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Writer's Den / Library sniffles[F,allergies] Part 1
« on: April 23, 2017, 11:14:55 AM »
This was created out of ideas from me and Y31 last night and I hope to make more of this one.

      The sun shining at high noon, the air filled with a warm, thick feel, cars whizzing, people pacing, flowers bracing the noticeable but calm winds, and the smell of the best hotdogs this side of the city were all you could see. For most others, it would just be a bustling streetwise. For Rosa, she couldn't be more than excited to look in every shop to meet new people. But there was something else different about her...

      Learning from one of her friends someone special would be at the library, she took her trust with her and went knowing she wouldn't waste her time.

      Just as the sliding doors opened up, her light and welcoming tennis ( summer shoes with holes in them ) that were as blue as the sky on a clear day. Followed by showing off the sleek, jet black fur of her legs, and on her legs are denim feeling shorts followed by a very light and smooth jacket that sometimes appear skin tight but is actually quite comfortable.

       The thin, sky blue jacket looks almost textureless covering her white tank top. Her jacket also had a zipper that could zip just enough to show a fair amount of cleavage, but decides to keep it halfway. To cover her cleavage, she has a dark blue bra on that looks fancied up on the edges that were also light blue.  She also has a nice rosey touch to her nails as a node to her first name.

       Just above that jacket is her adoring skunk face. Her lips were a peachy color, but not too glossy. Her eyes were a natural blue, which if you ask her is what inspired her personal look. Her hair was the same color as her fur and that went straight down to her shoulders and part to the side at the very end. That hair was covered by a cute blue, beret on top it. Her muzzle had a white streak that went toward her nose and was was narrow to say the least. Her nose was pure black, a trait all skunks long for.

        Her eyes shifted as she looked for a familiar face, she thought of sitting near the fantasy section for the books and as a vantage point. She noticed something with Her nose, but dismayed it for the sweet freshener in the air doing wonders. However, it was doing quite the opposite. Her muzzle scrunched briefly, nostrils flaired and stayed like that. Yet, she was oblivious to all of this.

       Meanwhile, Samantha is looking for some me time. She considered taking a walk with nature...but yet she didn't want to think of that at the same time. She was just hoping to be able to sit, relax, and to just take a break( I mean it's been 2 weeks since her last break, and we all know how that turned out ).

      So she took her now dark green attire ( similar, mind you ) and headed out the door. The library was only about a mile away, so it should take her too long.

     Walking just outside her house can be rough at times, it's quite the busy street. So as always she sits at the crosswalk waiting for the cars to pass.

      " um, excuse me.Do you need help with...." A firm, short sleeves wolf man said, gesturing to his nose. Rosa responded by crossing her eyes and hitching up her breath just a bit. "Hihhhhh... Yeah, now that you think of it". Prepared, the wolf man gave her a tissue.

      "Ah, thank you so much you gentleman". Nudging him playfully followed by a harsh sniff. The man maybe an expression that looked like your welcome with a small smile on his face briefly before going back to his book.

       At this point, Sam has crossed the road and is already on the main street. There is still much distance to make, but there shouldn't be traffic most likely.

        ( Gee, what is setting you off this time. Your always such a trouble-maker. ) Rosa looks around to see if she can spot anything that may be cause her predicament. Putting her nose in the air, she can plainly see the problem. "Yep, its dust again" ( and I thought I would be safe here, I guess love-craft ain't so popular ).

       Carefully taking her tissue, she places it with her hand on her nose and gets to lightly blow it without disturbing anyone. However, the wolf man and a few others eye her for a moment followed up by a "sorry" from Rosa. She know she can't escape this sneeze, but she has to try. She can't make a scene. Oh, that would go against her nose quite was enviable.
      She could already feel every movement her muzzle was making before, only much stronger. Her eyes were on the verge of closing only to be drafted by the stream of tears coming from her eyes.

      Almost there, she found herself having to cross the street, only for the lights to inconvenience her. She was in no rush, so there was no reason to jaywalk, she patiently waited at the crosswalk.

      "Hihhhh...I'm gahihhh...sneihhhh..."Rosa desperately said, barely getting her message across.

      She wanted nothing more now than to rub her now even if it went numb, but that's exactly what her nose wanted. She did the only thing she could do and fanned her nose to possible breath some fresh air, but between the teasing freshener and the irritating dust, she cornered by scents and substances.

      Feeling the sneeze winning, she braced herself with a tissue in hand.

     The sign says walk, and Sam finally makes it to the library in time. The doors welcome her as she meets someone all too familiar. She isn't sure if she is who she thinks she is until she let's out the first brief "hiHCIEEww".

      "Oh my god, I'm so sorry. I knew holding it in made it worse *sighs* . Thanks a lot... Jerk" Rosa says as she rests her hand on her muzzle, feeling defeated. Tapping her nose, she lifts herself back up.

      "Well, at least I'm a little strong hehihh... HichiEEWWww". Rosa sneezes yet again. She was going to sneeze a third time until she felt a familiar touch right on her nose.

       "Don't worry. I got you girl" Sam reassures, winking at her. "NO,ohmaygodohmygodohmygod, where have you behihh...oh thanks." Rosa excitedly says as her long lost friend's finger helps her with her quivering nose.This starts just the beginning of their return as great friends.

Writer's Den / Lost in the woods [F]
« on: April 10, 2017, 09:55:22 PM »
       It was fairly sunny outside. There were many trees around. The grass was thick and luscious as the animals were happy. While there were many flowers and a light breeze, this was all but lovely for Sammy. 

       She always loved flowers, having them in at her home since she was a child. Everyday, she would go outside to admire the flowers, but not without taking medication. 
She was a beautiful anthro otter girl a bit on the short side. Her fur was a glowing brown mixed with her light brown hair that was quite messy but short in length. Her eyes were a dark but noticeable green. Her nose was very average for an otter;brown and round like any mammal. Her torso was concealed by a t-shirt that has an image of a cool skating brand with a long sleeve shirt underneath that. Her jeans are worn and are showing signs of age through the tears on it. Her shoes were also something sought after for ones living a dangerous life, with flat skater shoes. 

       She doesn't exactly want to dress this way, but she isn't completely bothered by it. Throughout the younger part of her childhood, she was always teased about how short she was and how she couldn't do much for even an otter. So when she got older she thought he had to compensate for that. 

After a while, nobody really cared about her height but since she was already in the job she wanted, this canned personality became much more real by then. She is a carefree, adventurous, and caring person. 
       While she may be able to think about any situation she is in, she usually tries to solve them by going full out, even when she doesn't need to. This also allows her to suppress worked and not really think an just do. This also makes her a really fun person to be around, especially at parties. This is ones reason he is good at making Friends easily. 
Despite her impulsiveness, she can't make herself force a friend to do something that is out of their comfort zone.

        The flowers shimmered bright, beautiful colors. They felt like fine silk, almost as smooth as her own fur. It always seemed like there was nothing wrong with them, but alas, this came at a price. To simply put it, she was allergic. Which she hates to admit or reveal. 
She has however been able to hold this said allergy back, except she has not prepared for said allergy. For reasons unknown, she thought she would be fine to relax her mind in the woods for a bit without her meds. 

        "Hihhhihhhh...", for as long as she has been near the mixed field of trees and flowers, she has been greeted by nothing but an itchy nose and teary eyes. She's given thought of just sneezing just to get it over with, but she is always been self conscious about sneezing in general so she'd prefer to fight it just in case she can get rid of the sneeze. 

        When she got to the flower field, she had to pause for a moment to get her bearings together, but by now she is already trying to find a route away from the flowers that will not get her lost. But between having her nose on the verge of sneezing off and trying to find a familiar route isn't a winning battle for either victory. She knows however that if she stops moving that she'll surely sneeze. 

        "Ahhhhhhh..." , her nose seems like it's wanting to pop right off her muzzle. The nostrils flaired to the point it hurts to flair any wider. Attempting to control her nose, she places a finger right on her nose in hope that maybe she can think a bit better. 

        "Hihhh... *sighs*", Sam sighs as her nose is settled for the moment. Her nose however, is still in grave danger. While Sam is running and searching for a path, the breeze around her gets stronger and pollen is being lifted right from the delicate flowers around her. She is most certainly holding her sneeze in, but her nose has began to run as well, making her sniff numerous times. Right when she had to sniff again, her nose managed to pick up some pollen through her finger, causing her nose to succumb to her allergies yet again.
       "Sniffffff... HAAAAAAHHHH...( Damn, where did that come fr-)HIHHHHH..." .
The tickle spiked in her nose, and caught her by surprise. Frustrated by the losing battle, she took her hand and rubbed and contorted her nose in every way possible. She rubbed on it with a finger, with her hand, squeezed it, shook it even. It took her a while to finally defeat the itch inside her for the longest time, she was free. 

       To celebrate her victory... She took a deep breath... Near the flowers...through her nose( You know how this goes of course). 

       "Ah, finally that's out of the way. Snifffff...hihhhhh( STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!)
Hahhihhhhh..." . Her nose went from soft and gentle to brash and wild as her nostrils flaired fiercely and her muzzle scrunched like an accordion. She tried to rub her nose like before but was met with a sore nose. 

       Realizing that she lost, she did last thing she could do and squeezed her nose tightly so no one would see or here this mess she as about to release. 
"Huhhhh...AAAAAAKSPIKSHHH...hiHHHhhhhh( oh please no ). "

       Desperately trying to stifle another sneeze, she failed miserably. The build-up of the last sneeze already took a lot out of her. She didn't even bother keeping her hand close to her nose, she thought she was better of just walking home sneezing her head off than holding back sneezes all day in the woods. Letting her nose win the battle was simply an easier choice. 
"Ok, you win. Do yhihhhh...thing. HihHHHHhhhhh... AHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAA...huhiHAAAAAA(really, now you wanna stay in there? ). 

        This nose of hers really hated her today, this squishy and round organ was here only to cause pain to her. Yet she had to let it do what it wanted, she couldn't go to the kitchen and nullify her nose of allergies, that was about a mile away. Her nose wanted nothing more than to torture her to no end. 
So he did the only thing she could do, she picked up a flower and sniffed as hard as she could and all her nose gave her was an agonizing "HIHHHHHHAHHH". She lost yet again but this time she actually wanted to sneeze for once, but she then thought of something to help. 

       Picking up a long, thick piece of grass. She moved it near her nose and let it dance around her nose as her nose danced in turn, flairing at just the presence of it. It seemed as though she won the battle, it was only a matter of time. 

       " HIHH ACHIEW EHHHCHE ICHIEW HACHIEW HAAAACHIEEWW...sniff... Hihh ichiew. *sighs*, that's much better. " she said as she was lightly rubbing her nose and her body was removed of any useful energy left. She did feel a tickle in her nose, but by then even her nose didn't care anymore. So she got on track finally and walked back home. 

Video Games & Anime / Breath of the Wild
« on: March 21, 2017, 12:00:40 AM »
Have any of you tried BotW, and if so what do you like about it so far. (try not to spoil it for others and make warning for it if you are going to LIKE SO)

Writer's Den / (F, Zelda, Zora) Mipna sneezes
« on: March 20, 2017, 02:23:15 AM »
I played some Breath of the Wild and Mipna is pretty cool so I thought this would be neat I suppose so this is...

Mipna sneezes (that's about it)

      As link fired his last arrow, the waterblight Ganon finally fell, and all he has to do was place his slate on the unit to purify Ruta.

      As the he placed the slate, a heart container was bestowed upon him for his actions, giving a feel of great satisfaction. Right when he was receiving his reward, the Zora champion Mipna appeared before him with the same essence as the fallen Hylian king  that he met earlier on his journey.

      "Link, I'm so glad we can finally meet again" says mipna, eager to thank him for his actions, but was occupied by something more demanding. " Before you go, I ju-ja just wanted to say,thiiihhh... That's unusual, how do I have the urge to sneeze in my spirit form."

     Link was a bit worried and was looking in his bag to see if he has something that was maybe causing her allergies to act up.

      Mean while, Mipna was already having pressing concerns with her nose, how was it acting up when she was but a spirit, she too thought it has to deal with her allergies, but how? Before she could think of that, her breath hitched even more and her nostrils began to twitch and flair with every breath she took, but it wasn't adding up, how could a spirit still sneeze?

     Link went passed peeking subtly in his bag and opened it up for a better view, but as he opened his sack, the front of her nose flared wildly as her head perched up all the while she was in the verge of sneezing her head off, but she was still resilient, attempting to keep her nose at bay.

       Mipna was about ready to burst, having one hand fanning herself while the other was grasping her nose as best she could, she felt like she was about have her nose get the best of her, and right when she was about to sneeze, her sneeze got stuck, " I thought link was still searching his bag" she thought to herself. Regardless, her nose was still suffering, and it was still painful to hold in, but why would link put away the very thing that would help her sneeze, maybe he thought its what she wanted. She still had to ease her nose, so she took both her hands and started rubbing her nose to ease it a bit, and as she was rubbing her nose she asked, " Link, would you mind taking out that thing bothering my nose, I would greatly appreciate it."

      Link thought she didn't want to sneeze, but by judging her expression and what she was doing, she looked like so, but because she asked for the sneeze induced substance,he open the bag and took out the nightshade, which he remembers from his past life was the what really got to her in the springtime, so when she saw it , she asked Link to bring towards her face.

      As Link came closer to Mipna, she was still rubbing her nose. She almost forgot why she needed the nightshade until Link brought the nightshade up to her nose. At first, she instead rubbed her nose more furiously, having her nose more sore from her hands than the nightshade, but link put the nightshade right on top of her nose, and immediately, her eyes watered as they crossed and her hands let go of her nose.

     "Hihhihhh...HIHHH....HAAAA..HAAAAAAAAAAAAACHIEWWWW WWW....HACHIEW..HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ahh...CHIEW sniff , still got one in mehhhhhhh....HACIEW sniff sniff Link, I think you can put that away naaaCHIEEEEW sniffffff"

    " Now link, thank you so much for helping Ruta and coming all this way to help the Zoras, and my nose *giggles*. Hopefully next time we meet its under better circumstances, and for you to fight ganon, I'd like you to take my healing, as you can see I won't get any use out of it now. Together , Ruta and I will help take Ganon down with you, and when your fighting out there, remember me.

Link felt warmed by Mipna's words as her healing powers entered him and was sure to remember her on future adventures, he still had long way to go, but he knew that today was a milestone met. Right before Link left, he went up to Mipna and whispered bless you and kissed her right on the nose, warming her heart.

I tried it out earlier today and its great

Writer's Den / Bowser and the big bad sneeze(m+non-anthro+mario bros)
« on: February 08, 2017, 11:32:14 PM »
I first want to say this is my first fic I've made that I'm going to post on this site, but regardless enjoy.

     Bowser was peacefully sleeping in his castle when little did he know his nose was giving quite the predicament. In his dream, was him and peach in a fabulous private island in a place where Mario could never find him.
 " oh bowser how I love." cooed peach. " oh and do I love you." bowser said.
As Bowser went in to kiss peach, peach turned into a pile of peach shaped pepper, so when he his big dry lips would have kissed peach, he then moved in too close and got his nose along with his face covered in pepper.
As the pepper settled in more his dream started to become more hazy as he became helpless, surely someone as mighty as browser wouldn't be defeated by a simple sneeze.However, his nose wouldn't faultier and began to itch as the pepper started to become  dust from his room as he slowly but surely became more awake and aware of the menace that is his nose.
Being more awake, Bowser started to become more irritated than anything, first he gets the dream of a lifetime only to sneeze? This was outrageous to him, but in return to his anger his nose granted him a hitched breath.
"Nnnihh.....grrrrrrrAHHHH ahhhhh... Nnneh."
His nose didn't stop there, it then gave him irritatingly flairing nostrils, tearful eyes, and one huge sneeze!
 "hey, could you stop that. Its bad enough my nose is itching like this, I don't need an annoying voice narrating in head!"Bowser exclaimed
"Well how about one that's informative?" asked the voice(ME!!!)
"*sighs* sure."
Following the conversation, Bowser's nose spiked in ticklyness as the recurring symptoms soon followed. Being more aggressive, Bowser takes his claw up to His face to rid the tickle in any way possible, scratching,rubbing, pinching and his nose still is just As itchy as before , but not anymore so. Alas, his nose still has the energy to sneeze yet again.
" nihhhh... Wahhhhhh.....wait, I thought I was gahhhh... Gonna sneeze?"
"Bowser, that was just an observation. I can't possibly know when exactly your nose will burst, it's just a matter of HAAAACIEEWWWWW"
" ehhh, Bowser wipes his disgusting nose after a surprising sneeze came forth." said the snot covered figure just past bowser's bed.
" wait, your actually here? Where are you?" Bowser asks buffonishly as he looked for the voice.
"Over here" says the grumpy TURTLE and his LEFT and slightly BELOW him
"Hmmmm *sniff* *sniff* , I smehhhh... Ahhh CHOOOO!"
"Hey genius! Right here."
"I smell you, but can't find you, you can't possibly be this clo.... Dad?" Bowser says as he FINALLY finds the small turtle.
As it says, I may continue it if I decide to put the time into it, but I'm not sure. Regardless, have a great day.

I'm New Here / Hi...
« on: February 01, 2017, 02:45:36 AM »
I've had this sort of thing for a while(sneeze fetish) and I thought I would finally join the site I've visited multiple times because it's becoming a part of me anyway.
I also am really nervous of having this sort of thing in the first place but I want to feel comfortable in my own skin and too not be afraid to just have this fetish.
Never have told anyone personal in my life about it and don't think I will be comfortable about sharing it anytime soon.
With that aside,
Hows it going?

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