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[F+Anthro] Foxy shopping
« on: October 03, 2017, 10:18:11 PM »
     Stepping out of her car, today was just another day. Today this red fox had to get some food for the next week. At the very least, she was able to meet up with an old friend today while she was at work, so not all was lost.

     Giving the "Save a Bunch" door a light push, she eyed a few ailes she knew she had to go past. She grabbed a shopping bin and headed her way. While strutting along the store floor, her long,silver hair shinned mildly while noticeable dust particles landed on it from several feet above her.

     In the food aisle, she was looking carefully for the right bread at the same time a wolf and her two cubs, with one being in the baby chair and the other tugging at her mom to get that one item he wants. They seemed to be carrying a bouquet of flowers inside a basket with a balloon saying "Happy anniversary" on it .

     Triggering a harsh reaction from Brittney's nose, her head tilts back as the pollen merely beside her assaults her nasal cavities. Even at her knees, she performs quite the show with her muzzle scrunching and having her fan her nose as wide as her nostrils have expanded.

     Just as Brittney is about to squeeze her nose to catch the sneeze, the sneeze catches her off guard, letting loose without enough warning.

     "Raiichhieee! *whines softly*" Brittney sneezes, not only in public(*gasp* heaven forbid) but she also sneezes on her least favorite bread, wheat.

     Rolling her eyes as she takes the spray soaked bread, the tickle in her nose spikes due to the family beside her still being around. Thankfully, the tickle isn't as strong, so she manages to take the palm of her paw and begins to rub and shake her nose in desperation as she snags some cans of soup.

     Shifting to the drink and dairy aisle, she starts to look for some milk when she stubbles across an old goat granny not too far from her. Something in Brittney thinks that this goat could help her find some milk.

     Brittney walks up to the goat and pokes her on the shoulder, the goat turns around and asks "Oh!  What seems to be the problem?".

     "Well, I'm just trying to find the 2% Milk." Brittney responds. The goat lady nodes and briefly looks around, she then asks Brittney " You mean the red ones?".

     Brittney gives a confused look on her face and goat lady signals Brittney to come a bit closer so she can see what she mean. As Brittney comes near, her nose twitches at the faint smell of perfume, of course with allergies like Brittney's she begins to freak out and starts rubbing her nose again.

     The goat lady notices Brittney and shakes her head in disapproval, she then says " No no no, you can't rub it with you hand like that. You'll get your germs everywhere." Scolds the goat lady.

     "nihhh...No I think I'm fine." Brittney says slightly aggressively.

     The goat lady walks up to Brittney and grabs her hand and gently pulls it away from her nose, she then takes her own hand and rubs Brittney's nose with the back of her hand. " You gotta do it like this." Says the goat lady.

     Cross-eyed, Brittney is very confused having on old lady rub her nose. After a few moments, the tickle seemed to fad away. The goat lady then trudged to the 2% milk and handed it to Brittney, still dumb founded and staring into space at this point not realizing she was holding milk for a moment. The goat lady then says " here you go, and remember to use the back, not the front."

     With all the food she needed, Brittney decided to finally check out. She made it to a lengthily line, about 12 people. By the time it was 3 people left her nose ached more from the returning itch from before, her muzzle autonomously kept scrunching even though she told herself she was fine. If she were to speak now, all that would come out would be a "haa"s and "ehh"s. All she could do was put her nose awkwardly into her wrists which were firmly holding the grocery bin's handles.

     When it was her turn in line, she was both excited and mortified.  Her cashier was a brown haired sweety that has been friends with her for years, but yet haven't seen each other in years.

     "*gasps* Hey! Hows it been Brittney, I'm glad you've stopped by." said Sam as she ringed in her items.

     "hihhh...Ya know, the usual." Brittney says, trying to play it cool.

     "Well, I haven't seen you since what, high school? So what are you doing?" Sam asks.

     "Sniff, ya know. Thihhh.... Things." Brittney says awkwardly, trying to avoid talking as much as possible.

     "Come on, there's gotta be so- . Hey Brit, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to set you off." Sam apologizes as she sees her friend struggling to hold off a sneeze.

     "No no nihhhh...Nihaaachieeew.Chieew,Hecieee! Sniff, I'm fuhhhiii..." Brittney says after letting out 3 sharp sneezes, followed by her own finger being brought to her nose.

     "Total is $10.24, listen. Just let out some sneezes outside and I'll help you with the groceries from there." Sam suggests.

     The customers behind Brittney give an annoyed look at Sam's suggestion.

      Despite Sam's idea, Brittney was too busy forking out her money from deep within her purse. As she was trying to find the needed change, all of her change flew out of her purse. Causing her to get down a get back her change before things got worse.

      However, for every few coins she picked up, her head leaned back and she gave out a few squeaky sneezes. "*pants pants* Hihhh-CHieew, Huchieeeew,Rachieee..."

      Finally, after nearly 40 sneezes, she finally was able to finish paying her worried friend the last .24 cents. Sam looked at Brittney and asked " Hey, you sure you don't need help."

     Brittney shook her head as she scrubbed her nose on the way out leaving with one last loud "Raaachieeee!"

     As the door closed behind Brittney, Sam noticed a slip of paper next to the code scanner, it was Brittney's new phone number. Sam grinned as she continued the rest of her 9 to 5.

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Re: [F+Anthro] Foxy shopping
« Reply #1 on: October 03, 2017, 10:35:47 PM »
I really enjoyed this!  Brittney is a fun character.  :3  So very sneezy and embarrassed.  I love the descriptions of her scrunchy face and her sneezes just sound so cute!

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Re: [F+Anthro] Foxy shopping
« Reply #2 on: October 04, 2017, 08:05:28 PM »
Amazing story!