I do not typically (ever? XD) take the time to write, I hope I will at least get a few comments to let me know what others thought.

For those that know very little about World of Warcraft, you can use these links to feel more involved in the story:
Volpin - Male fox - /
'Shelly' - Female Worgen - /
Emerald Dream -
Faerie Dragon -

PS: I think I managed to break my own tagging system for stories. I've mixed things that have never been mixed! Haha.

"Heh... Hruuh-ksssshhh!" Another sneeze echos through the quiet emerald forest of the Dream. "Huh KRRSHHH, Ksshhoo!" Their source, a large red fox, currently being ridden by an equally large wolf.

"There, there, Volpin. We'll find the fruit, I'm sure of it." The Worgen Druid, Shelly, reaches forward to massage the top of the fox's muzzle. "This is the best I can do for right now," she tells him, urging him forward through the mixed shades of green surrounding them. Since the Worgen's curse struck her, she's been far more empathetic towards the magnitude and urgency of the tickles that can course through a long snout like her's. When she learned her new mount Volpin was plagued by hayfever, she knew she had to find a way to help him if a chance presented itself.

A little while back, she had helped Cenarius to cleanse the threat of the Emerald Nightmare from the Dream. Following a hunch, she had turned to him to help her new friend. With his knowledge of the Dream and its verdant life forces, she thought that perhaps a cure could be found within. He told Shelly of a fruit whose juices could help create long-lasting anti-histamines in the creature who eats it, and gave her directions to a clearing several miles into the woods.

With her Druidic training, she has long wanted to explore the Emerald Dream, and with Cenarius' blessing, she set off down the path with Volpin and is enjoying the sights in-between the poor fox's sudden sneezing fits. They seem to have been even worse since coming into the Dream, likely due to the strength of the Nature energies running through the land. The air itself seems to swirl and dance, both with mana and with pollen.

Her mount slows his pace again, facing another bout of sneezes. This time around Shelly leans forward and gives his nose a gentle but firm rub. "You try to hold those in, Volpin, or we'll be forever in reaching that clearing!" She chastises him and he gives a small chuff in reply, and with a small energetic leap forward his pace returns to normal. There will be time for exploration later, she thinks, but for now it's best I help Volpin out.

The path ahead winds up a large hill, and the wolfess knows that just past that should be the clearing, off to the left. To her right, a stream flows, waterfall splashing just out of sight around the bend of the land. The pair head up the hill, doubling back along the slow slope of the path. Volpin gives a small whimper and snort as he fights to clear his nose. It seems to be bothering him all of the sudden.

When they come up to a height they can see the field, it's clear what that something is likely to be. In the field shimmer a large patch of flowers, each one brimming with magic and shifting through many hues, painting the field into a wondrous rainbow. The one thing not changing in color is the bright patch of yellow in the center of each one.

Before Shelly can even scan the field for her objective, Volpin comes to a full stop and thrusts his muzzle into the air. "H-h-huhh... Heh-heh, hruuuhhhh-KSHHHOO!" His muzzle changes direction and points straight down to the ground, creating a small dust cloud. With a visible shudder down the top of his snout, he points it up in the air again, nostrils flared outward. "Huh hruuhhh~! HUSKKkkkkssssoo! Kshhhh, kkkshhh, kkssshhoo!" Volpin wobbles a little from the strength of the sneezes, enough that Shelly worries she'll fall off. This field is certainly bad news for the poor hayfever-ridden vulpine.

She pulls in her mystic pack and finds a fairly clean but ultimately worthless robe, pulls it out, and slices it apart with her weapon. "Hold still, Volpin sweetie, hold still." After giving the top of his muzzle another massage, and rubbing his nose, she fashions a small mask to dangle across his snout. It's not much, tailoring isn't really her forte, but it's at least better than nothing. She gives her mount a reassuring scratch between the ears before urging him towards the clearing.

Thankfully, her own snout remains irritation-free, and she takes a moment to look around the area for her objective. While the flowers do not produce any light, the amount of color variance as she sets her eyes across the field is almost overwhelming. And no, Worgen do not have any trouble in seeing colors, wherever you heard that rumor from. That said, her objective is proving somewhat illusive.

For the time being, she guides Volpin around the edge of the clearing, keeping him from setting out into the flowers. No sense in making things worse when she isn't sure yet where the fruit even is. Cenarius said she'd know it when she saw it but that's about the worst guidance that can be given. At least he gave clear enough instructions to reach this far.

"Heh-hih... HRIIKSSSHHHhh..." Another sneeze from the fox underneath her. The mask is helping, but only barely. With a feeling of urgency, she remains focused on the field. A faerie dragon catches her eyes, and she follows its fluttering. It floats towards a hazy portion of the field where several more faerie dragons are floating around. These critters are mostly harmless, and full of as many colors as the flowers themselves. It's no wonder she didn't see them earlier.

As they continue to circle the edge of the clearing, the haze separates enough to reveal a collection of bushes underneath where the critters are fluttering around at. She can just manage to see what looks like fruit before the haze blocks her vision again. "Hoi, that Cenarius, he could have told me it was by the little fae's. I'll have to let him know his directions after the field were rubbish," she mutters, half to Volpin, and half to herself. Not that she would dare criticize someone as respected as Cenarius, even being an Archdruid herself.

"Alright, Volpin, it's time to head in. I'm almost certain that's where the fruit is," right there in the middle of all of those flowers, she adds silently. Poor sweet fox. First he is tormented and chased by those Nightborne hunters, and now that he has left his territory with me, he's encountering all these new plants that are causing havoc on his sinuses.

A squeeze to his sides keeps Volpin moving cautiously forward, careful not to agitate the colorful flowers with the bright yellow center. He keeps his nose pointed forward, and his legs stretched. As the two come closer to the swirling haze, two faerie dragons become four, and four become eight. It seems they've made a nest of the bush that holds their objective. Curious and playful, they being to flutter about overhead, sparkling dust falling from their wings.

The haze lifts, and the tangled viney bush comes into view. It's far less colorful than the field it makes its home in, seeming almost plain and out of place. If it weren't for the faerie dragons, then this probably would have been as easy as Cenarius implied it would be. Unworried about the dainty creatures flying around her head, Shelly guides the fox towards the plant. Home to about a dozen darters, they are all singing of welcoming and curiosity.

When they reach the nest, the fluffy Worgen carefully slides off her mount. She gives him a scratch between the ears (Oh, does that feel wonderful~!) and moves to rummage around in the vines for a fruit large enough to be useful. Unfortunately, in the world of adventuring, things are never as easy as you would hope. Volpin's muzzle gives a sniffle. He's waiting patiently at the edge of the bush, and it's clear the pollen isn't giving him a break.

As she rummages, Shelly hears a soft whimper behind her. A single fey has decided it is fond of the cloth used for Volpin's mask, and has landed on his snout and is attempting to remove it. "Good boy, Volpin. Stay still. It'll be okay," she urges worryingly. Faerie dragons can be unpredictable when panicked, and she can already see his nose wiggling desperately. She turns back around to resume her search, sticking her head underneath a new section of vines.

At last, she's found what she was looking for. As she crawls out from under the bush, as she does, the fox's muzzle is suddenly thrust into the air, having reached its limit. "HUH! HRUUKSSSSHHH!" A loud, chuffing sneeze emits from the large fox, and the sprites are spooked! They zip back and forth, the dust from their wings rains down from above. Moving quickly to protect her mount, she leans her body across his head and shields him from the attack.

If it's not one thing, it's another. The pollen may have been forgiving on Shelly's sinuses, but she doesn't have the same luck with the fey dust. Almost immediately, the tickles crawl up her broad muzzle. "Hiiiih-... Hold on... Hi-hiiih~... Hold on Volpin. Ahhh.... I'll tahh... Try to cahhh~lm them. Hiih, hahhh... HAHKshhhuu~! Ehh~... so tickly," she says into Volpin's ears after getting them just a little bit wet. She follows it with an audible sniff that helped far less than she had hoped.

Thinking quickly, she works to try to soothe them. A challenge proving especially difficult at the moment, with her concentration divided more than she would care. It's surprising how much an itch across the muzzle can disrupt your concentration, when tanking hoards of the Burning Legion all out for your blood can barely manage to affect your focus. She can't help but watch her own nose twitch and tingle as the faerie dragons continue to pelt the two with dust.

Another sneeze starts to coax its way out. Her lips curl, as impulse takes hold, breaking her concentration completely. "Ihhh, hiiiih! HIIIIH!" Her own nose turns to the sky, an almost irresistible impulse. "HIIAAHHKkkchww...!" The wolf's nose comes back down into the fox's thick neck fur as it expulses air from its passageways. Unfortunately, that same fur was as coated with the dust as her own, and an inhale following that changed the situation from bad to worse.

What was once a moderate tickle, was now a fiery storm, stretching all the way back into her long snout. "Hhheh hahhhh HIIH-HAHH~!" Her nose pulls back to each side as she tries to wiggle away the tickle. "Hah HAAH-... Oi, cut a woma-hhhh, woman some slaa-hhhh, slack! HAH!" She curses inwardly at the feeling, as it unleashes its fury. "HIIHkkchhuu, HIIkchuuuuu, hih-hih-HIIH-- KSHHUU!" A fine spray floats up and behind Volpin, who has been kept safe from the dust thus far, shielded by the Worgen woman's ample bosom.

Following the strong fit, Shelly reaches forward to rub her snout, only to remember she still holds the fruit. For a sliver of a moment, she contemplates consuming it. If she does, she can easily regain control of the situation. But then, what of poor Volpin? The bush looked to have very few fruits, nevermind any large and ripe enough to lend their curative abilities. And the Dream is a huge place! Would she even be able to find another for him? No, she couldn't eat the fruit for herself.

Her snout gives another twinge, a new wave of agitation coursing through it. "Hih... hih hih!!!" She pants and heaves as the strength of the irritant leaves her dazed. She squeezes against Volpin and braces herself for another fit. "HiihchIEW! Hiih hiihCHIEW! Hihh... hih hehhhh... haaaah HAHH... HRAACHIEEW! Dang it, this is maddening!" Above, the faerie dragons continue to dart about, and though the dust they are defending themselves with has lessened, they are still quite angry with the noise and intrusion.

Suddenly, the fox decides he's had enough of the angry song and squawk, and takes it upon himself to protect his new master. With the Worgen holding on tight, he bucks downward, and slings her up and over his shoulder. Taking the hint, Shelly rolls with the motion and gets herself positioned on his saddle. "Heh hiiih-! Hurry up, Volpin, get us out of here. HIIHCHHHhh~" She orders him forward with a squeeze, letting loose a misty sneeze into the wind as she hunkers down against his body and tries to keep steady on the beast.

He dashes out towards the road without concern for his own health, trampling flower after flower in his path, nose slamming through a steady wall of yellow pollen. The sticky stuff clings into his fur, practically changing his color. His footsteps begin to stumble, and his eyes sink as his vision clouds with moisture. Shelly reaches forward and puts her paw over his muzzle, pinching his nostrils closed, and keeping a firm grip at her hips to stay on.

The twitches she feels in his nose feel like they are reverberating into her own. Her own eyes already struggle to see, but her other senses confirm that around half of the sprites are continuing to follow them. "Hiih-kkkshhu!" A sneeze shudders through her. With one hand holding the prized fruit, and the other clamped around Volpin's nose, she threatens to lose her balance. "Hiih HIIIH! HIIHKSHHUU!!" Another sneeze, even stronger. She quickly decides which hand is more important, and abandons her helping grip on her mount's muzzle. By this point they are nearly out of the field and back to the road.

However, without the extra pressure, Volpin's nose is now the one struggling the most. His eyes shut, his footing starts to fail, and the sneezing fit finally takes hold of him. "Huh-ksshh, huhhh-KSHHH, HHR-KSHHH-KSSHH, EH-KSHHH! Huh huhhhh, HRRuhhh-KRSSHHHOO! KSshhhhoo! Kshhhh... huh-kshhoo..." With his loss of balance, he buckles under the weight of his rider, crashing into the ground. Another snout full of pollen as he lands in a flower, but it's a drop in the ocean of his current troubles.

Shelly rolls to the ground, and with her sinuses starting to feel better, and her concentration restored, she begins to use her tactical know-how to come up with the best solution. Harming them is out of the question; they are protectors here in the Dream. Cenarius would see her cleaning the Barrows for a week. But Volpin needs rescued! Think, girl, think! ... Aha! That might just work! "HIIIH-kshu..." She lets a quick sneeze escape her to clear her sinuses, and then puts her plan into motion.

First thing is first, it's time to help Volpin with his sneezes. She scrambles to her feet and sets the fruit in front of the still-sneezing fox. "Here boy, no time to explain. Eat this and wait here." As she gives him a pat on the head, she's already channeling the Druidic arts and shifting into her bear form. The moment it's complete, she lets out a loud roar, followed by another guttural one, before dashing off towards the road. The faerie dragons abandon their tormenting of the fox, and flitter off towards the wolf-turned-bear, still singing with frustration.

Within moments, they are out of the field and across the road, with the next stop being the river she had heard earlier. She stops at the edge, and taunts the sprites as they dance around in the air. Then, one by one, she swipes her paws into the river and splashes them with water. In moments, each one is doused, and collectively they decide they've had enough success in driving away the intruders that they can return to their nest. No doubt they weren't thrilled about having their wings soaked.

Undoing her transformation, Shelly collapses in relief at the edge of the water. Her eyes close, and a few moments later she is being greeted by a flurry of licks to her muzzle and cheek. "Ack! What--? Volpin, you sneaky fox! You sure look better already! That fruit really did the trick, did it? Come here, you!" She pulls him in close for a hug and buries her muzzle in his neck for a warm embrace. A rare miscalculation.

Instantly the tickles spread back through her muzzle as she gets another snout full of fae dust. "Hihhh... Hhhhahh- How about wehh-- hahh HIHK-SHUU! We g-ihh... IHH-SHHUUU!" Her embrace is cut short, and she pulls away to nurse her nose with a rub. "We get us a n-ahhh, hhahh KSHUU! A nice bath- KKKSHHHUUUuuuu..." A sniff and a sigh. "A nice bath to get us both clean..."

Volpin darts about happily in agreement, dust loosing itself to give one final tickle to the worgen lady's twitchy muzzle. "Hey hey, settle! You're gonna make... hiihh. HIIIH! HIIIIKSHHHU!!! Nevermind..." With a wiggle to her nose, the fox comes over and gives it a helpful lick. The pair then hop into the river and rinse off the dust and pollen from their little quest, both feeling much more content and soon to be ready for more exploration.

General Chatter / Random male Fursuiter sneeze
« on: October 27, 2016, 01:26:08 AM »

Found by someone else.

Art, Art, and Art! / [N] Fox Hunt
« on: October 22, 2016, 09:32:16 AM »

Just making a new friend. A random piece inspired by me.

11 - Animal cold episode :) :)

The jackal is awesome. Tons of expressive twitchiness. ^_^ One of the best classic clips we've had in a while. Great find!

The other episode is going to be 9, part 2, so this link around 14.5 minutes it seems.


1:23 and 1:35 - Taj (Unsure of character's gender, but probably M)

Shared by friend. No clue what the series is about so, yeah. XDDD

Site Rules, News, and Suggestions / [Help Required] New Chat Program
« on: June 02, 2016, 07:27:49 AM »
So, the current chat just isn't working out right now. There's some awful bugs with it and as a result it just hasn't been effective since the site upgrade.

Right now, I'm casually looking around for other alternatives that would work on SMF. So far I found this one, but I'm not sure it will be all that great in terms of UI. It looks okay in terms of functionality but beyond that, ehh. It feels more like Facebook Messenger than a nice IRC type chat.

What do you guys think? Anyone able to find any other options? What can I do to get people chatting again, because I know it's been super dead pretty much since we upgraded, and I kind of miss things. Did PSF steal everyone with any hint of social inclination??? :P

Edit: Another one with similar UI. Ehh. I see one for off-site logins meaning no security.

Edit: "Hey, this is nice looking." -> "Oh, it's a pay program -_-" -> "Lulz, the site that I would pay in the first place doesn't even load anymore. Oh wellllll."


Books and Comics / MOVED: [Mature] The First Dante Comic is Up!
« on: May 16, 2016, 11:49:05 PM »
This topic has been moved to Art, Art, and Art!, as the previous board is meant for non fetish-targeted pieces in commercial books and comics.

Art, Art, and Art! / [M + F + Messy] Rosalinna Rabbit 23
« on: March 17, 2016, 12:33:53 AM »

A tad on the gross side, but the comic as a whole is rather amusing. :P

I Found Something! / [Needs Clipped] Monster Rancher - Ep 36
« on: February 06, 2016, 06:10:55 AM »
So in the JP version of Monster Rancher, there's a sneeze from Mochi at 4:24ish. It does not exist in the English version (it's been redubbed with different results). :P

If you're seeing this, then the forum's upgrade was a success. We are now running SMF 2.0.11, and Aeva Media / AJAX Chat have both been tweaked in order to function. Congratulations to us! But what, you might be asking, was changed?
That's what I'm here to tell you. Sure, we got everything working the same as it was before, but it's likely you'll already have noticed that a few things look different! So here's the run-down.

Main Page
Login Improvements: Two improvements have been made to the forum's login. The first change is the Main Page login being much more useful. You can set a general time for staying logged in directly from the main page, with a default option of 'forever'. The other change is on the individual login page, where the order of options has changed. 'Always Stay Logged In' is now listed above the login duration, allowing for streamlined keyboard-only login.
Menu Button Improvements: Two improvements have been made to the menu buttons. The first improvement is to the order and location of the buttons. Some have been moved to be right-aligned, as well. This should allow for improved usage of the most-used buttons. The second improvement is that a few buttons have been renamed for clarity and consistency. Search has been renamed to Search Forum, Media has been renamed to Art Gallery, and Chat(#) has been renamed to Chat [ # ]. (Minus spaces lol)
Chat Preview: Formerly known as the Shoutbox, this page element has undergone substantial revisions in order to better promote the use of the Chat. The ability to send messages from the Shoutbox has been removed. In its place, there are now two prominent buttons. One will take you directly to the chat, and the other will take you to a help topic dedicated to teaching you about the features of the chat. (To be updated after launch!) In between these two buttons, you can now see a list of all users currently in the chat room. This is the same information as found at the bottom of the front page. As with other sensitive information, both the Shoutbox and the list of users in the chat room remain hidden to non-members.
Users Online / Users Logged in Today: Updates were made to better protect your privacy. Online Threshold reduced from 30 minutes to 20 minutes, and the list of today's members is now sorted Alphabetically. For more information on this, see
UI Improvements, Existing: A few improvements have been made to existing features. The five graphical buttons on the bottom right have been replaced with text buttons. When they are active, they are lit up. When they are turned off, they are faded. Outside of that, their actual functions have remained unchanged. Additionally, the Channel: list has been expanded so that it is more legible, and (Default) has been added to the current default channel.
UI Improvements, New: Two new features have been added. One was part of the default chat package's update. Private messages are now a different color from normal messages. I think the current colors are acceptable, but if you find them hard to read, let me know, but be sure to suggest similar alternatives. The other new feature is that there is now a Chat Logs button (found where Logout originally was); this is only available to members with at least 10 posts. Logout is now found on the right side of that line.
Feature Changes: Other than the ability to see a Chat Logs button at greater than 9 posts, there's a few other changes to features. First, image tags and color tags have been removed for most users. This capability has been granted specifically to Benevolent Dragons in order to make the features a little more special. You will not see these buttons unless you can utilize the feature. The ability to change your nickname in the chat has also been made a feature that's only available to Benevolent Dragons. Lastly, private rooms have been enabled, but again this feature is only available to Benevolent Dragons. Any Benevolent Dragon can create a private room, and can then invite any member into that room.
Command Help Rewrite: The last change to Chat is that the in-chat Help panel is now much more coherent and informative in describing the available chat commands. It's been re-ordered and a few items have been clarified.
Art Gallery
Home UI Changes: The Home screen has two changes. First is that the number of items in each section has been increased by 5. The other is that the quick-jump items have been centered.
Image Navigation: Something I've been wanting to have changed for quite a while. Now, when you click the thumbnail for an image, it will take you to the image info page. Previously, the image info page was only accessible when clicking the image title. To access the stand-alone image, you will now want to select 'Download' on the image info page.
Image Info Page: Two changes to the image info page. The first is that the custom tags now appear above the image's technical data, improving visibility. The second is that the Comment box is no longer collapsed when visiting the page. In fact, it no longer can collapse. This should hopefully lead to more comments on uploaded images.
Known Bugs - AJAX Chat:

(The only currently known bugs are in relation to AJAX Chat, but if you notice something else, post a reply and we'll look into it.)

-The first is one that's been around since forever. If you join an empty chat, you will likely see someone leave immediately after you join. They may even show up in the Users in Channel pane. This happens because the chat is not 'alive' after the last person leaves to process the exit message they generated. This may not be fixable, but we will be looking into possible solutions. In the mean time, realize that people aren't snubbing you or running from you when that happens!

-The second bug is similar, but more likely to be fixable. If the chat is empty, the Chat Preview currently is not functioning properly. We will work to restore the preview's functionality when encountering an empty chat room. **Edit** This bug does not seem to be currently happening, but if you happen to notice this in the future, please let us know asap!

-An unusual bug that happened once, I saw myself in the chat shortly after visiting the site, even though I was not actually in the chat. If you see yourself inside the chat, and you have not been there recently, again, let us know.

-During development we've encountered a lot of "Error 500" errors. If these persist after the transition to live, then you guessed it, let us know!

-Alternate color themes are currently disabled. If you want a specific color scheme, you'll have to help us design it, but we'll be glad to add in more themes.
Planned Features
AJAX Chat: Additional tweaks to improve performance, and investigation into some of the current bugs.
Art Gallery: Big plans are on the tables for the Art Gallery, including improvements to the abilities of the Search feature, an option to disable/enable Adult Content on the Home page, and a complete overhaul of the Rating system which may end up including a method of favoriting images!
Other: Other items on the list outside of actual content updates are a technical overhaul for the video gallery, possible HTTPS support, and improved User-Group badges.

If there's anything I may have missed here, please let us know. If you have any feature suggestions or if something is broken or not working as intended, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease let us know. ;) I hope everyone enjoys the upgrade to Sneezefurs and the return of the Chat!

Hello everyone. Especially hello to the lurkers, as this will affect you the most.
An edit has been made to the database to reset the "Show others my online status" option for all members, removing your previous invisibility setting. While you are more than welcome to uncheck that option within your profile, I want to take a moment to explain a few things. First, I want to point out that your actions while browsing cannot be seen to visitors who are not logged in. The only thing that can be seen is the "Users Online" information, which shows all users who have been active on the site during the defined time. Visitors cannot see the names of the "Users Logged In Today" section.
Additionally, to better disuade potential stalking and harassment by other members (though such incidents have been infrequent and rare over the years) there are two more changes that have been made. The first is that the Users Online threshold has been reduced from 30 minutes to 20 minutes. This means your footprint on the website will show for a shorter period of time. The other is that the list of "Users Logged In Today" will be shown in alphabetical order going forward, instead of in decending timestamp order.
As a community site, I believe that it's very important to have members willing to be seen, and willing to interact with each other in positive ways. When many users decide to enable their invisibility, the site begins to feel like a ghost town, and the effect tends to multiply. In order to set everyone back to an equal position, the decision was made to reset the current status of that setting, so that everyone can start fresh. I've made many tweaks to the website for this upgrade to encourage stronger community bonds and more convenient interaction with each other.
Let's continue to grow as a group, and be involved without worries! Thank you for reading, and I hope you will continue to remain visible.

Forum-based Roleplay / [Rules] Etiquette for Forum RPs
« on: January 29, 2016, 02:19:01 AM »
In order to give some structure to the Forum RPs, here are a few rules and guidelines that I'd like to have followed.

1. Active RPs are considered invitation only. If you wish to join the Active RP, please use the OOC Thread to discuss joining.

2. Use the OOC Thread for ALL post content not a part of the Active RP.

3. Active RPs will use a turn order. This order will be discussed in the OOC Thread.

4. If someone is unable to respond to the RP for a period of two days, that person should be skipped. If someone is skipped twice without a heads up, they will be 'removed' from the Active RP. That means that they will be removed from the turn order entirely, the RP will continue without them, and they will have to re-apply through the OOC thread in order to rejoin.

5. Active RPs should last no more than three months, in order to provide variety and a fresh opportunity for others to join. If an Active RP has received zero posts for two weeks, it will be considered abandoned and a new Planning topic will be created.

6. There should be no more than two Active RPs at one time. This is a small forum, after all. If there are less than two Active RPs, then a Planning topic can be created. This planning topic should contain guidelines for character creation, and suggestions for plot/story.

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