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For science (F mature)
« on: November 18, 2016, 06:09:30 AM »
After over eighty consecutive sneezes, Sandra was just the height she needed to be for the researchers to start their examination. Each of these women were sneeze fetishists with some of the biggest most sensitive noses of all fetishists, incredibly large sneezes, and bodies that were built for sneezing. These women took up this opportunity to examine the one and only Sandra Lintro’s nose and could tickle it from the inside as much as they wished due to their boots which let them trigger sneezes without getting flung out. The list of these scientists goes as such.

Erin. Species: lion. Fetish level: 65/100. Nose size: 80/100. Nostril size: 87/100. Sensitivity: 100/100. Sneeze size: 63/100. Bust size: 75/100. Sneezing style: Rapid fits which range from five to fifty sneezes at a time. Allergies: All kinds of hair, feathers, pollen.

Evelyn. Species: cow. Fetish level: 80/100. Nose size: 87/100. Nostril size: 82/100. Sensitivity: 70/100. Sneeze size: 80/100. Bust size: 92/100. Sneezing style: long, talkative buildups followed by loud, resounding sneezes which come in singles or sets of up to five. Allergies: pollen, dog and horse hair, pepper, feathers.

Alexis. Species: moose. Fetish level: 73/100. Nose size: 95/100. Nostril size:80/100. Sensitivity: 80/100. Sneeze size: 82/100. Bust size: 90/100. Sneezing style: long buildups filled with sniffles and snorts, maybe a warning or two sprinkled in followed by loud, incredibly messy sneezes in groups of three to six. Allergies: pollen, pepper, feathers, all kinds of hair.

May. Species: bear. Fetish level: 85/100. Nose size: 90/100. Nostril size: 87/100. Sensitivity: 87/100. Sneeze size: 95/100. Bust size: 91/100. Sneezing style: loud, roaring sneezes filled with snot after loads of buildup. Allergies: all kinds of hair, pollen, dust

Katie. Species: wolf. Fetish level: 90/100. Nose size: 85/100. Nostril size: 90/100. Sensitivity: 95/100. Sneeze size: varies. Bust size: 88/100. Sneezing style: long fits of small sneezes or short fits of gigantic sneezes. Allergies: pollen, feathers, pepper, cat and horse hair, dust.

Julie. Species: Bat. Fetish level: 78/100. Nose size: 88/100 nostril size: 89/100. Sensitivity: 100/100. Bust size: 81/100. Sneeze size: 87/100. Sneezing style: loud, messy fits that come in sets of up to ten. Allergies: pollen, dust, hair.

Susie. Species: mouse. Fetish level: 90/100. Nose size: 70/100. Nostril size: 72/100. Sensitivity: 100/100. Sneeze size: 70/100. Bust size: 73/100. Sneezing style: surprisingly loud for someone as small as she is while coming in fits of up to thirty. Allergies: dust, cat hair.

Isabella. Species: otter. Fetish level: 80/100. Nose size: 87/100. Nostril size: 89/100. Sensitivity: 96/100. Sneeze size: 88/100. Bust size: 86/100. Sneezing style: lots of holding back, which only makes the inevitable sneeze stronger, messier, and come in longer fits, which is exactly her goal. Allergies: all kinds of hair, pollen, feathers

Clarissa Linstro. Species: horse. Fetish level: 100/100. Nose size: 95/100. Nostril size: 100/100. Sensitivity: 70/100. Sneeze size: 90/100. Bust size: 96/100. Sneezing style: her fetish always gets the better of her, always undressing for a sneeze and running her nose all over that which is tickling it, be it flowers or fauna, then building up while still sniffing her attacker before sneezing right into it with huge amounts of force. Allergies: all kinds of hair, feathers, dust, pollen.

Sasha. Species: skunk. Fetish level: 93/100. Nose size: 86/100. Nostril size: 81/100. Sensitivity: 97/100. Sneeze size: 86/100. Bust size: 95/100. Sneezing style: a “misery loves company” sneezer, always making sure that whatever is tickling her is either completely in her nose or sneezing along with her, with her own sneezes being  pining and powerful. Allergies: all kinds of hair, pepper, her sneeze gas.

Alyssa. Species: elephant. Fetish level: 95/100. Nose size: 100/100. Nostril size: 100/100. Sensitivity: 70/100. Sneeze size: 200/100. Bust size: 300/100. Sneezing style: sucking up everything around her before unleashing blasts that can level buildings. Allergies: rodent hair, pollen, dust, mold,

Amber. Species: sneeze dragon. Fetish level: 100/100. Nose size: 150/100. Nostril size: 150/100. Sensitivity: 100/100. Sneeze size: 100/100. Bust size:100/100. Sneezing style: loud, tortuous buildup before a sneezing fit that could last for hours on end made up of giant, incredibly loud, incredibly messy sneezes. Allergies: pollen, dust, feathers, hair of all kinds (including her own) anything with a scent.

Finally we have the woman of the hour: Macro Sandra. Species: macro horse. Fetish level 100000/100. Nose size: 17236/100. Nostril size: 17612/100. Sensitivity: 10000/100. Sneeze size: 100000/100. Bust size: 20381/100. Sneezing style: making sure everything in the vicinity is in her nose, before a torturous, destructive buildup that takes up to an hour before sneezes that can level cities with wind and fill rivers with snot. Allergies: everything that can make someone sneeze.

The twelve women split into two groups, one for each of Sandra’s nostrils. The groups were Amber, Isabella, Julie, Alexis, Sasha and May. And Alyssa, Clarissa, Susie, Erin, Evelyn and Katie. Each team was resting on Sandra’s titanic tits while most of them were sneezing their heads off, Sandra gave them their objective. “What you will be doing is making me sneeze as much as you possibly can, if you find anything you like, feel free to take it, there's probably a few treasures hidden in my nose. Oh, and feel free to induce yourselves and each other, the sneezier, the better. And once the sun sets, you shall use my breasts as a bed before we start again tomorrow, now, are you ready” Sandra said before placing her nose to her boobs and sniffing the micros up to tickle her nose.

In the left nostril, the six began by inducing each other, Amber and Sasha were together, May and Alexis were together, finally Isabella and Julie were together.

Julie’s furry breasts rubbed against Isabella’s sensitive, squishy nose. The otter rubbed said soft, squishy nose, but couldn't alleviate the tickle “haaaahhh HAAAAAAAAH AAAAAHHHHTCHOOOOHHH” she sneezed forcefully before turning and gently moving her tail across Julie’s fully upturned nose. “Heeehhheeeeehh heeeehhhh HEEEEETCHEEEEWWW HEEETCHEEEHHH HEEEETCHEEEEHHH HAAATCHEEEEHHHH HHEEEEETCHOOOHH HAAATCHEEEEEHHH” the bat wasn't having her allergies triggered, but anything that caressed her nose tickled it as much as sniffing a bouquet of flowers.

Meanwhile, May and Alexis were getting close, the two already being lovers outside Sandra’s nose, and having a very distinct system. It started with each rubbing one of their boobs against the other’s nose, each sniffing rapidly to savor the scent.

May’s giant black nose quivered and twitched, her nostrils flaring as she sniffed her partners fur. “Haaaaahhh aaaaaaaaahhh GAAAAAAAAAAHHHHAAAAAAAAATCHOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH” she sneezed wetly all over Alexis, who didn't mind in the least.

Then Alexis grabbed the other melon on May’s chest and buried her huge snout into both of them. Her large nostrils flaring incredibly wide, she began to snort and sniffle wetly, her snout wrinkling and twitching “ooohh, I’m gonna sneeeeehh sneeze...hiihaaaaahhh huuuuhhh HUUUUUUUHHHHH HAAAAAAAAAATCHUUUUUUUUHHHH” Alexis gave her girlfriend a fare share of her spray with her body bending sneeze. The two continued this, even as the nasal cavern they were in started to detect their presence, mucous starting to fill it and it giving noticeable twitches.

Sasha was a unique one, instead of spraying gas that just smells bad, she sprays gas that causes the sniffer to constantly sneeze for a certain time. Sasha was telling Amber about this ability while the dragon was trying desperately to hold back a sneeze. Sasha then turned around and rubbed her fluffy tail across Amber’s nostrils, her absolutely enormous snout and even larger nostrils all twitching, quivering, and scrunching up in protest. “HAAAAAAAAHHH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHTCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHH” she began sneezing furiously, her butt length hair whipping in front of her, with Sasha’s nose getting smacked. Amber’s hair was an allergen in itself, anything that sniffs it will sneeze, even Lucy herself, and Sasha’s large, flared nostrils just got a bunch of said hair thrown in them.

Sasha’s nose tickled furiously, her wide nostrils flared, her bust protruding out. She then gently grabbed the sneezy dragon and put her on her lap, her large, fluffy tail still swiping at her nostrils while the skunk sniffed Amber’s hair deeply “aaaaaahhh HAAAAAAAHHH HAAAAATCHYOOOOOOHHH” the two continued to sneeze loudly, and wetly, as did the other four in the left nostril.

The right nostril was a little different, instead of three groups of two, it was two groups of three. Alyssa, Erin, and Susie were one group while Evelyn, Katie, and Clarissa were in the other group.
The latter three were sitting in a circle, it started with Katie sticking her large nose on Clarissa’s chest, the horse hair that her nose greatly disliked rubbing against the rims of her nostrils, her large chest expanding as her breath hitched “haaaaahhhh HATCHEEH HEETCHEEHH HAATCHEEEHH haaaaahh AAAAAAAHHHH HAAAAAAAAAATCHOOOOOOOOHHH” was how her fit went. Evelyn then stuck her overly large snout in Katie’s large breasts, the country girl sniffing wildly through giant nostrils “hoooohh gonnaaahh sneeeeeze, it tiiihh tiiickles so muuuuuhh huuuhhh HAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH AAAAAAAAAAAHTCHOOOOOOOOOOOHHH” Evelyn sprayed Katie’s overly large bust greatly, her huge snout landing in between Clarissa’s gigantic breasts. Her worst allergy invaded her soft, sensitive nostrils, resulting in a huge fit from the cow’s oversized snout. As Evelyn sneezed to her heart’s content, Clarissa approached the wolf, a fetish driven smile spread across her face. The equine stuffed her giant nostrils in between the breasts of the wolf, grabbing her large rear as she sniffed and snorted, “haaaaaaaaahhhh HAAAAAAAAAAHHH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH GAAAAAAAAAAHTCHOOOOOOOOOOOOHHH” the equine’s ginormous nostrils were glued to the giant breasts in front of her, sniffing, sneezing, repeating. While she sneezed, Evelyn and Katie began to induce each other again as well, each of them sniffing different parts of the equine to tickle their huge noses.

Meanwhile, Alyssa was running her trunk all across Susie’s body, the small mouse giggling and hitching at the same time as Erin’s surprisingly large breasts came closer and closer, the lioness’s gigantic nostrils starting to quiver as unfamiliar hair began to enter them. While the catastrophic tickle slowly grew in Alyssa’s trunk, the cat and mouse began to induce each other, each one sniffing the other across their body. The two let out similar sounding sneezes, with one obviously being larger than the other, they did as the others did, sneezing and playing with their boobs, while Alyssa stayed back, gently sniffing all around the mouse’s body. “Haaaahh...aaaaaaaahh…GAAAAAAAAAHHH HAAAAAAAAAAHHH” Alyssa’s nostrils quivered as she stuffed Susie’s breasts in them. “Oh my… she’s gonna blow” Erin said as she ducked.

Alyssa’s record setting boobs were expanding greatly as her trunk twitched and her nostrils flared wildly. “GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHTCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH” a typhoon ripped through Sandra’s nostril, which might’ve been the straw to break the camal’s back, or the tickle to make the horse sneeze.

The combination of all the different hairs in her nose, the sneeze gas being produced by Sasha, Amber’s hair, and all the wind blowing through her soft, sensitive nasal passages became too much for Sandra. Her nostrils were quivering the whole time, her snout began to scrunch and run, her head tilted back and her mountainous breasts expanded and bounced with each of her sneezy breaths “HAAAAAAAAHHHH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH HYAAAAAAAAAAAAAHTCHYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHH” Sandra let out a thunderous sneeze, causing her to grow yet again, but she wasn’t done yet, many more of the same sneezes followed, causing her to grow even more. As she sneezed, the others began getting to work, each one rubbing their tail, or mane or even their breasts against the soft, sensitive nasal cavity, causing more and more sneezing.

When it concluded, Sandra was taller than the tallest skyscrapers, even by macro standards she was gigantic. By this time, the sun started to set and the group rested all over Sandra’s titanic body, despite most being allergic to her. As they awoke, Sandra was normal sized, and they were all cuddled together, and as they awoke, the process started again.

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Re: For science (F mature)
« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2016, 09:35:33 AM »
wow! i really enjoyed this! will there be any continuation? i loved the character profiles and ratings etc, id love to get to know some of the characters more. thanks for writing another great piece.