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General Chatter / Re: SnEZ Ref: Favorite Aspects of a Sneeze? Ver.4
« on: May 03, 2017, 11:18:40 PM »
I love most things about the sneeze unless it gets really messy. I love when there is nose rubbing in particular, it makes it that much better.

Writer's Den / A walk in the park[F]
« on: May 03, 2017, 09:23:48 PM »
so this small story came from and idea thought up by Y31, (and for Y31 thank you man.

     Now was the best time for a midday snack. The most opportune time to get outside, to breathe some fresh air. Most importantly, go out and take a nice jog.

     Joanna was not exactly the most active, but never turned an eye at times of relaxation. Sliding on her pink tank top over her firm, crispy white fur. Putting on pink basketball shorts to match with tall but flat tennis shoes. She also wore black and bold shades for the burning sun our ready lioness was about to brace.

     Walking briskly outside of her townhouse, she hurried across the street which in the other side was conveniently the town park.

      Taking her usual path, she notices in the corner of her eye a group of girls having trouble with an unusual activity, or its just frantic allergies. Not that she minded it of course, it was just...odd.

     "Claire, I know you'll pull through just letmetickleit." Rosa pleads as she attempts to bring a feather to Claire's nose.

     "Rosa, you can't just make people sneeze 24/7. We're here at the park for a reason, do you know EXACTLY what that reason is?" Sam asks Rosa.

     "Umm, uhhh...oh its new people." Rosa answers.

     "Yes, we can do that too, but what else?" Sam asks.

     "I don't know, but we should kinda get involved with her. She looks like she needs to sneeze REALLY bad."Rosa says as she walks up to the poor lioness.

     "Sniff, ahahhh... Oh, I'm so sorry you had to see me like this. Its just something right here is really getting to me." Joanna apologizes.

     "Rosa, what is this?!" Sam yells.

     "Oh, that's just some perfume, no biggie." Rosa says.

     "Just a little? This is enough to set off the whole park, we gotta make a schedule for this where you are... YOU like some days of the week." Sam suggests.

     Sam walks up to Joanna with a hand full of tissues to help Joanna.

     "I'm so sorry about this. This out fault, I wish none of this would have happened. I can make this up to you, take these. I hope you understand." Sam forgives as she gives Joanna some tissues to tend to her stuffy nose.

     "And Rosa, can you please close that before the mayor starts sneezing." Sam asks

     "Fine, I'm just a little bummed out that we can't have fun with our new friend." Rosa sighs.

      "Oh thank you so-*shorts* much... *gasps* *shorts*. Huh I can seem to blow this gook out." Joanna asks.

     " Rosa *sighs*, you know what that means?" Sam says.

     "*gasps*, you know it!" Rosa squeals while she takes a bottle of perfume while confidently gesturing Sam to move out of the way, annoying Sam. She takes the bottle and places it only a couple feet from the cat's face.

     "Hiya, I'm Rosa. Now when you feel this..." Rosa says as she boops the girl's pink nose.

     "...thats when you should take a deep breath, ready?" Rosa asks.

     "Sure, the sooner the better I suppose." Joanna says, already on edge by the giddy skunk girl.

     "BOOP" Rosa says with a tap to the cat's nose.

     "Snifffffffffff." Joanna breaths in as the perfume invades her nostrils almost strong enough to knock her out.

     The cat's nose flaired more and more she breathed in more of the perfume surrounding her, causing them to sting more and more. The pain got to her as she tries to remedy her nose with a gentle rub along her twitching nostrils, only to see her hand was covered in pollen.

     "I hope that helps." Rosa says, glancing at that finger she presumably covered in pollen.

     "Hihihaaahhh...ihihh...its still stuhaAAAAhhh... Stuck.." Joanna complains.

     "Hmm, I got just the thing." Rosa says, feeling proud As she takes her trusty feather from her sports bag, swipping the feather on top of her nose.

      As Joanna is still suffering, Sam sports a questionable look at Claire.

     "Hey, you ok there?" Sam asks.

     Just as Sam says that, Claire's trance on the cat's nose is broken as she snaps to Sam responding to her by saying "uh, yeah I'm fine."

     "Hmm, never knew you would grow so quickly." Sam says, rustling the small raccoon's hair.

     "Hey stop it." says Claire playfully as she moves Sam's hand away fro her head.

     "Hihiahhhh...alllllllmooosHACCIIEEW, haciewew, huh huh...HAciewew. there. Wait, one mehihhhh... Has a...itchieeeeehhhhh itchieeeh. Thank you so much." Joanna sneezes.

     "It was my pleasure." says Rosa, whipping her hair back as she walks back to the others.

      Sam walks up next to Joanna before she heads off.

     "Forgive me of her but, she can be a bit loud and well... You get the point. If you ever need anything, just call me on this number, if you need something done well, I owe ya. See you around ." Sam says to Joanna.

     "No, its fine. I think I just got a whole new look on things if you know what I mean. Anyways see you too. THANKS ROSE. I'll make sure to call, but I'm too busy right now, I gotta go." said Joanna.

     "So, it looks like I got myself a new friend." says Rosa.

     "I honestly have no idea on how you do it, that's really something." says Sam.

     "Is she really gonna call you?" Claire asked Sam.

     "Who knows, only time will tell. Alright girls, lets get going."

Writer's Den / Re: Closet troubles [F]
« on: May 02, 2017, 10:43:07 PM »
Rosa is such a kidder.  That would be quite a mean thing to do to your friends if it wasn't all a joke. 

(Oh, and I appreciate the references to her part Italian heritage).

      Oh, and I should've tried to mention in the story that Sam was actually aware of this and was playing along, well I guess it still turned out ok.

Writer's Den / Closet troubles [F]
« on: May 02, 2017, 10:12:41 PM »
      After the little incident at the library, our girls noticed how much time went by, ruining any further plans. Thinking of what to do, Rosa comes up with a lovely idea. Since she loved to cook, she took them to her place and a full course of delicious pasta, topped with her favorite spices.

     Shortly after the three got cleaned up, Rosa walked the others to the places where they would be sleeping, which were 2 modest bedrooms that still looked very nice. Getting situated, the two found these new beds comfy, and found themselves quickly falling asleep.

     "Nghh, man what a night." Sam Groggily said.

     "Huh, what's this?" Claire questioned as she picked up a paper from the bedroom door.

     Reading the paper, it says
"Hello ! And good morning!
Hopefully this doesn't come as a shock, but I am quite busy today, aaaaaaaaand I'll be gone for while. I know, you gals might've had enough after last time.
BUT, don't worry I got a special surprise for you 2 as soon as I get home and I KNOW you aren't busy today, I made sure of it. So relax fro the time being but there is a catch, my paps is right next to the closets and the walls are very thin, and since he doesn't not you 2. He'll think your invading him, seriously he is ALWAYS ON EDGE but is the sweetest thing, I'll make sure to introduce him to you 2 when I get home...

Good luck!

From your bestest friend

       "This is a closet? Hmm nice, but why?" Claire asks as she quietly looks around.

     "SHIT." Sam curses in response of the predicament.

     Losing control, Sam frantically searches for a way out when a sudden snore comes out of what she assumes is Rosa's dad. Curious, she peeks outside the door to see a chubby figure underneath a large blanket through the thick darkness of the room.

     Closing the door gently, she scavenges the room for any resources of use. With a shimmer in the bleak light, she spots a empty can with a string on it. She instantly grabs it, putting it near her face to see if anyone is in the other side.

     "{hello, hello, is anyone here, helloooooo? Aw come on Claire it's gotta be you, is it?} As Sam asks, Claire grudgingly picks up her can.

       The book was getting good, what is it. I'd rather not get caught thank you very much. Says Claire annoyed.

     {But I don't know long we're gonna be here and... I don't wanna die.} Complains Sam

       Seriously, can't you just read a book? As Claire asks that, Sam takes her advice and looks around to find said book.

      Just above her, she finds a book barely in her reach. She gets on the tips of her toes to slide the book out from the shelf, catching it right as it falls.

     Rosa's dad snores again, this time a bit more louder, suggesting to Sam to be more careful. As she sits down to take a look at said book, her nostrils flair at the presence of all the dust, sucking some dust up in the process.

     "Hey ihihhh... I found a book, is it dusty where you are? The dust is really settling in right now." Says Sam, already feeling her nose trying to take hold.

     "*sighs* no, and why are you finding the dustiest possible book in there?!" says Claire angrily through her bared teeth.

     "I don't know, you said to find a book to read so I did!" Sam yells, only to have Rosa's dad to snore again.

     Both taking note of the snore, they lower their voices, mind you still in an angered tone.

     "Ok, so I have plenty of books here on my side. How about I look around and I don't know, look for a book on how not to sneeze?" asks Claire sarcastically.

      "Might as well I guess." Sam says, calming herself.

      "Sniffff,*sighs*. I'll see what I can do." Claire responds, calming herself as well.

     As soon as Claire said that, Sam began to run her nose forcefully to drive the tickle away until Claire added " and don't go rubbing your nose unless you absolutely must, for now is it press you finger on it or something...and don't even look at it." Claire adds.

     "Is that what the book said." Sam asks.

     "In fact yes, and frankly I'm following these steps too after trying to help you. No offense." Claire says.

      "No taken, but wouldn't rubbing your nose help?" asks Sam.

     "Usually, but it's what the book says anyway. Gotta go with the facts." Claire says.

      "If you say so." Sam says.

     While they are waiting for the sneeze to go away, both their noses seemed to be doing a dance. As one nose twitched or quivered, the other would hitch their breath.

     "How long you think this should take?" Sam asks.

      "It doesn't say, it just says until content with feihihh...feeling." answers Claire.

     And for every breath each of them took, the seconds grew longer until one of them couldn't take it no more.

     "Hihhhh... I can't take it, Gotta stop it." Sam impulsively says as she scrubs her poor nose.

     Despite all the rubbing, at least one thing was true, the rubbing was making it worse. Her action was causing her brown, oval organ to be tickled and flaired even more so. Causing her sneeze to be impossible to stifle silently.

     Rearing her head back, use released four gigantic sneezes from her comparatively small nose.

     "Hihihhh... Cahhhh... Cantsneeze... please dahihhhACHIEEEWWWWWww HaACCCIEAAA CHIEEEEW...HAAAACIEWWW... Oh nose." Sam says as Rosa's dad woke up from his slumber, walking am.met menacingly towards her door.

      "(oh god he got her...wait what is he-oh god he's strangling her, why is she not breathing. Can't sneeze. Can't sneeze. Can't sneeze.) cahihhh..." Claire panics as her nose is taking hold of herself.

     In a bold attempt, she takes her hand and rubs her nose as long as possible. Her eyes water up and the last thing she sees is the newfound serial killer walking by her door.

     "What? Whihh... Me? Idontwannasneeze...haaaaa...HAAAAAAAAA..."Claire cries.

     As Rosa's dad walks by Claire's closet, he goes up to a switch and turns on the lights. Back at the closet, he takes his hand and slowly opens the door to meet his other intruder.

     "HAAAAAAAAAAAAACHIEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWW , whew. Bles- AHHHHHHH, pleaaedontkillmeplease!" Claire whimpers, only to be greeted by someone else entirely.
      "Happy Birthday!"
      "Happy Birthday um uh, who is she?"
      "Oh, that's Claire."
      "Thanks mam, Claire you shining star!" Tony says, giving Claire a warm hug.

     Shocked, Claire stares wide eyed into the distance as she understands what just happened.

     "Happy 21st girl, and you know what that means." Sam says , gesturing to a bottle of wine in the dresser.

     "Well not mine haha, well time to- what's wrong, is it because you sneezed on me. Don't worry, you can let that nose do it's thing when I'm around." Tony says as he pokes Claire's nose, still holding her in a firm hug.

     Claire snaps out of her daze and replies to Tony right when she is booped.

     "Wait, you do that stuff too?"Claire asks.

      Before Tony could respond, Rosa herself walks in to greet Claire with a huge hug as well.

     "Daaaaddy, the pancakes a- OH MY GOD HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BESTIE." ecstatically says Rosa, jumping on top of Claire for a brief and firm hug of her own.
     "What's wrong girl." asks Rosa.

     "Well you see-." says Tony , pointing as his nose.

      "Oh yeah, tell'er about it." Rosa says .

      " Well you see, my great grandfather invented the "boop", and since then my granddad and grandma's done, it then their kids did it, me and my lovely wife Diane's done it aaaaaand." Tony says, pointing at Rosa.

     "I did it. Boop!"
                  "Boop" Rosa and Tony said in sync as they booped each other.

      "So how'd ya think of it? " Tony said anxious to hear her response.

     "Oh. Being trapped in a closet with my life at stake, well first of all I LOVE IT. It's like the closest thing I got to a real horror film, especially when you looked like strangled Sam, that was soooooo good." Claire said with glee.

     "Wow, I didn't know you loved those types of things that much." Rosa says surprised.

     "Yep, thought of it myself." Tony boasts.

      "Shut up, if it wasn't for me she could be been there all day." says Rosa.

      "Well you see, get that book right there real quick." Asks Rosa.

     Before Claire could move, Sam generously went to get the book for Rosa.

     "As you can see, it's really-" Rosa says while revealing the truth about the book.

      "- how to sneeze the best you can." Rosa states.

     "I added the brail." Tony said, proud of himself.

     " she wasn't gonna read the brail. She could have CLEARLY see that the front says how NOT to sneezes, she isn't blind." says Rosa.

     "Actually, I did read the brail." says Claire.

      "See, I knew that a girl as smart as her would read the brail for sure. You know how dark it can get in their? I bet she could barely read the print, I mean look at it." Tony says.

     "Anyways, you can keep it. Maybe you too can prank or pleasantly surprise someone YOU know." Tony says.

      "Thanks and all buhihh... But I'm fine." Claire says as she looks at the rest of the book, not paying mind to any of the content.

      "Tell ya what. How about we get some pancakes and will see what we can do from their. Sound good?" Rosa suggests.

      "Of course, just give me one second. Just got to get uh- cleaned off." Claire says.

     "No problem, will be in the dining room when your ready for some PANCAAAAKES." Rosa sings as she walks out the room.

      As the door closes, Claire is left still with her twitching nostrils keeping her at bay. Concerned, Sam comes up to Claire and blocks her nose' s airways with a firm finger.

     "I got you." Sam says.

     "I'm fine, I just need to clear out my nose. Got some dust?" Claire asks.

     "Sure" says Sam.

      She goes back to her closet to get to get her dusty book, takes a handful and puts it on Claire's muzzle.

      "You couldn't of put it IN my nose. I still can't sneeze, but it's getting there." Claire says, letting the sneeze get to her.

      Claire sighs, pinching her muzzle of embarrassment. Instantly, her nostrils flair up and sting a little. Making her reflexively grab her nose.

     "Hihh gah, thats prehihh... Pretty strong." Claire says, trying to rub her nose in her already clenched hand that's on top of it.

     Meanwhile, Claire's nose seems to already have taken her will, causing her sneeze harshly.

      "Hahihahhh... HA-IEEW... huhHUHCCIEWWW sniff...grehACIEWWWW... Great, good but great." sneezes Claire, running the rest of the itch from her mostly clear nose.

     "Huhctshhhh...hahhihhchshh...whew HACIEW." Sneeze Sam after a failed third stifle.

     "Hello, are my 2 besties sneezing without me, the pancakes are gonna go cold, I think." says Rosa from the kitchen.

     "You know, it may have been on a few minutes since you turned 21 but you know, I'm proud of you." says Sam

     "Thanks" Claire says. Who knows what will happen next after the interesting encounter with Rosa's dad. Will Claire completely overcome sneezing? Will out trip meet more unusual parents of varying shapes and sizes? Find out next time...



I'm New Here / Re: Hello other people.
« on: May 02, 2017, 10:07:33 PM »
Hello and welcome, can't wait to see what you make.

Writer's Den / Re: Library sniffles[F,allergies] Parts 1 & 2
« on: May 01, 2017, 08:10:06 PM »
thank you chat for the ideas last night, and also here is part 2.

      "No, really, its fine. It's just a smahihh... Smihh... Small ihaCCHiewww... Itch." Rosa says through her vulnerable nose.

      "Listen...there they are. Take these, they'll help with you with the dust.I took some just before I left otherwise I'd be sneezing as much as you." Sam explains while she gives Rosa some allergy pills.

      "Sniff sniff... Wow, these really do work. So, how about we check some books out..." Rosa says, noticing how everyone has seemed to walk away for the even they've created.

     "*shrugs* beats them... So how have things been for ya?" asks Sam

     Ya know, same ol', same ol'. But, I just got back from this amazing vacation with my papes" Rosa chirps.

     "Wonderful weather we're having." quietly cursed the wolf man.

     "...what's wrong, you seem...tense." Claire says, concerned of the wolf man's tone.

     Her face is puzzled under her raccoon mask and natural red hair cut. Her eyes are an emerald green with mostly natural features for the rest of her face. She sports a T-shirt of her favorite college football team, though she isn't a big fan of the sport.

     She has white and green basketball shorts to match her shirt with also green flip flops.

     "Its just those two in the corner made the biggest deal out of a sneeze, A SNEEZE. Would you believe that..." the wolf man says.

( I can think of two people who would do that. )Sir, where would those two be?."Claire asks.

     "Sniffffff...THERE." the wolf man says after taking a deep breath.

     "Oh, OK. Thank you" Claire says.

     "Your are SOOOO welcome. Sure, help the two that don't understand HOW A LIBRARY WORKS." the man screams , flipping out entirely.

     "Excuse me, but your going to have to leave now." states the librarian guard.

     "Sniff...ahhh. Sorry, it's just I got a little heated up thats all." the wolf man assures.

     The wolf man grumbles as he walks out the library, slamming a fist to a wall next to him as he leaves the building.

     "Huh, I wonder what got to him? He wasn't so bad when I first met him." Rosa questions.

     "You know him?" Sam asks.

     "Nope, just met him while waiting for a friend." Rosa answers.

     "And is that friend me?" Sam happily asks, excitedly waiting for her answer.

      "No... But she is for sure. Hey Claire, how's it been." Rosa replies

     "Oh... Hi guys. Or girls. I forget which one is OK." nervously says Claire.

     "You know, after a while I honestly don't even care." Sam says.

     "Yeah, relax girl. You need to lighten up." Playfully says Rosa.

      "Yeah, about that..." Claire says while rubbing her irritated nose.

     "Hmm, I think I got something for that." Sam says reaching into her purse for her pills.

     Rosa eyes Claire's nose, which is all but subtly twitching at an unknown irritant floating in the air. Making her wrinkled muzzle blush.

     "Oh come on, what could possible be bothering that cute button right there." Rosa good as she lightly touches Claire's nose "boop."

     "Hihhh" Claire's breath hitches as her cheeks blush even more as she sees another person come in the library out of the corner of her eye.

     "Seriously Rose, there are children here. I know how you are about that sort of thing." scolds Sam

     "What, its just a nose. Boop. See, no harm, no foul."says Rosa as she boops her own nose. "...and Excuse me. The name's Rosa." Says Rosa.

     "Yeah sure, but if your really the Rosa I knew, then at this point that's more than a nose to you. Anyway, here is you go, this should fix you right up." Sam says.

     "Of course, where are my manners. Can't go about just poking noses like that if you know what I mean" says Rosa.

      "No just stop, after this I'm fixing you for sure." says Sam.

     "Relax, I'm not that weird about it, I just follow some forums that's all." says Rosa.

     "*gasp* You wouldn't!" says Sam, surprised.

     "Gu-girls, I think I doesn't work." Claire says, still rubbing her itchy nose.

     "I thought that was suppose to be ALL your allergies." Questions Rosa.

     "It is, what? Have you guys never tried out the new perfume." Says Sam as she is eagerly ready to show off her new perfume.

     "A new what !? I have to have that, what is it?" says Rosa as she is on the edge of her seat.

     Sam pulls out the purple, lean bottle of perfume as she holds it in a presentation fashion.

     "Introducing the lilac breeze, transporting you to a luxurious spa and a relaxing vacation." Sam introduces.

     "Wow, can I try it?" Rosa asks.

     "Sure." Sam says as she insistently hands over the perfume.

     As Rosa soaks herself with the scent, her nose is invaded by the irritant while her nostrils flair right when the scent touches the back of her smooth muzzle.

     "Wow, this is la-ovely. Sniff, I really do feel relaxed." says Rosa, unaware of the irritant.

     "Hihh... Acheehh. Sniff, I think that's been my problem since I got here." Says Claire.

     "Say what now?" Rosa says, feeling the itching her nose spike significantly.

     " gee, I'm sorry. I didn't know you were allergic." responds Sam.

     And as of in agreement, Ross's nostrils flair wildly as her muzzle squeezed in itself, almost as if it was trying to squeeze the sneeze deep within it.

     "Hihh... Hihaaaa...grhiaaAAAcHIEEEWWWW.great." Rosa says as she attempts to nurse her own nose with a considerate but fatal rub.

     "I guess that's another allergy on my lihihcCIEWW. Man is that stuff strong." says Rosa with yet another sneeze.

     "Well, you kinda just bathed yourself in the stuff." pointed out by Claire.

     "YeahihCCHIEWW hacCCHIEWW. Bless me, but how come your not sneezing you head off?Itchew."sneezes Rosa.

     "Well if she just put her nose right on top of it like you did then yeah, she would have." Sam says as she sways the bottle right in front of Claire's nose.

     Right when the bottle was near her nose, Claire took a deep breach involuntarily. Causing her to lose control of her nose. Cross eyed, Claire could see her nose twitching every which way as if it wanted to escape from the perfume stuck with it. Her eyes watered and she began to rub her nose before it was too late. However... It was far too late.

     "Oh no, come on come on. Hihh haa haaaaaa... HAACCHIEEEWW! Ugh, well that sucks." Claire says, feeling defeated.

     "Come on, we're here. Don't tell me your still worried about sneezing?" asks Sam.

     "It's nothing, I'm not worried about anything rehihn... Really, I'm fine." Claire says, still nervously rubbing her nose raw.

     "Huchew... You just gotta be relaxed, and even if yihh...hacCIEWW feel like it's the worst thing to do ever, just enjoy it, even a little bit." Rosa says as she rubs her quivering nose.

     "Really? Thanks guys." Claire says, her blush fading until another person comes walking in, causing her face become completely red.

     "Rosa, your seem... Tense. How's your nose treating you.?" Sam says.

     "Hey, were you watching me earlier?" Claire says, slightly mad at Sam for ease dropping.

      "Well we were a lihhACCHieww, a little. And dang, I feel like I'm gonna sneeze my head off I swear." Rosa replies.

     "Sniff, you have any ideas on how to fix this?" Claire says, pointing at her suffering nose with a shy look.

     "Well, like always I guess you both will have to sneeze them out." Replies Sam.

     "Are sure there aren't other ways to deal with this?"asks Claire.

     "I don't know what to tell ya, I swear every time I need to sneeze, its never like a quick one or anything. Its always this drawn out scene that seems like a bigger deal than it really is but always ends up quite satisfying. I've even read stories about this on my forum." explains Rosa.

     Claire and Sam look confused at Rosa, noticing she could be a bit different fright now.

     "Rosa, that's awfully descriptive. You sure about that." asks Sam.

     "Yeah, and it seems this particular situation seems like  something right out of one of those stories, don't ya think?"Rosa points out.

     "Sure... You-you read those stories." Sam insists.

     "ITCHIEW" sneezes Claire abruptly.

     Rosa's nose tingles after Rosa herself seeing Claire sneeze, reminding her nose that it still has a tickle inside itself.

     "Sahihh Sam, you have a tissue, I need one so bad." Rosa pleads.

     "Of course, let me find one real quick OK?" Sam says

     "Thank you soooo much, this nose is really killing me right now." Rosa says, anxious to rub her nose with her bothersome paw.

     "Why can't you just rahih... Rub your nose with your paw?" asks Claire while she rubs her own nose.

     "Well um, how do I out this, I'm allergic to... My own fur." Rosa says, slightly embarrassed." but at least when I want to sneeze, I can't just give her a good rub and I can sneeze away." Rosa says.

     "Here you go" says Sam.

     "Thank you, well anyway you didn't know me at the time but back then girls would bother me about my nose by always saying well if you rubbed your nose, My skirt wouldn't be this disgusting. But hey, I got the two best girls right in front me, screw them." Rosa says as she rubs her nose with the tissue.

     "Wow, and to think I'm worried about sneeihhCieww, sneezing." Claire says.

     "Yeah, don't worry about that nose of yours, will be with you every step of the way." Rosa says reassuringly."And even if you sneeze your head off all the time, we got you."

     "By the way. I think you put more of that perfume on this tihihh... Tissue, its not really helping out." Rosa says as her eyes water more so.

     "Well I guess you'll have to sneeze it out." Repeats Sam. "After all, you do looooove sneezing."

     " do nahihh... Not. I just like the sight of other sneezing, just a bit." Rosa says.

     Claire huffs and covers her nose only to uncover it and not really mind Rosa's liking to sneezing.

     Having nothing to stop her nose from itching, the itch in the back of her muzzle surfaces to the outside of it and causes major irritation to her nose to where even the nostrils itch horribly.

     "So with nothing to guard that nose, its only a matter of time until it bursts." Sam says.

     "Yeah, what she said." follows Claire.

     "Funny you should say that, it may be sooner than you think." says Rosa.

     "So, are we gonna talk soon or you gonna just stare at that nose, I mean it's just a sneeze."asks Claire.

     "Shh, hold up its coming up." says Sam.

     Rosa's fans her nose as wide as her nostrils are flairing, which the nostrils themselves are reaching their breaking point.

     Desperate, Rosa resorts to scrubbing her nose with her paw. Resulting in horrific results ( depending on how you think of it )

     "Hihhh...haa...HIHHAAAAAAACIEEwwww HAciew HACiew CChiew HAAA,HAA... HAAAA- really Sam?"

     "Welllllll, I'm want you to hold this one in." Sam says , anticipating the next sneeze.

     "Its just a nose, I don't get it."Claire says.

     "Well when you sneeze as much as us, it gets boring to look at sneezIng the same way."Sam says.

     "Yeah sure, and I'm the one with the fetish." says Rosa.

     "No, its not sneezing. I just like it when people suffer occasionally." Sam says, smiling in return.

     "Also could you move your finger, I really need to sneeze."Rosa asks.

     Sam nodded and removed her finger. Leaving Rosa's nose to sneeze against her will, but she wanted it anyway.

     Still confused by the sight of her reunited friends, she felt at ease somewhat knowing they were the type to be willing to do anything. She Sat firmly in her chair knowing that any future endeavors would be ones without worry. But until then, Rosa still had to sneeze, and boy was it huge.

     "Hihhh...hAAAAAAAAAAAAAACHIEEEEEEWWwwwwwwww... Why are always like this? Oh well at least you met a new friend,  and his name is lilac!" Rosa says, perky as ever.





Writer's Den / Trial by snezzing [F]
« on: April 29, 2017, 05:56:41 PM »
     It was pitch black, every door was closed, and thick thunder storm covered the town. These were the perfect factors for someone in particular. Her feet swiftly moved on top of the creaky rooftop with ease, giving off a cool silence with her shoeless feet, as she preferred to be more silent with her footsteps.

     Reaching the end of a rooftop, she paused herself for there were 2 guards nearby, standing there as if they knew she would be coming. The moon shimmered gently on her black ninja outfit, fitted with the typical ninja sword, ninja stars, and back up ninja knife.

     And just like a ninja she is, she arrived to her destination ghostly. Her mission was to assassinate the corrupt queen of the village, who could be just as dangerous as she is.Not that she was worried or anything, she just couldn't go easy on her target.

     In the back of the house, she could see 2 guards passing by her. She then quickly hid in the pile of hay, hoping they would only pass for a moment. Right when the guards were walking by her, the only possible issue surfaced at that exact moment, her nose became itchy.

     As the guards went past her she came out of the hay as her nose twitched. She was able to visibly see it on her black mask that went up to half way on her muzzle. Compromising with her nose, she rubbed her nose briefly while her mask was still on ( you know because her identity ).

      Getting her bearings, she quietly snuck around the house and took out the one guard from the side and the two from the front entrance. Slowly opening the door, the door then opened itself up. Suspicious, she walked inside bracing herself for the unknown.

     Right as she stepped inside, the door closed behind her as she checked the door impulsively, as soon as she did that, the queen herself appeared behind her and before she could react, four guards went to her and immobilized her.

     "So, your the one who wants to kill me isn't it? Or am I mistaken, Claire the raccoon?" said the skunk queen herself, wearing a beautiful purple robe and a golden staff having plenty to show off herself.

     " You'll never get away with this!" Claire screamed. Staying calm while this was all going on.

     "And what makes you think that?" The queen said confidently.

     Claire pulled out her knife and gracefully took a guards staff by force while taking all of them out with one clean sweep of the guard's staff. Dropping it, she went up to the queen, placing a blade towards her neck.

     "Because I know exactly what your gonna do." Claire said with a smirk on her face. As she was saying that, her face was right near the flower placed on the skunk's hair. Her nose spasmed as she succumbed to her allergies yet again.

     Confused at first, the queen shakes that feeling off and takes the knife from the allergy blinded ninja. " You thought you knew me, but I know all of your allergies."

      "whaa- hahihhh... How do you know? " Claire said through her sensitive nose.

     "It doesn't matter how I know, what matters is how that will affect you." the queen said, thinking of how to end this. " If you lose to... 3 sneezes, I will end your life." the queen announced. " You can also have this tissue, but of course that will be useless." the queen says, eyeing the mask on the ninja's face." " Your challenge begins now."

     Claire was frightened at first, but she knew she could find a way to get out of this. " Oh and Just so we're clear... You leave, and you die faster than your nose can twitch."

      "That shouldn't be too hihhh... hard I *sniff* suppose." Claire says, sniffing loudly

     Right when Claire was going to rub her nose, the queen came up to her and tapped her right on the nose, and before she could do anything, her nose became more spastic while her muzzle scrunched to the point of having her mask fall off.

     In fear of losing her mask, she covered her nose with her hands to catch the mask, only to have her nose let loose two sneezes.

     "Hihhh... No, please don't haaaaaa...hitchiew...sniffff no no no itchiew sniff."

     Catching a break, she lifted her mask back up. Only to be greeted with laughter from the enemy herself.
"Haha haha... Wow, did you just seriously sneeze twice! Come on, I'm her to KILL you. That nose of yours really wants to die doesn't it." the queen says hysterically.

     As the queen was laughing her head off, Claire went up to her, took the flower on her head, and shoved it right in front of her nose.

     " How about this, next person to sneeze dies." Claire suggested.

     "Sniff, your on." the queen agreed.

      Claire was more prepared now, rubbing her nose as long as she could. She couldn't however, get rid of the mess from her last sneeze in her mask, making her nose all the more irritated.

     The queen however, already closing her eyes for her sneeze, she couldn't lose now. So she went to the ninja and attempted ed to take her tissue back.

     "You give that back, I need it." the queen whimpered.

     "No, how do you think that's fair?" questioned Claire.

     "Well since you have that mask of yours to contain the sneeze, all I have is my robe, and I am NOT getting this messy because of a simple sneeze." the queen protested.

     "If you have that robe, then I don't see how you need this." Claire declared as she put the tissue on top of the fire place near the queen.

     " *gasp* you dihihhhh... HAAAA..." the queen screamed, defeated as she took her silky robe and rubbed her nose with it to hold her sneeze back.

    "Fine, but after this you are cleaning this robe, then I'll kill you." the queen said.

    " Wehihhh... Well that's if you win, if I win, I'm rubbing my nose all over that robe."

     The queen gasped as she rubbed her nose even more so into her robe to keep the itch at bay. " I'll NEVER let you do such a thing you monster!" the queen said.

     As the queen gave her final word, the itch in Claire's nose spiked a despite her rubbing it as much as she could.

     "Hihhhh... Sniff how is your nose holding up... HAAAAAaaaaa..." Claire asked as she furiously scrubbed her nose through her mask.

     " fahhh... Fine I guess" lied the queen.

      Continuing to rub her nose in her robe, her nose became a bit raw from the silk, causing her nose to quiver and her nostrils to twitch erratically.

     "What's the matter? Your nose catching up to you? "  Claire said, knowing her chances of winning almost doubled.

     "Nihhhh... No, just showing off." the queen sais, confused of even her own statement.

     Puzzles, Claire shook that off as her nose was on the verge of sneezing. Her nose has been running in her mask, making her nose itch and her muzzle to shake her mask off again.


     Feeling the itch spike in her nose, the queen resorted to rubbing her nose with her elegant hands, only causing the itch to accelerate. Causing her nose to twitch fiercely, making her eyes close up.

      Almost considered a coincidence, both girls noses itched at that exact same time.

     "Hihhh...oh nahihhhh.... HITCHIEWWWWW!"

     "Come on guys, this isn't even close to how its suppose to go. Rosa was suppose to get killed off, she would bring in her new character and both of you would be ninjas together." Sam complained.

     "Yeah, but you got to admit that it was kinda fun." Rosa cooed.

     "But, sneezing is weird. I don't really think it's normal to enjoy it like...that." Claire said.

      "Listen, we all sneeze a lot, more than anyone in our classes. If we all learn to make the best of it, maybe we can embrace who we are." Sam suggested.

       "Yeah, and you know if you want to talk at all. You can come to me at any time... I got you girl." Rosa said while playfully punching her.

      "Yeah, I guess your right. Thanks guys, your the best."said Claire.

      "Yeah, so how about we all go get some ice cream?" suggested Sam.

      "And like I said, I'll always be there for you, even if it's in like 10 years or something, right?" Rosa said

      Everyone paused, shortly followed by laughter from them. And this is what started the friendship of Claire with Sam and Rosa. I wonder what their doing now? ( if any of you want to find mr, I'll be reading love-craft at the library, I've always loved his books. )



Writer's Den / Re: Lost in the woods [F]
« on: April 28, 2017, 10:50:16 AM »
  Nice work. I just want to know. What kind of otter is she? Sea otter? River otter? Common otter? Giant otter? Small-clawed otter? etc.
Good question, I'd say that she's a river otter.

Writer's Den / Library sniffles[F,allergies] Parts 1 & 2
« on: April 23, 2017, 11:14:55 AM »
This was created out of ideas from me and Y31 last night and I hope to make more of this one.

      The sun shining at high noon, the air filled with a warm, thick feel, cars whizzing, people pacing, flowers bracing the noticeable but calm winds, and the smell of the best hotdogs this side of the city were all you could see. For most others, it would just be a bustling streetwise. For Rosa, she couldn't be more than excited to look in every shop to meet new people. But there was something else different about her...

      Learning from one of her friends someone special would be at the library, she took her trust with her and went knowing she wouldn't waste her time.

      Just as the sliding doors opened up, her light and welcoming tennis ( summer shoes with holes in them ) that were as blue as the sky on a clear day. Followed by showing off the sleek, jet black fur of her legs, and on her legs are denim feeling shorts followed by a very light and smooth jacket that sometimes appear skin tight but is actually quite comfortable.

       The thin, sky blue jacket looks almost textureless covering her white tank top. Her jacket also had a zipper that could zip just enough to show a fair amount of cleavage, but decides to keep it halfway. To cover her cleavage, she has a dark blue bra on that looks fancied up on the edges that were also light blue.  She also has a nice rosey touch to her nails as a node to her first name.

       Just above that jacket is her adoring skunk face. Her lips were a peachy color, but not too glossy. Her eyes were a natural blue, which if you ask her is what inspired her personal look. Her hair was the same color as her fur and that went straight down to her shoulders and part to the side at the very end. That hair was covered by a cute blue, beret on top it. Her muzzle had a white streak that went toward her nose and was was narrow to say the least. Her nose was pure black, a trait all skunks long for.

        Her eyes shifted as she looked for a familiar face, she thought of sitting near the fantasy section for the books and as a vantage point. She noticed something with Her nose, but dismayed it for the sweet freshener in the air doing wonders. However, it was doing quite the opposite. Her muzzle scrunched briefly, nostrils flaired and stayed like that. Yet, she was oblivious to all of this.

       Meanwhile, Samantha is looking for some me time. She considered taking a walk with nature...but yet she didn't want to think of that at the same time. She was just hoping to be able to sit, relax, and to just take a break( I mean it's been 2 weeks since her last break, and we all know how that turned out ).

      So she took her now dark green attire ( similar, mind you ) and headed out the door. The library was only about a mile away, so it should take her too long.

     Walking just outside her house can be rough at times, it's quite the busy street. So as always she sits at the crosswalk waiting for the cars to pass.

      " um, excuse me.Do you need help with...." A firm, short sleeves wolf man said, gesturing to his nose. Rosa responded by crossing her eyes and hitching up her breath just a bit. "Hihhhhh... Yeah, now that you think of it". Prepared, the wolf man gave her a tissue.

      "Ah, thank you so much you gentleman". Nudging him playfully followed by a harsh sniff. The man maybe an expression that looked like your welcome with a small smile on his face briefly before going back to his book.

       At this point, Sam has crossed the road and is already on the main street. There is still much distance to make, but there shouldn't be traffic most likely.

        ( Gee, what is setting you off this time. Your always such a trouble-maker. ) Rosa looks around to see if she can spot anything that may be cause her predicament. Putting her nose in the air, she can plainly see the problem. "Yep, its dust again" ( and I thought I would be safe here, I guess love-craft ain't so popular ).

       Carefully taking her tissue, she places it with her hand on her nose and gets to lightly blow it without disturbing anyone. However, the wolf man and a few others eye her for a moment followed up by a "sorry" from Rosa. She know she can't escape this sneeze, but she has to try. She can't make a scene. Oh, that would go against her nose quite was enviable.
      She could already feel every movement her muzzle was making before, only much stronger. Her eyes were on the verge of closing only to be drafted by the stream of tears coming from her eyes.

      Almost there, she found herself having to cross the street, only for the lights to inconvenience her. She was in no rush, so there was no reason to jaywalk, she patiently waited at the crosswalk.

      "Hihhhh...I'm gahihhh...sneihhhh..."Rosa desperately said, barely getting her message across.

      She wanted nothing more now than to rub her now even if it went numb, but that's exactly what her nose wanted. She did the only thing she could do and fanned her nose to possible breath some fresh air, but between the teasing freshener and the irritating dust, she cornered by scents and substances.

      Feeling the sneeze winning, she braced herself with a tissue in hand.

     The sign says walk, and Sam finally makes it to the library in time. The doors welcome her as she meets someone all too familiar. She isn't sure if she is who she thinks she is until she let's out the first brief "hiHCIEEww".

      "Oh my god, I'm so sorry. I knew holding it in made it worse *sighs* . Thanks a lot... Jerk" Rosa says as she rests her hand on her muzzle, feeling defeated. Tapping her nose, she lifts herself back up.

      "Well, at least I'm a little strong hehihh... HichiEEWWww". Rosa sneezes yet again. She was going to sneeze a third time until she felt a familiar touch right on her nose.

       "Don't worry. I got you girl" Sam reassures, winking at her. "NO,ohmaygodohmygodohmygod, where have you behihh...oh thanks." Rosa excitedly says as her long lost friend's finger helps her with her quivering nose.This starts just the beginning of their return as great friends.

Writer's Den / Re: Lost in the woods [F]
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No problem man. ;)

Writer's Den / Lost in the woods [F]
« on: April 10, 2017, 09:55:22 PM »
       It was fairly sunny outside. There were many trees around. The grass was thick and luscious as the animals were happy. While there were many flowers and a light breeze, this was all but lovely for Sammy. 

       She always loved flowers, having them in at her home since she was a child. Everyday, she would go outside to admire the flowers, but not without taking medication. 
She was a beautiful anthro otter girl a bit on the short side. Her fur was a glowing brown mixed with her light brown hair that was quite messy but short in length. Her eyes were a dark but noticeable green. Her nose was very average for an otter;brown and round like any mammal. Her torso was concealed by a t-shirt that has an image of a cool skating brand with a long sleeve shirt underneath that. Her jeans are worn and are showing signs of age through the tears on it. Her shoes were also something sought after for ones living a dangerous life, with flat skater shoes. 

       She doesn't exactly want to dress this way, but she isn't completely bothered by it. Throughout the younger part of her childhood, she was always teased about how short she was and how she couldn't do much for even an otter. So when she got older she thought he had to compensate for that. 

After a while, nobody really cared about her height but since she was already in the job she wanted, this canned personality became much more real by then. She is a carefree, adventurous, and caring person. 
       While she may be able to think about any situation she is in, she usually tries to solve them by going full out, even when she doesn't need to. This also allows her to suppress worked and not really think an just do. This also makes her a really fun person to be around, especially at parties. This is ones reason he is good at making Friends easily. 
Despite her impulsiveness, she can't make herself force a friend to do something that is out of their comfort zone.

        The flowers shimmered bright, beautiful colors. They felt like fine silk, almost as smooth as her own fur. It always seemed like there was nothing wrong with them, but alas, this came at a price. To simply put it, she was allergic. Which she hates to admit or reveal. 
She has however been able to hold this said allergy back, except she has not prepared for said allergy. For reasons unknown, she thought she would be fine to relax her mind in the woods for a bit without her meds. 

        "Hihhhihhhh...", for as long as she has been near the mixed field of trees and flowers, she has been greeted by nothing but an itchy nose and teary eyes. She's given thought of just sneezing just to get it over with, but she is always been self conscious about sneezing in general so she'd prefer to fight it just in case she can get rid of the sneeze. 

        When she got to the flower field, she had to pause for a moment to get her bearings together, but by now she is already trying to find a route away from the flowers that will not get her lost. But between having her nose on the verge of sneezing off and trying to find a familiar route isn't a winning battle for either victory. She knows however that if she stops moving that she'll surely sneeze. 

        "Ahhhhhhh..." , her nose seems like it's wanting to pop right off her muzzle. The nostrils flaired to the point it hurts to flair any wider. Attempting to control her nose, she places a finger right on her nose in hope that maybe she can think a bit better. 

        "Hihhh... *sighs*", Sam sighs as her nose is settled for the moment. Her nose however, is still in grave danger. While Sam is running and searching for a path, the breeze around her gets stronger and pollen is being lifted right from the delicate flowers around her. She is most certainly holding her sneeze in, but her nose has began to run as well, making her sniff numerous times. Right when she had to sniff again, her nose managed to pick up some pollen through her finger, causing her nose to succumb to her allergies yet again.
       "Sniffffff... HAAAAAAHHHH...( Damn, where did that come fr-)HIHHHHH..." .
The tickle spiked in her nose, and caught her by surprise. Frustrated by the losing battle, she took her hand and rubbed and contorted her nose in every way possible. She rubbed on it with a finger, with her hand, squeezed it, shook it even. It took her a while to finally defeat the itch inside her for the longest time, she was free. 

       To celebrate her victory... She took a deep breath... Near the flowers...through her nose( You know how this goes of course). 

       "Ah, finally that's out of the way. Snifffff...hihhhhh( STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!)
Hahhihhhhh..." . Her nose went from soft and gentle to brash and wild as her nostrils flaired fiercely and her muzzle scrunched like an accordion. She tried to rub her nose like before but was met with a sore nose. 

       Realizing that she lost, she did last thing she could do and squeezed her nose tightly so no one would see or here this mess she as about to release. 
"Huhhhh...AAAAAAKSPIKSHHH...hiHHHhhhhh( oh please no ). "

       Desperately trying to stifle another sneeze, she failed miserably. The build-up of the last sneeze already took a lot out of her. She didn't even bother keeping her hand close to her nose, she thought she was better of just walking home sneezing her head off than holding back sneezes all day in the woods. Letting her nose win the battle was simply an easier choice. 
"Ok, you win. Do yhihhhh...thing. HihHHHHhhhhh... AHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAA...huhiHAAAAAA(really, now you wanna stay in there? ). 

        This nose of hers really hated her today, this squishy and round organ was here only to cause pain to her. Yet she had to let it do what it wanted, she couldn't go to the kitchen and nullify her nose of allergies, that was about a mile away. Her nose wanted nothing more than to torture her to no end. 
So he did the only thing she could do, she picked up a flower and sniffed as hard as she could and all her nose gave her was an agonizing "HIHHHHHHAHHH". She lost yet again but this time she actually wanted to sneeze for once, but she then thought of something to help. 

       Picking up a long, thick piece of grass. She moved it near her nose and let it dance around her nose as her nose danced in turn, flairing at just the presence of it. It seemed as though she won the battle, it was only a matter of time. 

       " HIHH ACHIEW EHHHCHE ICHIEW HACHIEW HAAAACHIEEWW...sniff... Hihh ichiew. *sighs*, that's much better. " she said as she was lightly rubbing her nose and her body was removed of any useful energy left. She did feel a tickle in her nose, but by then even her nose didn't care anymore. So she got on track finally and walked back home. 

Video Games & Anime / Re: Breath of the Wild
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Huh, I guess I need some catching up to do once I get a switch. *clap*  *clap* nice job man, can't wait for that 100%

Video Games & Anime / Breath of the Wild
« on: March 21, 2017, 12:00:40 AM »
Have any of you tried BotW, and if so what do you like about it so far. (try not to spoil it for others and make warning for it if you are going to LIKE SO)

Writer's Den / (F, Zelda, Zora) Mipna sneezes
« on: March 20, 2017, 02:23:15 AM »
I played some Breath of the Wild and Mipna is pretty cool so I thought this would be neat I suppose so this is...

Mipna sneezes (that's about it)

      As link fired his last arrow, the waterblight Ganon finally fell, and all he has to do was place his slate on the unit to purify Ruta.

      As the he placed the slate, a heart container was bestowed upon him for his actions, giving a feel of great satisfaction. Right when he was receiving his reward, the Zora champion Mipna appeared before him with the same essence as the fallen Hylian king  that he met earlier on his journey.

      "Link, I'm so glad we can finally meet again" says mipna, eager to thank him for his actions, but was occupied by something more demanding. " Before you go, I ju-ja just wanted to say,thiiihhh... That's unusual, how do I have the urge to sneeze in my spirit form."

     Link was a bit worried and was looking in his bag to see if he has something that was maybe causing her allergies to act up.

      Mean while, Mipna was already having pressing concerns with her nose, how was it acting up when she was but a spirit, she too thought it has to deal with her allergies, but how? Before she could think of that, her breath hitched even more and her nostrils began to twitch and flair with every breath she took, but it wasn't adding up, how could a spirit still sneeze?

     Link went passed peeking subtly in his bag and opened it up for a better view, but as he opened his sack, the front of her nose flared wildly as her head perched up all the while she was in the verge of sneezing her head off, but she was still resilient, attempting to keep her nose at bay.

       Mipna was about ready to burst, having one hand fanning herself while the other was grasping her nose as best she could, she felt like she was about have her nose get the best of her, and right when she was about to sneeze, her sneeze got stuck, " I thought link was still searching his bag" she thought to herself. Regardless, her nose was still suffering, and it was still painful to hold in, but why would link put away the very thing that would help her sneeze, maybe he thought its what she wanted. She still had to ease her nose, so she took both her hands and started rubbing her nose to ease it a bit, and as she was rubbing her nose she asked, " Link, would you mind taking out that thing bothering my nose, I would greatly appreciate it."

      Link thought she didn't want to sneeze, but by judging her expression and what she was doing, she looked like so, but because she asked for the sneeze induced substance,he open the bag and took out the nightshade, which he remembers from his past life was the what really got to her in the springtime, so when she saw it , she asked Link to bring towards her face.

      As Link came closer to Mipna, she was still rubbing her nose. She almost forgot why she needed the nightshade until Link brought the nightshade up to her nose. At first, she instead rubbed her nose more furiously, having her nose more sore from her hands than the nightshade, but link put the nightshade right on top of her nose, and immediately, her eyes watered as they crossed and her hands let go of her nose.

     "Hihhihhh...HIHHH....HAAAA..HAAAAAAAAAAAAACHIEWWWW WWW....HACHIEW..HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ahh...CHIEW sniff , still got one in mehhhhhhh....HACIEW sniff sniff Link, I think you can put that away naaaCHIEEEEW sniffffff"

    " Now link, thank you so much for helping Ruta and coming all this way to help the Zoras, and my nose *giggles*. Hopefully next time we meet its under better circumstances, and for you to fight ganon, I'd like you to take my healing, as you can see I won't get any use out of it now. Together , Ruta and I will help take Ganon down with you, and when your fighting out there, remember me.

Link felt warmed by Mipna's words as her healing powers entered him and was sure to remember her on future adventures, he still had long way to go, but he knew that today was a milestone met. Right before Link left, he went up to Mipna and whispered bless you and kissed her right on the nose, warming her heart.

I tried it out earlier today and its great

Writer's Den / Bowser and the big bad sneeze(m+non-anthro+mario bros)
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I first want to say this is my first fic I've made that I'm going to post on this site, but regardless enjoy.

     Bowser was peacefully sleeping in his castle when little did he know his nose was giving quite the predicament. In his dream, was him and peach in a fabulous private island in a place where Mario could never find him.
 " oh bowser how I love." cooed peach. " oh and do I love you." bowser said.
As Bowser went in to kiss peach, peach turned into a pile of peach shaped pepper, so when he his big dry lips would have kissed peach, he then moved in too close and got his nose along with his face covered in pepper.
As the pepper settled in more his dream started to become more hazy as he became helpless, surely someone as mighty as browser wouldn't be defeated by a simple sneeze.However, his nose wouldn't faultier and began to itch as the pepper started to become  dust from his room as he slowly but surely became more awake and aware of the menace that is his nose.
Being more awake, Bowser started to become more irritated than anything, first he gets the dream of a lifetime only to sneeze? This was outrageous to him, but in return to his anger his nose granted him a hitched breath.
"Nnnihh.....grrrrrrrAHHHH ahhhhh... Nnneh."
His nose didn't stop there, it then gave him irritatingly flairing nostrils, tearful eyes, and one huge sneeze!
 "hey, could you stop that. Its bad enough my nose is itching like this, I don't need an annoying voice narrating in head!"Bowser exclaimed
"Well how about one that's informative?" asked the voice(ME!!!)
"*sighs* sure."
Following the conversation, Bowser's nose spiked in ticklyness as the recurring symptoms soon followed. Being more aggressive, Bowser takes his claw up to His face to rid the tickle in any way possible, scratching,rubbing, pinching and his nose still is just As itchy as before , but not anymore so. Alas, his nose still has the energy to sneeze yet again.
" nihhhh... Wahhhhhh.....wait, I thought I was gahhhh... Gonna sneeze?"
"Bowser, that was just an observation. I can't possibly know when exactly your nose will burst, it's just a matter of HAAAACIEEWWWWW"
" ehhh, Bowser wipes his disgusting nose after a surprising sneeze came forth." said the snot covered figure just past bowser's bed.
" wait, your actually here? Where are you?" Bowser asks buffonishly as he looked for the voice.
"Over here" says the grumpy TURTLE and his LEFT and slightly BELOW him
"Hmmmm *sniff* *sniff* , I smehhhh... Ahhh CHOOOO!"
"Hey genius! Right here."
"I smell you, but can't find you, you can't possibly be this clo.... Dad?" Bowser says as he FINALLY finds the small turtle.
As it says, I may continue it if I decide to put the time into it, but I'm not sure. Regardless, have a great day.

Video Games & Anime / Re: Has anyone here played metal gear
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My first one was phantom pain and they even made the base management kind of interesting and fun

Video Games & Anime / Re: Who's got a Playstation 4?
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I do and got cod and bunch of other games but I don't have internet at home so I can't go online often sadly.

I'm New Here / Hi...
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I've had this sort of thing for a while(sneeze fetish) and I thought I would finally join the site I've visited multiple times because it's becoming a part of me anyway.
I also am really nervous of having this sort of thing in the first place but I want to feel comfortable in my own skin and too not be afraid to just have this fetish.
Never have told anyone personal in my life about it and don't think I will be comfortable about sharing it anytime soon.
With that aside,
Hows it going?

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