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Seems at some point Hulu added a new batch of episodes of this show. I'm watching the first episode of the second season now and found this. Zou and one his friends are playing knights, with Zou's grandpa as a wizard. They're pretending to sneak past a dragon, which is actually Zou's bird, Poc, but the grandpa sneezes, waking the "dragon." Happens around 5:02.

The show airs on Sprout in the United States.

Hulu -

I haven't been able to find any other video and since I don't know if it's possible for anyone here to download stuff from Hulu, I'll mark this as "unlocated" for now.

I Found Something! / We're Going On a Bear Hunt (U, Bear, Cold)
« on: March 06, 2017, 03:53:56 AM »
A special I discovered on Amazon, based on a popular children's picture book. When a girl named Rosie is told that there are no bears in the area of her home by her older brother, Stan, she asks how he can know if he's never been out looking for them. So she, he, their dog and other siblings all go out on a bear hunt, over hills and through streams ("Can't go over it, can't go under it, gotta go through it"), perhaps never expecting to actually find one. When Rosie does encounter the fearsome bear in a dark cave, what does it do? It sneezes, apparently because it's cold. She gives it a tissue and shares food with it and they are soon happily snuggling together. Sneezes at 16:08 and 16:19.

Special available by searching by title on Amazon, YouTube video here -

Found another one in this series. In 17:44 in "Get Back" (follows "With a Little Help from My Friends"), Jay sneezes a couple of times, apparently due to an allergy to "California grass." Happens again starting around 18:51 then again maybe about 10 seconds later as the "Get Back" song starts for the same reason.

So I recently got a new Roku TV and it comes with a bunch of different channel apps. One of them is called Toon Goggles and it has a bunch of free cartoons on it. Anyway, I ended up watching this - Boing! The Play Ranger. In the episode I saw, "Save the Water Festival," there's a monkey called Mongbar who has a bit of a cold. He sneezes around 3:23 -

Christmas special based on the classic children's picture books. One of two installments of an animated series of the franchise available on Amazon. In the special, Mouse and Moose (of If You Give a Moose a Muffin) are trying to get a sled out of a garage, but it's all dusty and the dust causes Moose to sneeze enormously.

28:47 - - original Amazon video - can only access if you have either Amazon Prime or Amazon Video

23:47 - - YouTube rip - somewhat cropped to try to prevent detection, I suspect. Might still be worth grabbing before it's gone, though, as I don't think anyone here as capable to clip from Amazon videos.

Okay, so this is a relatively new children's CGI animated series on Netflix with a rather interesting premise. The show is focused around a group of insects, with each story based around a song by The Beatles, which is featured within the story.

In this installment, "Dr. Robert," the character Buzz, a fruit fly who's the youngest of the group, has a cold and doesn't want to see the doctor because she's scared. Sneezes from her throughout, as well as from a cat (non-anthro) and at least one from another bug at the doctor's office.

I'm putting this down as "unlocated" for now, since, as far as I know, we don't have any way to get clips from videos off of Netflix. I also spotted a couple of sneezes in earlier installments, but hadn't bothered posting it here until now because it didn't really seem like much. However, I'll probably go back eventually and post those.

P.S.: For those that have Netflix, I highly recommend the show. Besides this episode, which is great, the show is definitely a treat if you like the music of The Beatles and especially if you enjoy this type of show in general.

Nearly at the end of this series, but found another in "Backyard Bugs." Sammy the skunk is sniffing some flowers and sneezes, presumably from the pollen. - starts about 5:08

Books and Comics / Bella: The Fairy Ball [F, Rabbit, Fairy Dust]
« on: December 25, 2016, 08:03:03 PM »
Bella wants to visit the fairies to attend the fairy ball, but she's too big. So they give her magic dust to shrink her down. It does so, but it also makes her sneeze, as does the dust that brings her back to regular size later on.

(Click for full size)

A series about group of young anthropomorphic animals who explore actual real-life wild animals. Benita the Beaver and Skip the Rabbit are lying relaxing on a sandy beach when their fellow explorers Sammy the Skunk and Izzy the Owl run through and over the, kicking up sand. The sand in Benita's nose causes her to sneeze. Benita has a sort-of black button nose, but I still think it's not bad because the sneezing sound she makes is really cute. - Time is approximately 1:33 into the video.

I've been going through the complete series on DVD, so I'll keep my eyes out for more. It also appears to all be on YouTube now.

Books and Comics / When Your Elephant Has the Sniffles (Upcoming)
« on: October 12, 2016, 02:41:32 AM »
Okay, so this one hasn't actually been released yet and wont' be until summer of next year (July 2017), but I think it might be worth keeping an eye on.

When Your Elephant Has the Sniffles - -

"When your elephant has the sniffles, you better make sure he doesn’t sneeze! This charming and hilarious board book highlights the many ways to make an under-the-weather elephant feel better!

Does your elephant have the sniffles? Make sure to take good care of him because you don’t want him to start sneezing. Gather up your tissues and your pillows and make that elephant feel better! But don’t get too close…or you just might end up with the sniffles, too!"

Is being released alongside another similar title by the same author/illustrator combo - When Your Lion Needs a Bath

Okay, so this is a Jim Henson puppet show that apparently originally aired in Britain and is now on Hulu in the United States. I'm not really sure what the Hoobs are other than aliens, but they're definitely very furry. In this episode, Iver, a purple Hoob with a green nose, has a bad cold. Multiple sneezes from Iver throughout starting from a little ways in. There's also an animated story with several animals that have a cold. Also, an amusing bit in which the other Hoobs want to sneeze just like Iver because they find the sound funny, though Iver warns them that they really don't want to catch his cold. - YouTube - purchasable - Hulu - No access unless you're logged in and currently subscribed to Hulu. - Tubitv - must disable any Adblocker you have.

Alright, so I've been rewatching episodes of this show, thanks to Disney Junior, who's kindly made episodes of the show available on their online service, Anyway, I found one in the story "Pooh Loses His Shirt." It's really random - Pooh has lost his usual red shirt and so Raccoon offers him some of other shirts to try. For some reason, one of the shirts makes Pooh sneeze, possibly a reference to the floral pattern on the shirt.

YouTube video here at approximately 7:52 -
Watch Disney Junior, about 19:30 -

Found another one from this series. In this one, Linny, the guinea pig who's the leader of the Wonder Pets, has a cold and can't join the team in the mission to rescue a trapped mouse, but still manages to give advice. Several sneezes from her in the beginning, then a couple more later in the episode, at least one offscreen. - in Russian - paid video, or if you have Amazon Video / Prime

Both come with the episode's first half, "Save the Panda."

Books and Comics / Frankie the Blankie [M, Elephant, Unknown]
« on: June 24, 2016, 02:17:53 AM »
Picture book about a young gorilla who becomes self-conscious about her blankie after being told that "blankies are for babies." She tries a number of tactics, including disguising it as a handkerchief, but this particular tactic fails when an elephant asks to borrow it to blow his nose.

Click for full-sized images:

Sorry it's a bit cut-off - the full pages were a bit too big to fit fully in my scanner.

Books and Comics / You Take a Bath [M, Dog, Tiredness]
« on: June 09, 2016, 04:05:16 AM »
Found one in a children's picture book called You Take a Bath about, well, taking a bath. It's the end of the day and the dog-kid is tired and feeling grimy, this is apparently what causes him to sneeze. Some pretty nice illustrations in this one, but here's the sneeze:

Found another one in Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps. Towards the end of "Angelina's Trick-or-Treat Feat," Angelina sneezes due to a feather she's using as a prop for her costume. Sorry, no free video that I can find at the moment. - $1.99 from NBCUniversal

DVD Angelina Ballerina: Spring Fling, though why this installment is on a DVD of spring-themed episodes, I have no idea. - the same content from the DVD offered through Amazon Prime / Amazon Instant Video. Free to stream or download to watch for a while offline if you subscribe to either service.

Elephant sneeze in this obscure children's series. Doesn't really seem to be any reason for the sneeze, it just sort of happens at about 5:42.

All I can say is, hooray! They made the episode into a book! A pretty chibi one too. Here are scans:

Click on any of the images for full size.

General Furry Stuff / Pax
« on: April 22, 2016, 06:43:50 AM »
Thought I'd share this here because I have a feeling there may be some that are interested. I recently read a very good novel called Pax. It's by Sarah Pennypacker, who I've known for her Clementine series books - this Pax book is actually rather of a departure for her in terms of the type of novel. Anyway, I have a feeling that this is one that is probably going to start showing up on lists for awards like Newbery, stuff like that.

The story is about a boy, Peter, who is sent off to live with his grandfather because of a war and is made to give up his longtime companion, a fox named Pax that he rescued. However, the boy can't bide by this and soon sets off on a quest to rescue the fox. The chapters are told alternately from his point-of-view and from that of the fox's.

Sneeze from Henry's monsterpet dog, Beckett, around 1:35 due to flour in "Ivor Takes the Cake." Then several sneezes from another monsterpet, Sneezo, in "Runaway Airship" beginning around 20:59. In the first story, "Ivor Takes the Cake," Henry must chase after a cake he and his brother were making for their father after Ivor attaches it to a balloon and it floats away. High hijinks are again the name of the game in "Runaway Airship when an airship full of monsterpets takes off without its pilot.

I get the feeling there are more sneezes from the Sneezo character throughout this series - I'm pretty sure that the name indicates the character's signature trait. I really need to watch more of this show - I get the feeling it's not too popular, at least not in the United States, which is a shame because it's actually not too bad. It originally premiered in the U.K. and I think it may be more popular there. - only available for a limited time, but they rotate episodes every so often, so it'll probably be back eventually. - YouTube video, purchasable - - sped up and presented in a minimized box, not great - another site, video itself seems alright. However, it insists on you disabling your AdBlocker in order to keep playing and the ads on the page really slow down my browser. I'm not sure I'd recommend it.

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