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Video Games & Anime / Re: Breath of the Wild
« on: March 21, 2017, 09:40:54 AM »
Huh, I guess I need some catching up to do once I get a switch. *clap*  *clap* nice job man, can't wait for that 100%

Video Games & Anime / Breath of the Wild
« on: March 21, 2017, 12:00:40 AM »
Have any of you tried BotW, and if so what do you like about it so far. (try not to spoil it for others and make warning for it if you are going to LIKE SO)

Writer's Den / (F, Zelda, Zora) Mipna sneezes
« on: March 20, 2017, 02:23:15 AM »
I played some Breath of the Wild and Mipna is pretty cool so I thought this would be neat I suppose so this is...

Mipna sneezes (that's about it)

      As link fired his last arrow, the waterblight Ganon finally fell, and all he has to do was place his slate on the unit to purify Ruta.

      As the he placed the slate, a heart container was bestowed upon him for his actions, giving a feel of great satisfaction. Right when he was receiving his reward, the Zora champion Mipna appeared before him with the same essence as the fallen Hylian king  that he met earlier on his journey.

      "Link, I'm so glad we can finally meet again" says mipna, eager to thank him for his actions, but was occupied by something more demanding. " Before you go, I ju-ja just wanted to say,thiiihhh... That's unusual, how do I have the urge to sneeze in my spirit form."

     Link was a bit worried and was looking in his bag to see if he has something that was maybe causing her allergies to act up.

      Mean while, Mipna was already having pressing concerns with her nose, how was it acting up when she was but a spirit, she too thought it has to deal with her allergies, but how? Before she could think of that, her breath hitched even more and her nostrils began to twitch and flair with every breath she took, but it wasn't adding up, how could a spirit still sneeze?

     Link went passed peeking subtly in his bag and opened it up for a better view, but as he opened his sack, the front of her nose flared wildly as her head perched up all the while she was in the verge of sneezing her head off, but she was still resilient, attempting to keep her nose at bay.

       Mipna was about ready to burst, having one hand fanning herself while the other was grasping her nose as best she could, she felt like she was about have her nose get the best of her, and right when she was about to sneeze, her sneeze got stuck, " I thought link was still searching his bag" she thought to herself. Regardless, her nose was still suffering, and it was still painful to hold in, but why would link put away the very thing that would help her sneeze, maybe he thought its what she wanted. She still had to ease her nose, so she took both her hands and started rubbing her nose to ease it a bit, and as she was rubbing her nose she asked, " Link, would you mind taking out that thing bothering my nose, I would greatly appreciate it."

      Link thought she didn't want to sneeze, but by judging her expression and what she was doing, she looked like so, but because she asked for the sneeze induced substance,he open the bag and took out the nightshade, which he remembers from his past life was the what really got to her in the springtime, so when she saw it , she asked Link to bring towards her face.

      As Link came closer to Mipna, she was still rubbing her nose. She almost forgot why she needed the nightshade until Link brought the nightshade up to her nose. At first, she instead rubbed her nose more furiously, having her nose more sore from her hands than the nightshade, but link put the nightshade right on top of her nose, and immediately, her eyes watered as they crossed and her hands let go of her nose.

     "Hihhihhh...HIHHH....HAAAA..HAAAAAAAAAAAAACHIEWWWW WWW....HACHIEW..HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ahh...CHIEW sniff , still got one in mehhhhhhh....HACIEW sniff sniff Link, I think you can put that away naaaCHIEEEEW sniffffff"

    " Now link, thank you so much for helping Ruta and coming all this way to help the Zoras, and my nose *giggles*. Hopefully next time we meet its under better circumstances, and for you to fight ganon, I'd like you to take my healing, as you can see I won't get any use out of it now. Together , Ruta and I will help take Ganon down with you, and when your fighting out there, remember me.

Link felt warmed by Mipna's words as her healing powers entered him and was sure to remember her on future adventures, he still had long way to go, but he knew that today was a milestone met. Right before Link left, he went up to Mipna and whispered bless you and kissed her right on the nose, warming her heart.

I tried it out earlier today and its great

Writer's Den / Bowser and the big bad sneeze(m+non-anthro+mario bros)
« on: February 08, 2017, 11:32:14 PM »
I first want to say this is my first fic I've made that I'm going to post on this site, but regardless enjoy.

     Bowser was peacefully sleeping in his castle when little did he know his nose was giving quite the predicament. In his dream, was him and peach in a fabulous private island in a place where Mario could never find him.
 " oh bowser how I love." cooed peach. " oh and do I love you." bowser said.
As Bowser went in to kiss peach, peach turned into a pile of peach shaped pepper, so when he his big dry lips would have kissed peach, he then moved in too close and got his nose along with his face covered in pepper.
As the pepper settled in more his dream started to become more hazy as he became helpless, surely someone as mighty as browser wouldn't be defeated by a simple sneeze.However, his nose wouldn't faultier and began to itch as the pepper started to become  dust from his room as he slowly but surely became more awake and aware of the menace that is his nose.
Being more awake, Bowser started to become more irritated than anything, first he gets the dream of a lifetime only to sneeze? This was outrageous to him, but in return to his anger his nose granted him a hitched breath.
"Nnnihh.....grrrrrrrAHHHH ahhhhh... Nnneh."
His nose didn't stop there, it then gave him irritatingly flairing nostrils, tearful eyes, and one huge sneeze!
 "hey, could you stop that. Its bad enough my nose is itching like this, I don't need an annoying voice narrating in head!"Bowser exclaimed
"Well how about one that's informative?" asked the voice(ME!!!)
"*sighs* sure."
Following the conversation, Bowser's nose spiked in ticklyness as the recurring symptoms soon followed. Being more aggressive, Bowser takes his claw up to His face to rid the tickle in any way possible, scratching,rubbing, pinching and his nose still is just As itchy as before , but not anymore so. Alas, his nose still has the energy to sneeze yet again.
" nihhhh... Wahhhhhh.....wait, I thought I was gahhhh... Gonna sneeze?"
"Bowser, that was just an observation. I can't possibly know when exactly your nose will burst, it's just a matter of HAAAACIEEWWWWW"
" ehhh, Bowser wipes his disgusting nose after a surprising sneeze came forth." said the snot covered figure just past bowser's bed.
" wait, your actually here? Where are you?" Bowser asks buffonishly as he looked for the voice.
"Over here" says the grumpy TURTLE and his LEFT and slightly BELOW him
"Hmmmm *sniff* *sniff* , I smehhhh... Ahhh CHOOOO!"
"Hey genius! Right here."
"I smell you, but can't find you, you can't possibly be this clo.... Dad?" Bowser says as he FINALLY finds the small turtle.
As it says, I may continue it if I decide to put the time into it, but I'm not sure. Regardless, have a great day.

Video Games & Anime / Re: Has anyone here played metal gear
« on: February 08, 2017, 11:23:13 PM »
My first one was phantom pain and they even made the base management kind of interesting and fun

Video Games & Anime / Re: Who's got a Playstation 4?
« on: February 08, 2017, 11:21:58 PM »
I do and got cod and bunch of other games but I don't have internet at home so I can't go online often sadly.

I'm New Here / Hi...
« on: February 01, 2017, 02:45:36 AM »
I've had this sort of thing for a while(sneeze fetish) and I thought I would finally join the site I've visited multiple times because it's becoming a part of me anyway.
I also am really nervous of having this sort of thing in the first place but I want to feel comfortable in my own skin and too not be afraid to just have this fetish.
Never have told anyone personal in my life about it and don't think I will be comfortable about sharing it anytime soon.
With that aside,
Hows it going?

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