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Art, Art, and Art! / A Sudden Tickle [Chimera - M]
« on: June 21, 2017, 08:53:41 PM »
Just wanted to draw Chimera suddenly shooting up as a mad tickle teases the back of his nostrils. He's got a big sneeze coming that he can't fight for long, that's for sure~

General Chatter / Anybody able to locate this?
« on: February 06, 2017, 01:21:31 AM »
I remember in the early 2000s a Neopets commercial that featured this sea creature sniffing along the sea floor, and ending up sucking something up his nose that made him sneeze. I can't seem to find it myself, anybody able to help track it down? XP

I Found Something! / Mashtooth [ M ]
« on: January 28, 2017, 06:08:18 AM »

We have his sneezing animation twice. I don't know what this would be marked under, though. Maybe as [ M - Tickle ]? Because I imagine the cause of the big guy's sneeze is Starfy's legs kicking around and tickling inside his nostril.

But the guy actually attacks by trying to suck you in through his nose! Just imagine getting jammed in there, or sprinkling pepper when he tries~

Unarchived Stories / [M + Monster] A Tickle in a Chimera's Nose
« on: November 08, 2016, 05:38:07 AM »
The Ultimate Chimera, resting their large form on a couch, seems to have encountered a slight problem. While he napped, a couple mischievous Tickle Bugs... have flown right up into his nose, teasing all around his sensitive tender nostril. The huge beast was forced awake... the beast's breath forced to hitch as they tickled the quivering pink walls. He tries his absolute hardest not to sneeze, determined to beat this nagging growing tickle inside his nose. But his breath hitches more and more, bugs playfully prodding around deep inside his dark nostril. They walked around, fuzzy legs dragging against the warm inner tissue that wrinkled underneath their tiny legs. And even with a powerful will, growling and protesting... can he hold it off for much longer? The tingling tickle rippled throughout his tender warm nostrils, the nagging itch reaching far back into his sinuses, and shooting back towards the openings. His lips tugged, his mouth began to open.


The itch, the urge to sneeze was rising. And he knew it was going to be a big one, a huge one of he were to let it out. His inner nostrils reddened and grew more irritated as the Tickle Bugs buzzed and teased inside the quivering monster's nose, trying to force him into an irritated, sneezing submission. His mind raced and went numb, fighting his hardest against how ticklish and itchy his deep nostrils were, unable to reach them. With those itty bitty little bugs, tickling and wiggling all around deeper and deeper inside his wrinkling irritated nostril... brushing and rubbing the squishy ticklish walls, while others grab, pinch and pug his quivering nosehairs... his mouth was opening wider now, tears forming in his eyes as he felt his horribly sensitive nosehairs being wiggled and poked and tugged on, ripples and quakes of ticklish sensitivity tickling the weakening walls of his nose, the bugs showing no mercy to the raw tender flesh inside the beast's nostril. His nostrils, right up to the very edges of his frilling flaring nostrils, burned with ticklish agony. The sensation was growing stronger... and stronger... tickle tickle tickle...

"Huuuh! A-aaah! AAAH! E-EEUH! AAH!!"

With hitching breath, a widening mouth, and playful bugs deep inside his helpless ticklish nose... will Chimera fight off the urges and make the bugs leave... or will the large invincible beat... be forced to sneeze under the mercy of tiny little insects?~


Tickle... tickle tickle~


My first shot at some sneezy art, I do hope you enjoy it, along with that little short story~

I'm New Here / Dabbling around here
« on: November 05, 2016, 04:35:01 PM »
Recently I've taking a bit of interest in stuff like this and decided to pop in and check of stuff out. I'll assume this kinda ties in with my general love of tickling as well ^^'

But hello everyone!

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