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Unarchived Stories / [M] The Day the Peanut Butter Escaped
« on: March 23, 2017, 07:01:38 AM »
Please note that this piece is not my serious work.  This was just something fun I did for DragonDust in a chat.  I was tired and feeling random, so enjoy the spawn of my loopy imagination!  :P
_________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _____________________________________

One day in Kitty and Jackal's house, Kitty was making a peanut butter sandwich.

Jackal came into the kitchen and started swishing his big ol' fluffy tail in Kitty's face like he always did.  He loved seeing the feline sneeze and thought now was an acceptable time to play that prank again.

Kitty tried to ignore the incessant prodding of the furry tail against his sensitive muzzle, but with each swipe the tiny hairs that shook loose were soon sucked up into his twitching and quivering nostrils.  He shuddered and froze in place, halfway through spreading the peanut butter on his sandwich.  A tear slowly trailed down from his eye to his cheek as his muzzle began scrunching and wriggling from the irritation the tail brought.

"Aww, you gonna sneeze, cutie?" the coy Jackal asked.  He knew damn well the answer.  He could already see the feline's mouth slowly gasping and hanging open.  Kitty's chest heaved and he couldn't help but give in to the itchy and tickly urge to expel those irritants from his nostrils.

"H...hhih..."  The beginnings of a sneeze showed as his eyes began to droop.  "Haahhh..."  His chest expanded further, his tail standing out as if getting ready to balance the feline.  "Haaahhh!  Aaahhhh!"  His eyes fully closed, head tilting back and signalling the oncoming release.  He couldn't hold it back now even if he wanted to.  Jackal smirked and grinned, licking his lips as he spoke, "Let it out, hon.  Use my tail."

With one final gasp and a small twitch from Jackal's tail, Kitty was sent over the edge.  "HAAAHHh...HAAHHHPTCHUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!"  He gave a ferocious sneeze!  His sneezes were always on the larger side, making him double over most of the time.  And this was no exception as spray flung from his mouth and nose into Jackal's tail, the makeshift tissue working well to block the sneeze... but not the feline's bend forward.  Kitty's head slammed against the peanut butter jar hard enough to send it flying out the window!

Jackal blushed heavily and squirmed, his body a mess of tingly pleasures from witnessing and feeling that powerful sneeze.  He giggled and hugged Kitty tight, murring softly as he licked at his nose to clean it.  Though Kitty was not quite as amused, even though he loved to sneeze for Jackal and adored his cute gestures of affection.

"I was in the middle of making my sandwich, you know...and now I can't finish because you made me blow the peanut butter away!" exclaimed the frustrated feline.

Jackal blinked and rubbed his head softly.  "Sorry... I couldn't help but tease your nosie.  It's just so sensitive and cute!  Forgive Jackal?"

Kitty let out a flustered sigh before rubbing the top of Jackal's head and kissing his cheek.  "Alright, alright.  I forgive you.  Just next time... wait until I'm not making a snack...or eating one for that matter."  Jackal yipped happily and nodded in agreement.  "Deal!"
_________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ ____________________________________

Well, I hope you all enjoyed seeing that cute little interaction between Kitty and Jackal.  Hoping this will spark me back into writing more serious pieces for the site.

Unarchived Stories / [F + Pokemon + Mature + Explicit] Kira
« on: September 05, 2014, 06:18:42 AM »
Behold my first story posted here, which will be in two parts.  This is the beginning of a series of stories involving Kira, a Zangoose.  I will start on part 2 right away so keep your eyes peeled for it.  Hope you all enjoy! :)
_________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ ___________________________________

The Sinnoh region is known for many things:  Its three beautiful lakes, the towering mountain, Mt. Coronet, and the region’s rich traditions and history, just to name a few.  Sinnoh truly is a place of enigmatic wonder to all.  But deep within the forests that settle at the base of the mountain lies a somewhat lesser known historical spot:  a kingdom of felines from around the world.  It is a small kingdom, the village surrounding the castle only extending about a mile out, but the streets and homes are plastered with rare gems of all varieties.  The kingdom’s inhabitants live in luxury, but none as much as the residents of the castle itself.  King Vincent and Queen Kiala, a Zangoose couple, rule over this small bit of land, but their daughter is none too thrilled about her position.

The only child of the king and queen, Princess Kiraketianomashinikosarai Naikenei (though everyone calls her Kira for short) is the heir to the throne.  Her daily schedule includes attending lectures to learn proper royal etiquette and how to rule the kingdom when she is crowned queen, or meeting with potential husbands.  This, of course, takes up most of her days and leaves barely any time for herself or her few friends she managed to make in the village.  She is never allowed to leave the kingdom unless for an emergency and while escorted by no less than three guards.  Needless to say, she doesn’t like the life she has been forced into, and she cherishes the scarce time she does have for herself.

Kira herself is quite the astonishing girl, her elegant and yet adorable form the very definition of beauty.  From the adorable extra tuft of violet fur on top of her head to her natural hot curves and generously plump bust, she is absolutely gorgeous.  But don’t take it to mean she’s stuck up and thinks she’s better than everyone else.  In fact, she is one of the sweetest and kindest girls ever, though she can have a little bit of a temper if someone makes fun of her beautiful, fluffy tail.  But her cutest feature is her little pink nose at the end of her muzzle… a nose that is very sensitive to touch.

Of course, the sweet Zangoose was attending one of her lectures…well, sleeping through one.  Her teacher, Ms. Avram, a stern-looking Delcatty, did not take kindly to this sort of behavior, as it happened often.  She lightly growled and hit the desk Kira was sitting at with her ruler, jolting the Zangoose awake, “I’m listening, professor!”

The Delcatty looked down at her and raised a brow, “Well then, can you tell me what the proper response for negotiation is when another nation sends a messenger with an axe?”

Kira rubbed her temples and groaned quietly as she tried to remember what her teacher had been talking about, “Umm…”  She nervously smiled as she looked up at her, “…Send it back?”  She winced as she received a small thump on the head with the ruler.  “Ow!”

Her teacher shook her head, “Wrong, now you have a war on your hands.”  She sighed and looked at Kira, “You need to stop dozing off!  This is important material-“

“-that will help me in the future when I rule the yadda yadda yadda, I know already!”  Kira sighed and shook her head, “I’m sorry for falling asleep…it’s just that it’s boring sitting here for hours on end hearing all this stuff.”  She rubbed at her eyes to help fully wake herself up before stretching for a moment, her well-groomed fur fluffing out slightly from it.  “It would be awesome if I could take a break right now, professor… I’m sure I’d be more focused when I got back…”  She always tried to convince her teacher to let her take a break in the middle of a lecture, but usually it wouldn’t work.

“And why should I give you a break right now, Kira?” asked Ms. Avram in a stern tone.  “We’ve barely started to cover the basics of today’s lesson.”

Kira smiled and looked up at the Delcatty with her best pleading eyes, “Because we both know that in five minutes I’m just going to fall asleep again from boredom if you don’t…”

Ms. Avram blinked and sighed as she gently facepalmed, “Oh very well… you get one hour and that’s it.”

Kira gasped and smiled, standing up from her desk and gently hugging her teacher, “Oh thank you thank you thank you!  I’ll pay extra attention when I get back, promise!”  And before her teacher got the chance to respond, Kira was already running out the door excitedly.  She ran through the halls and up the staircases, making her way to her room as she wanted some privacy for what she wanted to do.  Her cheeks were a bit flush from the thoughts she was having of what she planned to do.

By the time she reached the hallway that led to her room, Kira’s heart was racing with excitement and anticipation, her mind cluttered with thoughts of how to make the most of the time she had.  Her room was at the end of the hall, and she quickly opened the double doors, dashed inside, and closed the doors swiftly behind her.  She giggled and grinned to herself while she locked the door before heading over to her bed, “Finally… all alone.  Time for me to unwind with some fun.”

Kira’s room was rather large, fitting for a princess like herself.  Her bed was situated on the wall opposite the entrance, in the middle of two large windows that cascaded the sun’s light across a large portion of the floor.  Her several wardrobes full of dresses and other formal attire were lined up along the left wall, while all her wardrobes full of casual wear were lined up along the right wall.  Her family was not a family of anthros, but clothing was required in the kingdom.  Kira’s parents were more lenient on casual clothing (which she preferred to all those confining dresses) unless there was a formal event which she had to attend.  So usually, she could be seen dressed in blue jeans and a shirt that came down to her waist, but was a bit tight around her chest, which really showed off her beautiful bust’s form.  In the center of the room sitting on top of the giant rug was a table and a few chairs.  Her bed was one fit for a princess, with curtains around all three sides not against the wall which could be pulled closed for more privacy.  However, Kira knew she wouldn’t need those curtains closed today, as everyone who might interrupt thought she was attending her lecture still.  Kira smiled and paced around her bed as she tried to think, “Hmmm… now which should I play with first?  I haven’t been able to get a good sneeze out in weeks.”

You see, ever since Kira was little, she has had a sensitive nose.  A small tickle could set off a sneeze from her if she didn’t control it.  To maintain her composure as a princess, she keeps her nose in check so as not to have her secret exposed.  She loves sneezes…particularly her own, mostly because she loves the helpless sensation and breathy buildups before losing control of them.  She loves sneezes so much she even becomes aroused by them, and thus why she keeps her sneezes in check when around others.  Nobody knew about her fetish, and she preferred to keep it that way.  This, however, is not always as easy as it sounds, as in addition to having a nose that is sensitive to touch, she also has a few allergies:  pollen, dust, and perfume.  And when she starts sneezing from them, she usually can’t stop, which can result in…awkward situations.  But Kira had been holding back from sneezing for a few weeks now, and her nose was just… itching for some attention.

Kira grinned as she giggled to herself, coming to a conclusion on what item she would play with first, “I think I’ll try the feather… yes, that should do nicely.”  She began looking through the drawers of the end table next to her bed, “Now where did I put that thing?  AHA!  There you are!”  Kira pulled a long, fluffy white feather from the bottom drawer and smiled, “You shall be my plaything again today.”  She giggled and her tail swished through the air elegantly as she climbed onto her bed.  She smiled and gently stroked the plume with her free hand for a moment, always loving how soft it felt.  She could already feel her nose tingling with anticipation, a sensation that made her nose twitch a little, but not enough to become a full tickle.  She couldn’t stand it anymore and took a deep breath before gently pressing the tip of the feather to the middle of her nose.

At first, nothing happened, which was unusual to her, as her nose was always quick to react.  She frowned and crossed her eyes to look at her nose, “Come on you… I’m trying to give you what you wa… wan- hii’tschuu!”  Kira let out a sudden, small sneeze, the tickles having just then registered.  She squeaked adorably and blushed, “Oh…bless me.”  She giggled and grinned, wiggling her hips lightly as she purred and began to slowly trail the tip of the feather along her sensitive nostrils, which started to flare up in response, “Hihh…hehhh…”

Kira sniffled and blushed as she felt her nose tickling from the feather’s motions, her nose wiggling adorably and twitching more, “Heehhh…Heh-heehhchoooo!”  The feather was always quick to make her sneeze with how fluffy it was, and the Zangoose sniffled and shivered, a soft moan escaping her lips.  She was already starting to get turned on, wiggling her hips as she set the feather aside for a moment to slide her shirt up and off, her lovely breasts bouncing free, her nipples taut from how turned on she was getting.  She blushed and smiled, picking the feather back up and lightly trailing it along her exposed breasts, groaning in pleasure when the tip passed over her nipples.  She slowly slid the feather up between her breasts and along her chest and neck until the tip reached her nose, making her sniff and shiver at the tickly touch returning to her nostrils.

“Hehh…oh m-my…haahhh…”  Kira’s body shivered along with her quivering nose as she tried to hold back the tickle, teasing her body with the tingly sensation of a slowly building sneeze.  Her body was tingling just as much as her twitching and flaring nostrils were, and she couldn’t help but reach up with her free hand to grope herself.  “Aahhhh… oh th-thaahhh…that’s…s-so… heehhh… oh yehhh..yes… heaaahhh…”  She sniffled and was getting more breathy, and she moaned out as the tickle grew in her nose, her mouth hanging open a little in her hitches and moans.  She continued groping herself and started swirling the feather in a figure eight around the edges of her nostrils, which made them flare up wider and tremble from the wonderful tickle torture.  Her legs closed together and slid slowly against each other in response to the growing excitement within her, and she could feel her panties were becoming wet with her arousal.

Kira couldn’t hold the tickle back any longer and let it take control, “Heehhh…eehhschooo!  IHH‘Tschuu!  Ohhh!”  Her body shook with those sneezes, her breasts jiggling from them as she moaned hotly.  Her free hand made its way down to the hem of her pants, gripping them as she continued tickling her nose, “Ohhh…aahh…Aahhhchooo!  Mmmm!  F…fuck I’m s-so… haah-HEHHSHIUU!  Ah, y-yes!  Getting…so haahhh…hot…”  Her body was shaking from the combined sensations, and her buildups and sounds of pleasure were mixing together in such an erotic way.  She sniffled and was panting, her face sporting just the right shade of blush to really accent her beauty and how she felt, her adorable, twitching pink nose right in the center of that beautiful blush.

“Hiihh…oh g-gods…hiiihh-Heehhh-IHHSHUU!”  Kira nearly doubled over from that sneeze, and she let out a louder moan as her legs trembled from the pleasure tingling in her loins.  She panted and blushed heavily, setting the feather aside again, “I can’t take it anymore!”  She reached down and started to unbutton her pants, shivering and sniffling.  She slid her pants down and kicked them off to the side, before doing the same with the pair of lacy blue panties, which were completely soaked with her arousal fluids.  She blushed and carefully slipped her hand between her legs, eliciting a lustful purr and moan as she cupped her womanhood.  She started slowly stroking her puffy, drooling pussy, gasping and arching up a little for a moment as she let out another long moan, her folds trying to grip at her paw.  She shakily reached for the feather and grabbed it, bringing it back up to her nose while she continued to stroke her sex, swishing the feather back and forth on her quivering nostrils, “Hh…hiihhh…eehhh!”

With every subtle motion of the feather, Kira’s nose was twitching violently in both protest and desire, her muzzle scrunching up every few seconds as she drew in air for her next sneeze, “Hehhh…AHHHH!”  She could feel her nethers growing so warm, undulating with excitement and passion as she continued to play with herself.  She felt her nose building up to a big sneeze that surely would send her over the edge, the Zangoose panting as she started rubbing herself faster, a hot, schlicking noise sounding out from how wet she was.  Her body arched, legs trembling while her nostrils flared and her blush deepened, a powerful urge to just let it all out filling her body as her sex lips ached in lustful need for release.

Her nose twitched and wriggled, “Ahhhh…”  Her head tilted back slowly, “Ahhhhh!”  Her chest expanded as she drew in more and more air, “AAAHHHH-AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!”  Her body couldn’t take it anymore, the two needs screaming to be met overwhelming her senses and clouding her mind as she let her last strands of restraint float away.


Kira squealed in blissful release after the sneeze exploded out of her, blowing the feather out of her hand when her grip on it loosened.  Her body arched and thrashed in the roaring waves of passion that washed over her body, her hand getting soaked with her juices as her legs clamped shut around it.  This was heaven for her, the Zangoose trembling and sniffling as she rode out her orgasm.  She was panting heavily, but the blush on her face was even heavier, a slap-happy grin etched onto her gorgeous face while she slowly came down and purred in the afterglow of her blissful release.

She slowly sat back up, pulling her hand away from her crotch with a shivering moan, observing how much she had drenched it in her fem cum.  She giggled and blushed as she tentatively took a lick at her hand, enjoying the flavor of her own sexual fluids, “Mmmm…that was s…so good.”  She sighed in joy while her tail slowly swished behind her, her nose still feeling a bit itchy, but she attributed it to all the torture she had put it through with the feather.  What she didn’t know is one of the maids who had cleaned her room had accidentally left a window open, and the breeze that was now entering the room was carrying with it a dose of pollen from the cherry blossoms outside her room…
_________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ ___________________________________

Well, that's the end of Part 1, let me know how I'm doing so far and maybe what I could improve on.  Expect Part 2 soon, there will be lots more fun with Kira's adorable nose. :)

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