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Hooktail the sneezy dragon (F, Nintendo, non anthro, Messy)
« on: November 25, 2016, 08:09:48 AM »
(Now, I know my last attempt at using paper Mario characters wasn't my best work, but I want to try this again using an idea from an RP I did with ultimate chimera, also, I'm making hooktail’s snout and nostrils bigger, the latter being much muuuch bigger, enjoy)

Hooktail the dragon was snoring peacefully, her most precious badge hidden deep in her left nostril, the one place no thief would think to look despite her nostrils being like caves. That's when the mouse thief of the night peered in through the window, armed with many instruments of torture in her bag.

The dragon’s nose was incredibly sensitive, picking up on the scent of the perfume and dust covered mouse. A few wet sniffles escaped the dragon as her large eyes opened. Miss Mouz ducked down and held her breath. Meanwhile, Hooktail raised her snout and started sniffing about, trying to find the intruder. She placed it on the floor near the mouse and took a huge sniff, her tail fluttering behind her.

“Hah, found you” Hooktail shouted as she reared back to blow fire at the mouse. The thief dodged at the last second, dashing around the dragon as she finished breathing her fire. Miss Mouz had to think of some way to get the dragon to tell her where the badge is, then as she saw the flaring rims of the dragon’s cavernous nostrils, she thought of an idea. She jumped high into the air, and as the dragon looked up to see her position, she lunged at her snout and landed in her right nostril.

The dragon’s eyes widened, her snout was her one weak spot, and not for damage, but because of her incredible sensitivity. As a trade off for having a law that can sniff out something from miles away, her snout was incredibly delicate and had many different allergies. Instead of being rough and scales like the rest of her body, her snout, her nostrils and especially the insides of her snout are very soft and squishy.

“Hah, gotcha now hookie” Miss Mouz teased, “now, tell me where the badge is, or else” she said, more menacingly. “Nuuh…no please, not my nose,''ll make me sneeze” she yelled, growing increasingly tickly.
“Well, you won't if you tell me, but if you don't, every single feather, flower, pepper grain, and speck of dust in my bottomless pocket will be used to torture this giant nose of yours” she said, pulling out a feather.

Despite it being commonplace in her daily life, Hooktail hated to sneeze, it was undignified, it was a sign of weakness, and it was so messy. But with her nose behind as strong and sensitive as it was, she was sneezing almost all the time, and once she starts, its hard to get her to stop.

Feathers were among Hooktail's worst allergies, a bird once flew up her nose and she sneezed for hours on end, so feeling a feather caress the rims of her soft, huge nostrils brought back terrible memories along with a huge tickle. “Nuuhh haaaahh…*sniff* thief” Hooktail protested sneezily.
“Alright then, you asked for this” Miss Mouz brought out two more feathers which she used with her other hand and tail to tickle the reddening rims of Hooktail’s snout.

The tickle flooded through her snout as she desperately wiggled and scrunched her snout in vain. “HAAAAAAAAHHH HAAAAAAAAAHHH GAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH RRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHTCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH” she sneezed furiously, thankfully not blowing fire, but the mouse remained. She wasn't finished by a long shot, the dragon kept sneezing and sneezing even after the mouse finished assaulting her nose.

Once her snout finally calmed down, Miss Mouz said “my my, you're quite the sneezer, probably cause your nose is so hairy on the inside, hope you don't mind if I cut these hairs.”
Hooktail went from panting to gasping. “ stop, I already feel another tiihhh tickle...I'm gonna sneeze again” she pleaded, copious amounts of snot oozing from her gigantic nostrils.
“Are you gonna tell me where the badge is” Miss Mouz asked, getting out her scissors.
“No...neeehhh heeehhh *sniiff* never” she hitched.
“Okay, then, time to give this cave of a nose a haircut” Miss Mouz said before she began cutting the many nose hairs.

This tickle was different, it felt more prickly, yet much calmer, but Hooktail’s hypersensitive snout was still about to blow. “HAAAAAAHHH AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH GAAAAAAAAAHTCHYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHH RRAAAAAAAAHHHHSHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHH” as she sneezed, she began spewing fire from her mouth. The fire didn't do too much damage, but her nose still tickled.

“This nose is positively filthy sweetie, I think it could use a good dusting, don't you” Miss mouz said seductively before taking out a feather duster and gently brushing the walls of Hooktail's nasal cavity with it.

The tickle came back with full force, dust and feather bits flying through her sensitive nasal cavity. “Haaaaahhhh aaaaaaaaahhh” her eyelids fluttered shut, her gigantic nostrils flared even more, and her head reared back. “HAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH GAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH RRRAAAAAAAAAAAAHTCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH” more fire escaped her nose, with most of it hitting the castle walls and burning out.

“I'm surprised you're still not telling me, I thought you'd be all sneezed out, but you're still snotting all over. But maybe these will do the trick” Miss Mouz said as she brought out a giant bouquet of flowers and a huge jar of pepper from her bag (don't even ask)

The tickle in Hooktail’s snout grew as her shaky breaths caused some of the pepper grains and pollen to be sucked into the depths of her gigantic, swollen nasal cavity. However, a new feeling washed over her, a feeling of... pleasure, like she suddenly had the urge to keep sneezing. Maybe her pride was telling her to not give up no matter what. Maybe her hatred for sneezing was being corrupted by the sheer amount of them flooding from her nose and making her enjoy it. Or maybe she liked it all along but her pride wouldn't let her admit it to herself. Either way she wasn’t hating this as much as she thought she would but she had to keep up this act to protect her pride.

“Puuuhh...please…just leave my nose alone” she falsely pleased. “Oh, I’d love to, but making you sneeze is just so much fun, and those sneezes are just music to my ears” Miss Mouz said with full honesty.

Pollen and pepper continued to fly about, sticking to the walls of Hooktail’s nose, the tickle in her right nostril increasing more and more, then miss mouz started dipping the flowers in the pepper one by one. Mucous was pouring from hooktail’s poor, tortured nostrils, the soft cave mouths twitching and quivering as the tickle slowly grew.

“Oooohh…my tiiihh tickles so muuuhh *sniff* so much, if you don't stop, I'm...aaahhh…*sniff* gonna sneeze again” Hooktail hitched.
“That's the plan sweetie, but since I know you won't tell me where the badge is, and since I love tickling your nose and watching you sneeze, I won't be going anywhere for a long, long time” She said with a snicker.

Hooktail then felt a huge tickle in her snout, the devil of a mouse was using the flowers like a duster, speeding pollen and pepper all over her nasal walls. “I thought your big nose could use some more cleaning, but you destroyed my only duster so I have to improvise, I hope you don't mind sweetie” Miss Mouz cooed, slightly growing attached to the dragon.

“HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH GRRRRRAAAAAHHHAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHSHY OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” she sneezed another fit, though this one lasted for over ten minutes, and only got worse when the flowers and pepper jar got sucked into the deaths of her nose. Fire was being shot all over, torching the vines surrounding the stone castle, however, the excess snot being ejected from her nostrils quickly put out any fire.

Hooktail panted fiercely, her already red snout was a much deeper shade, her nose and nostrils were swollen and inner the walls of her nose became so sensitive that they twitched fiercely whenever the mouse touched them. Rivers of mucus were pouring out of the cave mouths that served as hooktail’s nostrils, the dragon was completely wiped.

“Oh, my oh my Hookie, that sounded exquisite, almost enjoyed it” miss mouz said in her seductive tone.

Hooktail froze, “I… didn't, I can't…” she stammered. “Oooohh, looks like I hit that nail on the head, didn't I.” Miss Mouz said. “Listen sweetie, I promise I won't say anything, under two conditions: you tell me where you hid that badge, and you let me come back to tickle you whenever I want” she continued.

“*sigh* alright, but only if you promise you won't speak of this” Hooktail responded. “I swear on my honor and my life” she said.
“Alright, I’ll tell you, it's most likely in my left nostril” she said.
“Wait, what do you mean ‘most likely’ Hookie” Miss Mouz asked, sounding quite nettled.

“I might've sneezed it out, I don't know but you're free to look if you'd like, just be careful, my nose still itches” Hooktail warned the thief. Miss Mouz then jumped out of the right nostril and jumped into the left one, sniffing all around for the badge.

As her nose touched the walls, they began to squirm. “ careful…I could sneeze at any moment, your sniffing is tickling me”
“And your nose is positively rank, I thiihh...I think it's starting to tickle my nose” miss mouz said, the fetishist continuing to sniff away.

Then the mouse saw a twinkle in the vast river of snot, and after a trek through the huge glob, she fished out the badge. “I got it hookie, now, want one last tickling before I go” Miss Mouz shouted excitedly. The tickle was starting to get to Hooktail’s head, “sure, one last time” she said in agreement.

The mouse then brought out her secret weapon: extra strength sneezing powder. The noise then took a tiny sniff of the powder, her nose turning a bright red, twitching and wiggling violently before she let out a huge “HAAATCHOOOOOOH” shooting the rest of it deep into the nasal cavity.

Hooktail's eyes shot open, her nostrils flared wider than she ever thought possible, and her breath started to hitch. “Haaaahhhh aaaaaaahhhh haaaaaaaahhhh gaaaaaaaaahhhh” she could tell this one was gonna be the biggest one all day, her snout was twitching madly as more and more snot poured out from her quivering nostrils.

“HHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH” her breath continued to hitch, the sheer sneezieness was unparalleled. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH RRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHTCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOHHHH” she sneezed the biggest sneeze of the day, shooting the mouse and the badge flying through the door. She wasn't done with just one either, the dragon was on the sneeze rampage for hours, even when the sun went down.

While Hooktail’s pride was hurt from today, her new hobby could give her the boost she wanted. The next day, a familiar face showed up, a friend tagging along.
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Re: Hooktail the sneezy dragon (F, paper Mario)
« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2016, 07:17:10 PM »
Please edit your topic title according to site rules:

In this case, I think the 'fandom' would be 'Nintendo' rather than 'Mario', due to the level of obscurity versus something like Pokemon, but both are valid. However even a click glance says this story needs '+ Messy'.
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