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[F + Destruction] Elephant Anthro Request Parts 1-4*
« on: September 06, 2011, 01:48:51 PM »
Allyson The Cleaner…She’ll blow away all your problems!

Allyson was no ordinary lady, she was a all-purpose cleaning machine! She lived in a city that had so many dogs, cats, and other types of dogs and cats that she was pretty much an outcast. All of the anthro dogs and cats were ranged between 4 and 7 feet when they were full grown, but Allyson was already 9 feet tall. She was a pretty elephant, with a slender long trunk that weaved its way around, with 2 nostrils that each were the size of a dog anthro’s nose. Her leg muscles were astounding, anyone that tried to outrun her just because of her… (DO NOT say she’s fat…she will charge at you and things will not go well for you…call her big. She is not ashamed of her weight, but just hearing the word 'fat' makes her blood boil!) large body were left in shock. She cold run a mile in less than 7 minutes, and she was downright incredible when she joined in wrestling in high school. Her trunk, even though it was a lot slender than most other elephant trunks, still was pure muscle and could easily lift over 400 pounds if she tried hard enough. She went to another city to buy cloths, and she normally wore capris and a gray T shirt to match her gray-bluish skin. Today though…she was going for her first job.

An elephant living in a city of other animals really had a hard time finding a job. It didn’t help that she just happened to live in Yoedsburg, a city that did have a variety of animals in it, but had over 80 percent of the animals being cats and dogs. Allyson’s parents were forced to leave when she was 12, and since she was 30 now, this didn’t bother her nearly as much as it did back then. Still, she often wondered why her parents were forced out of the city…

Shaking her massive head, she felt the sway of her big long leathery ears slap her cheeks. She always did this when she needed to slap herself. It was much easier than lifting her big arms and slapping herself with her massive hands. She also had lovely deep brown eyes that always showed how she was feeling…any mood could be seen clear as rain from those eyes.

Anyway, she was walking down the street and stopped by to suck up some peanuts from a stand nearby. One of any elephant’s weaknesses are peanuts. If they see them, you can bet 5 dollars that they’ll try to get them. Allyson’s trunk was extremely adaptable to sucking things nearby…and even from 200 feet; she could still suck up any object if she took a deep enough breath. Unfortunately, when she stopped to suck up these peanuts, the suction also tipped over both the salt and the pepper shaker…and the suction made about a fourth of each shaker spill and got sucked in along with the peanuts.

Allyson’s eyes were fine, but she couldn’t see the tiny black and white objects getting mixed in along with the peanuts. Her trunk didn’t realize it immediately either, the trunk sucking the peanuts in whole and then crushing them while still inside her trunk so they’d be nice and tasty when she would put her trunk into her mouth to eat them…and then the pepper and salt seemed to suddenly make themselves known. Her eyes began to water and her trunk became tight, and luckily, since it was so early in the mourning, there were hardly any bystanders except for a few old cats and a dog that was blind and was using a cane to find out where he was going.

No one noticed Allyson freeze up and her trunk went from being stiff to wriggling, trying desperately to shake the tickle…but the tickle was heading in the wrong direction. Instead of going down, the pepper went up, making the itchy substance lodge deep in her trunk…and then her breath hitched. OH NO! Not here…I ca..can’t sneeze here! W..what…I know! Moving her body, she tried her best to ignore the burning sensation in her nose and found an alleyway that, as far as she knew, hadn’t been used or no one cared about what happened to it in over 50 years. With every step she was hurrily taking, the trunk swished back and forth, making the urge to sneeze intensify. Her trunk obviously knew it was about to blow, curling up in a snail shell like shape and the sneezy expression was written all over her eyes.

Finally reaching the abandoned alley, she finally let out a extremely powerful “HAAAACHOOO!!!” The good thing about her sneezes were that they usually only were one. She couldn’t even remember the last time she had a sneezing fit of more than 3 sneezes all in a row…but this also was a curse too. Every single sneeze was unconsciously fought with, and the longer she fought the sneeze…the more powerful it got. This sneeze was no different.

Opening her eyes, she felt instant relief. Every speck of pepper and salt she had inhaled shot out of her nose with that giant sneeze…but then she gasped in horror…

The alleyway was now covered in trash. She had not been looking where she sneezed and had the unfortunate luck of having all the air from her sneeze blow over a dumpster garbage container and it fell over. That thing was all the way filled, so her sneeze was powerful enough to lift 700 pounds of garbage and sent every pound of it sprawling all over the alley. Sniffing, she lifted her big hand to rub her nose. “Oh no…the last time I sneezed was over 5 years ago…they’ve gotten more powerful than even then…”

She remembered the humiliating memory…and even though it was funny to everyone else, it was a devastating memory to her…

The time was in the middle of April, and in the city, everyone was out for doing who-knows-what. No one could resist the nice cool breeze and the sunny blue sky that covered most of the city. Allyson was attending the local university there in the city, and only had 1 more month left before she graduated. She was going to become the first elephant anthro to graduate from college…she had worked her whole body to the point of exhaustion trying to do her best job in her grades, staying active in sports, and being fit. She’d even made friends in college that were cats and dogs! In elementary and middle school, the kids were scared of her large size. In those years, she did have friends, but they were other “outcasts” like her: 2 snakes, a hippo, a rhino, and an animal that no one really knew what it was (he was a platypus…looks like even in anthro form, no one can really be sure what he is!)

It was in high school she first made friends with a cat…and she was extremely beautiful. Popular, fashionable, and a guy magnet, this cat would’ve been an instant cheerleader and anything else you can imagine high school had to offer…but she was shy, quiet, and she was surprisingly modest. She refused to wear anything that showed anything besides her arms or legs and absolutely hated how the guys would drool whenever she walked by them. In order to feel like she was truly appreciated, she decided to be friends with what everyone else called “the misfit group”…which was the same group that Allyson always had hanged out with. The beautiful orange cat never regretted her decision, and her name was Ether. Allyson was extremely sad when Ether left the city to go to another college…but it was Ether’s example that other cats and even 2 dogs became Allyson’s friend in college.

Allyson was walking around campus, holding all of her books in her arms, when she saw the most unusual creature. It was a 5 inch long luna moth…and this moth was so stunningly pretty Allyson had to see a closer look. This moth was completely non-anthro but could still speak in her own insect languages…and the other insects convinced her to try a classic joke. She had no idea it would be an elephant that would be the one to pick her up…making this joke even more classic.

The moth’s name was Leah, and she was a very young age of only 8. She was childish, fun, and loved to be mischievous, and this joke she instantly wanted to try. You see…she had completely covered her green feathery/powdery skin…in sneezeweed pollen and 5 other common allergens: Rose, Juniper, Dandelion, Ragweed, and dust.

Leah played dead, hoping that the elephant would do exactly what happened: Allyson sniffed with her trunk to see if the insect was dead. Seeing her chance (literally, she could see the opening of the trunk’s nostrils open wider and shrink as Allyson sniffed) She jumped and spread her wings in order to take off, making a cloud of her scaly wings and other things fall away from her body…and everything got caught up in a sniff from Allyson.

Allyson instantly felt the cloud go up her trunk and the quivering of her mouth was the first part of her body to shake. It was then her feet, and then her trunk that finally got the message as the feeling of that sneeze could be felt through every inch of her massive body. She was in the middle of campus, with buildings all around her and no where she could go to cover up her sneeze, she was forced to try and get rid of the sneeze by holding it in…and every second she held that sneeze in only made the sneeze grow…and she could feel it.

Her trunk started to swell from all the air it was getting inside it. She was purposely holding her breath, but her “ahs” that she would’ve done through her mouth were getting added in her trunk, making the swelling intensify. Onlookers described it as a balloon slowly being filled up to the brink of popping…her normally slender nose now was looking like a steam pipe…and then everything went boom.

“WWAAAACCHOOOOO! CHOOOO! WH…WAAACHOOOOOOOOO! Huh…HUH…HHUUUCHOOOWWWWW!” That last sneeze did the most damage, making the main office and the cafeteria have a gaping hole in their walls the size of a small house. Everyone saw the elephant…and everyone gasped as she sucked up air to apologize and the moth that started this whole thing got sucked inside her trunk.

There was no way this moth could’ve predicted that her innocent joke would turn into something like this. She flapped her wings in a panic, sending every particle she had on her wings downwards deep into Allyson’s trunk. The elephant’s trunk pointed straight up into the air, looking more like a bazooka gun more than anything else, everyone started to run for their life as Allyson’s breath hitched again, each breath of air making her trunk go higher and arch back more. Allyson nearly was falling over from how far back her last hitched breath made her trunk go…it looked like she was purposely trying to make the longest backwards C she could possibly make…but it wasn’t on purpose, and it wasn’t funny. Lena held on for dear life as the first sneeze made her propel forward…and the thing she was holding onto was a sensitive nose hair.

That sneeze was even more powerful than the sneeze that caused the most damage, and luckily for the college students most of it was fired straight into the air and then was let loose straight in front of her. The air that was forced from Allyson’s lungs was the same force of a small jet’s propelled jumpstart…and it rivaled that of a macro sneeze. That sensitive nose hair though was one of the things that made her safe…made her trunk able to keep from sneezing uncontrollably in a long series of sneezes…even though there were plenty of other nose hairs inside her trunk, it still made her trunk wriggle and shiver, knowing that something was missing.

Completely unprepared, Allyson’s eyes watered like crazy as every breath of air she took from her trunk tickled the nostrils like crazy. Now running, she tried to get away from the center of campus so her sneezes wouldn’t destroy any more buildings. She ran until her trunk was so itchy her mind couldn’t focus anymore and she was forced to stop moving, completely overcome by the sneezy feeling in her trunk. “He…heeehhh…AAAHHHH…AAAAAAAAACCHHOOOOO! CHOOO! HRAAACHOOOOMM!

She could’ve sneezed more…a lot more…but someone grabbed the end of her trunk while it was in its sneezing mode, that alone was incredible, but this person even pinched the nostrils so hard the sharp feeling of pain overtook the sneezy feeling. She was just about to sneeze the fourth time too…but by the time she looked around, no one was there…

Wondering who would help her, Allyson then stared at the destruction her sneezes had brought this time…and she cringed in fear. Her sneezes were all focused in one direction this time…and each sneeze had put a gaping hole about 6 feet by 6 feet…and there were 3 holes. The unfortunate target…was the headmaster’s building.

Gregory Locks was the headmaster’s name, and he was a lion with a huge mane and an even bigger attitude. This was his school and it should be run his way at all times…and he couldn’t stand animal diversity. Shaking his big head in visible shivers of anger, he lept out of one of the holes and tackled Allyson. A lion is foolish to attack an elephant…unless your Mr. Locks. Mr. Locks is proud to have never been beaten, EVER, in any kind of fight…and he’s fought with 20 foot macro canines before. Tackling this 1 ton elephant was nothing compared to some other foes he’s tackled before.

Allyson’s rough skin protected her from his claws as they stuck to her, and the Lion got directly in her face and said “YOU!!!!!! Look what you’ve done…I knew this was a bad idea, but oh no. The board of directors just HAD to let some stupid elephant into MY school. Well, this is the line…it’s going to cost…I don’t even want to think about how much money YOU CAUSED IN DAMAGES! Now…here’s the deal I have for you. YOU can pay the money…or you can leave this school. It’s your call…but if you choose the second option, I will not accept you for another 10 years. I will be forced to accept all of your years in here…I wish I didn’t…but make your decision."

Allyson, without her parents for so long, had only enough money to pay for college. There was no way she could get that kind of money…so she left that university. Mr. Locks took care to make certain every other nearby college knew about what kinds of problems she caused…making getting into college next to impossible…

Slapping herself with her large ears again, she shook the painful memory away. This wasn’t the time for self doubt…this was her first job! She wanted to put her trunk to good use…at least, put it for good use for someone other than herself. She just HAD to prove that elephants could work just as hard and as well as other canines and felines. Her determination shining in her eyes, she made her way towards her job house…Field’s Mansion. The largest home in all of the city…
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Re: Elephant Anthro Request (F+Anthro+Story)
« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2011, 05:13:20 PM »
This is good.  I think your writing style is definitely improving, and I can't wait to see what you imagine next :3
I'd love to see the other parts, of course.  As much work as you seem to have put into it, it'd be a shame if it was never read.
Feel free to give me a message sometime.  I'm almost always up for a little RPing, or story ideas.
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Re: Elephant Anthro Request (F+Anthro+Story)
« Reply #2 on: September 07, 2011, 12:06:49 AM »
Part 2: The first day on the job: Maid Allyson shows herself!

Mrs. Fields was an old lady with a bad back, and she was a golden feline with so much fur on her that she sometimes looked like a stuffed animal. When she went all poofy, she really looked like an exploding hairball. Mrs. Fields could no longer keep her house clean…all 75 rooms of her house, and she didn’t want to hire the 7 people that demanded were hired together. She instead chose Allyson, mainly because it would save her aver 5000 dollars per month hiring one maid instead of 7 butlers.

Mrs. Fields was no idiot, she knew the dangers of having an elephant in her home…but she was the kind of girl to try new things, even when people called her…that word. (Just like Allyson, there’s a word that makes her blood boil…) Mrs. Fields NEVER went by her first name anymore, but she did have a sweet attitude for an…elderly…person like herself. She had personally knew Allyson’s parents too…

Allyson went up to the door and sighed. “Well, here goes.” Using her trunk to push the tiny doorbell, she patiently waited for Mrs. Fields to answer the door. After a whole minute the door swung open by itself. Allyson nervously went in, not expecting no one to answer the door. Mrs. Fields used mechanical devices nowadays to help her do things, and when she wasn’t near the door, she had around 50 metal contraptions all around the house she could pull and the door would open.

Allyson followed the instructions on her little piece of paper she was holding and went directly into the kitchen…and stared at a giant furball. The elephant shrieked, not knowing what in the world this creature was. Mrs. Field’s face appeared somewhere in the middle of all that fur and calmly replied “sorry dearie. This always happens when I try and take a shower and dry myself off. It will be a while before you’re all through with todays work. Your list of chores for today is on that table.”

Pointing to a table about 5 feet from herself, Mrs. Fields purposely put herself and the table close together…she wanted to see what Allyson could do with her trunk. Allyson almost naturally started to suck up air with her trunk and thanks to her years of practice, the small piece of paper was the only thing that was being sucked up.

Mrs. Fields grinned, knowing that this was a perfect lady for the job. If she could do that…there was no reason why she could be a problem with sucking air…and then Allyson’s trunk, just as it sucked in the piece of paper, also sucked in the huge amount of shedded cat hair that was all over the piece of paper. Normally, Allyson wasn’t worried about sucking cat hair at all, but combining that with the musty smell of 50 year old paper, and the odd smell tickled its way all through her trunk.

Mrs. Fields watched in a surprisingly contained manner of interest. She knew all along that this would happen…she had personally shedded her hair over that musty piece of paper just for this very reason. She had to see if Allyson’s trunk was like her parent’s trunks…and to see if she had smelled old paper before. If Allyson had, this wouldn’t have been happening. Mrs. Fields knew that there was no way she could let Allyson into one of her 72 rooms…which had nothing but years of stacked papers inside it. She continued to watch as Allyson’s trunk scrunched up and every breath was getting louder and more hitched. Allyson’s mind was in a panic. NO! I can’t lose this job now! I must hold…it…hey! Maybe I don’t have to!

Seeing her salvation, she hurried over to a nearby open window and let her trunk do the rest. “HHAAAACHOOOOO!” The massive sneeze unfortunately blew away the paper, but it also went harmlessly out the window…well, mostly harmless. There were a couple of nearby trees that were shaken…and someone’s stored nuts were spilled all over the place, but that was a few houses away.

Rubbing the end of her trunk, Allyson grinned happily as she noticed that everywhere she looked, there were open windows. Mrs. Fields smiled at her. “You see? I am more prepared than one might think. Now run along dearie. I can just tell you the chores I have planned for you today. First, mop the floors of this floor. This will most likely take you around 4 hours. There’s only 10 rooms on this floor, so it’s not too bad or too much to start with. Next, I will need you to clean my 4 sinks on this floor…that shouldn’t take you too long, and finally, you…how good are you with dusting?"

Allyson grinned and replied “I’ve never once sneezed while dusting my house! I’ve always sucked up dust with my trunk, so it doesn’t bother me anymore. It used to though…and if I keep the dust in my trunk more than a few seconds…” Mrs. Fields face beamed through all of her fur.

“Wonderful! I’ll leave you alone now…and let my stupid fur settle down. I love to have all this fur…but sometimes it’s hard to have all of this…”

Pulling a nearby lever, Allyson watched as Mrs. Fields was hoisted up and then the floor tile she was put over lifted her up to another floor…her own room where she slept in. “She…she really trusts me…alright! Time to get to work!”

She didn’t mind that her body shook the house as she jumped up and down. She was too happy that at long last something was going right for her! Sucking up the mop, she started to swish the old mop around with her trunk, cleaning and scrubbing all the wood, tile, and even the walls of the room…and she figured out why this would take as long as Mrs. Field’s said. Every wipe of the mop hardly did anything, and only by going over the same places 4 times could she get the room cleaned. “My goodness this is tiresome! There must be some other…way…I got it!”

Using her trunk, she sucked up some cold water and sprayed the whole room all at once. This proved to be much faster and more effective as the water cleaned most of the ancient dust and grime that covered the higher parts of the walls and even the corners of the room were sprayed. Giggling, Allyson gladly accepted this new way of cleaning and eagerly sucked up more water…but there was no more water in the bucket. Sighing, she went all the way back to the kitchen and saw a much larger bucket, almost the size of a small tub, and filled that with water instead of the small bucket. Watching the water fill up, she turned around and tried to find out where some more soap was…not realizing that when she turned around, she had knocked the whole bottle of dishwasher soap into the huge bucket that was being filled. Because Mrs. Fields hardly ever ate anymore, this dishwasher soap way older than most bottles but still got the job done…it just caused a lot more bubbles than normal dishwasher soap. These bubbles though were so tiny that Allyson failed to notice the change in the water besides the now empty bottle of dishwasher soap.

“Huh? How did this get here? It can’t have just fallen from the ceiling…oh well.” Sucking the bottle up with precision, she tossed the bottle down the garbage can and then got busy carrying the huge bucket of water down the long hallway. Even for her strong trunk, this bucket of water was heavy…nothing she couldn’t handle, but she had to be careful not to overflow the water with her swaying. Her trunk trembled with the effort and she somehow made it to the original room she had mostly cleaned. Sucking up water, she got ready to spray the water and released it, but something odd happened. The bubbles in the water couldn’t handle the force of her trunk blowing the water out at that high speed, so every tiny bubble popped, releasing soapy air as she released the water.

Soapy water is extremely painful to your eyes when it is rubbed in your eyes, and the smell of soapy water is incredibly strong, so when you combine a whole elephant’s trunk and make it filled with water that has a huge amount of soapiness in the water…things will definitely get sneezy.
Allyson’s eyes instantly watered as the strange burning sensation filled all of her nose, and the water just seemed to tickle the nostrils as it was released from her trunk, making the sneeze even more eminent. Gasping for breath, she tried to find the door she came from but she tripped over the large bucket, making the soapy water spill everywhere and all over her. Luckily, the room had some emergency water drainage systems that were conveniently placed all throughout the room, so the water didn’t flood the house…but it did flood the inside of Allyson’s already sneezy trunk.

She couldn’t hold her sneeze in any longer. Shivering from the cold water, and her trunk trembling as the soapy smell overwhelmed her nostrils, she took three quick hitched breaths and let out…a whole lotta bubbles.

“ACHOBOBOBOO!” She looked around and saw countless bubbles all around her, each one filled with soapy water, she quickly ran out of the room, her trunk scrunching up again in preparation for another sneeze, this time she couldn’t even hitch her breath the sneeze came over her so suddenly. “HACHOBOOBOBO!” The sneezes were contained in the fact that instead of dangerous blasts of air, countless streams of bubbles came out of her trunk with each sneeze.

The odd thing was, these bubbles were actually helping Allyson. With each sneeze, the countless bubbles went all over the place, and when they touched the walls, they popped and the soapy water exploded from them, making the walls have a slight rinse with each pop. Normally, a few bubbles wouldn’t clean anything, but with millions of bubbles touching the walls, the cleaning actually happened much faster than Allyson’s original and new method combined.

Allyson tried her best to see through the bubbles, but she couldn’t find a window through the screen of bubbles. Charging down the hall, she sneezed a good three more times, each sneeze made even more bubbles come out of her trunk and cleaned the rooms all by themselves…and Allyson was unaware that anything was happening other than her sneezing. Finally reaching a window, she sucked in a nearby tree’s leaves, hoping to get the sneezy feeling out of her trunk. The bubbles were now all gone, but the soapy trace was still all inside her trunk, making her trunk tingle with anticipation for a sneeze, but the tingle wasn’t strong enough to start a sneeze. With these leaves, she was hoping one of the leaves would get inside her nostrils and tickle the inside of her trunk, but the tree’s leaves weren’t the small kind of leaf, they were the large leaves that were the size of a large hand. Still sucking in frusturation, the suction became more and more powerful, making more than just a few leaves get sucked near her trunk…a cloud of flies was sucked inside her trunk, and unlike the leaves, they were easily small enough to fit inside each nostril…and having a cloud of around 50 flies suddenly come and try to fly their way out of someone’s nose…it was horrifying to Allyson.

Her trunk instantly wriggled and started to point higher towards the ceiling, but Allyson forced it to not reach straight above her head. If her trunk did that, it would cause a breath of air the force of a cannon straight through the ceiling and could possibly destroy the old mansion entirely. She could never forgive herself if she allowed that. Trying to wriggle her nose in the direction that pointed directly in front of her instead of above her, her breath hitched, and for the first time in her life, the things in her trunk actually tried to attack the inside of her trunk…by buzzing and lightly punching the interior of her interior walls of her trunk. This just made the sneeze grow and intensify even more than her normal sneezes…and considering that her sneezes were harmless from the bubbles before, this sneeze felt incredible…and Allyson knew that she could cause some insane amount of damage.

“A…AH..AHHH…hh…HH…HHAAACHOOOOOOO!!!! HATCHOOOOO! H…HA…HAAACHOOOOOO!!” The flies were shot with the force of a torpedo straight into the sky, and luckily, so was the air that followed them. A dragon was flying overhead when these cannonlike blasts of air bellowed only 15 feet away from him, and he could’ve sworn someone was trying to attack him.

This dragon was clearly foreign, with a cubical over one eye and a seriously stunning outfit that made him look ready for a funeral. “I say, someone is foolishly trying to hit me. Oh well, the people will hear again from me soon enough. I’ll file a complaint for this.”

Meanwhile, Allyson’s trunk, at least the end where the nostrils were, was now turning a shade of pink that matched the inside part of her trunk. Experimenting a little sniff, she found out that the sneezy feeling almost crept back to her, but she figured out why. One of the flies somehow was near her trunk and was busy trying to make her sneeze again by rubbing his wings against the middle part of her trunk right in-between her 2 nostrils. It almost worked…until Allyson snorted and sent the troublemaking fly crashing into a wall.

“Sniff…Whew. Much better. Now I need to…hey. Wha…what happened?” She dropped her jaw as she noticed that the whole hallway and each room was looking 10 times better than it did before, still not entirely clean, but enough so there wasn’t any visible dust or grime or any kind of signal that this was an old house. Mrs. Fields came in and clapped her hands.

“Wonderful my dearie. Wonderful! I haven’t seen the house look so good in years! Forget the rest of the chores for today, you did much better than I expected, and in so short a time too! You can go home now.”

Allyson, fearing another sneeze, quickly nodded her massive head and hurriedly walked out the front door. Mrs. Field’s made a coughy laugh escape her. “Heh…she may be the best worker I’ve ever had. Who knew her sneezes could do that…but she needs to be more careful. Sigh…younger people. Also, she failed to study her paperwork…she gets paid by the hour…she’s only been working 45 minutes…I’ll give her the extra 15 minutes…heh. Poor young lady. Still, I’ll remind her tomorrow. Right now the poor thing looks like she’s had a tough time. Her parents would be proud that their daughter had grown into such a strong and caring woman…if only they were not as foolish as their daughter…”

Her eyes downcast, Mrs. Fields watched the elephant rub her trunk all the way down the street, making sure she didn’t even have the slightest urge to sneeze. Closing her door, Mrs. Fields then went back inside, thinking about actually accepting the offer she had received earlier this month. “If that new maid actually cleans the house…perhaps I will do it after all…it’s been so long since a party has been hosted here…oh well. We’ll just have to see.”

As soon as Allyson got home, she rushed to her giant shower and turned on the water, rinsing the trunk as much as possible. After she was positive that her trunk was clean and had no signs or any urge to wriggle, she happily took a deep sniff. Everything was alright…everything was fine now. She instantly went to bed, wondering what tomorrow would bring…
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Re: Elephant Anthro Request (F+Anthro+Story)
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Part 3: Like mother like daughter…

Allyson got up early in the mourning and stretched. Taking a huge sniff, her trunk felt tons better than yesterday. No tickles, no itch, and no worries. Allyson leapt from her bed, causing the room to shake, and then got ready for the day. Sucking up her pencil and schedule that the received in the mail last night, she read Mrs. Field’s message.

Dear Allyson. A few months ago Mrs. Aqua Slither asked me to use this house for a gathering of many species. I told her no, but she came back asking me personally just 5 days ago. She’s a grumpy snake that actually knew your parents, but she demanded that I use this old house or she’d tear it down. Even though I’m…well, I have many years…, and this house is even older, I love this house, and I will not let it go. Calling her yesterday after you left, I said I’d accept this offer. This house must be spotless by 4 days from now…so come as quick as you can. I will pay you handsomely if you can make this house ready in time…and I was very surprised how clean the rooms you did were. Please, help me get my house ready…oh yes, I invited 2 elephants over to the party as well…one of them is Laura and the other is…actually, it’s your aunt. Well, I will be waiting for you. Be prepared for a hard day’s work! P.S. I’ve hired some more people to help you. They are…different…but they are willing to help you. I’m not even sure who they are, but they seemed to know you.

Allyson groaned and spoke out loud. “Not her…please, anyone but her.” She was talking about her aunt, Heather Pulse…or as everyone around her whispered, Mrs. Puss. She was a 50 year old elephant that really treated everyone like dirt. She believed that elephants were the ultimate creatures and that every other animal would submit to her. Matter of fact, she had the power to prove it. She was a powerful judge in another city…matter of fact, Allyson didn’t even know where Heather Pulse lived anymore. When Allyson’s parents were forced out of town, Pulse was the one that abandoned her, leaving her all alone with no one to take care of her but herself. It was then that Allyson grew stronger, depended on her trunk and herself more, and became the strong woman that she was today…but sometimes Allyson still wondered where her parents were.

Allyson also wondered who was willing to help her. Shrugging, she was finally all ready to go. She was dressed in an old fashioned maid outfit, black and white skirt and a white hat, she felt (and looked) cute…at least as much as an elephant can be cute. She could NOT wear the shoes that went with that outfit though…they made her feet blister every time…and blistery feet on an elephant isn’t good…for anyone.

She jogged all the way (around 3 miles) from her house to Mrs. Field’s mansion. Gasping in surprise, she noticed an old friend…Perkins the platypus. “PERKINS!”

The billed face of the surprised platypus grinned. “Hey there Allyson.”

Perkins wasn’t a man of many words. He never spoke more than a few words at a time. Penelope, on the other hand…”Oh my! Honey!!! I thought I’d never see your beautiful gray face again!” Penelope was a deer that had gray eyes and a spotted fur coat that still made her look like she wasn’t more than 22 years old, even though she was around the same age as Allyson.

Allyson dodged the head-butt greeting Penelope always gave when she meeted someone. She may not have been a goat, but her head was just as hard and even Allyson’s rough skin couldn’t handle her head butts. Perkin’s head actually already had a big bump on it, clearly showing where Penelope bonked him. “Stop it Penelope. She is here now. That’s all it is.” He was blushing hard, mainly because these 2 were always seen together and he still couldn’t understand how Penelope could be so talkative and cheerful.

Allyson grinned and hoisted both of them up at the same time with her trunk. “How are you guys?”

Perkins, with his eyes bulging, replied “great. It’s nice to see your strength hasn’t changed. Suffocation…happening…” Allyson quickly set them back down.

“I’m so sorry! Why are you helping me, and how did you even find this place?”

Penelope told her the long odd story of how someone called them and just told them where Allyson was. Someone in the city was watching the elephant very closely…”It was odd. He sounded so mean…but I think all he wanted to do was to help you. Honey, don’t look so scared. I’m sure it was nothing.”

Allyson did wonder who would be watching her…and her elephant memory was trying to warn her that there had been a very similar memory that had happened just like this that happened before with her parents. She could remember their friends saying that they had received a call just like this one…but the thought of her meeting her friends and the joy she felt overtook that part of her mind.

For the next week, Allyson, Perkins, and Penelope cleaned the house all day long, every day. It was strange though…every day during that week something was somehow put in Allyson’s cleaning supplies that made her sneeze at least once every day. Luckily, the open windows prevented any damage to the house…but on the last day before the party…

Penelope was quickly checking the middle rooms. These rooms were old, beautiful, and contained so many old books that some of them could ONLY be found here in this very house. Mrs. Fields had left the house for the first time in a very long time, personally talking to people and inviting them to the party at her house. Penelope called Allyson over, wanting her to check something that seemed to be wrong. “Allyson…could you come over here? Something is not right with this one book, and I can’t reach it…could you help me pull it out to see what’s wrong with it?”

Allyson quickly went over there, checking what was wrong and instantly seeing it. There was this huge book that was sticking out, some fool from (at least, to her) long ago had bent the cover and made it stick out like a sore thumb compared to all the other dusty books in here. Allyson’s trunk gave a little shake…for some reason, it seemed to be way more sensitive to dust than before…but Allison didn’t think about why. Matter of fact, she only cared about using her trunk to put the book right back in it’s original state so it could be put back in the shelf so it would not look so odd. Reaching for it, she just barely grabbed it when the book flew open, releasing a cloud of some of the mustiest dust Allyson’s trunk had ever sniffed. She recoiled, trying her absolute best to hold in the eminent sneeze.

Penelope was pushing something to the back corner of the room when she heard the first “Ha...” Turning around, she asked “Is something wrong Allyson? You look kind of shaky. Here, let me help you.” She used her fur and rubbed Allyson’s trembling legs, and even though it did help stop them shaking, it made Allyson’s trunk inavertedly take another sniff…and that’s when she couldn’t handle it.

“Ha…HAA…HAAA…AAATCHOOOOO!” The dust just kept swirling around her trunk, making her breath in more musty dust and making the tickle just grow worse and worse. It was a resetting process…and with every sneeze, Allyson tried harder and harder to hold them in…and each time, the sneezes got more and more powerful. Dust was flying everywhere, and so were the rare and valuable books.

Penelope herself had a string of dainty “I…hiii…itchuuuu’s!" that followed every huge elephant sneeze. By the time that the dust had finally settled to the floor and not into the deer and elephant’s quivering nostrils, the damage was clearly visible. What made matters worse was that Mrs. Fields had just entered her house and heard the booming commotion.

Mrs. Fields, being shocked, moved faster than she had in years and went up the stairs to witness the destruction of her personal library. “W..WHAT IS…” Stopping to sneeze, she figured out why there were loud booms instantly. The dust swirled around when she rushed inside the room, and caused Penelope and Allyson, whose nostrils had finally died down, to twitch and start moving again. All three of them sneezed again, each one was completely different from one another.

When Mrs. Fields sneezed, her fur spread around her like a fan, and even though the cat shed quite a lot, this time nothing was shed. This always happened to her when she sneezed, her orangish red fur spread around her like a oversized mane. Her…ancient body moved quickly to make the hair die down again, just so that the dust wouldn’t get spread around again. If this were any less serious, Allyson would’ve burst out laughing, but instead she was nearly crying…and not because of a sneeze.

Mrs. Fields looked around…and saw nothing. The walls had been completely been torn from their place (remember, this is a REALLY old house, the wood wasn’t nearly as strong as normal houses). Luckily, the rooms beside the library had stronger walls, so the damage wasn’t all throughout the house…but Mrs. Field’s eyes suddenly looked at the book that caused all of this. “What is this book? I’ve never seen it before in my entire life, and I know every book here like my own children…sniff sniff…my ba…babies…GAShoo!” Her eyes began to flow like rivers. If you ever seen an elderly woman cry, it’s really something. They literally cry rivers.

She ordered Penelope and Allyson out of the house. Quickly, both of them got out of that house like a Tasmanian devil was after them. Allyson got to her house extremely fast and started to cry in her shower, the water filling up most of the tub before she drained the water. Meanwhile, Penelope galloped to her house…and a shadowy figure told her “well done. If that doesn’t make that old bag fire that stupid elephant…then we will have to make her sneeze at the party. Then the elephant will be FORCED to move…just like I forced her parents to leave this city…”

Penelope’s eyes watered and she started to say that she couldn’t do this anymore to her friend…for it was her that deliberately set up that extremely musty book and made Allyson sneeze her head off. She just didn’t expect herself to be sneezing like that…but then the shadowy man pounced her. “You WILL do this…or I will make certain you and your parents leave this city too. Mark my words…”

The shadowy figure left, leaving Penelope gasping for breath, knowing that she’d have to betray her friend in order to save not just herself, but her family too. She lived with her parents and had just married over 3 years ago, she herself having 2 very young fauns. She also knew that the mystery person was deadly serious…he always made certain people in this city disappear and move…just like he did to Allyson’s parents.

Her eyes began to water and she was about to cry...but when she sniffed, some of the musty dust that had gotten all over her fur coat got sucked up inside her dainty nose. "Hi...HI...HITCHIEW! Hichiew! ...sniff...ICHU!" Finally blowing the dust from her quivering nose, she broke down and started to cry, wishing she knew what to do...

Meanwhile, Mrs. Fields knelt down and started to pray. She may be old, but she was strongly religious. She honestly didn’t know who she was praying to, but she did it anyway every day. She felt strongly that someone was listening to her prayers…she just couldn’t be sure that someone was listening. Still, she did this 2 times every day, just so that if her…ancient…body died, she would know that she did indeed try her best to follow what she had been taught all her life. Getting no answer to what she was praying for, she decided to still have the party…even though Allyson would have to be there. “If she sneezes there…then I have no choice but to fire her. I hate to do it to such a nice lady, but I must. Everyone I invited should be there…please don’t make a fool of yourself Allyson…"
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Re: Elephant Anthro Request (F+Anthro+Story)
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Part 4: The Party…and the Answers…

Finally, the day had arrived. Allyson, Perkins, and Penelope were all dressed in either a butler or a maid outfit…even the shoes. Allyson hated these stupid shoes, but she was willing to put up with anything to make Mrs. Fields happy. She knew that she was incredibly lucky to avoid getting fired. Not only that, Mrs. Fields had paid for the damages herself. Allyson again wondered how much money Mrs. Fields actually had…but then she slapped herself with her ears. Today she had to get focused…today was her last chance to redeem herself. All she had to do was avoid causing a disaster from her trunk for the next 4 hours…how hard could that be?

Allyson watched as Penelope went out of the huge ballroom. This place could hold over 500 people in it easily, but Mrs. Fields had only invited 150 different people. One of those was Aqua Slither herself…and boy she looked stunning. She was a shocking blue cobra (hence the name Aqua) that had no legs but she could make so much of her 12 foot long body stand up that she was over 6 feet tall. She found it undignified to slither around on all of her beautiful blue scales…she was incredibly vain…and she hated her niece, Sally Slither. When Aqua heard that Sally had gone missing, she couldn’t have cared less. Matter of fact, she was downright glad.

“She was too soft to be one of ussss…we ssshould be cold…heartlessss…and mean. Ssshe wasssn’t…ssshe was different…and different is wrong…” That was the answer she’d always give when someone asked her about Sally.

Another person that was there was Laura. She was another elephant that had an allergy to tigers…but luckily for her there wasn’t any tigers invited. The other elephant that came…was Mrs. Puss…I mean, Heather Pulse. Her grumpy stern stare could be felt even all the way across the room. People avoided her the best they could…and she didn’t mind one bit. “Humph! Stupid people. I don’t even know why I took the time to come here. Well, might as well talk to SOMEONE who’s my equal…Laura! COME TALK TO ME!” The way she spoke was nearly as powerful as an elephant sneeze…it caused a blast of air to come out of her trunk and completely blew over an unfortunate dog couple leaning in for a romantic kiss.

Laura, more concerned about the people that Pulse was “inavertedly hurting” (she actually was really mean and did that on purpose.) quickly came over and talked with Pulse. She heard about Pulse’s job and that she was in the middle of a case of the infamous cat burgler Katrina. Laura instantly became more interested. Katrina, even in this city 200 miles from where Pulse lived, had been known to steal things in this city. She was wanted in over 20 rich houses for stealing thousands of dollars worth of gold, money, and other valuable prizes.

Meanwhile, Allyson, still in her maid outfit, was serving food to people when she saw Penelope come out of the big doors. Walking over to her, she noticed Penelope put one of the feather dusters that Perkins had been using for the past 10 days (Mrs. Fields made absolutely sure that Allyson’s trunk wasn’t anywhere near a feather duster…especially that one. It was the oldest, most used duster in the entire city. Decades of dust and nearly everything else you could even imagine had been sucked up in that feather duster.) into her food tray the deer was carrying. She gasped when Penelope, looking cheerful but guilt showing in her downcast eyes, asked Allyson “could you please suck up the food in this dish? The food has been left out too long and the people are starting to complain that it’s getting stale.”

Allyson’s eyes widened in shock and understanding. The pieces of information, the weird things that have been oddly showing up in her cleaning supplies that made her sneeze for the past 10 days, all suddenly made sense. “You? Penelope…why?” Penelope’s cheerful face instantly became full of fear. Allyson realized why. The deer wasn’t looking at her, but at the door she had come from. Someone’s shadow was making a fist and pounding it in their other hand, and the deer’s gaze was staring right at it. Allyson’s own gaze followed, and when she realized that Penelope was being threatened, she no longer cared that the deer had been the cause of everything that had gone wrong while she was working here.

Her eyes burned in anger, and she did something that went against everything she knew was common sense…she sucked up the feather duster from Penelope’s dish. Her suction had to be precise, otherwise she would’ve gotten the 'stale' food sucked into her trunk, and luckily, with so much practice she did her entire life, she was successful. “Allyson! Wha…what are you…” Penelope’s whole face grew from terrified to downright panic. She thought Allyson was doing this to sneeze on her. What Allyson was doing though was sucking up the feather duster to sneeze not at her, but at the door that the shadow was hiding behind.

The feather duster was too big to be sucked directly in her nostrils, but the suction Allyson continued to do even when the feathers were stuck on her outside part of her trunk made the enormous amount of dust and who-knows-what-else it had sucked up over the past ten days. To make her trunk even more sneezy, 10 of the 300 feathers the feather duster had fell off and went deep into her trunk, each feather brushed against the pink interior of her trunk and caused her trunk to wriggle. Forcing herself to sniff three times, the feathers and the rest of the things spiraled in her trunk, making it wriggle more than it had ever done her entire life. Someone screamed her name, and everyone looked at the elephant’s trunk and they stepped back, huddling against the walls. Mrs. Fields was one of them. Oh no…this is just like what happened to her parents. Allyson, whatever you do, don’t sneeze! Everyone will be terrified of you, just like they were with your parents! I shouldn’t have made you do this…

Allyson did something that went against everything she had ever did. When her trunk screamed for a sneeze…she didn’t hold it back at all. This was something that she had never done, and she had to do this. The shadow was still at the door and was turning to go away…and that’s the last thing that Allyson saw. “Ha…HATTCHOO!!” This sneeze, because it was not held in, was powerful, but it wasn’t overly dangerous. It still was powerful enough to blow the doors completely off and made the heavy wooden doors fall on the shadowy person, but it didn’t damage the walls or anything. The crowd in the room gasped as her breath hitched again, her body swelling up, and she was about to naturally hold in the sneeze but reminded herself NOT to fight the sneeze.

“Ha…HATCHO!” She sneezed 13 more quick rapid fire sneezes, barely taking a breath inbetween each sneeze and her body swelled less and less each sneeze. The last sneeze was still more powerful than most sneezes of other animals, but it was hardly powerful enough to make a wind that could be even considered dangerous. The crowd cheered as she rubbed her twitching trunk, every person in the room realizing that an elephant could be able to not be a wind machine by a sneeze.

There was a rumbling and the door blasted apart. “NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! YOU WERE SUPPOSE TO BE…RAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!” The person trapped under the door roared, a blasted sound that made every person (except Aqua Slither) cover their ears. Penelope, knowing what was about to happen, rushed to the nearest table and grabbed the pepper from the table and shoved it down Allyson’s left nostril. The whole shaker was stuck, and since it was facing downwards, the pepper continually trickled down her trunk, and this time Allyson’s instinct to hold in her sneeze kicked in again. Adrinalin had prevented her from holding in her sneezes before, but now that the adrinalin was gone, her natural instinct to hold in her sneezes took complete control again.

The person, unknown to Allyson’s watery and sneezy eyes, was charging straight for her. If that sneeze had been 2 seconds later, the sharp claws of the person would’ve been digging into her skin, but the now-dangerous sneeze blasted the person back, the pepper shaker flying out of her nose and hitting the guy right in the eye. Whoever this person was, he was incredibly strong…he took that sneeze dead on and only was blasted back about 5 feet. Charging at her again from that short distance, he once again was blasted with a held-in sneeze, this time he lost his balance and was hurled into the wall.

Everyone gasped as they saw the guy stand back up, and everyone in the room instantly knew who he was. “Mr…Mr. LOCKS???” Allyson’s jaw dropped 10 feet. Standing in front of her was her old headmaster…He looked at her with pure hatred.

“I…was…so…close. I got rid of your parents by forcing them to destroy an entire building by their sneezes, and I WAS SO CLOSE TO GET YOU TO DO THE SAME!!! I hate you…I hate ALL OF YOU DIFFERENT…FREAKS!!!” He pointed to Aqua, Laura, and Heather Pulse. Pulse instantly got up and rammed into the weakened lion. She herself used to be a wrestler, and she personally had faced Gregory Locks before.

“Take that. Humph…you’re worse than squirrels…and that’s none of your business as to ask why.” Talking to no one in particular, she huffed and stormed out of the house. Before going completely out of sight, she said “Mr. LOCKS!!! You can be sure that I will tell the judges in this city about this.” At this statement, Locks fainted, his plans of getting rid of the only elephant left living in the city failed.

Mrs. Fields and Aqua Slither ordered everyone, including Laura, Perkins, and Penelope, to leave. Both of them stood and faced Allyson. Aqua spoke first. “You…I may not be too much older than you, but I sssstill know how this ccity runssss. I will take ssspecial care of Mr. Lockssss…that you can be sssure.”

She wrapped herself around Mr. Locks with her long body and literally dragged him across the floor and out the front yard. Mrs. Fields yanked Allyson’s ear closer to her mouth and said “…your parents would be so proud of you. If you want to know where they are…”

Allyson’s ears perked, and now that she knew where her parents were, she had a new purpose in life. “Thank you so much Mrs. Fields!!! Well, I’m off to go!”

Before she left, Mrs. Fields stopped her and gave her a box. “What’s in here?” Mrs. Fields only said that she would find out later…her parents had the key to the box. Allyson went straight home, went to sleep for 14 hours, and then set out to find her parents.
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Re: Elephant Anthro Request Parts 1-4 (F+Anthro+Story)
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Man, I could see why you dared to post this :P.
Goos job, man :3
Juz fyi to the guyz blinky asked me to do it too (so i foolishly accepted) and it sucked. I...won't post it.
Looks like I've gotta go D:. Enjoy your perfect community~~~

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Re: Elephant Anthro Request Parts 1-4 (F+Anthro+Story)
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This is a request that Blinky requested before he was kicked out, but anyway, MAN this took a long time to edit ( X_X) I write too much sometimes, and this is one in about 4 stories I did that were this long...well, got to go to class now, but IT'S EDITED NOW! ;D

By the way, yes, some characters are from other stories. I plan to use Heather Pulse in my "the thief, the guard, and the plan" story. I hope people don't mind I used Laura from another story! (Hides in a corner) Well, hope you guys enjoyed Blinky's request. I think he'll like it to (I hope...) even though he's not here anymore, he'll probably still see this via guest status. That's fine by me. I hope he likes this. If anyone can draw Anne or Katrina sneezing from my story, please do it. You don't have to if you don't want to, but I'd really like it...

By the way, the third part has more than just an elephant sneezing. XD

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Re: [F + Destruction] Elephant Anthro Request Parts 1-4*
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Forgive me for bumping this VERY old post, but I think I started to read this forever ago.  I finally finished it, and greatly enjoyed it!  Nice job. :)

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Re: [F + Destruction] Elephant Anthro Request Parts 1-4*
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i can't remember reading this, but now i should! :3 i think i'll get back to you with a review proper, hehehe x3