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Freddi Fish 4 - Freddi (F, video game)
« on: August 08, 2017, 11:10:49 PM »
I almost forgot to mention: in addition to Luther and the blowfish's sneezes from Freddi Fish 4, there's also a sneeze from Freddi herself due to pepper. I can't believe that despite all of my years of playing this game, I hadn't seen it until this month.

This happens in the same version of the game as the blowfish and the spice shaker. If you fill said spice shaker with pepper and use it on Freddi, she'll try to open the shaker, but when she pops the lid off, a cloud of pepper will get into her face and she'll sneeze.

The sneeze itself has a little bit of a buildup, followed by a single sneeze that blows herself backward. It's a considerably less cartoony sneeze than the others I've seen in this game, but I still liked it. And after the sneeze, Luther will say either, "Bless you," "Gesundheit," or "Wow, that was a good one!" before Freddi returns to the scene. It's kind of hard to miss, but she briefly rubs her nose on her fin before she puts the shaker away. I'm not into female sneezes, but I think this is a really cute sneeze :3

But unfortunately, I was unable to find any footage of Freddi sneezing, so I had to play my copy of Freddi Fish 4 and record the sneeze myself. But now that the video's on YouTube, here it is :)

And yeah, that was my voice at the end... ^^;
Lumpy: (sniffles and rubs his nose with his forefinger) Excuse me~! ^v^;