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General Chatter / Hear ye, hear ye, my fellow furs!
« on: January 04, 2017, 10:22:34 PM »
*puts on a dazzling ringmaster's top hat and twirls a cane with a silver knob on the end*

Come forth, come forth, towards this excessively dramatic post!

Now is the time most opportune for you to pitch in, join in, help a newbie in a project!

To be specific, I'm getting started with creating a text-based furry sneezing game. That's right, another one to join the glorious gang! However, in effort of making sure as many of you as possible would find it... Pleasing, I've drafted a little player survey form.

If you'd be so kind, click the link below this sentence to fill the form (I'm afraid it'll ask your e-mail to ensure people don't send in multiple responses in their desire to get their way *wink*).


On the form there are a few simple questions regarding what you might wish from such a game was one to indeed be created. More info on the nature of the game on the first page of the survey after you click the link!

Thank you, tata, most obliged for your aid!

*drops a smoke bomb and runs away, leaving a glitter-coated hat behind*
*a swearword can be heard from the smoke, followed by another smoke bomb being tossed to the spot where he previously stood*
*runs back in, panting and muttering to himself and leaving the cane next to the hat before fleeing again*

I'm New Here / Hiyas~
« on: October 15, 2013, 08:19:20 PM »
Greetings from a new member~

Ah, for this to be an actual introduction I suppose I should actually tell me something about myself...
I sneaked in here from the sneeze fetish forum, after noticing this place existed (eeh, talk of a paradise, hmm? *tailwag*). I'm male, currently 19, and... Err... Yes.

I've always had a bit... Difficult-to-explain attitudes towards wolves (or canine animals in general, should they have similar features).
I look forward to being part of the community ^^

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