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Writer's Den / [F+Sly Cooper+Induced] Carmelita Fox
« on: September 12, 2017, 01:29:13 AM »
This is one of Megacycle's older stories that he couldn't save and I managed to find it on the SneezeFetishForum and was posted Augest 9th 2012. So make sure to give credits to him for this story.

(Enjoy everybody, please comment and tell me what you think.)

Running from rooftop to rooftop from the infamous Carmelita Fox is France’s newest thief Wolf. “this is to easy.” He make one more leap to land on his final rooftop and begins his descent into the streets below and begins running once more. He runs into a shadowed alley only to come to a dead end. “dead end, not good, not good at all!” he thought as he searched frantically for a way out of the alley.

“I have you know Cooper.” said Carmelita in a commanding tone while pointing her pistol at me.

“Well you did catch me ,but I am not Sly Cooper.” said Wolf as he stepped out of the shadows to reveal himself. “But I am glad to know that I measure up to his abilities in my crimes, gorgeous.”

Carmelita looks upon the face of France’s newest thief to reveal a gray furred wolf slightly taller then her wearing a dark blue muscle shirt, black pants, and black boots. “Who are you?” she demanded.

“You can call me wolf” he said calmly as he walk slowly toward her and then lies face down on the ground with his hand behind his back. “And I know when I have been beaten.”

Carmelita Fox stands above her latest capture. She begins to cuff him with her handcuffs “tell me your name.” she ordered as she hauls him back up on his feet to take him to jail.

He stumbles slightly as she raises him back to her feet. “gladly, the name is Benjamin Wolfe” he said.

Just as he said his name someone came out of the shadows and knocked Carmelita out with a quick blow to her head. “Why am I always bailing you out of trouble Wolf” said a feminine voice.

Ben quickly picks the locks on the cuffs and looks at his short friend a ferret wearing a black shirt, black pants, and dark brown boots. “Oh you know you love saving my ass Mina” he said as he finally removes the handcuffs. He bends down and cuffs the officers wrists together. He then hoists her over his shoulder and begins to walk out of the alley.

“Why are you taking her?” Mina asked.

“Just thought we could drop her off at her apartment.” Ben replied.

“Always the gentlemen, fine well meet me at the hideout when you’re ready for the next heist.” Mina said as she disappears in the shadows to travel back to their hideout unseen.

Ben carefully raises the window of her apartment and enters while gently carrying Carmelita bridal style to her bed. He gently sets her on her bed. “she is so beautiful.” he thought as he stared down at her. He turns as he gets ready to leave when he notices a second pair of handcuffs setting on her dresser. An idea quickly forms as he takes both of her handcuffs and cuffs her wrists to the bedposts. He pulls out a small packet of pepper from his lunch and sprinkles some onto her nose. He watches closely as her nose scrunches as she breaths in the pepper.

“*sniff* aah *sniff* aahhhh” Carmelita’s eyes fly open as her nose twitches and wiggles with the tickle inside it.

Ben watches as she tries to rub her twitching nose. Eyes closing as her chest expands with her heaving sighs.

Carmelita’s nose gave one final twitch as her nostrils flared and her chest fills itself with air preparing for the powerful release. “HAAH! AAAAAHH! HAAAAKSHOOO! HACHOO!” her body jerks forward with the release.

Ben walks over to her and gently rubs her nose to calm the tickle he caused. “I see you are finally awake gorgeous.”

“When I get out I will capture you!” Carmelita growls.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Ben said. He then brings his face down to hers and whispers “But I am going to be a hell of a lot harder to catch now.” He then grabs the left side of her face gently with his right hand and puts his left hand in hers and gives her a deep kiss that seemed to last forever.

Carmelita feels him grasp her hand and kiss her. She closes her eyes as she enjoys the best kiss she had ever received.

Ben ended the kiss and whispers to her. “I’ll see you soon, love.”

Carmelita Fox watches as the newest thief of France slips out her window. She looks at her right hand to see what he left her. “He gave me his lock pick.” She was soon free from her own set of handcuffs. She walks over to her window and gazes out at the nights sky. “I will catch you Benjamin Wolfe” she lies back in her bed, and as she goes to sleep she can’t help but dream of him and her dancing under the moonlight.


Unarchived Stories / Re: [F + Mature] Dueling Dragonesses
« on: September 06, 2017, 03:20:44 AM »
Loved it. A real favorite of mine.

Video Games & Anime / Marvel vs capcom Infinite
« on: September 04, 2017, 11:42:34 PM »
Anyone excited about the new marvel game? I'll be online every chance I get so if anyone was gonna play ask me for my PSN and maybe we can get a few matches together.

General Chatter / Re: Wishlists
« on: August 18, 2017, 04:33:58 AM »
( these are my thoughts RN, may change later)

1Gia: madagascar 3

2 Sash Lilac: Freedom Planet

3 Andie: Nut Job

Unarchived Stories / Re: [F + Pokemon] What's Up Your Nose, Doc?
« on: August 16, 2017, 09:26:42 AM »
I've read this a few times and I gotta say it's a pretty fun story. Great work.

Writer's Den / [F+Anthro] Purrfect bookworm
« on: August 04, 2017, 10:51:06 PM »

     Joanna is a slender lioness who's a librarian on the side.   In the springtime, She was barely able to see through the flower infested neighborhood that surrounded her. Coupled with a high pollen count, she was glad to be able to get through spring with only some pills to fight her irritating allergies.

     Today however, was different. If only she had known of the struggles she would face today. With summer coming near, all flowers were in bloom and the sun glared through the wide, open windows. This was just the beginning of the worst to come.

     "*sniffle*...*sniffle*(ugh, my nose hasn't felt this stuffy in a while)" Joanna complains to herself while she gets ready for the day ahead in her shared office area.

     Noticing a customer, she confidently walks to the desk to go aid the patient reader. 

     "Hi, how may I help you?" Joanna asks

     "I just need to check this book out please." The customer says.

     Joanna reaches out to take the book from the reader to mark it while also asking for the person's card.

     The book appears dusty. As Joanna picked up the book, she involuntarily sniffed deeply at the presence of the dust. The dust particles swayed toward the walls of her nose and caused every breath to be painful if  it did not follow with a sneeze.

     Carefully, Joanna gave her best effort to hold her sneeze in while not to rub her nose. She wouldn't want to look ill in front of the respectful reader.

     "He-here you go." Says Joanna with a cheery tone, only interrupted by the her worrisome nose.

     "Why thank you, have a good one." The customer said.

     "You too". Joanna blurted out only to walk quickly to the back room where she dealt with her nose.

     There, she took a tissue and began to push it underneath her wide, pink nose.

      Her allergies were getting worse as her eyes were blinded by her allergenic tears flowing out of her, and no matter how much she sniffed, it would only halt or worsen her need to sneeze.

     She was just about to give up and sneeze until a co-worker came up to her to ask for assistance.

     "Hey, this girl wanted to know where the book "mysteries of the space forest" was, you know where it is better than me."

     Joanna had wide eyes as she stepped outside to help the girl while her nose raged with an intense pre-sneeze expression glued  to her face.

     The girl was confused at first, but then disregarded the scrunched nose as she said "thank you for helping, I just need to find "mysteries of the space forest". "

     "Heh, yeah." Joanna did very much love that book, but her response begged to differ. Knowing how popular it was, or how unpopular, Joanna knew she would have to sneeze at some point. It was just the matter of when.

     As they both arrived, Joanna became cross-eyed and quickly let out a quick "Hetchiewww". She felt eyes stabbing into her as she became red with embarrassment.

     "Oh bless you, you know where it is right?" The girl asks, concerned.

      "Oh tha-thihhhh... Thank youihhhhhhHHHHHAAAAA- huh?" Joanna says as the girl puts a helpful finger right under the librarian's pink nose.

      "I know how it feels to have allergies...and I don't want to wait too long." The girl says, anxious to find the book.

     "Thank you, it should *sniff* be this way. Oh I'm sorry for that!" Apologies Joanna for sniffing wetly through the girl's finger.

      The girl says it's fine as they both awkwardly walk about the library, searching for the book.

     While they near the book, Joanna tells the girl "We're almost there, you can take your finger away now."

      "Ok, thank you by the way". The girl says as she wipes her finger on her handkerchief.

     Very close to the book, Joanna's nose flairs wildly while the excess of dust assaults her poor nostrils. Rearing back, she begins to hitch loudly while refusing any help with her quivering nose.

     "Hihhh... HIHH- not now, I nehihh need this. Haahihhh... Hehhh...*snifffff* almost there. " she says as she is fanning her nose with one hand while preemptively holding a hand out to catch the sneeze.

     By now, one could tell her nose was a bright red and could see her nose scrunching and flaring with every hesitant breath. Her eyes were closed tight from the intensity the sneeze has reached. Barely able to sneeze, she slowly opens her eyes to look directly into the fluorescent light to push the sneeze just enough to come out.

     "Hahhhhh, Ahhhhihhhh... Hetchiewww...ahh... Ahcieww, HACIEW, huhhhh... Huh CHHHIEEW. *sniff* *sniff* wait. *sniff* *sniff* *sniffle*, one more... HACIEW. *sigh* better."

     "The book should be right there" Joanna says, pointing with one hand and holding her nose with the other.

      Walking back, Joanna huffed to herself as she still needed to mark the book, which was still dusty. 

     Holding her breath, she quickly checked the boom out for the sweet girl and quickly bursted back into the office to scrub her nose into submission. Only to realize that the same had she is rubbing her nose was the hand to touch the dusty book.

     "Oh no, Hihhh ... Haaaa...*sniffle*. Oh come on." Joanna whimpers as she desperately takes the bouquet of flowers and sniffs the aroma in with every bit of oxygen in her body.

     She braces herself with a hand at the ready as her nose explodes with a loud double. " HACIEWWW... HA HEEWCIEEEWWW. " Joanna screams

      "Hey Joanna, you can go on break if you'd like" says a co-worker while giving her a gesture that says "she is still in a library"

     "Of course,yeah." Joanna says nasally while slowly walking out of the library, defeated. 


General Chatter / Re: Anyone have ideas for what they want to read?
« on: June 12, 2017, 03:24:14 AM »
     You could try a hiding related story.

It you also be about a spy dealing with vents.

Real Life Lounge / Re: Where do you live?
« on: June 12, 2017, 02:56:11 AM »
I live in the US. More specifically in Pittsburgh,PA.

General Chatter / Re: SnEZ Ref: Favorite Aspects of a Sneeze? Ver.4
« on: May 03, 2017, 11:18:40 PM »
I love most things about the sneeze unless it gets really messy. I love when there is nose rubbing in particular, it makes it that much better.

I'm New Here / Re: Hello other people.
« on: May 02, 2017, 10:07:33 PM »
Hello and welcome, can't wait to see what you make.

Unarchived Stories / Re: [F] Lost in the woods
« on: April 28, 2017, 10:50:16 AM »
  Nice work. I just want to know. What kind of otter is she? Sea otter? River otter? Common otter? Giant otter? Small-clawed otter? etc.
Good question, I'd say that she's a river otter.

Unarchived Stories / Re: [F] Lost in the woods
« on: April 11, 2017, 12:05:18 AM »
No problem man. ;)

Unarchived Stories / [F] Lost in the woods
« on: April 10, 2017, 09:55:22 PM »
       It was fairly sunny outside. There were many trees around. The grass was thick and luscious as the animals were happy. While there were many flowers and a light breeze, this was all but lovely for Sammy. 

       She always loved flowers, having them in at her home since she was a child. Everyday, she would go outside to admire the flowers, but not without taking medication. 
She was a beautiful anthro otter girl a bit on the short side. Her fur was a glowing brown mixed with her light brown hair that was quite messy but short in length. Her eyes were a dark but noticeable green. Her nose was very average for an otter;brown and round like any mammal. Her torso was concealed by a t-shirt that has an image of a cool skating brand with a long sleeve shirt underneath that. Her jeans are worn and are showing signs of age through the tears on it. Her shoes were also something sought after for ones living a dangerous life, with flat skater shoes. 

       She doesn't exactly want to dress this way, but she isn't completely bothered by it. Throughout the younger part of her childhood, she was always teased about how short she was and how she couldn't do much for even an otter. So when she got older she thought he had to compensate for that. 

After a while, nobody really cared about her height but since she was already in the job she wanted, this canned personality became much more real by then. She is a carefree, adventurous, and caring person. 
       While she may be able to think about any situation she is in, she usually tries to solve them by going full out, even when she doesn't need to. This also allows her to suppress worked and not really think an just do. This also makes her a really fun person to be around, especially at parties. This is ones reason he is good at making Friends easily. 
Despite her impulsiveness, she can't make herself force a friend to do something that is out of their comfort zone.

        The flowers shimmered bright, beautiful colors. They felt like fine silk, almost as smooth as her own fur. It always seemed like there was nothing wrong with them, but alas, this came at a price. To simply put it, she was allergic. Which she hates to admit or reveal. 
She has however been able to hold this said allergy back, except she has not prepared for said allergy. For reasons unknown, she thought she would be fine to relax her mind in the woods for a bit without her meds. 

        "Hihhhihhhh...", for as long as she has been near the mixed field of trees and flowers, she has been greeted by nothing but an itchy nose and teary eyes. She's given thought of just sneezing just to get it over with, but she is always been self conscious about sneezing in general so she'd prefer to fight it just in case she can get rid of the sneeze. 

        When she got to the flower field, she had to pause for a moment to get her bearings together, but by now she is already trying to find a route away from the flowers that will not get her lost. But between having her nose on the verge of sneezing off and trying to find a familiar route isn't a winning battle for either victory. She knows however that if she stops moving that she'll surely sneeze. 

        "Ahhhhhhh..." , her nose seems like it's wanting to pop right off her muzzle. The nostrils flaired to the point it hurts to flair any wider. Attempting to control her nose, she places a finger right on her nose in hope that maybe she can think a bit better. 

        "Hihhh... *sighs*", Sam sighs as her nose is settled for the moment. Her nose however, is still in grave danger. While Sam is running and searching for a path, the breeze around her gets stronger and pollen is being lifted right from the delicate flowers around her. She is most certainly holding her sneeze in, but her nose has began to run as well, making her sniff numerous times. Right when she had to sniff again, her nose managed to pick up some pollen through her finger, causing her nose to succumb to her allergies yet again.
       "Sniffffff... HAAAAAAHHHH...( Damn, where did that come fr-)HIHHHHH..." .
The tickle spiked in her nose, and caught her by surprise. Frustrated by the losing battle, she took her hand and rubbed and contorted her nose in every way possible. She rubbed on it with a finger, with her hand, squeezed it, shook it even. It took her a while to finally defeat the itch inside her for the longest time, she was free. 

       To celebrate her victory... She took a deep breath... Near the flowers...through her nose( You know how this goes of course). 

       "Ah, finally that's out of the way. Snifffff...hihhhhh( STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!)
Hahhihhhhh..." . Her nose went from soft and gentle to brash and wild as her nostrils flaired fiercely and her muzzle scrunched like an accordion. She tried to rub her nose like before but was met with a sore nose. 

       Realizing that she lost, she did last thing she could do and squeezed her nose tightly so no one would see or here this mess she as about to release. 
"Huhhhh...AAAAAAKSPIKSHHH...hiHHHhhhhh( oh please no ). "

       Desperately trying to stifle another sneeze, she failed miserably. The build-up of the last sneeze already took a lot out of her. She didn't even bother keeping her hand close to her nose, she thought she was better of just walking home sneezing her head off than holding back sneezes all day in the woods. Letting her nose win the battle was simply an easier choice. 
"Ok, you win. Do yhihhhh...thing. HihHHHHhhhhh... AHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAA...huhiHAAAAAA(really, now you wanna stay in there? ). 

        This nose of hers really hated her today, this squishy and round organ was here only to cause pain to her. Yet she had to let it do what it wanted, she couldn't go to the kitchen and nullify her nose of allergies, that was about a mile away. Her nose wanted nothing more than to torture her to no end. 
So he did the only thing she could do, she picked up a flower and sniffed as hard as she could and all her nose gave her was an agonizing "HIHHHHHHAHHH". She lost yet again but this time she actually wanted to sneeze for once, but she then thought of something to help. 

       Picking up a long, thick piece of grass. She moved it near her nose and let it dance around her nose as her nose danced in turn, flairing at just the presence of it. It seemed as though she won the battle, it was only a matter of time. 

       " HIHH ACHIEW EHHHCHE ICHIEW HACHIEW HAAAACHIEEWW...sniff... Hihh ichiew. *sighs*, that's much better. " she said as she was lightly rubbing her nose and her body was removed of any useful energy left. She did feel a tickle in her nose, but by then even her nose didn't care anymore. So she got on track finally and walked back home. 

Video Games & Anime / Re: Breath of the Wild
« on: March 21, 2017, 09:40:54 AM »
Huh, I guess I need some catching up to do once I get a switch. *clap*  *clap* nice job man, can't wait for that 100%

Video Games & Anime / Breath of the Wild
« on: March 21, 2017, 12:00:40 AM »
Have any of you tried BotW, and if so what do you like about it so far. (try not to spoil it for others and make warning for it if you are going to LIKE SO)

I tried it out earlier today and its great

Video Games & Anime / Re: Has anyone here played metal gear
« on: February 08, 2017, 11:23:13 PM »
My first one was phantom pain and they even made the base management kind of interesting and fun

Video Games & Anime / Re: Who's got a Playstation 4?
« on: February 08, 2017, 11:21:58 PM »
I do and got cod and bunch of other games but I don't have internet at home so I can't go online often sadly.

I'm New Here / Hi...
« on: February 01, 2017, 02:45:36 AM »
I've had this sort of thing for a while(sneeze fetish) and I thought I would finally join the site I've visited multiple times because it's becoming a part of me anyway.
I also am really nervous of having this sort of thing in the first place but I want to feel comfortable in my own skin and too not be afraid to just have this fetish.
Never have told anyone personal in my life about it and don't think I will be comfortable about sharing it anytime soon.
With that aside,
Hows it going?

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