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I Found Something! / Business Cat Comic [M + Messy]
« on: April 07, 2017, 03:48:19 PM »
The newest Business Cat is a sneeze!

Unarchived Stories / Re: [F + Macro + Mature] Hayley's Hay Fever
« on: March 18, 2017, 01:58:00 AM »
Art breathes life into prose, and prose returns the favor. A wonderful gift from you, Wisp, and I'm very pleased that you enjoyed the image enough to write its story!

Unarchived Art / Re: [F + Macro + Mature] Hayley's Hay Fever
« on: March 18, 2017, 01:48:32 AM »
Thank you both so much! I really appreciated the suggestions and critiques in stream. You guys helped it come out well!

Unarchived Art / [F + Macro + Mature] Hayley's Hay Fever
« on: March 18, 2017, 01:27:17 AM »
Another art trade! This time with Y31. Here's my half...Hayley the macro German Shepherd on a visit to a farm. If you want the whole story, you're in luck...Spare Wisp popped into the stream while I was drawing and was so inspired, he wrote the story to go along with it! I'll put a link as soon as he posts it. For your pleasure...a clean version and a messy version!

Edit: Here's Spare Wisp's story to go with the picture:

Thanks, Wisp!

Unarchived Art / [F] Master Tigress Sneeze
« on: February 18, 2017, 05:52:09 AM »
My half of an art trade!  The color is a bonus. When I had the first panel done and was trying to figure out how to do the second, I spent the time coloring instead of just wasting it. Then I did the same between the second and third panels...and so I just took the extra time after sketching the last one. Hope you all enjoy!

Unarchived Stories / Re: [F + Bondage + Mature + Explicit] The Alpha's Game
« on: February 09, 2017, 10:55:03 PM »
Wow, great job!  I enjoyed this :D
Great story!

Thanks! I haven't tried to write a story in a very, very long time, so I appreciate the feedback! Constructive criticism is welcome!

Unarchived Stories / [F + Bondage + Mature + Explicit] The Alpha's Game
« on: February 06, 2017, 01:34:01 AM »
It doesn't take very long for Lorcan to tie Rena's wrists together, binding them to the canopy bars over the nude wolf-woman's head. It's a rather simple task considering that his captive isn't struggling, and he restrains her with a knot that leaves the end of the silk rope dangling down against one of her arms. They both know the meaning: If she wants free, Rena need only pull that loose end to unravel the binding and untie herself. For now, however, she is held in position, on her knees in the center of a four-poster bed, kept upright by those bonds and unable to do much more than watch and endure whatever treatment her mate has in store for her.

After Rena is securely bound, Lorcan moves back away from her to get a good look. She makes an eye-catching sight... Toned muscle visible beneath luxurious grey fur, long black hair tumbling in waves down to her waist, generous breasts with their nipples exposed, knees spread apart to give just a glimpse of what lies between... Those golden eyes and that perfect black nose. Lorcan licks his muzzle as he drinks in the sight of her, with the tip of his bright red shaft just beginning to peek from its sheath.


He doesn't keep his distance very long, but it's still long enough for a flush of embarrassment to warm Rena's cheeks. Her ears flick back as she watches his reaction to her, and she tries not to fidget. Those ears raise back up to attention as he moves in close once again. The big male brings his hands up to the sides of his mate's neck, thumbs brushing against her cheeks, and holds her in place as he presses a deep kiss to her muzzle. Rena catches a familiar scent from his hands, but she doesn't give it any thought. It can't be very important right now, after all, with everything else going on.

Lorcan's hands soon begin to travel down over her shoulders as the kiss continues, gliding over her fur until he reaches the curves of her breasts. As his thumbs find her nipples and begin to tease at them, the wolf-woman gasps. Rena closes her eyes and murrs into the kiss, already beginning to feel her body start to tingle with desire as her nipples harden under his touch.

Unfortunately, the tingle doesn't seem to be limited only to the lower portion of Rena's body. There's an all-too-familiar tickle starting in her muzzle, and she wiggles her nose a bit after Lorcan breaks the kiss to try and stave off the feeling. So bothersome, and she can't even try to rub at it! The bigger wolf watches her with interest, and no small amount of mischief. His hands move to her sides and begin sliding slowly downward, the tips of his claws dragging through her fur to scrape against her skin on their way to her hips. The tickle in Rena's nose is momentarily forgotten as she arches, her head leaning back as she shudders and softly moans. It isn't just the sensation of those claws that earns such a reaction from her. It's the feeling of vulnerability and surrender tied to the slight physical pain that gets such an intense effect from so simple a movement.

Whatever irritant has decided to assault Rena's nostrils isn't ready to go down without a fight, and the predator's nose begins to wiggle again as she brings her head back down to look at Lorcan. Her mate's grin widens as he watches, but his hands don't stop moving. His left travels up over her stomach to return to her breast, gripping it more firmly against his palm than before, while his right slides forward to cup the mound of her sex.

There's an intake of breath as Rena feels his fingers against her, but it only seems to make that tickle worse. And there's that scent from before. A vague thought tugs at her mind, insisting that there's something she should remember about the scent, though of course her focus lies elsewhere.


"Something bothering you, my dear?" Lorcan smiles as he watches, his tail lazily swaying behind him in amusement.

"I-It's...ah...nothing im-important," Rena replies, wriggling her nose a bit more and sniffling a little as well. She's quite helpless to stop the itch, completely unable to do so much as touch her muzzle.

"Mmm. We'll see, won't we?"

Lorcan's hands quickly resume their teasing and exploring, and he leans forward to kiss and nip at the side of her neck. His fingers start to spread open her labia, exposing sensitive skin to the touch of the air, though he carefully avoids touching the restrained woman's clit. Anticipation makes Rena's pulse and breath quicken, which also aggravates that tickle in her nose. "Ahhh...Haaah..."

This time Lorcan doesn't stop his movements, however. His middle and ring fingers move to the center, finding a slick wetness already waiting at her entrance. Without giving her any more time to prepare, those two digits are pressed inside as far as he can go. Rena gasps, then moans in pleasure, but the feeling in her nose is getting a little too strong for her to fight. "Mmmn...ahh...I...I'm going to..."

"To what, Rena?" Lorcan asks, ordering her to finish her sentence while his fingers begin moving slowly in and out of her. Just to make things even more difficult for the girl, he brings his thumb to her clit to tease at it as well, smirking as he watches her struggle for control.

All of the attention and intense sensation makes the girl squirm, rocking slightly back and forth. The motion only makes her feel his fingers even more acutely, and she moans once again. "I'm gonna...ahh...haah...I'm g-gonna snee--Ahhh!" Try as she might, she can't quite get the words out without her breath hitching or a moan escaping. And she's out of time. "I...Ahhhh...HaaaaAAAHKTCHOOOO!" Her restrained body can't go far, but the sudden jerking still makes her breasts bounce slightly...and more noticeably for her, it also makes her inner muscles clamp down tightly around Lorcan's invading fingers. The rush of intense pleasure it causes makes her moan even more loudly than before, closing her eyes as her head lays back.

The grin that spreads over Lorcan's face is nothing short of wickedly gleeful as he feels her squeeze around him, watching her closely as that explosive release takes her. She didn't quite make it to both kinds of release, however, so his work isn't yet done. He pulls his fingers free of her, eliciting a soft whimper as Rena is suddenly denied their pleasure. The bound wolf squirms a little, shifting her hips needily side to side. Though...she can't help another little sniffle.

Lorcan growls, a low and possessive threat, and brings his hands to Rena's waist as he moves his body closer against hers. By now, that red shaft is fully erect and waiting. Powerful arms lift Rena up to allow him to position himself under her before lowering her down onto himself. He pierces her with that one movement, burying himself to the hilt in her warm wetness. Rena moans, pressing her hips down against him even more firmly, but that accursed itch isn't really gone from her nose. Her nostrils flare and she sniffs, but Lorcan doesn't give her the chance to fight. Strong arms alternately lift and pull the smaller wolf, moving her up and down over his swollen cock while his own hips thrust roughly up into her. Rena bounces on him, her sounds a mixture of gasps, moans, and desperate sniffs as she begins rapidly building toward another peak.

"Haah...haaa...Mmmn! Heeh..." Poor girl seems nearly overwhelmed, with her mouth open and nose twitching, eyes closed and head laying forward.

"Rena? Tell me...Hnn...Tell me what's wrong." The sensations are clearly getting to Lorcan as well, bringing a groan of pleasure that interrupts his order.

"I...I don't know," the wolf-woman manages before sniffling again. "S-something's, mmmnf...Something's making nose i-itch." Speaking is quite difficult while she's panting, moaning, and trying to fight off a sneeze all at the same time.

Lorcan groans again at her response, thrusting more firmly against her and pulling her down hard onto himself. "I think...I need," he says in a growling voice between thrusts. He reaches up with one hand and rubs his thumb over her cheek, in the same place he had touched before, then rubs it against the tip of her nose. The trace of pale yellow powder is far more easily visible against her black nostrils than it had been on her fur...and it's also just too much to take, especially since he immediately goes back to roughly claiming her from below.

"Oh, you jer--Ahhh! Ahhhn...Heeh...AhhhTSHOOOOOO--Ohhhh!!" Rena just can't last. The sneeze is inevitable, and so is the clenching of her pussy around that thick red cock. It makes her moan the instant after, and she arches her body back in pleasure at the heightened sensation.

Lorcan responds as well, the bigger wolf groaning and shoving as deeply as he can while he feels her spasming around his shaft. The base of the lupine's cock begins to swell as Rena's movements bring him nearer to his own peak, and it won't take very long for his thick knot to lock the pair together.

Rena's sneeze isn't nearly enough to clear that pollen away from her nose, and she doesn't exactly have the freedom to rub it off. Her moans grow louder and more frequent as she feels his knot swelling within her, but it doesn't do a thing to stop her sniffling and hitching.

"I'm gonna...I'm...ahhh...heehh...HEHHHSHOOOOOO!!"

This time, the explosive release and reflexive clenching that goes with it are too much for either of the wolves to endure. Rena gives a shuddering moan as, this time, her inner muscles continue to spasm and squeeze at her mate as she moves directly from one form of release to another. As for Lorcan, the wolf slams himself roughly into her with a loud growl, followed by a groan of pleasure as he empties himself within his mate.

The ecstasy lasts for a long moment, but of course it must pass eventually. Lorcan sits up just enough to tug on the loose end of rope to free Rena's wrists. No need to keep her tied that way when he's got her tied in a far more pleasurable way already. Rena lays forward over Lorcan's chest, finally free to rub the pollen away from her nose while cuddling comfortably with her mate. "...I can't believe you did that. What did you do, collect the flower stems from the trees? The chestnuts stopped blooming two months ago."  That's why the scent wasn't identified didn't seem possible.

"I did. I got plenty. I decided to wait for just the right time."

"Ha. Jerk."

"You didn't really seem to mind. In fact, I'm sure you enjoyed yourself as much as I did."

"Maybe." The fact that Rena's ears are lowered slightly in embarrassment, coupled with her sheepish little smile, is all the evidence Lorcan really needs. He'll surely be trying this little trick again. Possibly soon.

Unarchived Art / [F + Pokemon] Tormenting Cubchoo
« on: January 24, 2017, 01:12:48 PM »
More old gift art. I had posted these elsewhere, so I think some of you may have already seen them.

Unarchived Art / [F + Pokemon + Mature] Houndoomsday
« on: January 23, 2017, 06:52:46 AM »
Something I sketched as a gift a long time ago. Thought others might enjoy a Houndoom and a little bit of badly-sketched flame. It's sort of the idea of flame, at least.

I'm New Here / Hello!
« on: January 09, 2017, 10:11:08 PM »
Hi there! I'm Feather. And usually pretty quiet.

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