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Writer's Den / PHD in Chemistry [F+Animaniacs}
« on: April 22, 2018, 08:07:47 PM »
Thank you Ari-dynamic, for inspiring me to discover the beautiful character! Hope ya'll enjoy!

Minerva, what a beautiful mink. Minerva Mink, a fine girl who could woo any fellow forest critter just by here presence yet couldn’t help but fall to the same fate of being in awe just like her admirers when she saw a handsome hunk that rivaled her feminine beauty. Today was just another day, another problem.

The curvaceous wonder was waltzing as per usual, stunning the wildlife as the mink made long, satisfying strides as she showed off her silky smooth legs, laced with pearly white fur. “Oh mama!!” a beaver exclaimed, his teeth chattering down a pseudo-dam  he was just building, destroying it in his excitement.

Sitting suggestively on a low-hanging tree branch, Minerva’s blue lids sparkled as her eyes glistened in the sunlight. A red rooster glowed a more natural red, drooling over the mink’s surreal gaze. The farm bird rubbed his red neck to ease the tension before flying off in a burst of lust.

Right before Minerva was gonna go beyond the realm of PG, she spotted quite a handsome figure, putting her in a mystified trance. She blew up into a balloon and flew into the nearby pond, bloating herself into a plump figure. “Ohoho~” The mink cooed as she squeezed herself from all the excess water in her system, still staring at the alpha male escaping her grasp.

“*Isn’t he perfect? Sighs Another one that could’ve been, gone again.*” Minerva admits, going into a brief low. She pounds a fist onto the grassy ground “*Well not if I can help it, he’s gotta know beauty when he sees it, right?*” She says confidently, pacing back and forth, still a mess from her episode from earlier.  “*But how…*” She ponders.

Brushing her hair roughly, the mink scolded herself. “*I don’t believe it! Why does he keep ignoring me!?*” She asks to herself, demanding an answer. “*I’ve given him my looks, my charm, my lingerie, everything!*” the mink cries, putting her paws into her teary face. She sniffles a bit, wiping her nose with the loose sleeve of robe. Her eyes cross, giving her a desperate idea.”*But that’s so...petty.*” She says, wiggling her pink nose. “*sighs, I’ll sleep on it, I suppose. After all, boys love it when there always in control, I suppose showing a bit of weakness can’t hurt, right?*”

Strutting towards the handsome mink, she held a large bouquet of daisies, she knew very well that she was allergic to them. Right on his tail, she took a hesitant sniff of the daisies, pushing a tickle deep in her nose. She rose her wrinkling snout upward, tears falling behind her golden, blonde hair. “Hepchieww!” Minerva sneezed loudly, only for the sneeze to be stopped by a tissue from the man, not even giving as much as simple eye contact to her before walking away like nothing happened. The beauty sniffled, eyeing the flowers that were still in her hand, not even left with a note. “*Heh, no one touches my nose without acknowledging mehih…*” She hitched, sneezing loudly yet again.

Day 2, and this time, the mink got some awful perfume from her ex-friend that she still has on hand. “*Who knows, maybe he’ll think I smell nice too. A win-win.*” She walked up to the manly mink again, struttin along and shifting some eyes to her as she did so. She quickly squirted the perfume and bumped her nose into his arched, burly shoulder, tickling her nose just a bit more. Startling him, the mink moved a finger up to Minerva’s quivering, doubly pink nose, rubbing it as he did so. Giving her an apple, he said “Take it, it’ll help with the allergies.” giving a monotone attitude, moving into his house yet again. “Yeachiewwy!” She sneezed, rubbing her nose. “*whiahh...what is he? Some sort of doctor?, he seems like he’d tend to more equestrian affaiihhh-chiewww!*” The white mink sneezed, shifting her wrist back and forth along her cute, button nose.

“*If this doesn’t do it, then I’m through!*” She yelled, her hair a mess before swiftly fixing it up again. She grabbed a big bag of pepper and sniffed hard, rubbing her nose while on her way to meet the mink. “*Gehih...gosh, I could almost kill myself doing this...but what’s the point of life if you don’t break a leg.*” Minerva comments, her head feeling a bit hot. Her snout scrunched as she made a stride towards the handsome fellow, looking more like an angry housewife than a beautiful queen. “Ehcieww, chieww-chieww!” Minerva rapidly sneezed, putting goosebumps on the mink she was chasing. Covering himself, he avoided the girly mink’s blasts while slipping a card into her pocket, her attention only on her spastic muzzle.

Getting a shower, she felt the burdens of a cold completely set in. “*chieww!, thihh...this nihhhchiewww! Nose is killing me!*” She rubbed a palm into her flaring nostrils, the appendages paying little mind to her plee and continued to entice her snout to stay unbearably ticklish. “*I’m starting to think this whole sneezing thing is overratihchiewww!*” She sneezed again, barely able to think, let alone speak. Shaking a towel about her damp fur and mostly around her bright pink nose, the mink finally got dressed and began to mope.

“*Why me…*” Minerva cried, her moment being re-lived with more sniffles and sneezes than she would’ve liked. Recovering from her crying after a few long minutes, she sniffled towards a card and grabbed it. It wrote “Dr. M. Lovelust: associate of doctor’s galore”. Minerva melted, her lust rejuvenated as her whole plan worked -almost- as planned. “*Looks like we’ll have *sniffle* a change of pace, eh?*” She pulled her phone up and dialed the number for the doctors office. “*sniffle* Hey, I think I have a cold*” The mink winked, grinning.

Waiting at a Doctor’s office for what felt like weeks, she finally was called up to see the mink himself. “Dr. Hooligan will see you shortly” Said a male chicken keeping track of appointments. She raised a leg over the counter, licking her lips “Oh, are you can’t make time for a certain someone?” The mink asked, becoming the world for the chicken. He sputtered, his feathers shedding rapidly before he asked “Wh-who would you like to see?” “Dr. Lovelust.” The chicken nodded, now dreaming of the mink before getting a raspy call the ceiling to get back to work.

Waiting for 20 minutes, Minerva couldn’t help but sneeze a bit “*Ithihh...chieww! It’s really happening! Me! Meeting the pehihh…*” She put a finger to her nose “* Perfect one...chieww!*” She sneezed, tending to her nose before finishing off “*Dr. M. Lovelust~ Oh how dreahihh…*” The mink hitched again before the doctor stumbled upon Minerva in all her sneezy beauty.

“Ma’am...I think I remember you…” The doc pondered, putting a finger to his muzzle to contemplate. “Your the one who kept sneezing on me. Did you forget to eat that apple I sent you?” Minerva was stunned, trying to find words to tell. “” She giggled, her nose twitching for the good doctor to examine.

He was mesmerized by the fidgeting organ being tickled right in front of him, after all, this was indeed the high of his doctor life. Seeing sneezing and sniffles everyday. *Hmm, she was so persistent...I wonder…* Standing straight up, he played doctor, feeling just as strong about the mink in front of her as Minerva felt about himself. “Can you sneeze in this for me? I need to know what I’m dealing with~”

Minerva compiled, blushing deeply with embarrassment. “*If you say so...don’t tell me you…*” Minerva thought, shaking off the possibility as she sniffed hard to tickle her extra sensitive nose again. “’s stuck” the mink admits to the doctor.

Stuck in a trance, Dr. Lovelust forgot he was still at work. Taking in the sight. The flicker of the nares, the extra pinkining of the nose, the wrinkling of the helpless organ. All of this fueled him to steal this girl with her. He shook his head, pulling out some sneeze powder to put the icing on the cake. “Here, sniff this and should come out most definitely!” He said in a rough, seductive tone. “Just make sure to sneeze in this.”

“*Does he really…*” the mink thought. “*Can he really be attractive to my nose of all things? But I’ve worked so hard on this gorgeous body!...must be one of those silly fads*” She questions, sniffing the powder harshly. Her snout rose, powder sliding into her nose and along the outside of the poor sniffer. “Gehicewww! Chieww! Hehih….chiewww~” She sneezed a triple, trying to possibly tease him with the third one. “*maybe, just maybe sniffle ….*”

The Doctor looked at the messy tissue, seeing that this young girl was gonna be sick for quite a while. “Hmm, seems as though you’ll be at it for weeks on end.” He chuckled, adding “you COULD take care of yourself, but if you go about and keep getting sick. I’ll have to keep treating you, seeing you.” Minerva’s ears perked “*Huh, could it really be…*”

“The saying goes, a apple a day keeps the doctor away. But…” He adjusts his glasses, staring directly at the sniffling mink. “We could make these visits a regular.” Looking a bit confused, the girl mink looked up, “*How theihcewww! Sniffle, I mean!*” She shook her head, shaking a hand in front of her wriggling nose while doing so. “Ohoh~ I could *snifffle* do that~” She sniffled, buying the idea of being sexy while sneezing. “* SWS, swiss, I like the sound of that…*” She said to herself kissing the doctor “Oh, I guess I’ll be here all the time. I mean, I always happen to get caught in the raichieww!” Minerva sneezed, wiping her scrunching nose into her mint-clean sleeve. “*Besides, there’s a first for everything.*” She commented, kissing the other mink with her sickly, wet lips and nose.

*Sexy while Sneezing, who woulda thought?*

Writer's Den / [F+Anthro] Sick, Sneezy Sharkie
« on: April 04, 2018, 09:27:37 PM »
   Angel was a great white shark with a more than obvious passion for being by the beach. She was taking some time to herself outside of her beach-side penthouse, setting a towel down with a sizeable umbrella for some cool shade. As she smoothed out her towel, a regrettable sniff escaped her snout. She knew from the start this was gonna be a long day.

   Lounging not too far from her was Sam the otter, wearing an aptly bikini for the warm, seaside weather. Putting on a subtle smile, Sam waved “Hey, Angel!” she greeted loud and clearly. Rubbing away the grains of sand stuck in her snout, Angel waved with a free hand, greeting “Hiya! Glad to see ya here!” She sniffled.

   Sam frowned, seeing Angel having issues with the sand. She tried to laugh it off “Heh, never thought I’d see a shark allergic to sand.” Angel nodded with a sneeze “Hepchiiie!” She ran her wrist against her snout, responding with “Yeah, it’s usually fine…” a tropical wind stirs up. “But this weather isn’t really hehih-chuhh! *sniffle*” The shark sighed, lowering her head.

   The otter’s umbrella flapped harshly in the wind. Sam looked down and back at Angel as she wrapped her towel around her umbrella handle and went to Angel for help. “Oh Angel…” Sam expressed to her sharkie friend as she looked at Angel’s sand covered snout. “Wanna go inside?” The shark moved her aside, pressing her hand under her snout. “No, I think I’m Fuihh…” She hitches, her knees getting loose. The otter puts an arm around Angel’s shoulders and takes her inside her house.

   “But what about…” Angel asks, looking back at the towel and umbrella. “Heh, I’ll get you a new one...You shouldn’t’ve went out today, silly!” Sam teases, putting a smile on Angel’s face.

   After rinsing both of their bodies in the shower, the two girls sat down on the large sofa in the living room, which still had a few of the noon sun rays shining on the patio. Sam looks back at Angel, who’s still rubbing at her sniffly nose. “Angel, what’s wrong? This isn’t you.” Sam asked with great concern. The shark gave a sniffle before saying “I think ihih...chieww! It’s more than allergies.” She looks at Sam, putting on sad and puffy eyes and lips. “I might have a cachieww! *sniffle* cold.” She whines.

   Sam sniffles, looking very confused. She shakes her head after a brief swipe at her nose and gets up. “Of course!” She says, putting a blanket on the great white whilst fluffing up a pillow for her. The sharkie smiles, her snout stuck in a mildly sneezy expression.

   Cooking up some soup, Sam’s round ears twitch as the shark in the other room hitches loudly. “Aw come on!” Angel whines. Sam rolls her eyes before coming back to the shark. “What is it?” Sam asks, feeling her burning forehead. “The’s sucking the life outta me!” Angel complains, poking at her snout for emphasis, which was wiggling constantly. Sam sighs, giving the shark her own handkerchief. She holds both her hands around Angel’s hands while saying “I’ll let you use this, just try to force it out and when it comes time, achoo!” Sam fakes, sneezing into her hand as if she had a tissue in it. The shark nodded.

   The soup was ready to be eaten, so the otter poured some into a large bowl while leaving the rest inside a container that made its way to the fridge. Before she could take the bowl to Angel, she heard the sneezy shark complain again “Sammy! Nothings worked! It’s gotten wuhh...wuhh...WORSE!” She hitched! The otter sighed in annoyance, making her way without the bowl but instead with her purse.

   Back at her bedside, Sam meticulously pulled out a long, fluffy feather. She presented it to the great white sniffler. Sam handed it to her, saying “Now all you gotta do is to just twirl it around that sneezy thing and you should be good!” Losing the smile, Sam stomped her way back to the kitchen.

   “Thank goodness!” Angel exclaimed, tickling her stuffy nose with the fluffy instrument. All parts of her face except her squinty eyes were wide open, with the grey and white cartilage shivering from every swipe and twirl the shark made with the feather. She rose her snout high up, her nostrils wide and expanding in and out! Right as Sam came with the soup, Angel released “Hephchiiiiewy! Humpchiee! *sniffle* oh…” Angel sneezed, putting her own bit of seasoning on the soup.

Sam wiped her face off, before resetting herself and dumping the soup out. She thought maybe she could heat back up the soup from earlier, but she shrugged and came back with crackers and ginger ale.

Showing the crackers to Angel, the shark munched on them with her large, sharp, pointy pearly whites, niping Sam’s hand a bit in the process. They both laughed as they enjoyed each others company. Sam’s nose twitched, triggering a quick sneeze “Hepchiewww! Hehe!” Sam laughed. Angel felt her friends head and frowned for a moment, before hugging her friend as they both enjoyed sick remedies and cheesy movies for the rest of the night, sneezing there muzzles off.

Writer's Den / [F+Anthro]Needle in a Hay Stack
« on: April 01, 2018, 12:49:23 PM »
It was only a few weeks ago that she asked her friend to borrow something, and the needy kangaroo was already regretting it. One of her friends from her work would always be giving people things to borrow. Usually if that person never came back with what they borrowed, they’d get a face full of fist before losing any trust they had with each other. Leah wasn’t so much worried about the fight part so much as letting down her friend. When she found out that this friend of hers needed back their unusual screwdriver, her heart raced as she was rushing back home as fast as one could in rush hour traffic.

   Her paw shook as it wiggled the door open, bursting through it. Her mind immediately thought to check her kitchen junk drawer first. She briskly hopped over to it and pulled the neglected thing open. Dust poofed from it as her senses felt foreign to the contents of the drawer, with her eyes unable to spot anything disterable to a screwdriver and most importantly, her wide nose distracting her from her frantic search.

   The marsupial pawed at her twitching nose as she closed the drawer and moved on to the next possible place. Going past the dining room, she came across her garage and looked where she put all her other power tools. With her mind racing, she knocked over her dust mask subconsciously.

   Scurrying through the tools, she treads the same few instruments over and over again. She looks a little more to her left and to her right, finding nothing useful. She slams her arms on the wall, releasing some dust from the faint cracks in the walls. “Think, it has to be here somewhere” The roo thinks to herself, moving away from the garage.

   Her assurance of where the lone tool is at is weary. She clenches a fist as she makes a slow climb up the steps, knowing where she must check next. Sniffing deeply in preparation, her muzzle spasms. She pauses herself before as her nose makes its presence known, flaring freely.

   “Hihhh...Hmmm!” She hitches, pressing a finger hard against her fidgeting roo nose. Her eyes growing heavier as she fights the minor tickle. She takes a step closer to the hatch above her before taking two steps back, raising her muzzle for a brief break. “Hepchshhh!” Leah stifles as she swipes her flaring nostrils in a few swift motions.

   She takes a mask to her side, prepares herself again, and opens that hatch. Her eyes burn as dust billows throughout the room, making her squint and rub them frequently. She takes slow, steady steps up to the attic. Her throat tightens as she reaches the top, feeling a tingle in her snout even with the protection of her muzzle mask.

   The roo fastens the mask to her nose before making careful strides towards a conspicuous box across the long hallway. Every step makes her more impatient, making her walk faster and faster before breaking into a sprint. She can feel her worries fly by her as the box draws rapidly closer.

   Almost making it to the box, she trips on smaller box and has pole holding the roof snag her mask and rip it off. She sniffs deeply as she hits the ground, breaking her fall with both of her arms. She feels as though she’s about to have a heart attack as her nose is filled to the brim with dust touching every sweet spot of her sinuses. She clenches her chest as her nose points towards the roof, inviting more dust to her muzzle.

   From her wrist to her elbow, she shifts her arms back and forth across her wet, chocolate-colored nose. Her nose pleading for release while Leah denies is every waking moment. The roo’s brain far too distracted to let a sneeze go by her, she squeezes her nose hard and waits.

   “GAHHH!” Leah yells, the tickle attacking her still going strong. She takes an arm to inch herself towards the chest, barely making progress. She huffs, taking a deadly breath through her nose. “Hepchiewww!” She sprays, wiping her nose with her furry arm. She winces as she feels her arm grow a tad heavier, moving her arm to the side.

   Now more acquainted with sneezing, her nose becomes far too sensitive to manage. Every few strokes at her nostrils only greet her with another “Hepshiewww!” and a loud sniffle. There had to be a way to stop sneezing. “Hesihieww!...wait a minute.” She said, seeing that her legs were completely free to move around.

   Propping them against the floorboards, Leah was ready to launch herself. Timing herself with a sneeze, she blushed at her next release “Hepchiieww!” She sneezed, kicking herself into the chest, knocking herself out.

   As she laid there, her fighting spirit forced a paw to rub her nose as the tickle in it multiplied. Her ears flopped as the itch became more uncomfortable for her body to contain. It was only 5 minutes her system forced the kangaroo awake, sparking a sneeze out. “Rehpshieww! Ugh!” Leah complained, knuckling her nose as she opened the chest.

   She rolled her eyes as she opened it, finding a note saying “check the glove box” inside it. Her muzzle twitched severely as the roo stood up, getting tired of the same ol’ song and dance. Her snout faced the sky up until she shut the attic behind her, letting out a satisfiying “Recshiewwwwy!” *sniffle*” She sneezed, her nose rubbing finding itself useful for once.

   She took a brief shower, and stepped outside. She went through all that trouble just to forget to check her damn car. Begrudgingly, she started the car and rolled away.


Writer's Den / (F+Anthro) Flower Parade
« on: March 13, 2018, 10:04:05 PM »
   “Go big or go home”. One of many cliches you could say about florists whenever the flower parade takes place every year. A bashful ‘coon girl let out a big sigh as the fanfare for the parade began. She secured her sheets over herself, muffling the bombastic noise coming from her apartment window. A distinct whistle screeched from the gleeful crowd, heating up the irked raccoon.

   Ripping the covers away from herself, the angered raccoon briskly rubbed her baggy eyes. She threw the sheets to the side as she paced to her dresser, pulling her clothes on impatiently. Her slim, red shirt and thin, grey pants wrinkled from the stress passed on by the wearer.

   Tossing herself towards the bathroom, she grabbed the sides of the sink and sighed. As she slowly reached for a toothbrush labeled “Viola”, rambunctious hyenas screamed as the predictable guest celebrity appeared from a float. The grey mammal gritted her teeth, brushing her teeth tighter. Her mind looking for a way to ignore the squealing fangirls.

   After powering through a bit more of the ansambel of applause and cheering, Viola fastened her bright red ascot and trudged out the door. Not a moment after, droves of people piled up to her apartment floor, coming back home. The raccoon groaned at the noise until a small bouquet swiped her nose. Sne sniffed against her will, taking in the lovely scent.

   Furious, she grinded her nose briefly into her paw. She stormed out of the apartment and down the multiple flights of steps. Her nose tingled with every step, the pollen flowing freely about the complex. After her first two flights, she paused and narrowed her eyes.

   “Hehh...Gah!” Viola hitched, shaking her head. The tip of her snout crinkled inward, reacting harshly to the allergen flying in the air. All but her feet suspended in the air as she rose her head high up with her round ears twitching against her tiny skull. The world around the raccoon became blotchy and dark with every passing second. An innocent finger dangled in front of her squishy nose, doing nothing but exaggerating her pitiful condition. Then she paused, and waited a moment.

“Rehhihciewww! Hehhiip!” she sneezed, scolding her nose with a firm press of the nostrils. Her sinuses finally became free, ignoring the plead of the girl’s will to breath freely. Her nostrils spasmed, preparing for another blow. “Rehihhhchieww! Ipchieww! Hehciewww!” The raccoon quickly became tired, panting from the extreme wake-up call to keep moving.

   Sniffling, Viola fled the stairways and stepped outside. She winced, feeling thick pollen invite themselves to her sensitive nose. She clamped a hand over her nose, rushing across the street to find somewhere to rest her sniffer. She sniffed, triggering another compulsion from her tiny body. “Hephcieww! *sniffle* *sniff* *sniff* Stahhiichieww! Dumb nose!” Viola begs, squeezing her nose, running through the irritants looming in the air.

   The raccoon finally stumbled into a seemingly random store, wiping herself and her pollen covered muzzle off upon arrival. She patted herself down to find her wallet and made her way to the line of people. Her eyes scanned the menu behind the counter. “Oh great!” Viola muttered to herself as spotted the many coffees that were up for order. The ‘coon’s ears perked up, hearing the sound of a unnamed female sneezing her head off. She sighed, knowing she wasn’t the only one with a sniffly nose.

   She went up to the cashier with a shy composure and asked for a hot cocoa. She took a seat in a far corner away from everyone and the door, betting on the chance that the pollen might not follow her all the way to her seat. She rested the side of her head into her paw as her eyes grew heavy.

   Time passes, and the t-shirt clad raccoon girl was drooling on the coffee table with a bit of cocoa on her lip. A petal of a flower flew off of a couple’s hasty retreat, landing on Viola’s nose. She snorted unconsciously, rubbing her nose the same. It wasn’t until her ears felt the sound waves of boisterous sneezing coming from across the shop.

   Waking up for the second time today, Viola panicked “Wha-what was that?” her head swerved left and right only for her to center herself to the far corner away from her. “Geez, and I thought I was sneezy.” Viola comments on the doe and otter sneezing there heads off across from her. The otter sniffles and takes her friend with her outside.

   Twitching, the raccoon’s nose gets quite envious of those girls’ noses, letting out all those sneezes and sniffles. Viola’s nose commanded her to raise her head high up and to give into its desires. “Reechieww! Hihaaaa!...chiewww! Reechiewww!” Viola sneezes the nearly unavoidable triple yet again. She disciplines her nose with a firm rub, only for it to rebel and sneeze again. “Rehihchiewww!” The raccoon grabs her things and heads out, seeking to put a end to her sneezy day.

   Triple checking herself, the small ‘coon realizes her allergy meds are missing. She expresses a loud groan, walking briskly out the door. With every step, her nose insults her independence with a mellow “ichieww!”.

   Reaching the light, a twisted fate of irony bestowed her. Still sneezing her nose raw, an elder wolf took her hand and put a hankie to her sniffling nose, crossing the street with her. With a nod and a rub, Viola thanked the aged canine, walking home.

   “Recchiewww” one flight, “heihhchcieww!” two flights, “ichieww-chieww!” three flights, “hupchiewwy!” four and half flights, Reihhh-ehhihh….chiewww!” the fifth and final flight. She opened her door, sneezing again out of her endlessly scrunched muzzle. She sniffled harshly, hurting her sinuses.

   She searched her purse for her medicine and found it after four rough sneezes. She swallowed them weakly and gave her best effort to sleep. And for the next 20 minutes, one could hear nothing but “reihhh...chiewwww! Yehihacchieww! *sniffle*. Finally, before passing out, the raccoon gave her last statement “chiewww! Stupid nose, where would I be without you?” She says, rubbing her mischievous ‘coon nose.

Writer's Den / (F+Anthro+Cold) A Full Moochieeewwn
« on: March 05, 2018, 01:03:56 AM »
This was a story inspired by an idea from Wolfstar15. Please check out her DA, she's a great person!

Viola the Raccoon belongs to TheEXxtra
Star the Werewolf belongs to Wolfstar15

A small, timid raccoon sat down with a cream coffee, enjoying the view her dining room kitchen possessed. She smiled, taking a sip from the freshly brewed beverage. Her tongue burned slightly, she briskly placed the coffee back down. As the sun was rising, Viola only thought good hopes for the day ahead.

Meanwhile, there was one tall werewolf feeling regrets about yesterday. “Grrr! I knew I should’ve never went out last night!” Star groaned as she swallowed a pill. She felt the beginnings of a cold, her body feeling clammy, her sinuses stuffy. This was all too much for her to handle so quickly. She plopped onto the nearest sofa to get some rest.

“Haaachieww!” Viola heard being yelled across the neighborhood. She sighed, her ears drooping to the predictable chain of events. She pulled up a phone as she waved a hand over her face, not wanting to sound as though she was annoyed. The phone rang for a bit until the raccoon heard a voice say “Hello.” on the other side, sounding stuffy and mopey.

“Hi! I just wanted to ask how your day’s been.” Viola asked, her cheery tone forced, but subtle. “*sniffle* Not quite the best, but I thii-hahciewww!” The lycan sneezed, sounding car alarms off in the distance. Star wiped her nose with a tissue before continuing.

“I should be fine, don’t bother coming over. I’ll be better before you kn-” Her sentence cuts off, with static following suit right as Star let out another sneeze. This one being louder than the last one. Viola remained calm, knowing that it was just that time of year again.

She got back up and pulled on a red sweater and white sweat pants with a matching coat to brace the cold weather outside. She sat down as she slid on her winter boots, swallowing a decongestant for good measure. She fastened her red beanie, waiting for her SUPER to come pick her up.

By the time Viola has arrived to the werewolf’s house, the cold-ridden canine has already crawled to her isolation room. Which was mainly used for such fits of sneezing. The cozy raccoon didn’t bother opening the door since the front of the house was already blown off. Thankfully Star had an amazing insurance plan so she wouldn’t go broke during the cold, winter days.

When Viola walked towards the white walls encasing the sickly Star, she smirked happily. Star smiled back, knowing she’d have even more confidence to fight this cold. The striped mammal puts a handkerchief and a large sleeping bag cased in memory foam into the werewolf’s paws. She walks out the room to make a bowl of soup.

“Whatcha do this time? Go dancing in the rain again?” Viola asked

“Come on! Yuhii-you know how dry it was last August, right!? Look, I couldn’t help myself. Is there anything you can do for me?” The sniffling wolf pleaded.

Viola put a thumb and finger to her muzzle, thinking of what this sneezer could do for here. She exaggerated her pose, letting out a loud “Hmmm!” as if to think more loudly. Her face seemed warm when she turned away from the soup while saying “You know me, so don’t worry about it.” Viola turned back to the pot while adding “But you should stop freezing your butt off all the time, hmm?”

Star sighed, feeling the raccoon’s warmth help out her sneezy composure, but she quickly felt a tickle fight back to let out another destructive blow. The werewolf slowly shook her nose around as she gripped large nose with her friend’s hanky. Her ears twitching, slowly clamping down on her head.

Viola put on two mittens over her paws, carrying a bowl of chicken soup to Star. The masked face fell, “~How could this she even eat this if she can’t get her sneeze out~” the raccoon thought. Viola turned around to place the bowl on the counter. Her body being strapped with many pillows. She took a long feather and swiftly came back to Star to finish what the canine started. The raccoon entered the white room and shut the door behind her. The paw with the feather swung back and forth in front of the werewolf’s nose.

“Hihhhahhh!” The werewolf fought, her long, sturdy muzzle crinkling up. Her hand let go of the plush hankie as menial suffering came over her. Her snout went straight into the air, causing her short raccoon friend to stand on the tips of her rear paws to reach Star’s nose. Star’s eyes snapped shut, her face giving in. “Rreeacchiewww!”

Viola flew away, bouncing all over the soft, white walls of the contained room. She finally landed into a corner where she got up, slowly. “That...that is why you duih-don’t-you’ve gotta be ki...achiew!” Viola sneezed, feeling a bit sick as well. She rubbed her head with one paw and her nose with the other. “I thought this wuhhhichieww! Wouldn’t happen again. It’s like your sneezes are a curse or something.”

Viola sniffled, wiping her itchy nose into her warm sleeve. She ripped off the pillows covering her, walking outside to get the soup back. Star rubbed her sensitive nose, feeling bad about getting her friend so abruptly sick. “Sorry Vi, didn’t mean to do it again.”  Star frowned. Her nose was building up another cold removing sneeze.

The weakened raccoon stumbled back to the soup, knowing she was foolish to think that her lycan friend was wrong. “ *snifffffle* Heh, at least her colds last only a minute. This nose is gonna be sneezy for a week! Ugh!” Viola groaned, lightly blowing her small, black nose. She impulsively slurped the hot soup, ignoring her reddened tongue.

“Rehihhh...reahhh!” the werewolf hitched, her head rearing towards the sun…

Viola sighed, wiping her mouth with a clean sleeve. She felt like she was gonna sneeze her head off. “Rechieww. Heihhh-chieww! Rechieww!” She couldn’t stop sneezing, her nose eternially crinkled for the next release. She was gonna have to go back on the denied offer in a second. “Hey, Star…” Viola lowered her voice, she took cover, hiding behind a couch.

The werewolf’s hands were limp, her nose was becoming sneezier by the second. “Agiiihhh...again already?!” Star questioned, her nose flaring wildly. She raised a finger to her nostrils, doing nothing but to suppress the massive blow ready come from her muzzle. Her ears slapped her squinted eyes, her muzzle was ready. “Rrreaccchiewwwwwyy! reihhhh...chiewwwww!”

       Star rubbed her nose, feeling the cold go away from her in an instant. She blinked twice, getting back up from her sneezy suffering. She didn’t need her wolf senses to notice how sickly her friend was. “Oh my goodness! I’m so sorry!” Star said, coming the the raccoon’s side.

Viola rubbed at her sickly nose, only for it to betray her from her constant contortion of it’s round, bubbly shape. She sneezed again “Not agaiihcheieww! *sniffle* Star, puhh-please. I ne-need some hahihhhchieww! Some help…” The young raccoon sneezed.

Star picked up the reddened raccoon and placed her on her silky sofa. She gave her some crackers and ginger ale for support. After dodging some sneezes, Viola felt just a bit more comfortable. The raccoon was still quite sick, frankly.

“Hihhchiewww! How much longer, Star?” Viola asked, her nose beet red. Star responded “Just a couple more days, I’ll pay for your bills and everything!” Star assured. The rest of the day was calm and mellow, just the way the two liked it. With the day coming to a close, it seemed like everything was gonna be alright. What a sneezy day!

General Chatter / Wolfstar15's sketch requests!
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What's up guys,

If any of you guys have a Deviant Art account, you should go check out Wolfstar15's page here
She's taking sketch requests ATM and are limited to 1 request per person, so ask wisely.
You can ask for these requests by sending her a note on the site, which a note is just a personal message for those who don't know.

Good luck and have fun with the sketches!

Writer's Den / (F+Pokemon) Two sniffles make a sneeze.
« on: March 02, 2018, 12:26:54 AM »
This was a request from TikoPiko. I especially loved this because of snivy. Hope you all enjoy.   

      “Hey...hey…” a voice echoed as if it was oceans away. The ground was wet, making this female feel uncomfortable. A voice reminiscent of a consciousness, asking her “Would you rather do...what’s your favorite color” and other questions of the like. All the voice could hear was a faint “”.

   After a short while of trivial questioning, the girl’s body felt as if it was weightless, as if she became a mermaid gliding through the sea. Her very being felt shifted, becoming something different. Then in a flash, her entire body felt less alien, almost as if it was normal.

   “Hey, wake up!” One voice said “Shut up, they’re just getting up. Jerk!” Another interjected. The girl rubbed her eyes, seeing a huffing braixen and soft-eyed treecko in front of her. She noticed her unusually large muzzle protruding from her face shortly after. Why was this thing in her face, yet why did it feel so familiar.

   While the girl was poking at her snout, the hot-headed braixen said “Gah! We can have the talk later, hun. Tim!” She said, stopping her foot impatiently while waiting for the treecko to follow up. He said “Basically...your part our dungeon squad.” The braixen whips out a poster saying ‘The legit, totally not terrible dungeon crawling squad. *******’ the fox says “Read it and weep!”

   “Um...yeah, that doesn’t really roll off the tongue.” The snivy nervously chuckles. The treecko adjusts his glasses, pulling a notebook out and pencil, asking “But we can’t have this fine recruit without them having a name. What may yours be?” Tim says in an unconvincing professional-like voice.
   Thoughts of selection screens came to the girl, making her cringe at typing a silly name as this world was too strange to be in the real world. She shook her head and gave straight answer. “ name is Cindy.” The Snivy said. The treecko threw off the props and facade and gave the newcomer a big hug. “Welcome to the team, Cid. Can I call you Cid. I know that may seem rude because you might like a different name. What’s your favorite color …” He rambled until the braixen gave him a smack on the back of his head, shutting his muzzle up.

   Cindy’s new muzzle gave a twitch, her stubby arms desperately trying to reach the far end of her snout. “Yep, I knew it.” the braixen held a hand to the side as the treecko placed a few dollars in her hand, the fox smirking as she won the bet. “Hihhh...chiew.” The snivy sniffled, rubbing her tail onto her nose. The treecko moon walked back and forth before holding his hand towards the fox who gave her twice as much money. The treecko was ecstatic, whispering a satisfactory “yes!” While the male grass type put his money away, he waved a hand over the front of his face, resetting his mood.
   “So, would you like to ask any concerning question before we blindly go into a dungeon that could cause infinite numbers of deaths?” She asks sarcastically. Cindy thinks, scratching the underside of her muzzle. She fires out questions, starting with “What are your names?”
   The perky braixen smiled “My name’s Penny!” She says to hand to her hip, the other waving in a sassy manner. Tim says in a timid tone “I’m Timmy” he gets smacked again “but I’m too old for that, so you can just call me Tim.” he says as he awkwardly imitates Penny’s previous gestures.
   Tim’s whole body shakes, asking penny to retrieve the phone out of his back pocket. Tim continues to shake in mid-air as Penny’s eyes widen “Looks like we’ll have to ask and dash, come love.” She says. Skipping lightly to a nearby cave.
   Cindy walks up to Tim and places a hand on his head, stopping his comedic shaking. He shakes his head and runs to catch up with Penny, keeping a close arm around his satchel. Cindy follows him with a slightly slower speed walk.

   As Cindy arrives to the cave, she sees her two new friends paused in time, taking in the view. The caverns reach far above there reach, giving off cold breezes and drops of water. The cave surrounds them with spiky rocks protruding the perimeter. Walking by was a denim covered human, minding their own business.

   “Sean…”The human stopped, turning around “Aw cute, I love these guys.” He walks up slowly, his gentle walk appeared high and mighty. The two other pokemon looked scared out of their fur, with Penny screaming “Abort, abort! Code Red!” She screamed, running around in circles. The human picked up the snivy, the two pokemon now staring in confusion. She was shortly set down.

   Cindy blinked, eyes bursting out. “What was that? I thought you were suppose to catch the pikachu in this place?” The snivy asked. The treecko responded with “Well technically, there are new laws that sta-wait, pikachu?!” he questioned. The snivy confidently answered “Yeah, I saw sean play this simulator on his phone. Apparently, there were just pikachus. I never really saw real ‘pokemon’ before” She said
   The two looked stunned, surprised that even a human didn’t know that. The braixen quickly gave up on explaining pokemon to her so she decided to use laymen terms “Well, in that case, I’m a fox.” Tim added “I’m a tree thing.” The braixen followed up with “ And your a snake who tried to tape two socks to its body and called them arms.” The snivy scoffed, dismissing the insult.

   “Welp, this is it.” Tim said, staring into the deep abyss beyond him and his friends. He gulped, tip toe slowly as if he was putting his foot in cold water. He shrieked, hiding behind the fox “H-how about you go first, heh.” he stuttered. Penny groans, sliding her face from the top of the head to the bottom of her muzzle. She marched a few feet into the darkness and said “It’s safe, you big baby!” She mouthed

   The treecko shook his head, making the braixen sigh. She walked to the scaredy-mon and held his hand tight. “Better?!” She asked, her entire face scrunched in anger. Her open nostrils felt dust fly into them, loosening her grip on the grass type. Her eyes narrowed to her skinny muzzle, down to her quivering nose. She yelped “luihhh...look what you made me do! Ugh! Stupid, stupid nose!”

   The snivy snuck behind the spectating treecko, startling him. She asked silently “so, do you two happen to be related?” Tim fiddled with his pulp hands before explaining “Well...she’s kinda my sister…We got stuck like this just like you did.” The snivy was shocked. “How long has it been?” He answered “You see, since your a starting evolution, ah forget it. You wouldn't know. Basically, we’ve been here so long that she evolved. Which kinda takes a yeah.” The snivy then asked “So we’re like this forever?” The treecko became pale, yelling “Yes!” as he sweated with existential worries...again.

   “Rracheiiew! Seriously?! Even more sensitive than before?! Ughhh!” She complained, rubbing her canine nose. “Come on!” She yelled, yanking the treecko away from Cindy and covering her pert nose with a clenched paw. The snivy sniffled, feeling the ticklish dust as well.

   “Hehh...dumb nose, duihhh...rechiewww! Doesn’t know when to stop!” The braixen complains again. The treecko and braixen let there arms limp as they say in the candle lit corridor “Our first loot of the day!” The scurry to the miniature crystal cave, taking overly tactical positions. “Guhh...guys. Ehh!” Cindy yells, projecting her voice for attention and only receiving another itch in her nose.

   The snivy’s rubbing has been little help, considering she can only rub small parts of her large snout and not the nostrils themselves. She’d ask for her two companions the help her rub it, but between Tim stuttering “Umm...I’d rather not.” and Penny growling “You wish, my nose is behihhh...chiew! See?!” , Cindy got no help whatsoever.

   Meanwhile, the braixen made a hand signal to go inside stealthy into the cave, only for the two to pile themselves on top of the treasure chest. The fox’s ears perk up, followed by the fox saying “Great! Now my ears are acting up again. I swear, it has to be this n-” She’s interrupted by a pikachu “H-ey, I’m gonna...beat you. Yeah, right ash?” The snivy behind the trainer responds “Hey, isn’t he the guy from the anime?”

   Ash poses, looking as thought to battle, only to pull out a poke-translator. Ash then says “Don’t worry, I won’t catch you guys. I just got me and pikachu. That’s all I need! But these days, I’m not a pokemon catching star.” He spins around, pikachu prepping an arms crossed pose. Ash continues “I’m a Pokemon celebrity!” The pikachu makes pokemon noises for Ash, but it really comes out as “Ye-Yeah, wo-word up!” He stutters. Ash says “I thought I’d only ‘ash’ some potential fans some questions, but one is all I have time for!”

   The squinting braixen asked “Are you gonna take our treasure?” Ash pulled his collar before saying “Sorry, that’s al-” He was interrupted by a sneeze from behind him. He turned away slowly, and took part in observing the struggling snivy. Her pointy muzzle wrinkled greatly, hurting her entire face. She struggled to contain any itch that lurked around.

   Concerned, the pokemon trainer walked up to the sniffling snivy and held her like a baby, rubbing a finger under the poor pokemon’s nose. He kept the translator on his shoulder, leaning it towards the snivy. He asked “What’s wrong?” Cindy hitched “Ahihhh-all the duihhh...chiewww!” She sneezed. The translator couldn’t decipher sneezes, so just static came out for each sneeze. “Cuihhh...could ya help me? Ple-hihhh…” the snivy sniffled again.

   The braixen crossed her arms, not wanting to intervene. After the small fit of sneezing she heard, she decided to call out to Ash. The translator was giving off static, and with braixen being yelled behind him, Ash turned around. He walked to the fire fox and asked “What is it?” Penny said she wanted to help her out. Ash smiled, handing her friend back.

   Ash sighed, followed by “Listen, you see that sign?” They looked, it read “Property of Game Freak”. Ash explained “That treasure, it’s kinda ours. And me and my pals are gonna film here, so I was just coming here to…” Ash paused, rubbing the back of his spiky hair. The braixen sniffled “kihihh...chiewww! Kick us out?” Ash responded “bluntly, yes. So…” he said, animating himself to offer them to leave the cavern.

   The rag-tag team looked at each other, they nodded in unison and the treecko said “We understand, we’ll leave now…” Tim said as the group walked away, giving off a sad mood. Ash felt there vibes, and compromised. “Hey, if you can go to that cave, you stay. Just don’t make a sound!” He whispered.

   The three were surprised, the deal sounded too good to be true. They shook the trainer’s hand and were off there way.

   “Hihhhep!” Penny said, putting a finger to her nose again. Tim was constantly rubbing Cindy’s large nose, saying “Come one Pen, how long til it’s your turn?” He winced. The snivy snapped “Hey! You make it seem like I’m a liability or something!” Tim said “well…” Cindy scoffed, but quickly dropped the matter.

   As Penny was muffling her hitching yelps from holding in her sneeze, Cindy was a master of her nose already. Well, except for the release part. “Cahihhh-can’t sneeze, can’t sneihhh…” She hitched. Her large snout shook, ready to sneeze out 10 minutes worth of dust. When her group stumbled upon a large chest.

   The fox and snivy’s nose paused with even the organs taking in the smells of this greedy wonder. The glistening gold, the maps, the various loot the oozed out of it. The fox wanted nothing more than to dive in and bath in it, but her nose had other plans. The red appendage twitch before letting out a quick sneeze “Rechieww!” She gasps, grabbing her two friends and hiding in a corner to hopefully getting away with sabotaging Ash’s acting career. She scrubbed her nose as snivy’s sinuses grew more and more sensitive.

“!” Cindy hitched again, her face twinging at the dust build-up. “Hello! Times up!” Ash yelled. “Shush, keep quieihhhh…” The braixen sniffled, too busy to worry about Cindy’s nose with her own nose sniffing in the dust more so than fresh air. The treecko was successful at hindering the tickle from pressing onwards, but now his arm was tired. He could help her any longer.

   Cindy gave in, sick and tired of fighting such a petty reaction. She raised her head high. Ash’s ears clearly heard “Snivhhh...Sni-Sni...Sniechiewww! Chiewww! SnivyChiwww!” Cindy screamed. Ash shook his head, saying “What did I tell you three?” He lifted them up and walked out of the cave.

   “If it wasn’t because of YOU, we wouldn’t be here” Penny scolded at her nose “I swear, next time you do that, I’m, I’m, I’m gonna beat you up.” She yelled, squeezing her nose violently. Her nose quickly sent sharp pains to her, making her tire out and sigh.

   Ash left them just outside the cavern, saying “Have a nice day!” And left a picture of him and pikachu on a black and white photograph, signed by Ash himself. The sniffling snivy looked at it with nostalgia, smiling. The moment was quickly ruined by her twitching snout as she let out the remainder of the dust inside it “Hepchieww!” She lightly covered the autographed item with spray, shrugging it off. She looked at both of her friends and hugged them dearly, looking at the sun for new hopes and adventures in her wait...

Writer's Den / (F+Pollen) Pollen Park
« on: February 26, 2018, 11:34:02 PM »
   This was done for Tornadowarning01. Hope you enjoy.

What a beautiful day! The park was a sight to see. Birds chatting under trees, dogs cuddling in the fields, and everyone having a good time. Luckily, as storm has passed, so what’s a better time to take a walk than now.
   One of many anthros seized this opportunity as they listened to their walkman, slacking there shoulders. The fresh air waking up it’s tired eyes. It took a moment to stretch it’s bulky arms before officially entering the gorgeous park. This fellow goes by many names. One being Lydia the bear, or just Lydia.
   She fastened her cap waved to her fellow peers, saying warm but brief greetings. Lydia’s long muzzle sniffed some pollen, taking her by surprise. “Yeachheieww!” “Why bless you, Lyd!” Lydia was knuckling her bear nose, trying to recognize the voice. Her memory came to her quickly as she turned towards the ma’am, responding “Chrissy? Oh my god!”
   The nostalgic bear went in to give her grey wolf friend an appropriate bear hug, but her bothersome nose twitched, making obscenely visible motions. Christina took a tissue and quickly shook the itch out of her friends nose. “Thanks, I would hate to have our overdue visit to be a sneezy one.” they both laughed.
   Chrissy gestured her bear friend to come sit with her on a bench, under the shade of some tall, green trees. They plop down, enjoying some peace for a moment. Lydia takes charge and gives Chrissy a warm hug. “D’awwww, I miss you so muhihhh…” her grip loosens as her nostrils tense up, wrinkling slightly. Chrissy’s face is flush with concern while she looks for what’s causing Lydia’s nose to react so harshly. She pulls out a flower and brings it to Lydia’s nose. She asks “Is this it?” The bear nods, pressing her paw against her nose tightly.
   Christina puts the flower away, seeing the back of Lydia’s hand mush against her nose, moving her nose around as her muzzle remained relatively static. Her friend finished with a sniff, asking herself “Why did have to be so nice this early in the year?” Lydia complained to herself.
   The wolf felt bad, knowing Lydia was being very self-conscious about her nose right now. She only wanted to cheer her up, even a little.
   Meanwhile, Lydia’s nose couldn’t stand being bossed around. The black organ sniffed up pollen against Lyd’s will, forcing her tear ducts to let loose. Her tiny, round ears shook, feeling the early stages of her nose’s brief reign. Her stocky arms hesitated to resist again, knowing the pollen would need to come out sooner or later. The bear’s head rose, giving in to her natural urges. “Yeeachiewww! Yehihh...chiewww! *sniffle*”
   Chrissy bit her lip, Lydia’s sneezes making her feel more nervous. Was she really that allergic? She thinks back to grade school and how Lyd always had a nasty case of hay fever. She knew Lydia had issues, but what else… “Aha!” The wolf exclaims.
   “Whihh-what is it?” Lydia sniffles. The bear’s eyes wander to the grass, where her canine friend yanked a lone dandelion from a sea of tulips. Her eyes widened as she said “Chrissy! What are you doing?! Yo-” The bear was cut off by a sharp sniff.
   “Oh muhhh-my, I must’ve forgotten.” Christin lied, letting the pollen torture her canid nose. “Hehe, I guess that makes two of us. Sniffly to the end…” Lydia laughs, easing up as she hears her friend hitch there breath.
“Yehihh...reeachiewww!” The wolf sneezes, swiping at her twitching nose. She feels some more pollen swaying on her nostrils, but a paw comes to the rescue to cover her nose. Christien looks around, it does seem like quite the garden here. She taps Lydia, interrupting her friend’s nose rubbing. “You think we should get out soon?” She says, sounding nasally with her paw clamped on her snout.
   That slight interruption was all that was needed to get her nose revved up again. Her snout wrinkled, making her nose front and center to Christian’s eyes. The show Lydia’s nose was giving wasn’t enough for Chrissy to get her eyes off her own sneezy nose. The wolf winced, feeling yet another sneeze coming on her. “Rraacheiiiwww! Ehhihhhp!” She sniffles, prolonging her sneeze with a slender finger.
Lydia’s nostrils were flaring wide, letting in more pollen than even the bees would care for. She took her giant, mammal arms and placed them in front of her quivering snout. She took a sharp breath and waited. “YYeeahicewwwy! Ehichieww! Hepppchieww!” She sneezed, feeling tired.
The bear’s day out to the park wasted, all because of her stupid nose. She hugged her friend, less playfully this time. She felt bad for getting her into her this silly mess. Her legs lifted her large body up and went onward, out of the pollen filled park.

Writer's Den / (F+M+Digimon+Tickling) Just like the old days
« on: February 22, 2018, 05:29:33 PM »
Hello! This was a RP done by me and UltimateChimera with me(A pretty cool guy) playing a giddy Renamon and UltimateChimera playing a caring Hawkmon/Aquilamon

This is what they look like

Tip toeing like a giddy child, the playful digimon entered the establishment. A door slammed behind her, billowing dust all around her. Her lungs filled up with dust as she coughed it out.  The Renamon's nose twinged, but that wasn't her concern. All she wanted to know was where Jemma stormed off to.

The little green Hawkmon thought he was so clever, hiding in plain sight. Securing himself inside a big pile of boxes sitting inconspicuously along the wall along one of the dirty-windowed hallways of the old building. He'd giggle to himself with just how proud he was, otherwise giggling from the nervous playful tickle in his tummy. The hawk remains silent, his breathing slowing to quiet itself
He could hear the door slam, surely soon to be followed by the Renamon's footsteps

Tina searched thoroughly, walking in circles as she tried to find the digi bird. The search would be trivial if she'd be allowed to use her sense of smell, but every sniff irritated her sinuses. Her vixen-like nostrils twitching as they both clung onto the swirling dust. She made another round near Hawkmon, her eyes too watery to see the green digi right in front of her quivering nose. She couldn't hold it in any longer. "Rechphciewww! Sniffle Wasn't that a doozy...Now where are you?" She ponders.

While Jemma was borderline fully covered by the boxes... he was surprisingly unaware of his own beak peeking out slightly from the boxes, hidden well enough among the boxes and little nick knacks that were scattered among the cardboard. The 'stealthy' little avian also seemed to overlook one of his own feet peeking out ever so slightly from behind the boxes, conspicuously, not so fully hidden within the shadow the wall and boxes casted. But all he knew was the footsteps from the delicate Renamon paws were getting closer, and that their owner just let out a twitchy sneeze aloud in the corridor. He kept his breathing steady, his heart racing so slightly at the false danger the little game presented to his gentler demeanor

The renamon trekked onward, feeling especially tired from all the walking and now sneezing. She took a seat on the dusty ground, her swaying tail brewing up more dust. Her muzzle convulsed, naturally making it face the sun. Her memories reminded her about why she was here, she still had to find the avian rascal. She shoved a finger to her sensitive, black nose to get her sinuses and senses together. Her tail felt a familiar appendage next to it. Smiling, she patted the ground with her tail while also brushing it against the nostalgic object. She knew that she was pushing dust in the air, so she preemptively clamped her hands over her nose for security and waited for the show to begin, giggling.

Jemma suddenly felt something gently puff against the bottom of his sandal, and his tummy sunk as did his heart. Gulping, his heart fluttered and raced. 'Stay completely still' he thought to himself, perhaps she wouldn't know... it was a logical leap sure, but really the only one that could possibly keep him going right now. That WAS his thought process... until he felt an incredible weight suddenly pin his yellow ankle, a large fluffy tail seeming to ignore his sandal for the time being, and tease the side of his long foot. "E-Eeheheep!" Jemma lets out, his ankle pulling gently up against your seated position, not knowing the storm of swirling dust rising into the air that'd soon settle upon his other overlooked flaw in his hiding spot~ "Noooohoho, Renamon!" The Hawkmon giggles, the dust slowly beginning to fall above his exposed beak, his avian nostrils "Get ohohoff!"

Tina was now laughing hysterically, the poor digi was hiding the whole time. She thought this was only fair since she had to go out of her way to find him. Her laughter was too much for her, unfortunately. She fell on her back, on top of the Hawkmon. Her hands fell to her tummy to help stomach her uncontrollable giggles. The contagious noise coming from the yellow ball of joy fueled the tickle being held back in her nose, soon that tickle was her main concern. The burning itch inside her muzzle halted any loving care the Renamon could've gave to her nose as she fanned insistently. Her muzzle stretched towards the dusty ground of the house, bring more dust into her ticklish nose. She mustered up enough strength to reach a flimsy finger to her nose, barely helping her cause. She hitched every plea she made "Hihhh-help Jehihhh...Jemma!" She cried.

"Gwauugh!" Jemma cries out as the Renamon topples back on top of him, knocking tons of boxes over. And in the process flinging dust into his own avian nostrils, the itchy swirling powder inside his nose causing his extremely sensitive sinuses to instantly flare to life "A-Ahaa! A-Hiictcheeew!! W-Whaaat!?" He lets out, smushed under the weight of the Renamon, his waggling green-sandaled foot still trapped beneath her weight The dust still tickled like tiny little fingers inside his nasal cavities, and something about being in that spot with his foot trapped within the Renamon's was exciting~ But regardless of all of that, he still listened to her hitching plea, waiting a response

Her nose would not be refused, it demanded center stage. A nostril twitching, making her ears flat. Another twinged, closing her eyes on cue. ..

Jemma's beak sparked, burning as it began to part and widen, desperate "Aaaaa, aaaaah!"s escaping Jemma's mouth as the devilish dust teases his delicate nose, swirling and teasing inside the firm avian nostrils~
"Whaaa, whahaaaaaUUGHT is iiit!?" He lets out again, rubbing his tingling beak with the only hand he could as he waits to hear just what she had called out for his help for

The Renamon couldn't take it anymore, she caved in to her instincts and let loose. "Rechiiiiew!" She sniffled. She crawled to the hitching bird, rubbing her pert nose.  Wide eyed like a child, she cocks her head and pokes the digi's head, asking "Hey bud, what's wrong?" Her faced beamed, knowing Jemma was just suffering from a measly tickle in his beak. Letting go of her own nose, she gave Jemma a warm hug, saying "Don't stress it, bub. You can let your sneezes out and beihhh...chieww! sniffle before ya know it, we'll be out of here in no tihhhh-chiewww sniffle Gahhh!

'What a sensitive little nose I have' she remarked. Oh that absolutely did it, Jemma couldn't mentally handle the tickle any longer... the ticklish pressure took clutch of his delicate sinuses, and with a puff of his chest he cocked his white avian head, beak quivering as he let out an "Aaaaaugh, eheeeeaaaugh!!". His beak burning, his nostrils were ready to expel the irritation. His eyes clenched, his tongue gave a wild flick, and then... "HEH- HEEEH- HEEEIIITCHEEEWW!!" the hawk's head rocked forward as they release an adorable little sneeze, their little green body jerking forward under the large pile of boxes, only toppling them further on top of himself. With a defeated sniff... the dust tickles his nasal walls again, causing another sneeze to burst from his irritated nostrils~

Patting her digi friend's back, she pulled him away and said "So, you ready to go now?". She got up and look around, trying to find where she came from. She found the entrance on her left, which was now covered in rumble. She groaned, her nose twitching again. "Rehihhh-we need to go before we sneeze our heihhh...heihhh...hhhhachiewww!" She sniffled, grabbing Jemma's arm and walking about the house.

"W-Woah, yeah, alright" Jemma blushes slightly, a slight twinge in the avian nose causing their face to briefly scrunch. The Hawkmon was pulled along by the Renamon, stumbling sideways as the seemingly unstoppable force pulled against the incredibly movable object. "You know where?"

"...Rrrachiewww! No, I've never been here befuihhh-chiewww! What's up with all this dust getting up my nahihh...chiewww! Hold my sneezes back, could ya?" The Renamon asked, walking about as a sniffling mess.

"Oh, uuuh, sure" Jemma responds, hand holding the Renamon's wrist as he reaches up and holds her nose. She was rather tall, compared to him. "I think I remember, if you wanna let me take lead"
Jemma hugged themself slightly more to Renny's side. Goodness she was awful tall, slender. He kinda liked it though. Smiling ever so slightly to himself, his brain brewed the playful idea of tilting his head, ever so slightly letting the fluffy feather on his headwear brush the back side of the Renamon's arm

Tina's arm danced, her other hand squeezed her nose. What on earth did the Hawkmon think he was doing? "real hihihihihehe! wheezes fuihhh...chieww!" She says, taking her hand off of Jemma and tickling his belly back.

"Aieeeheee!" The avian lets out, the playful claws skittling on his soft tummy making the gut retreat. The balance on his own two feet swayed, as a result, of course the feather's gentle tickling stopping~ "Juhust playing a little!~"

The Renamon shook some dust off her fur just to tickle there noses a bit more. "Don't evihhh-chiewww! sniffle think for a second you can mess with me?!" Her nostrils flare again, but her hands are more focused on tickling the poor bird.

"Aaaah! Rehehenmon! Oooh, I take it back! Eeeee!" The hawk lets out a gentle squeal, the green bird still holding the tall Renamon's wrist, but having their body teased by the claws!
Perhaps it wasn't the most optimal place to be messing around like this, but it seemed like fun~

Stepping it up a notch, Tina moved her tail over to the Hawkmon's beak, tickling it aggressively. "Your such a big baby, Jem. Why don't just tihhhh-chiewww! tickle me like before." she sneezed. Her paws moved over to the underside of his wings, tickling his armpits.

"Aaaah! Aaaahaeheehee! Nohoho Rehenneehee! Aaa! A-Aahhetchew!!" The Hawkmon erupts in a tiny sneeze, his pull tugging away slightly as his body tingles from the delicate touch to his armpits "Stohohop! Wehee gotta get out of here!" The bird laughs, a vain attempt at keeping the current plan of simply getting out of the place they both were in "Wehehe gott walk!"

"Just one more outta ya and then we'll see." She says, continuing to tickle Jemma. Her nose had quite enough of sneezing this dust and proved it's pointing by twitching some more. The Renamon stepped away, pawing at her ticklish nose. "Nghhhh...what's up today? You so tihh...Rachiewww! Ticklish!" She pouts, her attempt at rubbing the tickle away futile. Her nose wasn't done, making her head rear back for a much larger release. "Stahihhh...sneezing! Rraaachiewwwyy! Rechieww! It won't staihihhhchiewww! *snifff-chieww! Gah!!" she sneezes.

"Mahaybewe should get out of here before doing anything else... y-you can... tickle me later, if you want, let's get leave for now" Jemma says, his own tummy knotting at his words, his cheeks feeling slightly warmed. The Renamon could plainly tell his own words flustered him slightly, if it weren't the sneezes the long yellow snout were blowing out doing quite the same to him! The Hawkmon had stepped back from the tickly claws, his giggling slowly subsiding

Tina plopped herself onto Jemma's shoulders, the sniffling mess still sneezing"Rechieww! Yeah, good idea." She sneezed. Her body tired out from her black, twitchy digi nose.

"Ghhh, hey! Gurrrk, get off!" *Jemma lets out, seeing the way out, but... having incredible weight suddenly thrown on top of him. His leg muscles tense up, pressed beneath the Renamon's weight. His demeanor shifted slightly, feeling weakened by the tall yellow Digimon hoisting herself to his shoulders. "Y-You're really heavy you know!" *Jemma lets out, step by step trudging towards the exit. "Walk yourself, please!"
If it weren't for the mental image of that black nose twitching and the feminine composed voice letting out hitches and sneezes, he wouldn't he so keen on simply carrying her out at the moment. But... what are friends for, they figured

"Ruchiewww!" She sneezed weakly, sleeping soundly on top of the tiny Hawkmon. Moments passed by, and she began snoring loudly, letting out the occasional "Recheiww." Her sleepy sneezes and loud snores were non-stop, piercing her digimon friend's ears.

"I can kinda tell why I was hiding, now" Jemma says softly to himself, only really meaning it half-heartedly. He looks to is side and just sees the Renamon's white legs dangling at his sides, the slender feet at their ends, and feeling her arms wrapped mostly to him as they could be. Soon enough, he had found the way out, the snoring Renamon still on his back and shoulders
 "Alright, we're out, can you... maybe get off me now?" Jemma asks softly, his green sandals stepping into the grass and into the underbrush that surrounded the place, into some woods
A rather cliche spot if they were to do anything else here before heading back, but oh well, it's what they had~

"huh, what?" She asked, feeling groggy from her awkward nap. She got off the Digimon and stood up, looking around the woods. She sniffed, noticing her nose was clear for once. She sighed before picking up a flower out of curiosity and smelled it. Instant regret came over her as her nose filled with pollen, she scrubbed her nose while adding "Well, at least it smelt good before this silly thing got sneezy again." she said, poking at her own nose for emphasis.

"Eheheheh, it's a cute silly little thing though~" Jemma giggles softly, seating himself as his back decompresses from the now lacking weight put upon it. His shoulders were sore and his legs shook gently. He laid himself on on his back, legs splayed out in front of him. Possibly as more of an invitation than anything~

Tina takes this invitation and goes in, pulling Jemma in by the ankles. She taunts the digibird with her fingers ready to tickle him and lets him have it. Scratching the sole of his talons, she can just tell by his beak that it was difficult for him to contain himself. As Jemma's body was recoiling from the assault, the Renamon's nose twitched back to life, easing her assault on Jemma. She was flustered, using on hand to coax the inevitable sneeze out of her system while her other hand gently tickled Jemma.

The hawkmon jolted at just how quickly his ankles were suddenly wrapped, his long yellow feet trapped as her clawed fingers reached beneath his sandals and teased right at the firm yellow arches. Instantly, at the snap of a finger, Jemma was cackling and shrieking as his delicate feet were scribbled at by the Renamon, his ankles helpless to stop her. And his body most certainly did recoil, his hips rocking back and forth and legs tugging as his beak flung wide with cute almost squeaking laughter. His only defense was hugging the sandals to his feet in an attempt to defend the soles, and luckily with her more focused on trying not to sneeze that tickling him, his little defense worked fairly well it seemed!

Her feeble defenses against the pollen around her didn't last long. The hand tickling the bird's sole was backing away slowly, until the tickle spiking in her nose. She reached for her nose and began shaking the poor thing, trying her best to convince it to stop being so ticklish. "Ehihhhh...hehhaaa!" she cries as she uses to much energy to be worth it. She looks up to see the bird still giggling slightly from her attack. She smiled, but her nose wasn't letting up, unlike her. She resorted to placing a finger under her nose, hoping that the cartoonish method was true. It proved useful, for a moment. Her nares widened, tired of the girl's resistance. "Rahhhchieww! rechieee!!" She cried, rubbing her raw nose. "This has gone far enouhhhhcheiwww! No fair!"

"Hehey, it's not my fault your nose is so sensitive~" Jemma giggles, pulling his sandaled feet from the Renamon's grip, the Hawkmon smiling softly. She'd been sneezing for a while now, he couldn't help but tease her just a little on it!
"Here, may I can help~" Jemma chuckles, sitting himself up and scooching next to her, pulling the large green feather from their headpiece.

"nuihhh...chieww! My nose is doing plenty to me, I duhhh-don't need tickled." She hitched, her finger pressed against her nose. Doing nothing more than blocking her nasal passages, but the sneezes persisted. She sat there, trying her hardest to get some sort of satisfaction out of fighting her nose.

"Really? Because I think I know something that can help you~" Jemma giggles, the Hawkmon stretching himself up and raising his feathered hand to your snout, wielding the large feather. It comes closer... he aims it... and then, the pointy feathered tip slowly inserts itself into the pretty black nostril, Jemma watching the rigid wrinkles form along the former pristine snout as the digi's nostrils tickled them... Jemma gave the feathery tip a gentle flick inside the rim of the nostril, sending a clenching irritated jolt all the way back to the Renamon's sinuses, a mighty sting taking hold of her hesitating nose "We gotta flush all that pollen and dust out!"

"No!" She shouts, yanking the feather. She wish she didn't, as the pull of the feather tickled every bit of the inside of her nose. Her will power running out. "Hihhh! HAhhhh!" she screams, her lungs unable to express the great pain her muzzle feels. As a last resort, she take a palm and runs it back and forth, covering the whole nose this time. Her muzzle scrunches, stinging from the massive itch inside it. All her efforts have only made her suffering worse as her arms fall, finally giving in. "Rrrraaachieww! Rehciewww! Rehihh...rahhihh...rechiewww!" She massages her nose again, the tickle more innocent than before, but still sneezy to her. "chieww! nugh! Th-thanks, but I think this tickle isn't going awahihhchieww!" She groans.

"Oh! I'm... I'm sorry, I thought it'd help in a way" Jemma says, his expression drooping as he places his feather back into the headpiece. "How do you get you to stop sneezing?"
The Hawkmon seemed concerned, surely sneezing for this long wasn't normal?

"Nuhhh...chieww! Not sure, but I can deal with it now. Wehihhh-chieww! Just need to get ou-outoherachiewwe!" she sneezes, barely getting her thought out before sneezing again. She rubbed her nose again, trying to find a way out of these darned woods.

"U-Uuugh, alright, I think I can get us back to my place!" Jemma says, his concern rising as the Renamon continues to sneeze. He didn't even think there was any pollen left in the air! Regardless, he takes position in a clearing and steps up to the... occasion, if she could call it that? "I'll turn into Aquilamon, i'll fly us back, just hop on" Jemma says firmly, putting on a confident face

The sneezy Renamon nodded, still scrubbing at the itchy organ jumping from her muzzle. They took flight, feathers moving seamlessly through the air. A couple feathers snagged onto Tina's face, making her pull back as she let out a quick double. "Rehciewww! Huhchieww! sniffle sorry, Jem."

Previously shorter than her, Jemma was a good maybe five times your size now, a mighty Aquilamon "It's alright, let's just get you back" The large bird says, Jemma's massive white head turning back to look at hdf. His voice wasn't as high as it was before, no doubt simply the result of Digivolving.

She nodded again, sneezing her head off. As they arrived outside of the woods, her instincts were telling her to keep the sneezes in again. She couldn't control herself, she wanted to stop sneezing but didn't want to hold them in as to pop her muzzle off. Her eyes watered, signaling yet another defeat. "Rechiewww! I-It huihh-hurts...chiewww! Are we thihhh...chieww! there yet?" She asked, sneezing rapidly again.

"We just left the woods, but we're almost there I promise. We'll have to rub in there with a baby wipe or something" Jemma responds, feeling his heart sink as he listens to her sneeze, hearing how it was hurting. He was stressing himself out, but they were nearly home

Nearly home, her nose began acting normally. Picking up a variety of scents, she giggled as she covered he sensitive nose at the overwhelming smells her nose could pick up. Seeing a house nearby, she thought maybe the two of them should take a crash landing. She scratched her friend's belly, causing his flight to skew quite a bit.

The Aquilamon jerked a let, eyes twitching as he lets out a snort. Deeper voice, same laugh it seemed. "Heeey! S-Stohop! O-Oooh! Renneeheheee! Ihi need to land!" Jemma cackles, heading towards a large apartment of sorts.

The Renamon continued, bracing herself for a rough landing. "Wheeee!" She squealed, tickling the digibird as they nose dived into the apartment complex, feeling an adrenaline rush.

Jemma cackles and bucks in the air, over the apartment, his wings flail and he thumps to the roof, letting out a sharp gasp as he lands on his wing, his heavy both shushing it down. It sends you toppling off, Jemma still lying where he landed, the Aquilamon groaning.

"Nghhhh! Enough for the day?" Tina asked, feeling all tired out. She got up slowly and stumbled downstairs, calling it a day.

This story was made out of a request from Y31. Hope you enjoy it (I sure did).

   One day, there was a blue beauty. One who stood tall and proud, breathing potent fire, a fire greater than other fire-breathers. One may assume this small dragoness may be an ice dragon. This would be a grave error, for this reptile can’t even handle a chilly breeze. Her nares protruding proudly from the front of her face were flaring from quite the discomfort.
   This sickly, sniffling mess gasped. Her sinuses were being very sensitive today, and that doesn’t even include the cold stuck inside her muzzle that was reeking havoc. She raised her long head, closing her eyes in sync with her nares opening wide. “Rahhhhchiewwww! *sniffle* ugh!” She wipes her nares her hanky, which is now burning from her flame filled muzzle.
   Tired of all the sniffles, she stood up and strutted out the door. She got her car started, only for her muzzle to twitch again. “Rehihhhh…” She jammed a finger to her dragonic muzzle and scrubbed thoroughly, this wasn’t going to be easy for her, exactly.
   The engine roared from the car, the sound reminding the dragoness of her ancestors and how bombastic they were. She sniffled, shuddering at the ill sound as she began backing her car out of the driveway. Her mind was scrambled, as only her eyes were searching for a pharmacy as she drove cautiously around the neighborhood.
   Her nares were nearly as alert as she was. Her eyes saw bright red neon light flash, deceiving her notion that she could beat the yellow light. Her muzzle didn’t like this sudden stop and responded harshly “Rehhhptkkkk!” She sneezed, shielding her car with a scaly arm to suppress the blast. She groaned as her sinuses started acting up again. “Reehciewww!” She sneezed freely, catching the sneeze with a tissue. The car wheel became scorched, bringing panic to the dragonic mess.
   She heard a horn blast right behind her, startling her more. Her nares twitched to cue another sneeze, “Raachiewww! *sniffle*”. Her window melted a fair amount, making her kick the melded window off to see what’s in front of her sedan. She failed to notice the green light right away, making her feel small as she drove past the intersection. She clawed at her nose meekly, feeling more like a lonely rodent after looking past a glaring green light. She made a left turn, resting her head down.
   She had half a heart attack as she nearly forgot to stop for the pedestrians in her way. The shock brought a wave of reactions from her body, goosebumps being not far behind a scrunching muzzle. As the pedestrians walked by, she brought a hand up to her rising muzzle as she held it high for another tense reaction, “Reihhhhh...Rahhhhciewwww!” Her hand caught the fiery sneeze. She patted out the fire before continuing onwards. “If I don’t get this cold out soouupptkkkks!” She stifles the blast. “Soon, I’ll have to walk back home” she thought to herself. She slammed her foot on the gas as she raced to the store.
   Sirens blared, worrying the dragoness more so. She begrudgingly pulled over, pawing at her volatile nose. She hears a knock at her side window, her hand glides to the power window button. The brown dragon says “Ma’am, you have a lot of explaining to do.” The dragoness panicked, but that worry turned into guilt. She pointed at her nose in shame. The officer responded “I see.” He gives the draconic sniffler a ticket “stay home next time, eh?”
   As the officer began walking away, the dragoness stopped him by saying “But I still need somebody to get me some meds.” the officer stood there for a moment, shoulders slack before he sighed and turned around. He re-approached the window, looking left and right to make sure nobody would suspect him, then sprayed the dragoness. “RRaaacheiewwww!” She sneezed outwardly. Thankfully, the brown dragon caught the sneeze with a leather handkerchief. “That should last you about 10 minutes, make it quick!” The girl nodded, putting her car back in gear as she felt her sinuses clear up.
   With a boost of confidence, she went to the pharmacy smiling. She picked out her favorite soda pop, chips, perfume, the whole nine yards. As she approached the register line, she felt this gnawing tickle grow back into her muzzle. Scared, she dropped everything and began clawing the very front of her muzzle. Her nostrils weren’t happy with her rebellion, for they were dancing around the claws that were trying to contort the fiber of there being. She fled the line and searched for the medicine she so desperately needed.
   Her tearing eyes met with the medicine aisle. The tips of her feet pushed her quickly towards every type of medicine that could possibly help her. She one-handedly tossed any item that wasn’t meant for her. “Headaches, ulcers, pink-eye, bad-breath...Itchy nose!!!” She said, cheering for her minor victory. Her nose was also celebrating a minor victory the grasp from the blue fire breather was gone.
   Hitching loudly, she approached a mother dragoness, asking her for a tissue through her desperate actions. Wincing, the healthy dragoness pressed a sturdy tissue against the sickened dragoness’s nose. The mother fought the nose as the ill dragon raised her head, giving in to her sickly urge. “Raachiewww! Rehihhh...rehihhh...cheiwwww!” The blue dragoness sniffled into the tissue, or what was left of it. With a loud harump, the scorched mother guarded her kid as she stormed away. The blue dragoness quietly said “Th-thank you…”
After a brief wait at the register, the ill dragoness started her drive back home. On her way home, she sneezed boisterously, disintegrating her well kept sedan. “Raachiewww!” She began pacing back and forth, furious that she has to walk home now. She sat on the curb, contemplating calling a SUPER. Her mind wanted to do nothing more than to sneeze herself to death, but something in her wanted more.
She squeezed each nostrils with a claw. Both nares, however, spasmed despite her grip, tiring her. A few minutes pass and right as she was about to sneeze, a group of ruffins walked by her. She rubbed her nares into her arm with the rest of her energy for the sake of the children.
As they disappeared from her vision, the tickle in her muzzle grew to unthinkable heights. She raised her head in preparation, as if she rehearsed it a thousand times. Keeping all but a pathetic claw to block the fiery blast to make way through her nasal passages. She closed her eyes and “Rrraachieww!”. Fire stuck to the streets before quickly dissipating.
She moaned, pulling her phone out and calling in a SUPER. “Cahihhh...Can I gehhh...CanIgetarachiewww! *sniffle* ride.” The sneeze costed her extra since it endangers the health of the driver. “Ugh!” She responded to the price. She sat there, sniffling away. Every once and a while, a friendly figure would ask if she’s alright. Where she would move the fellow to the side and let out a quick “Rechiewww!”, cueing them to go about their day.
The driver finally came, making the blue sniffler’s tail wag with joy. She waved her hands up high as the driver slowly pulled over. Her nose was quite excited as well, flaring nostrils trying to catch more attention than the dragoness herself. She brought her claws to her snout, hitching loud, shaky breaths. Right as the driver stopped, the dragoness let out a explosive sneeze.
   “Raaachiewww!” She sneezed, burning all of the car to ash except the drive himself. He looked meanly at the dragoness, putting both hands in his pockets as he paced away from her. She sighed, walking home and burning everything her snout could smell.
   She plopped onto her bed, ending up right back where she was. She eyed the medicine she got earlier, thinking of whether she should take them or not. Her snout decided for her a twinged. She clung onto hope with a claw grasping the front of her snout, her snout was more advanced and ignored the plea.
   As her claw became limp, she looked up and shut her eyes. “Raahihhhh...Rachiewwww!” She sneezed, burning the medicine to a crisp. She saw a charred medicine bottle, which signaled her to grab it. The moment a claw touched it, however, it too turned to ash.
   Defeated, she accepted her fate as a sniffly monster of the east. Her muzzle confirming this with one, gigantic sneeze. “Rrrraaachieww-yyyy! *sniffle*”

Writer's Den / (N+Digimon+Non-Anthro) Aquilamon Request
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   This was a request made by UltimateChimera, hope you enjoy.
In the world of Digimon, Aquilamon would’ve soared freely with no restraints. It was the king(or queen) of the sky. It’s tall stature was mostly covered by red wings and a pearly white head. Flying head-on into any predicament, it’s two, large horns protruding from it’s forehead were sharp and intimidating. It’d never turn it’s beak down on any obstacle. It’s been fearless, until now…
   Flying about, it notices something off with the air around it. It sniffs the air, it’s avain senses picking up a familiar scent. Aquilamon takes a good look at it’s blurring surroundings and gasps. It’s been flying mindlessly for hours in one direction and almost forgot Yolei’s birthday!
   Quickly, Aquilamon takes a sharp U-turn in its flight pattern and begins zooming across the coast, desperate to reach Yolei. It was going too fast to notice any minute details, not paying mind to anything small, like a fly.
   Where other flies would have flown right back out, this evil little critter wanted nothing more than to ruin this Digimon’s day. Getting caught by the turbulence of the Aquilamon, this fly decided to burrow its way into one of the bird’s poor nostrils. The fly’s very presence irritating the bird’s sinuses.
   “Gahhh!” Aquilamon screeched as a foreign troublemaker entered its beak. The bird tried to flex its static nostrils, wanting nothing more than to move the annoyance out of it’s system. It’s eyes squinted, trying to bear the slight tickle parading inside itself.
   While the bird was fighting to keep its beak free of invaders, that same invader smirked as it moved its way around the beak comfortably. The mucus inside the beak kept the fly grounded. The fly found a particular spot comfy. It waddled over to a part of the nostrils and laid down, fluttering its wings calmly, getting sleepy.
   “Squaaaa!” Aquilamon yelled at the top of its lungs, it’s flight appearing sporadic from the now burning tickle. The Digibird got itself straightened out, trying to assess the concern. Adjusting its weight, Aquilamon took a wing and started shaking its beak, clinging on to hope that the intruder will leave its beak and go about its day. Surely, someone wouldn’t spend a whole day inside a bird’s beak.
   Being jolted around, the fly started to rub it’s sore head. Its eyes noticing light coming from outside the nostril fluctuating. The fly only assumed it was doing its job pretty well, seeing that the Digibird was shifting its beak around, pleading for the fly’s dismissal. Seeing that getting this bird to sneeze wasn’t going to be easy, it started searching for the right spot to set it off.
   As the fly began to move again, Aquilamon gave a sigh of relief. The bird sniffed the air, only for a tease in its sinuses to crop back up. It groaned, knowing that this was going to be a long trip. The bird was gliding, not sure on how to deal with this menace. Curious, it began blowing air forcefully out of its beak. It only made whole beak more itchy, bothering the bird who couldn’t even bring a claw up to scratch it at a time like this.
   The fly wasn’t too fond with being pushed around by this bird’s nasal air currents. There had to be a way to beat it. Pulling another trick from it’s metaphorical sleeve, it slowly made its way towards the front of Aquilamon’s beak.
   Aquilamon was shocked to see that a fly was inside its beak the whole time as the fly crawled up to the front of the bird’s beak. Furious, Aquilamon nose dived into the ocean, attempting to drown the devilish fly.
   After a few dives into the water, the fly still clung onto the bird. It was shivering though, but laughing at the bird. The bird got quite a bit of water inside its beak, as it quickly shook the sensitive thing. All that the violent shaking caused was more air to go past the suffering bird, the tickle was at a record high.
   Seeing nothing less of the perfect storm, the fly did what it did best and flew into the beak of the bird. The fly could only see victory in its eyes, as the bird was making a feeble effort trying to stay elevated. After trial and error, the fly finally found the perfect spot. It planted itself firmly and waited for the rush.
   It was so close, the town was so close! Aquilamon wanted nothing more than too get to Yolei, but its beak couldn’t take it anymore. The bird’s head extended upwards, nostrils steaming, ready to get rid of its imperfections. Aquilamon caved in, opening its poor beak. “Rehhhh….Rahihhh...Raaachiewwww! *Sniff-* Rechiewww! Raihihhhh...rachiewww! Rahhhchigugugguglle” Aquilamon sneezed, crashing into the coast and sneezing some more. The fly seemed content as it fly away (mostly) unscathed, besides some mucus. The Digibird dragged it’s talons along the coast, sneezing some more, as its beak was long overdue for more than a couple sneezes. “Rahciewww! Rechiewwww! Rahhh-chiewww! Squahh...chiewww!” Its beak was finally clear, other than some stray tickles which the Digimon coaxed out with the rub of a broad wing. It walked the rest of the way to Yolei, not as the inspiring Digimon she’s known to adore, but as a sniffling mess. Poor, poor Aquilamon.

General Chatter / Taking story requests!(SHUTTING DOWN)
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Novice writer here,
Have any cool story ideas that you just don't have the time for?
Don't have enough money to find a writer to commission said story?
Then I gotcha covered!
I'm open to up to 5 requests at any given time and will try to finish the stories at the latest within the month to be generous.
I'll be open to requests until the end of March and at that point, I'll consider taking more requests or not.
What if I don't have a Sneezefurs account?
Don't worry, you can always contact me at my email
There are a few things I can't say I'll be able to write about to the best of my ability
*male sneezes
*excessive snot
Everything else I can manage at the very least.
You can make up to 2 requests at once, on your own, but I can't stop you from asking a friend to request something for you.
Requests are made official once I confirm them Via DMs which is when I'll mark the request being made in this post.
You can see how much room is left for requests below

Requests left: 5

Have fun!

I'm leaving this post up for about 24 or so hours so people know that I'm ending requests now.
By the way,
I'm ending requests now. I'll leave a new post up for whenever I wish to ask for requests again!
Thank you all for the requests you've given me and sorry for anyone's request I haven't fulfilled (I'm soooo sorry PPL!).

Writer's Den / (F+Anthro) Scientifically Sneezy
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   There was one 6 foot beauty who had what other dragonesses would believe was a very demeaning job, not her. Her long muzzle smirked whenever she finished a day’s work. She believed that if one young dragon could achieve greatness, then all her hard work would be well worth it. Being a teacher wasn’t without its obstacles, though.
   This dragoness possessed an appreciable face with kind, emerald eyes. Her wings were modest, easily able to hide under her poofy lab coat. Her scales ranged from being bright red for all to see to burgundy when approaching her belly. Her ears slicked back, appearing almost invisible unless you go out looking for them yourself. Her two horns in her head were wide and short, being more towards the front of her face and parallel to one another. Last, but not least was her peculiar muzzle. It was long but broad on the trunk, it’s sides were all scale until you reach the wide nares that approach the tip. The issue of her nares’s physiology makes it needlessly difficult for her to tend to any tickles that invade it, as it requires an entire palm of one hand moving a considerable amount to just barely rub both nostrils.
   Class was starting just as the tall dragoness, or Mrs. Elizabeth as her students would call her, was just about to put on her safety goggles. She’d always have one absent-minded child forget to put them on everyday, as she would respond with a stern look at the young dragon until they got the message. Something didn’t smell right for the science teacher, and that wasn’t just a figure of speech.
   Scanning the room, she didn’t notice one dragon who came to class today who’d be wearing anything irritating. Her nostrils weren’t flaring an awful lot, so as long as she kept her cool, she could sneeze her head off in the bathroom before second period. She subtly clawed at her nostrils just to be safe.
   “Yesterday, I believe we DID NOT finish pages 55-73, yes. So for the first half of class, you may finish anything you haven’t completed for today. Although, I should just give most of you zeros...If you do not finish even a single page, a single question, then the whole assignment will be a zero, no if, ands, or buts.” She paced, walking confidently back and forth. She eyes a particular student known for being on there phone, she continues “If you are finished early, you work on assignments for other classes, draw, chat QUIETLY. But if I see you with your muzzle stuck in your phone, you’ll be seeing me in after school detention. But if that nosey muzzle is in a book, I’ll say good things about you to your English teacher.” A couple dragons with failing grades in english briskly pulled out a book and started reading.
   Mrs. Elizabeth stuck her nose up towards the phone addicted student, walking to him slowly. Gossip quietly spread around the class, only for the dragoness to strike her pointing stick onto a student’s desk, startling all of them into silence. She finally approaches the student, sticking her hand out in demand of the phone. The young dragon nervously shuts his phone off. Mrs. Elizabeth snaches the phone not a moment after he presses the home button. “Hey, it’s not of-wait, don’t look at that!” He says. The teacher’s eyes narrow, justifying her flaring nostrils as she takes a mean glance at the student as she walks back to her desk.
   She opens up his most recent app, taking the crude joke on the page as nothing more than juvenelle. Her nostrils flare against her will again, forcing her hand to hug her muzzle for support. “Hihhhh...ahhh-hihhh!” She hitches, appearing to be laughing. The young dragon across the room smirks “See you also have great taste.” The red dragoness is appalled, saying “Heh, I’ll hihhh-have you know THIS is nuihhh...nothing more than child’s play.” She hitches, shutting the phone off. She smiles while saying “For the 3rd time this week, I’ll be calling your mother about your chronic behavior.” She says. The young dragon shakes his head in apathy, pulling out his science textbook and getting to work.
   For the next 20 minutes, many of her more kind students voiced concern has the large dragoness kept clawing at her nares. “Miss, would you like a tissue.” “I’ve always heard letting it out fe-” “Do you need to step outsid” “asdfnvbjhowajjf....” The dragoness snaps, yelling “Enough! I duhhh...don’t need to sneee-SNEEZE. Class will function just as well even if that were the case.” Her alarms rings, cueing her to start the lesson for the day. “Now, let’s begin shall we?”
   The first part of the lesson was to look at cells and to describe what you see. This was often a very brief exercise and is why the microscopes are scarcely used. The teacher relaxed as she knew that this was the perfect opportunity to sneeze, given that she finally has an excuse besides the possible perfume.
   Her first sneezes were being iffy, as her nares were waning from ticklish to very sneezy at the flip of a dime. She thought maybe bringing her scrunched muzzle to some equipment would help out. She approached a group of more generous kids and “analyzed” there findings, letting her nares easily pick up any dust lying around. Her muzzle twitches violently, triggering the sneeze to begin. Her eyes closed shut as she brings her muzzle up to the sky as high as she can. “Rraacchiewww! Ehppchiewww! Rahhh...rahhhh-rechiewww! *sniffle*” She sneezes, reducing the tickle to just an inconvenient muzzle twinge from time to time. The whole class says “bless you!” as she sniffles out any itch she can.
Class is nearing the end and her lesson is going smoothly. Taking out a day’s worth of material in one day. All of her students are being such perfect specimens so far. All she had to do was to talk a bit more about the subject and she’d be fine. Her muzzle, however, wasn’t done either. The large, red dragoness takes her pointer stick and states "Now this here is the nucleus and this is the mitochondria. As we all know, the Mitochondria is the the powerhahhh...the powerhouse of the cehihh-ehhh-rraaacchiewww!" She sprays, leaving the smart couple of dragons covered in her sneeze. Embarrassed, she dismisses her students early by saying “Clahihhh….classdismmissed, have good daihhhchewwww!” she waves the kids goodbye as she scratches her burning muzzle. The final kids leaves, but the itch still hasn’t left. She lifts her head up to sneeze out the last itch for the class “RRrachiiiewww!” but not for the day of school. Her muzzle still had quite a lot to say to this big, red beauty.


Writer's Den / [F+Anthro] 9 o' Clock Worries
« on: February 11, 2018, 01:29:08 AM »
Tangerine leaves were few and far between. The livelihood of the plant life was in resurgence. Among many Sam was DWD ( Drowsy While Driving), making her morning commute. Often times, she would shake from the rowdy sounds of car horns waking her back up at every green light.
   As the mustelid arrived at a parking spot, she massaged her groggy eyes. One foot after another, she stumbles out of the car. She screams out a yawn beyond the named “The Coffee Shop”.
   Stepping inside, she scans the room only to find a productive blue jay sitting in the corner, getting yet another cup of coffee. Unable to stay still while working with her laptop.
   Off to the side, a bloodhound’s ear rose, hearing the door’s bell of the coffee shop. He adjusted himself and put on a weak smile, hardly noticeable. The otter maneuvered around the set tables and chairs leading to the counter to order. She yawned, making it well known she was a great customer from the start. The canid greets “Welcome to the coffee shop, what would you like?” with Sam responding with some small talk banter by saying “Whew. It’s pretty early, huh? I mean, I can only imagine *yawns* how tired you a-.”
   An eye rose from the dog, feeling insulted. Sam takes a moment to read his face. She feels guilt sweep her as she realized the assumption she made. She gasped, covering her mouth while saying “I’m so sorry.”.
   The dog chuckles while saying “I get it all the time. I thought you were one of those troublemaking boys...or girls, trying to joke about me and don’t even know my name. Here’s a real joke. So there was this guy...ha! Whatcha want?”
   Feeling the stress go right past her, Sam asked “A large black coffee.” The hound grinned and made her some coffee. The coffee shop was starting to fill up. A housecat couple came in, feeling happy as the dog made Sam feel.
   The otter took her coffee as the dog moved on to the next two customers “Welcome to The coffee shop…” he said again. She took her cup in one hand using her other to balance her sleepy self as she walked pass tables within the marble walls of the establishment.
   Sam sets her eyes on the extended dining booth that reaches towards one of the windows of the shop itself. She sat down, getting herself quite cozy. She sat her phone down across from where her coffee sat as she lifted the coffee and took a generous sip. Her lips burned as she brought a hand over to her coffee covered lips and wiped the steaming coffee from her face.
   The cat couple took a seat at a table close by to our otter friend, conversing soon after. Sam cooled her coffee before taking another sip, eyeing the felines’ friendly talk.
   A distressed looking macro mouse man in formal apparel scrolled in, asking for a cream heavy latte. He walked to a two person table, taking his time to pull up his set, and rested on a chair. As if by coincidence, the male cat revealed a bouquet of flowers right as the mouse man walked in.
   The girl cat was elated, taking the flowers  while hugging her boyfriend. The fast motions of the flowers swirled up a hefty amount of pollen. A good whiff of it went right by sam’s large, otter nostrils. She got startled as her nostrils flared while drinking her pungent coffee. She gulped the rest of the coffee in her mouth while guarding her nose with a sturdy finger to her nostrils.
   Some pedestrians took a glance at her struggle as they walk by the shop. Embarrassment sweeps over her, feeling eyes of concern stab her. Her nares twitch again, making her muzzle hurt now. Weighing her options, she let the sneeze take over and doubled over, uncovered. “Huccchiewww. Huhh-huhhh...hechieewwww! Sniffle!” She sneezed.
   Unable to find a napkin by her side, she moped to herself. Both felines said together “Bless you!” in response. The door gingles to another customer entering the premise. The couple pauses for a moment before offering Sam a tissue, saying “here” as a gesture of kindness. Sam was  about to take the tissue until a doe walked by while saying “Don’t worry, I got this.” as she gives the otter a few tissues from her purse.
   The male cat asks “Oh, I guess you know this nice lady.” the female smacks the male. The doe responds “Well, uh…”. The female says to the doe “I suppose you two will know each other after a few coffees, of course.” she says . They all chuckle.
   The doe sits right beside Sam. They both feel tension after the otter gives a quick blow to her nose. Sam’s eyes pop as she tries to remember something. She says “Hmmm...Jenny, right?” The doe says “Juniper, but your friend calls me Juh-June.” Juniper says, pressing a finger against her quivering nostrils.
   The otter notices the nose as much as June does and offers one of the tissues that the doe gave her. June puts a hand up in refusal and looks towards the window to sneeze, which doesn’t seem to be working at the rate she’d hope.
   Sam cocks her head in slight confusion. She asks “Are you sure? I’d at least help it if you sneezed into this.” The doe was too far into the sneeze to say anything except a brief “...purse.”
   The otter nodded and started scurrying through her mutual friend’s purse. A familiar bird skipped by and asked “ Looks like we got a strong sniffer here. Do you mind?” The otter and doe nod, allowing the blue jay to pull out a can of an unusual type of pepper spray. “Don’t worry, it won burn ya. Its called “sneeze spray”,  for any stubborn sneeze.” An alarm goes off on her phone, she says “Hup, looks like I gotta go. Call me.” She speeds off, leaving a number behind. It appears out of state, which Sam can only assume she at least lives in the city. She puts the number in her pocket and brings her attention back to Juniper.
   Even though the doe’s face is very scrunched up, her ears relax, knowing she can let out the sneeze out sooner. The otter gets the pepper spray ready while asking “You ready?”  The doe nods and the otter sprays a good amount of the pepper from the can. She made one mistake, yet, which was aiming the nozzle the exact opposite direction she wanted to spray it.
   Her face convulsed, nostrils brimming with pepper. Her eyes only sprinkled with the black grains. Her nose became wide open while she rubs the pepper out of her eyes. Juniper wanted to aid Sam’s nose, but her own nose was teetering towards sneezing her head off. Sam took more of the tissues she received and began sneezing into them. “Hepchii-chiii! Huhh...chiewww!” It wasn’t long before her hands became limp and started shaking after every sneeze, letting pepper crash onto the table.
   “...haccciewww!” after the final sneeze, she found no tissues by her side. She rubbed at her large, bouncy nose. Giving a sigh of relief, she wanted to look back outside, only for her to notice her struggling acquaintance next to her. She took the spray bottle again and turned it 180 degrees to be safe, although it was a bit unnecessary to say the least. She tapped the button a few times into the doe’s now very quivering nostrils to satisfy it’s sneezy needs.
   June’s muzzle scrunched to an unbearable state. Her nose held back far too long, responding to the tardiness with a few loud honks.“Ahhhhciewwwww-ahhhhhhhhhhchiewwww...huh *sniffle* ehpchiewww!” Nose still twitching, she scavenged her purse for any tissues and finding none.
   The female cat repeated her tissue offer, now to the doe. She nods her head and rubs the tissue enthusiastically into the sickly sniffer...

Writer's Den / Space Sniffles [F+Star Fox]
« on: January 20, 2018, 06:37:29 PM »
   This story is my end of a trade with Y31. I hope you enjoy

       Today is a friday. The stars are glistening, the planets are calm, every race, big or small have one thing in mind. That is to go out somewhere to kick off the weekend. It’s as if nothing could go wrong. Problem is, some people just can’t catch a break even in what’s supposed to be there finest hour. I wonder what a few special someone's are doing at this time of day…

   “Uhchieewwwhhh!” Fay sneezes, again. For the past few days, Fay has been sneezing her head off, despite taking the week off. She may have remember seeing a few people since, but has dismayed the possibility that any of those people got her sick. After all, she was known for being as healthy as a celestial horse.

   Recently, no one has bothered to give her a visit, so she’s decided to invite a couple friends through a hoax. She would send them a letter saying “GIRLS NIGHT: TODAY AT the great fox in my room.”, not very convincing, but managed to catch there curiosity enough to have them stop by. At least, that’s what they planned on doing.

   Krystal opens the door whilst walking through it, absentmindedly looking around. “Ok, I see that you’ve embarrassed yourself already. Now tell me, wh-.” Krystal halts as her eyes met Fay, seeing that she is very ill with the tissues littered on her bed. “*scoff* This is some kind of party-” Krystal says, slowly walking away. “-but I’m afraid I’ll have to skip this one, seems you’ve been just fine without us. You party animal.”

   Miyu angrily stares at Krystal, and demands. “No. WE are going to help her.” Then Krystal asks “And why is that?” “Because she’s our friend.” Miyu says through her teeth.

   They both turn around back to Fay, who’s muzzle is flinching. “Ehhpchiewwwhhh! sniffle.” Fay sneezes, then briskly blowing her reddened nose. Krystal and Miyu let out a deep sigh as they come over to there forsaken friend Fay.

   “D’awwww, you guys!” Fay says gleefully, giving Miyu and Krystal a big, warm hug. Fay gets herself comfy as she pulls out a remote controller. “So...whatcha wanna watch?”
   Krystal feels Fay’s burning head with the back of her hand. Concerned, Krystal confronts Fay. “Hon, you need some rest. Your burning up.” Krystal says with great worry.

   Miyu leans in slightly towards Fay with soft, caring eyes. She says “Here, let me get you some soup.” She looks at Krystal and tells Fay. “Go ahead, go watch a movie.” she says while offering the remote to Krystal. Krystal looks at the remote for a second, still thinking about Fay’s health. Thinking a movie would be perfect for Fay to relax, she took the remote and smiled at Fay.

   While Krystal and Fay were getting the movie started, they could hear pans slamming on the ground just beyond the door. Rushing out the door, Krystal goes to Miyu to aid her , she asks “Miyu, what’s wrong? Everything ok?” Miyu scrunches her face as she says “I thihh-think I’m gonahhhchptskkkk!!”. Worried, Krystal asks “Miyu, are you alright? You sound a bit stuffy.” Miyu then remarks “ Well how about this? sniffffff hehhhh…” Miyu fans her now extra sensitive nose, unable to hold back the sneeze. “Rrracchhieww! sniffle Does that prove it, or would you like me to sniffle sneeze on you again?”

   Krystal froze, her nose twitching faintly. “I-I see.” Krystal turned around and said “Come along now, I’m gonna hihhh...I’m gonna hihhh...I’m gohechiew! sniffle Ugh!”

   Putting both hands on her hips and swaying her feline tail, Miyu cocked her head and said “Come along now, WE’RE going in that room and taking the day off like we planned.” As Miyu said that, Krystal remembered her own plans and blurted “Bu-buh-but what abo-.” Miyu put a finger to Krystal’s slender muzzle and said “By the look of you, you couldn’t go a minute without sneezing…” Her muzzle twitched while she was talking, which then she removed her finger from Krystal and placed it under her own nose, rubbing it thoroughly. She continues with “Besides, maybe you should relax sometimes, eh?” Krystal unclenched her furious hands, easing up and thinking of the bright side. If she’s sick, she won’t have anything to lose.

   As Krystal and Miyu were walking back, they started to feel weak and pale. They nearly collapsed as they reached Fay’s bed. Krystal asks “What are you, patient zero? I feel like shit, no offense.” Fay responds “Ah, it’s nothihhachieewwwhhh! It’s nothing, I’ve gotten used to it really.” She says in a perky tone. Fay looks down and points out “I haven’t really left the bed, so…” she says while playing with the covers.

   Miyu pulls the covers back to her as Krystal empathizes with Fay by saying “Heh...hey, at least nohhhh...holdonamoment!” Krystal says as her face scrunched and nostrils flared. She sniffed firmly, hoping to quell the tickle in her sinuses.

   Being to anxious, she continued “Where wehihh…” seeing that her nose was too much trouble for her, she wanted to set herself straight and pressed her finger against her nose while continuing her thought. “At least we’re sick togehihhh...Hachhieww! Unfortunately!”

   Miyu added to Krystal’s thought by saying “Yeah, it’ll be great. We’ll hang out together, yawns have some zzzzs.” Miyu said as her lids became heavier from her stuffy head. Krystal continued to be frustrated as she yelled “Damn it, why can’t I stihhh…” she desperately rubs her vixen nose with the palm of her hand. Grinding at the soft, gentle organ, continuing to abuse it’s bouncy texture.

   Miyu’s eyes water, causing her to get up and rub her eyes. She started to feel less and less drowsy as her sinuses continued to be more and more ticklish from her fresh cold. Her eyes pop wide open for a second, cueing her hand to fall right under her nose. Her body leans back with her nose taking brief control. “Heptskhhhh. Rahh...rahh...rahhpstshhhhh!...” Miyu continues to sneeze.

   Fay’s canid nose twitches fiercely, as she surrenders herself to the will of her nose. “Epchieewwwhhh!” Fay sniffs and attempts to stop the tickle right in its tracks as her eyes spot a pillow to suppress her suffering. She takes the pillow as she shoves it directly into her face and trys to ease up while the sneezes start rolling. “Mmf. Mhh-mhhepsthhh! Hepxtshh! Hep-” Fay continued to sneeze with no end.

   Krystal snaps herself out of her sinuses and back into reality. She looks to her left and sees both Miyu and Fay sneezing there heads off, who knows how long they could sit there. There bodies convulsing, dying, begging for help. It made her just feel sick. She was sick! She had to do something, so she decided to stand up to go get some Adimvil.

   Krystal’s knees nearly went limp as soon as she made any effort to walk forward. Her nose was reacting again, she could succumb to her defeat like her friends. She can’t, she’s the strongest vixen in the galaxy, with the best nose money can’t buy. She lifted her face up and crawled, not because she was weak, but because that’s how heros do it. It was cool, like the space marines.

   As Krystal got warmer, so did her nose, and this race wasn’t looking good. She wasn’t even halfway to the kitchen that had the Adimvil and her nose was on fire! She could’ve given up then and there, but she took it like the vixen-y vixen she was and guarded her nose with a mighty finger, telling it who’s the boss. Every inch she took, her face begged for release. She could almost feel her sinuses crying out for her to give in. What looked like a few feet were a mountain to her, and she was just about to reach the top and boy she did.

   Feeling satisfied with reaching the top, every fiber of her but her nose forgot of the journey ahead. Giving in, Krystal let herself and her nose go. “Huhchiewww! Eh, it huh-hurts...ehhchiewww!” As she was sneezing, she dropped the bottle of Adimvil while it rolled along the hard, metal floor of the ship.

   Still sneezing, Miyu’s pointy ears picked up the sound of the door opening despite it being drowned out by her boisterous nose and it’s insistent behavior. She jumped up and poked Fay while saying “Ey, we gotta get that.” Miyu quickly turned around and held out her hands and said “Hold and don’t let go.” Fay shook her head.

   As Miyu was barely falling off the bed, her long, spotted tail stretched out to grab the medicine not far from them. Fay was reeling back for a sneeze as Miyu was doing this, unaware of the current situation.

   Barely touching the medicine, Miyu leaned back just a bit more. Right when Miyu was just about to grab the medicine, Fay exploded with a sneeze “Hmmf...Ehchiewwwhhhh. sniffle”.Causing both to fall on the ground.

   As they both rub there sore heads, a short figure with tall appendages on its head comes forth. Coming in a bit closer, it appears to be Peppy Hare.

   Peppy isn’t in his usually vest, however. It seems to resemble more of a jumpsuit and a fish bowl on his head? Befuddled, the three girls climb back up onto their feet seeing what Peppy has to say.

Krystal raises a hand to ask Peppy a question before quickly being shut down by his formal statement. He says “I know, I know. This all seems rather odd, but when there is a rhyme, there is reason for it. It looks like you three lovely ladies have been selected for our newest routine test.” The girls look confused as Peppy continues “You see, discipline just doesn’t work the same as it used to. So we have created more unorthodox methods. So instead of scorning you or lecturing you about things you already know, we thought we should uh...control your bodies.” The girls clench their chest in shock. Peppy adds “Joining Star Fox, you should already know we control your identities. With advancements in cybernetic technology, we can control who’s in and who’s not. Meaning, if we want you out there, or to take time for recreational affairs, we can decide if you are healthy or not.”

   Krystal raised her hand and asked “I see and all, but what about-” she then pointed to Peppy’s fishbowl helmet. Peppy replies “Oh, this? I’m just getting ready for the galactic halloween party. I’m an alien!” he says giddily. Miyu rolls her eyes, then right when her eyes meet her nose, she's greeted with a quick “Rrchhieww! sniffle

   Shocked, Peppy asks “ Which one of you were the sick one?” Krystal interjects “Wait a minute, I thought you made us ill. What is this?”
   Panicking, Peppy points out “Of course, but we don’t cause sneezes. That’s just unsanitary!” He quickly walks back to where he was while yelling “Code red, code red!...” Farther away, Peppy says “Slippy, your suppose to press the button.”
“ I don’t even know where the button is.”

Peppy then mocks “ I don’t even know where the button is “

“Hey, I don’t sound like that!”

 “Sure you do...because how do you not know when to press the red button.”

“Ohhh, you mean this one!”

   “No, that’s for ejec-!” Peppy screams as he and Slippy fly away in a escape pod.
   The three girls look at each other, thinking about the strange events that just occured. Miyu, unaware of the Halloween party screams “Krystal, oh my god! Whihhhchiptskksshhh! Why didn’t you tehihhh…” Krystal puts a finger under Miyu’s nose as Miyu gave her a mean look on her face, crossing her arms. “Well, when we’re you gonna tell me?” Krystal pretended to ponder, but then said “ Well…” as she removed her finger from Miyu’s nose, causing a sneezing fit out of her.

   Krystal’s nose soon followed, with Fay being left with the burden of bringing the two back in the bedroom. The all quickly fell to the ground from being so sick and after 20 minutes, Fay inched her way back to the bed with her gigantic sneezes pushing her forward.

   Back on the bed, the three were curious on what movie they should watch first. As they were looking through the holo-discs, a few movies caught there eyes. Krystal was the least sneezy at this time, finding a good romance movie for them. Annoyed, Miyu chimed “Cahihhchitpkshhh! Can wehihhh…” Seeing Miyu couldn’t get a single thought out, Krystal responded “ If you let your sneezes out when they came, maybe we won’t watch the lovey dovey movie “. Miyu’s ears hang low, trying to tolerate the movie. Not like she could go 5 minutes without sneezing her head off.

   After the movie ended, Fay still couldn’t stop sneezing. Miyu took her finger and placed it under Fay’s nose, Fay asked “I dihhh-didn’t see the whole...what happened to her?” Miyu answered and Fay screamed “What?! But everything was-cries and whines.”

   Irritated, Miyu let go of Fay’s nose and crying turned back into sneezing. Krystal was looking for another movie, her nose twitched, and so did her hand. She ended up selecting an action movie and before she could objectify, she began to struggle with herself.

   Her nose felt raw, her muzzle tired, her eyes reddened and her fur a mess. She felt more bothered to rub her nose than to sneeze, but every hitch and every flinch in her muzzle caused more and more pain. Not so much for her to throw in the towel, but she wanted to give up, but she couldn’t give up rubbing, scrubbing, doing anything to stop the endless tickle, the endless battle, no war with her nose. “Hepcheiwww!” By the time the sneeze came out, the end credits were already rolling, time flashed right before her eyes. Right next to her, her friend Fay was traumatized by the violence as Miyu teased with a casual finger hanging below her nose saying “Come on, you do way worse when you're out there.” Fay broke into tears. Miyu quickly reminded Fay “Remember what you used to say, it’s all a video game, right?” She chuckles. Krystal looks Miyu right in the eye, feeling disappointed. Fay lightens up and says “Yeah, sniff heihhhchiewwwhhh! Just a game...Speaking of which, wanna watch this movie?” They both shake their heads as Fay starts the movie.

   While Krystal is helpless to help her own nose, Miyu still has some breathing room. She may only see the movie in little bits but as Miyu pieces the plot together. The puppets in the movie look oddly familiar to Miyu, so much so that she holds back her sneezes just to get a better picture. Just as Miyu figures it out, the surprised feline hears her friend quote “I’ll get you next time, Star Fox. Hehehe, he doesn’t even look like a dog.” Miyu then says “You know what that is, right?” Fay looks at the movie, then at Miyu again as she understands how she feels. Fay responds with “Oh, you haven’t heard? They got this new game called “Lylat Wars”, you should check it out. I’ve played it ever since I got sick here. I never even knew about the movie?” Miyu replied “But I did just here you say “Star Fox”, which is right here?” Fay says “Nope, it’s probably a different dimension. Besides, were famous. But it sucks that none of us are in it. Except Fox or whatever.”

   Offended, Krystal points a finger at Fay in fury before her nose twitches again for her attention. Curious, Miyu asks “Well how can you prohihh...prove thihhachiewww!” Miyu rubs her nose as the movie says “Do a barrel roll!” Miyu says “Wait, Peppy doesn’t say that. He says to do an Aileron roll…” Convinced of Fay’s claim, she quickly runs to the window as she says “Ohhh...hihhh sniffle hachptskksshh!” Fay hands Miyu a tissue to blow her nose.

   Miyu’s nose isn’t satisfied, scrunching yet again, her muzzle is filled to the brim with a ticklish urge. Her ears flatten, her head rearing, her hand waving. Nostrils flared as wide as they can be, Miyu releases “Hahccchiewww! sniff She continues “Oh my god!” She says as she discovers the fourth wall, and it’s covered in dust “Hechcieww!” and then the real fourth wall, of the Star Fox Fanfiction universe.

What is peppy doing with this illness technology, is Adimvil really just an Advil rip-off, does Fay Spaniel really see all. Find out next time in

General Chatter / Anthrocon in Pittsburgh anyone?
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I've been a furry for a few years and never really thought of going to anthrocon even though I live in Pittsburgh and everything. I was just curious if any of you have been to Anthrocon or have planned on going this year for the first time. I personally think it'd be great for me to meet some like-minded people in person with varying interests, and hopefully, make some new friends in some manner. Or at the very least, have a good time.

Writer's Den / [F+Anthro] Foxy shopping
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     Stepping out of her car, today was just another day. Today this red fox had to get some food for the next week. At the very least, she was able to meet up with an old friend today while she was at work, so not all was lost.

     Giving the "Save a Bunch" door a light push, she eyed a few ailes she knew she had to go past. She grabbed a shopping bin and headed her way. While strutting along the store floor, her long,silver hair shinned mildly while noticeable dust particles landed on it from several feet above her.

     In the food aisle, she was looking carefully for the right bread at the same time a wolf and her two cubs, with one being in the baby chair and the other tugging at her mom to get that one item he wants. They seemed to be carrying a bouquet of flowers inside a basket with a balloon saying "Happy anniversary" on it .

     Triggering a harsh reaction from Brittney's nose, her head tilts back as the pollen merely beside her assaults her nasal cavities. Even at her knees, she performs quite the show with her muzzle scrunching and having her fan her nose as wide as her nostrils have expanded.

     Just as Brittney is about to squeeze her nose to catch the sneeze, the sneeze catches her off guard, letting loose without enough warning.

     "Raiichhieee! *whines softly*" Brittney sneezes, not only in public(*gasp* heaven forbid) but she also sneezes on her least favorite bread, wheat.

     Rolling her eyes as she takes the spray soaked bread, the tickle in her nose spikes due to the family beside her still being around. Thankfully, the tickle isn't as strong, so she manages to take the palm of her paw and begins to rub and shake her nose in desperation as she snags some cans of soup.

     Shifting to the drink and dairy aisle, she starts to look for some milk when she stubbles across an old goat granny not too far from her. Something in Brittney thinks that this goat could help her find some milk.

     Brittney walks up to the goat and pokes her on the shoulder, the goat turns around and asks "Oh!  What seems to be the problem?".

     "Well, I'm just trying to find the 2% Milk." Brittney responds. The goat lady nodes and briefly looks around, she then asks Brittney " You mean the red ones?".

     Brittney gives a confused look on her face and goat lady signals Brittney to come a bit closer so she can see what she mean. As Brittney comes near, her nose twitches at the faint smell of perfume, of course with allergies like Brittney's she begins to freak out and starts rubbing her nose again.

     The goat lady notices Brittney and shakes her head in disapproval, she then says " No no no, you can't rub it with you hand like that. You'll get your germs everywhere." Scolds the goat lady.

     "nihhh...No I think I'm fine." Brittney says slightly aggressively.

     The goat lady walks up to Brittney and grabs her hand and gently pulls it away from her nose, she then takes her own hand and rubs Brittney's nose with the back of her hand. " You gotta do it like this." Says the goat lady.

     Cross-eyed, Brittney is very confused having on old lady rub her nose. After a few moments, the tickle seemed to fad away. The goat lady then trudged to the 2% milk and handed it to Brittney, still dumb founded and staring into space at this point not realizing she was holding milk for a moment. The goat lady then says " here you go, and remember to use the back, not the front."

     With all the food she needed, Brittney decided to finally check out. She made it to a lengthily line, about 12 people. By the time it was 3 people left her nose ached more from the returning itch from before, her muzzle autonomously kept scrunching even though she told herself she was fine. If she were to speak now, all that would come out would be a "haa"s and "ehh"s. All she could do was put her nose awkwardly into her wrists which were firmly holding the grocery bin's handles.

     When it was her turn in line, she was both excited and mortified.  Her cashier was a brown haired sweety that has been friends with her for years, but yet haven't seen each other in years.

     "*gasps* Hey! Hows it been Brittney, I'm glad you've stopped by." said Sam as she ringed in her items.

     "hihhh...Ya know, the usual." Brittney says, trying to play it cool.

     "Well, I haven't seen you since what, high school? So what are you doing?" Sam asks.

     "Sniff, ya know. Thihhh.... Things." Brittney says awkwardly, trying to avoid talking as much as possible.

     "Come on, there's gotta be so- . Hey Brit, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to set you off." Sam apologizes as she sees her friend struggling to hold off a sneeze.

     "No no nihhhh...Nihaaachieeew.Chieew,Hecieee! Sniff, I'm fuhhhiii..." Brittney says after letting out 3 sharp sneezes, followed by her own finger being brought to her nose.

     "Total is $10.24, listen. Just let out some sneezes outside and I'll help you with the groceries from there." Sam suggests.

     The customers behind Brittney give an annoyed look at Sam's suggestion.

      Despite Sam's idea, Brittney was too busy forking out her money from deep within her purse. As she was trying to find the needed change, all of her change flew out of her purse. Causing her to get down a get back her change before things got worse.

      However, for every few coins she picked up, her head leaned back and she gave out a few squeaky sneezes. "*pants pants* Hihhh-CHieew, Huchieeeew,Rachieee..."

      Finally, after nearly 40 sneezes, she finally was able to finish paying her worried friend the last .24 cents. Sam looked at Brittney and asked " Hey, you sure you don't need help."

     Brittney shook her head as she scrubbed her nose on the way out leaving with one last loud "Raaachieeee!"

     As the door closed behind Brittney, Sam noticed a slip of paper next to the code scanner, it was Brittney's new phone number. Sam grinned as she continued the rest of her 9 to 5.

Writer's Den / [F+Star Fox] Krystal the house nurse.
« on: October 02, 2017, 11:54:34 PM »
I do not own Star Fox or any of its characters. Only the story

This is how both main characters look like if you haven't seen them before.

Miyu Lynx


     In recent years, a few members have been added to the Star Fox crew, those members are Miyu the lynx and Fay the cocker spaniel. These two have proven they are more than capable arwing pilots for any misson. With both Fay and Miyu being quite the colorful characters, they are welcome additions to Star Fox. However, today seems to be a new low for one of these recruits...

     "Sniffle, I thought I told Fox, I'm not si-Ichiew!" said Miyu, sneezing for the fourth time.

     "Listen Miyu, I got to head out in 20 minutes." says fox, as he winced in frustration while pinching the back of his muzzle, between the eyes. He sighs as he begins one last time to repeat himself.

     "I really don't have time, so let me make this clear. You ARE sick, and don't tell me different because you know you are. And we also can't afford anyone to be a liability under any circumstances, except for Slippy, he at least can maintain out arwings."

     Miyu glairs at fox, annoyed. Fox looks back at her as he rolls his eyes.

     "Hey, to be frank, being a pilot is the only thing your good for." Fox kneels down and begins to talk to Miyu in a softer tone. " But your still a great person, so I wanna look out for ya too by helping you. "

     Miyu sighs and turns head. "Sniffle, and that's suppose to make me feel better."

     "*Sighs*, I guess not, but you need to rest. I'm gonna have Krystal take care of you." Fox says as he gets up and walks away.

     Miyu attempts to get up, but quickly feels weak and lays back down. "He is right 'bout one thing, I feel pretty shit." She says to her self.

15 minutes later

     "What?! Why can't you stay back, your so much better at this." Krystal asks, having a confused look on her face.

     " Well..." Fox looks down, a bit scared to admit the truth. "I kinda said you would help her."

     "Sniffff, fine. Just don't be gone for too long." Krystal says, willing to comply.

     Fox nods his head he gives Krystal a long hug and kiss. " Don't worry, I won't be." He says as he wave goodbye and begins walking to his arwing.

     As the sliding door to the arwing closes behind Fox, Krystal groans at the day ahead whilst trudging towards Miyu's room.

     "UGH, really?! Why does she have to get sick now, it's not like we needed to do anything this weekend, Fox could've help her easily. I swear if he-." Krystal stops after complaining to herself as she makes her way into Miyu's room.

     Despite Miyu being pretty new here, Krystal knew her well enough to know she could be quite stubborn. So she knew this wasn't going to be easy.

      Miyu's room is a mess to begin with, having clothes littered across the floor. On top of that the trash bin next to her queen sized bed was overflowing with wads of tissues. The walls however, were quite clean. They were the standard light blue that was for all rooms inside the great fox, however Miyu decorated her walls with many different famous arwing pilots and movie actors. The lights on her ceiling were off and she only had a dim lamp on top of a small dresser next to her.

     "Hey! You are..."
      "Krystal, really that's just rude. Not knowing your own co-pilot's name." Krystal remarked, slightly annoyed already, but she tried to keep a cool head.

     "Fox told me your sick, but he didn't say exactly how sick. So could you do me a favor and humor me a bit while I fix up your room." Krystal commanded while cleaning Miyu's room.

     "Sniffle, well I'll have you know I'm not sick. I just h-hihhh..."

     Miyu's breath begins to hitch, her hands instinctively grab a tissue from her array of tissue boxes. At the same time, she puts a finger up to her cold-ridden nose to stop the tickle in it.

     "...have allergies." Miyu finishes.

     "Ok, then what are these?" Krystal asks, showing Miyu the filled bin of tissues next to her.

     The tickle spikes in Miyu's nose. Her long ears flatten to the side as her back arches and her muzzle scrunch as the result of her itchy, flairing nostrils being eagar to give a powerful blow.

     "Hihhhh-ha...ehhhh, Ahcieww! Sniffle, ugh." Miyu sneezes roughly into her tissue as she wipes and blows her nose with it.

     "Uhuh." Krystal acknowledges Miyu with a suspicious look on her face, amused. She feels Miyu's forehead and just knows she has a cold. Feeling mischievous,  she plays a cruel trick on Miyu, while still helping her of course. By doing this, Miyu will have to cooperate " You know what? You actually don't seem ill at all..." Krystal takes Miyu's tissues away from her and finds her allergies pills for her. " So you won't need this of course, just take these you'll be fine." Krystal walks out of the room while saying, " I think I'm done her, take care."

     "Wait a sec." Miyu says as she leans forward while faking a cough. " *cough cough* I think I'm sick now *cough* (the door slides close). *sighs*, great..."

     Krystal leaves the room and starts going on her way to ROB 64 to get some pills for Miyu.

      "Rhacieeww!" Miyu screams, with Krystal hearing her faintly.


     "Hello, KRYSTAL. How may I help you?" ROB asks, waiting with a dull expression as always.

     "Miyu is sick-" Krystal says, only to be briefly interrupted by ROB.

      "And she has a moderate cold. I have prepared this for her in request of FOX MCCLOUD." ROB states. " Is there anything else you require?"

     Krystal quickly takes the pills and her "conversation" with ROB abruptly ends. Krystal is about to jet when ROB quickly remarks. "FOX MCCLOUD will be here in ONE HOUR and FIFTEEN MINUTES. He will stay here for approximately FIVE MINUTES.

     Upset, Krystal rushed back to Miyu's room without a word.

Miyu's room

     "Five minutes?" Krystal repeats to herself as she approaches Miyu's bedroom. She shoves that thought to the back of her head as she continues with her plan.

     "So, if your not sick. Then you defiantly don't need this." Krystal shows Miyu a bottle of nasal decongestants.

     "Pfft, of course not. Besides it's only allergies,sniffle." Miyu says, sounding confident. " Even then, I still need some tissues, ya know. These allergies are really killing me." Miyu says, obviously faking.

     " Then what about those pills over there?" Krystal asks, gesturing towards the allergy pills she took out earlier. Which are still in the same place from when she left the room.

     "...mhhhhhhhhhh, can I have the tissues please?" Miyu says, avoiding the question.

     " Oh come on, all you need is to swallow one of these right?" Krystal says while opening the allergy pills and pointing one towards the front of Miyu's muzzle, slowly.

     Backing her head away, Miyu whimpers slightly as the pill inches towards her mouth. Right when the pill is about to touch her lips, she takes the pill and says. "*sighs* fine, I am a little sick."

"See, was it that hard?" Krystal teases Miyu. Miyu cocks her head to the side and crosses her arms.

     " Sure." Says Miyu.

     Krystal takes the allergy pills away from Miyu and steps outside the room for a moment to get the tissues that were sitting beside her door. Right when the tissues are in view of miyu, her nose reacts at just the reminder of having to sneeze.

     Miyu's nose flairs and spasms, her muzzle scrunches again while her ears and body commit to same song and dance of shrinking themselves as before. She raises her head with her breath violently hitching.

     " qui-ihhhhh...quickly, the tissues. Sniffle, Hihhhh, Hachixxxss." Miyu becomes light-headed from all the sneezing she's done so far, have this one being her 30th.

     "Alright, here you go." Krystal says as she hands Miyu her tissues and some pills.

     "Sniffle, thanks. Ra-chieew. Appreciate it." Miyu says, accepting her illness.

    As the next hour went on, Krystal brought Miyu some soup and comforted her my fluffing her pillows, most importantly she stay at her bed side. After a little while, the air around the two began to feel thick with Miyu's cold, Miyu couldn't feel it, but someone definitely could...

     As Krystal began to hand Miyu a tissue for her quivering nose, her own nose began to feel twitch on it's own and had an annoying itch in the back of her muzzle.

     "Hihh-Hey, I still neeehhhh, need to sneeze. Miyu said, but then quickly looked at Krystal and scoffed at the itch in her muzzle. " I guess I'm not the only one who needs to sneeze."

     Krystal had her eyes squeezed shut and a tissue ready to catch a sneeze but just from hearing Miyu's remark, she opened her eyes and looked at her in annoyance.

     "Says Ms. snehihhh-sneeze ahhhhh. Alots, sniffle. Rachhhcieew," Krystal sneezes, wiping her the tears from her eyes as her nose begins to run slightly.

     "Krystal, don't you know? Sharing is caring." Miyu says while putting a hand up expecting a tissue to be placed in her hand.

     Krystal pulls the tissues away from Miyu's hand as she wipes her own twitchy nose with one of them.

     As she finishes, she briskly hands Miyu the box of tissues.

     "*Sighs*" Krystal sighs. She rubs her nose, eyeing the box. Knowing how much she'd much rather not wash a mucus covered rug, she asked.
"Hey, sniffle. Could I have o-." Krystal is interrupted by Miyu harshly blowing her nose.

     " No, there are only two left in here. And I'm the one who needs help." Says Miyu

"But you wouldn't want me to sneeze all over your furniture, would you?" Krystal points out.

     The two of them sit there and think about the last two tissues. After a moment, they realize something.

     Miyu figures out that with little tissues being left, that means they both can't sneeze...


     "Hey Fox, don't you think we should head back to check on those two?" Falco points out. Fox alarm beeps.

     " Right on cue Falco. Everyone head to base."

Back in Miyu's bedroom

     With no tissues available to use, Krystal and Miyu's minds begin to panic.

     Oh god, what are we going to do. I mean he's almost here, but it's not like time is going any faster- Krystal thinks, only to have Miyu put a finger under her nose.

     Miyu then gestures to her own face towards Krystal hoping she gets the memo. Krystal slowly slides her finger towards Miyu's contorted face and under her nose. They both sit still, waiting for the itch to go away.

     "Come on, only five more minutes." Krystal says.

     "Five minutes to what."


     Krystal's nose begins to flair rapidly and is about to let loose only for Miyu to generously rub her nose for her. Miyu's nose gave off large tremors for a thing so small, but was noticable enough for Krystal to begin rubbing it. Barely saving Miyu's nose in turn.

     For about the next five minutes, Krystal and Miyu had a contest of "who's nose was itchier". With the both of them tiring out from the constant struggle, their whole bodies shifting as their noses were ready to give a large and long release.

     As their noses were pointed high up in the air. Fox walked in on both of them as they finally sneezed.

     "Hachieeww, sniff I'm so sorachiieww. Sorry Fox, sniff. Huuucieww, Ruchieeww!


      "Hehe...*sighs." Fox sighs as he very well knows that now he has to help both of them, and the story continues...

Writer's Den / [F+Sly Cooper+Induced] Carmelita Fox
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This is one of Megacycle's older stories that he couldn't save and I managed to find it on the SneezeFetishForum and was posted Augest 9th 2012. So make sure to give credits to him for this story.

(Enjoy everybody, please comment and tell me what you think.)

Running from rooftop to rooftop from the infamous Carmelita Fox is France’s newest thief Wolf. “this is to easy.” He make one more leap to land on his final rooftop and begins his descent into the streets below and begins running once more. He runs into a shadowed alley only to come to a dead end. “dead end, not good, not good at all!” he thought as he searched frantically for a way out of the alley.

“I have you know Cooper.” said Carmelita in a commanding tone while pointing her pistol at me.

“Well you did catch me ,but I am not Sly Cooper.” said Wolf as he stepped out of the shadows to reveal himself. “But I am glad to know that I measure up to his abilities in my crimes, gorgeous.”

Carmelita looks upon the face of France’s newest thief to reveal a gray furred wolf slightly taller then her wearing a dark blue muscle shirt, black pants, and black boots. “Who are you?” she demanded.

“You can call me wolf” he said calmly as he walk slowly toward her and then lies face down on the ground with his hand behind his back. “And I know when I have been beaten.”

Carmelita Fox stands above her latest capture. She begins to cuff him with her handcuffs “tell me your name.” she ordered as she hauls him back up on his feet to take him to jail.

He stumbles slightly as she raises him back to her feet. “gladly, the name is Benjamin Wolfe” he said.

Just as he said his name someone came out of the shadows and knocked Carmelita out with a quick blow to her head. “Why am I always bailing you out of trouble Wolf” said a feminine voice.

Ben quickly picks the locks on the cuffs and looks at his short friend a ferret wearing a black shirt, black pants, and dark brown boots. “Oh you know you love saving my ass Mina” he said as he finally removes the handcuffs. He bends down and cuffs the officers wrists together. He then hoists her over his shoulder and begins to walk out of the alley.

“Why are you taking her?” Mina asked.

“Just thought we could drop her off at her apartment.” Ben replied.

“Always the gentlemen, fine well meet me at the hideout when you’re ready for the next heist.” Mina said as she disappears in the shadows to travel back to their hideout unseen.

Ben carefully raises the window of her apartment and enters while gently carrying Carmelita bridal style to her bed. He gently sets her on her bed. “she is so beautiful.” he thought as he stared down at her. He turns as he gets ready to leave when he notices a second pair of handcuffs setting on her dresser. An idea quickly forms as he takes both of her handcuffs and cuffs her wrists to the bedposts. He pulls out a small packet of pepper from his lunch and sprinkles some onto her nose. He watches closely as her nose scrunches as she breaths in the pepper.

“*sniff* aah *sniff* aahhhh” Carmelita’s eyes fly open as her nose twitches and wiggles with the tickle inside it.

Ben watches as she tries to rub her twitching nose. Eyes closing as her chest expands with her heaving sighs.

Carmelita’s nose gave one final twitch as her nostrils flared and her chest fills itself with air preparing for the powerful release. “HAAH! AAAAAHH! HAAAAKSHOOO! HACHOO!” her body jerks forward with the release.

Ben walks over to her and gently rubs her nose to calm the tickle he caused. “I see you are finally awake gorgeous.”

“When I get out I will capture you!” Carmelita growls.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Ben said. He then brings his face down to hers and whispers “But I am going to be a hell of a lot harder to catch now.” He then grabs the left side of her face gently with his right hand and puts his left hand in hers and gives her a deep kiss that seemed to last forever.

Carmelita feels him grasp her hand and kiss her. She closes her eyes as she enjoys the best kiss she had ever received.

Ben ended the kiss and whispers to her. “I’ll see you soon, love.”

Carmelita Fox watches as the newest thief of France slips out her window. She looks at her right hand to see what he left her. “He gave me his lock pick.” She was soon free from her own set of handcuffs. She walks over to her window and gazes out at the nights sky. “I will catch you Benjamin Wolfe” she lies back in her bed, and as she goes to sleep she can’t help but dream of him and her dancing under the moonlight.


Video Games & Anime / Marvel vs capcom Infinite
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Anyone excited about the new marvel game? I'll be online every chance I get so if anyone was gonna play ask me for my PSN and maybe we can get a few matches together.

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