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I Found Something! / Re: Munki and Trunk[F Elephant]
« Last post by CC007 on Today at 03:09:10 PM »
Love all of it, albeit the slightly weird laugh. The irritants getting sucked inside was such a lovely detail, and I love that underwater scene. :)
Hippos are cool.
Nice... I wonder if maybe they'll catch the cold after all!
Boop! Welp, this is part 2! I've quickly noticed a pattern with my Shine story... Wait, can you claim a pattern if it's only your second story??? Oh great, now I gotta see about patterns and stuff.....  :-\

Anyway, hope you like it. Laters!

P.S -- still no sneezes yet.... But the last one will have them for sure... Otherwise why would I even bother with this story?  :P

... Oh god I think this is a pattern  :'(

Shine's ears perked up in surprise. Was that who she thought it was?

"Heeeelp! Shiiiiine help us!"

There was no doubt; that was Lavinia calling for help. She's heard her voice long enough to tell. Without hesitation, Shine ran towards the voice at max speed, rushing to save her little friend. She dashed through bushes and over logs, and when she was close enough, Shine heard more than just Lavinia's call for help.

"Lavinia! Where are you?" Shine shouted.

"Over here! Hurry!" Lavinia responded.

Shine turned right, and after a few feet, Shine passed a large bush to an enraging sight: Lavinia was hiding in a small burrow, and she was defending herself from a flock of Murkrow. The small Flying types were savagely pecking the dirt hole to get at her, and Lavinia was constantly trying to scare them away. Whenever they got too close, she retaliated with constant Bite attacks, but she missed her marks more often than not.

Shine's eyes glowed red at the sight, and she stepped out of the bushes with an angry roar. Her fur sparked and her eyes spoke her rage as she rushed the Murkrow to stand over the burrow, which scared the flock away rather quickly. When the squawking birds flew off, Shine huffed with irritation - how dare they pick on a young Pokémon like that! The irritation quickly went away when Lavinia peeked out of the burrow, and she gasped in happiness and relief when the young dragon embraced her.

"You found us! I was so scared," Lavinia said as she rubbed against Shine's fur. Shine lowered herself to the ground and nuzzled the Deino, tearfully thankful to have found her. Of course, she lifted her head with a scolding face.

"Don't ever leave without me knowing about it again! You gave me a heart attack. And why did you leave? And where's Hatch?" Shine asked. The answer came when the mentioned Pokémon cried out from the hole in the ground. Shine lowered her head to peek inside the burrow.

"Come on out Hatch. It's me, Shine," the Luxray said in a soft voice. The baby Bug type slowly crawled out of the hole and looked around, then to Shine with a tearful whimper.

"Mama!" Hatch cried out as he hugged Shine's snout.

"Hello Hatch. Don't worry, you're safe. You had Lavinia to protect you," Shine said as she took a glance towards the young Deino. Shine smiled and purred, using her tail to lift him onto her back; she did the same thing to Lavinia and got on her feet with a sigh.

"So, what were you two doing out here?" Shine asked. Lavinia looked down at her claws for a moment before speaking.

"Well... Hatch woke up, and he wanted to explore. I tried to keep him still, but he kept whining, and I didn't want to wake you up, so I figured we'd walk a little to tire him out. And then, we ran into some Murkrow who were eating berries. Hatch ran up to them and tried to be friendly, but he tripped and accidentally cut off the feathers of one of the birds. The Murkrow got mad and started to peck at me and Hatch. So I rushed him in the burrow and tried to keep him safe. And that's when you came," Lavinia explained.

Shine nodded her head at the story. She figured that they'd gone exploring.

"Lavinia, while I appreciate your consideration, you should've woken me up. I never want to lose you two again, so please, don't do that again. Besides, if I lost you, your mother would tear my hide," Shine said with a shudder. Lavinia's mother was a force to be reckoned with, and she had been on the receiving end of her rage once before. It was an understatement to say that the experience was unpleasant.

"Okay Shine. Besides, I think Hatch feels he's explored enough," Lavinia said with a small giggle.

As Shine walked, she noticed the increase of squawking noises in the trees. She looked up to see a slowly building congregation of Murkrow; they were commuting among themselves and staring at the three travelers. Shine lowered an ear and growled lightly to herself. She didn't like the looks of this. A small whimper from Lavinia suggested she noticed the same thing.

"Lavinia. You and Hatch hide in my mane. Don't come out until I say so," Shine said as she looked around. Lavinia nodded and retreated within the furry mane, and made sure she and Hatch were hidden. Shine kept going in her current path, but she kept her focus on the bird's above. Without warning, a Murkrow swooped down and pecked at Shine's side. It didn't hurt very much, but the fact that she was getting targeted was a concern.

She snarled and turned around, watching as the Flying types gathered around her. She flicked her tail, ready to attack at any given moment; she didn't care if they were weaker than her or smaller than her - if they pick a fight with a larger Pokémon, they assume the risk and consequences that go with it.

She decided to continue moving, where she was more close to running than walking. The birds followed her closely, making more and more noises as they kept close to her.  More and more Murkrow gathered the nerve to attack her with their beaks, and Shine showed no hesitation in retaliating. She swiped and whipped her tail at them; she got the cocky and negligent few, but they otherwise showed their agility rather well. Hatch felt that he needed to help, so he poked himself out of her mane and started to flail his claws around to scare away the Murkrow.

"Hatch! Go back under the mane!" Shine shouted. Lavinia poked her head out and tried to push Hatch back in the safety of Shine's mane, but he refused to listen.

Suddenly, a larger caw echoed in the air, and Shine lifted her ear when she heard it. She turned her head in the direction the noise came from, but she was suddenly struck in the head by a powerful blow.

Shine roared in pain as her head was forced to the other side, and stumbled sideways as she struggled to stay on her paws. She shook her head in a daze and snarled at the mystery attacker, opening her eyes to see who made the attack.

She gasped when she heard Hatch whimpering in a panic.

Hatch had been forced out of her mane... And now he was surrounded by a swarm of Murkrow.

Suddenly, the flock backed away to reveal a huge black bird descending down and putting a foot on Hatch's back to pin him. It was a Honchkrow, and it seemed proud to have gotten Hatch under his talons; he gave a sound that suggested he was chuckling, and clicked his talons on top of his fragile body. He smirked as he made the gesture of tipping his head feathers, as if giving a greeting.

"Hehehe... Well now. Lookie what we have here... A buggie youngun' that flew out of the nest, sorta speak....." the bird taunted.

Shine's fur sparked in a flurry of electric strands, her anger flaring up as she saw the baby Scyther being trapped under the Flying type's foot.

"Let him go! So help me I'll -" Shine's threat was cut short when the Honchkrow's wing glowed light blue and flung a thin but long blue wave of energy at her. She easily dodged the attack by jumping to the side, but that small distraction was all that was needed to let the large bird make his getaway. Shine gasped and watched as the crow ascended higher into the sky, with Hatch now actively crying with tears falling down his face. He flailed around in vain, and he kept crying for Shine as he screamed 'Mommy'.

"Thanks for the snack little kitty! We'll take it from here," the Honchkrow shouted as he flew off.

"Nooo! Hatch!" Lavinia cried out as she watched the young bug being carried away.
Shine's eyes widened and she felt her chest tighten to the point where she thought she couldn't breathe. The Luxray's ears flattened and her fur danced with electricity as her emotions flared up; even Lavinia was feeling the power of the electric energy from within Shine's mane; she flinched every so often from the sparks shocking her body despite her natural resistance.

".... S-Shine....?" Lavinia nervously questioned.

The silence was broken by the most fierce roar Lavinia had ever heard from Shine - she squeaked and retreated back under the mane, shivering from the anger she felt from her friend as well as the sparks. The enraged Luxray took off after the flock of Flying types, her eyes staying fixed on the leader as she dashed through the forest. She turned on her X-Ray vision to ensure that she would always be able to see past the trees, and Shine hopped around and through the various obstacles of the terrain of the woody forest. She had to get Hatch back. She would never be able to live with herself if she lost Hatch this way. She looked around to see where the most likely place the flock of crow Pokémon would be to consider themself safe to....

No. She couldn't let herself think that. She just had to figure out how to get the baby Scyther back.

Shine eventually fell behind from from such a long chase, but her anger, determination and X-Ray vision allowed her to track them from her current distance. She soon found the flock to settle themselves atop a huge tree. Shine stopped, panting hard as she caught her breath; she perked her ears, just barely hearing Hatch's cries from the distance. A low rumbling growl came from her throat.

"We're coming Hatch. Just hang on," Shine said softly.
Books and Comics / Re: [M + Cat + Anthro] Webcomic kitty sneeze
« Last post by CC007 on October 16, 2018, 01:40:47 PM »
I've seen this picture before, but like you I don't know whether it's on the forum or not. I'd be surprised if it hasn't.
I love dragon nostrils!~
Art, Art, and Art! / Re: Sneezy Lumo (nb, anthro)
« Last post by Retrofan191 on October 14, 2018, 12:40:53 PM »
Oh my god, that's adorable! Love your art
Art, Art, and Art! / Re: (+18 - F - Feather - Horse - Messy) The Sneeze-Job
« Last post by Retrofan191 on October 14, 2018, 12:39:29 PM »
Alrek is one of my favorites!
General Chatter / Re: SCP-3056
« Last post by yasl on October 14, 2018, 05:16:04 AM »
Heh, my only exposure to SCP was the Antimemetics Division series of short stories, which I thought were pretty good, and would recommend.  I might go read a few others, now you've reminded me about it.
Part Six:

Atlas woke up when Notaru came back "Hi" he said, he sniffled thickly

"Hey, said Notaru. "How are you doig?"

"I'b okay" Atlas answered, but he was obviously nowhere near okay.
"How about you?" he asked

"Be too", replied Notaru, obviously lying.

"We both kndow we are so ndot" Atlas said, he sighed, and coughed harshly
Atlas hugged his friend

Notaru hugged Atlas back.

Atlas sniffled thickly "What do you wadda do tondight?" he asked

Notaru replied, "I dod't dow. Maybe watch a bovie?"

"Yeah, that would be good" Atlas said, he sniffled a few times

Notaru gave a sniffle "What do you wadda watch?", he asked.

"You cad pick, I'll probably sleep through the whole thig adyway" he said

"How about My Little Pody the Movie?", Notaru offered
"Also I doticed you sniffling a few tibes." Notaru held his handkerchief to Atlas' nose.

"Eh, alright" Atlas said, he blew his nose thickly "Ugh, that doesnd't help at all" he sighed lightly

Notaru blew his own nose into the hanky and put the movie on.

Atlas was asleep within 20 minutes, he snored softly

Soon after, Notaru began to feel tired. The kitsune fell asleep within the next 20 minutes
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