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[M + Pokemon + Non-Anthro] Pichu now a Pikachu XD*
« on: January 04, 2012, 06:59:44 AM »
Evolving brings new power, raised skills…and new problems

It had been 3 whole weeks since he had evolved and broke Dialga’s curse. It was just a few days ago when the first human had crossed over and had tried to capture a pokemon…and failed miserably. The human trainer was weak, having only a weedle and a caterpie as his pokemon, but the pokemon who had lived separated from humans for so long knew that it was only a matter of time before the humans would come back. Like all main problems, some were happy about this and some were furious…but everyone agreed that life would be different.

Now, Pichu was downright tired, frustrated, and gloomy. He was in his room alone, moping on his bed. The reason why Pichu, now evolved into a pikachu, was so tired was that he had spent the last few weeks training…training his nose. Being evolved, his nose was now bigger, had larger nostrils, and his speed was very much improved. His electricity was more controllable and he didn’t hurt himself when he used his electric attacks anymore…but his nose was the problem.

His nose had become unruly. Basically, his nose was more sensitive to pretty much everything…his sense of smell had improved, and with this new nose he had, which was so similar and yet so different than his pichu nose, it was much more…easily irritated. It also reacted much more forcefully to even the smallest tickle, where a single speck of dust or a swish of a feather could now cause him to sneeze. Pichu hated this feeling of hopelessness…he had lost all the previous control that he had for years over his nose in just a blink of an eye when he evolved.

He discovered how unruly, sensitive, and disruptive his nose was when he went outside his home for the first time since the fight with Machoke and Hypno. That was when he tried out his new impressive speed. He had zipped through the field outside his home in no time at all, and he traveled 5 miles in only 10 minutes with his new endurance and speed. When he stopped, he was out in a clearing of tall grass, with the sun brightly shining and the sky was so clear it almost felt like you could draw on it. Pichu felt happy, took a deep sniff through his nose…and his eyes jolted wide in shock.

Everything smelled so much clearer! He could smell everything around him, and it felt so…weird. Taking another sniff, he was astounded at how much he could smell…but unfortunately that sniff made him suck in a faint trace of the dust he had caused by running here. Even though the dust disappeared from his eyesight, there were still small specks of dust swirling all around him, and his nostrils reacted to them.

The sharp tickle that rose from within his nose was shocking to him. Normally this kind of tickle only happened when he smelled dandelions, or sniffed up pepper…but definitely not this! Sniffling, his nostrils flared up to where they widened almost twice their normal size…and that was just the first sniffle. Clamping down on his nose with both hands, he felt the tickle spread around in his nose instead of going away. His nose shook, making his hands shake along with it. If this was just a small tickle, what would a really strong tickle do to him? Pichu realized this just as he felt the tickle spike, making his nose scrunch while within his hands. His breath tried to hitch, and it did…sort of. His hands made his hitched breath sound way different than normal, but his body still swelled up a little.

Pichu felt his nose scrunch more, and he felt his nose wriggle, trying desperately to escape his hands. Pichu tried to clamp down harder, but the tickle refused to die down. The sneeze eventually made his nose move so much Pichu’s hands got exhausted from trying to fight it…he surrendered as he let his hands let go of his face. Immediately his nostrils flared up as the wind got sucked into his desperate nose.

“HAAA…HAATCHO!” Pichu was shocked as he felt his electricity flow around him…but it wasn’t anything compared to his unstable massive explosions of electricity he had as a pichu. Grinning, he felt like he had no reason to fear his sneezes anymore. Taking another sniff, he felt his nose tickle again. Rather than try to fight it, he simply sneezed. “Hatchoo!” The sneeze was way smaller than his last one, but Pichu felt the electricity that was expelled from his body increase.

Realizing how dangerous this could be if he sneezed in a huge fit, Pichu felt worried again. He’d have to train…make sure he could tame this new nose…unfortunately, that was why Pichu was so tired now. He had spent every day from that day on going out and running. He hadn’t even purposely tickled his nose with anything yet, and his nose was still out of his control! He determined he wouldn’t see Ralts until he had successfully held in a sneeze…and he had tried everything to do so. Clamping his nose, holding his breath entirely, covering his face with a string shot attack that an irritated bug did, nothing worked! He felt ready to just plain give up. 

Pikachu, his mother, was getting worried. She had never seen her son so gloomy before. It was like he had changed too much…she was sort of excited now that her son was the same pokemon as she was, but she was also sad. That meant that he was growing up…even though he was still only 10, almost 11 now, he had made her extremely proud. However, it didn’t take her mother instincts to know something was bothering Pichu…he had been in his room for a whole day now. He didn’t even shout for joy when she knocked on his door and told him that his favorite food was ready! She decided it was time to find out what was going on.

Meanwhile, as Pikachu was going into Pichu’s room, Ralts was trying to decide what to do as well. She hadn’t seen her best friend ever since he evolved, and she was worried that he now wouldn’t want to be with her because she wasn’t the same level of pokemon as he was. A ralts evolves into a kirlia and then into a gardevoir or gallade, just like a pichu evolves into a pikachu and a raichu. Shaking her head, she shook off those feelings. Pichu wasn’t that kind of pokemon. She would stick by his side no matter what, and Pichu would do the same for her…her smarts then took over. She realized that being evolved must be different and needed time to get used to. She laughed to herself, embarrassed to think badly of her friend. She would give him all the time he needed to get used to his new body and power! Happy now, Ralts looked to the sky, tilting her head up so her eyes would be able to see the blue sky past her green hair covering her eyes, and wondered what Pichu was doing right now…

Right now, Pichu was trying to avoid his mom. His sharper sense of smell told him that she was coming, and Pichu was about close to tears by being so frustrated. He wanted to say something, but his nose began to itch again. Why was his nose so sensitive? Rubbing his nose, he felt his nostrils flare up. Twitches followed by rumbling scrunches soon followed. He held back his sneeze for 30 seconds, his nose moving and his nostrils flaring in and out faster and faster until he refused to fight it any longer. “Ha…HAA…”

Pikachu opened the door right as Pichu sneezed, and she felt the electricity spark around the room. When she saw Pichu’s nose, she instantly knew what was wrong. His whole nose had a pink color from being rubbed so much, and in reality, because he had been using his hands to try and hold in his sneezes these past few weeks actually was making his nose more sensitive to not just dust and random particles in the air, but just a breeze that tickled his nostrils could now start a sneeze. That was how bad his nose was…and Pikachu recognized this.

She remembered a time when she evolved. She was 14 when she evolved, and she just now was remembering how badly her nose was. She recalled 2 whole months of her nose causing her grief; she would have long sneezing fits almost every day during those 2 months. She knew now why Pichu was so gloomy and sad. To go from having almost complete control over your nose to having no control at all must’ve been way harder for him to deal with than it was for her.

Pichu’s eyes grew big and sad, seeing his mom look at him in sympathy, he ran up to her and started to cry. The 2 weeks of frustration and failed attempts all rushed up to him. He didn’t care that he was suppose to be emotionally tougher now that he was evolved, he just wanted to sit there and let all of his emotions be let out.

Pikachu patted her son on the back (even though they were both pikachus, his mom was just a few millimeters taller and was a little bit bigger than he was) and allowed him to let his stress and fear all rush out. Ralts, being the feeling pokemon, didn’t know what was wrong, but she felt a huge flow of sadness overwhelm her. She herself felt like crying…what just happened? Glancing at her own mom, who was busy talking to someone begging to help them by using future sight, Ralts decided to use teleport and see for herself what was going on. Whatever the case, it involved her best friend, and he wasn’t all right like she originally thought. Teleporting to Kecleon’s shop first, she got prepared…when friends with the only electric pokemon in the entire region, it helps to get some berries that cure paralysis…

Meanwhile, Pichu had finally stopped crying. “Sniff…thanks mom…I needed that.” Wiping the last tears from his eyes, he did feel better, but he was still gloomy. “How can I do anything? If I go outside, anything can tickle my nose…mom, you have no idea. I know I’m more powerful and faster than ever before, but my nose is too…I don’t know what to do…” Sighing, he curled up in a ball and fell asleep. Pikachu also sighed, happy that her son was able to tell her what was wrong.

Gently closing the door, Pikachu went to her own room and started to cry. She knew exactly how Pichu felt…she had lived through that experience before. Suddenly she stopped crying. She HAD lived through this before! She could help him!! She grinned and got a couple of things. She could help Pichu train again, because she already knew what he was allergic to, all what she had to do was build him up, just like the times before! So simple and yet so brilliant! Unfortunately, she had forgotten what Pichu said…even the smallest tickle from something he wasn’t even remotely allergic to caused him to sneeze…as Pikachu was gathering a few of Pichu’s allergens outside, Ralts had teleported a few feet away from her.

“AH! Oh, Mrs. Pikachu, hi! I…felt something.” Ralts blushed and turned her helmet hair to cover her face so Pikachu wouldn’t see her blush. Pikachu figured it was Ralt’s psychic abilities and not her natural instincts that led Ralts here.

“Glad you’re here Ralts. Could you help me find some dandelions? They’re the only thing I haven’t found yet.” Ralts gave a small gasp and wondered why Pikachu would do that. She knew Pichu was allergic to them!

“Uh…don’t you think that’s a bad idea? I mean…”
“It would, but Pichu needs to be trained again. His nose is so different for him now that he has lost complete control of his sneezing.” Seeing Ralts take a step back, Pikachu grinned. “He’s now just like me…his sneezing isn’t unstably dangerous, but it’s still powerful. He still releases electricity, but it isn’t overwhelming…mostly. Listen, I need you to watch from a distance. Pichu and I are going to train…the only way I was able to…”

Pikachu stopped talking, too embarrassed to say what she had done earlier in her life. The only way she was able to stop sneezing was by a complete accident…she had fallen into something she was allergic to and had fought with her sneeze until she could almost control it…but then it exploded from her. Because she had fought against that powerful tickle for so long, it toughened up her will enough so normal tickles weren’t so devastating to her nose.

Ralts was thinking. Her friend was having trouble with his nose? She wondered what could possibly be wrong with him…her smart mind pieced together that perhaps evolving was the problem…but if this were the case…”Mrs. Pikachu, I…I don’t think that’s a good idea. I think you should start smaller than that…if you overwhelm his nose like I did to him earlier, he will have no chance of stopping a sneezing fit. I know where some dandelions are…but please don’t do anything too rash.” Worry was in her voice, and Pikachu realized that she was going too fast on this, but she was determined to make her son stronger with controlling his sneezes.

“You are right Ralts. I’m just a little bit anxious.” Ralt’s eyes widened as she began to think of what could happen to Pichu…she had already experienced the effects of his sneezes already in her life, so she knew exactly how dangerous they could be…but as she thought more, she realized she had never once seen Pikachu sneeze before. Was it any different than a pichu’s normal sneezes? Ralts had a mix of feelings, one was an odd feeling of excitement that she couldn’t explain, but the others were more reasonable: fear, nervousness, and curiosity.

Nodding her head, Ralts teleported away to a field that she knew had dandelions. She laughed as a breeze scattered hundreds of seeds into the air, some tickling her body as they blew on her body. Taking a dozen full dandelions, she used confusion to keep the seeds from scattering as she picked the flowers up. She used teleport again and was very careful to continue to focus her confusion attack on those flowers so they wouldn’t lose the seeds.

She gently settled the flowers down on the ground so the wind wouldn’t blow away the seeds and she watched from the open window of Pichu’s room what was going on. Pikachu saw Ralts looking about 10 feet from the window and noticed that the obedient friend had done what she had asked her to do. Taking a precautionary breath, Pikachu decided to follow Ralt’s advice and begin with something small…a single long pigeotto feather.

Pikachu had been clever, she knew that her son’s natural sleepiness would make his nose less active, but she knew from personal experience that the nose was entirely capable of sneezing while that person was sleeping. Pikachu let the long feather just barely touch the side of his nose with the very tip of the feather. She then gently moved the feather in a tiny circle right on that spot.

Pikachu was surprised as almost immediately she could see Pichu’s nose start to move. That single spot almost looked like water as it sent waves and ripples around where Pikachu had tickled the nose. She realized just how sensitive his nose had become…still, she had to continue. Taking the feather and moving it in a straight line across his nose, his nose was wriggling in his sleep, desperately trying to get rid of the itchy sensation. She hadn’t even gone inside the nostril yet and his whole nose was going crazy!

Pikachu only had second thoughts about this for only a second, but she was going to make Pichu train and that’s what she will do whether his nose likes it or not. Ralts didn’t have good enough eyesight to see exactly how much Pichu’s nose was moving, but even from her distance she could see his nose moving.

“Hah…” Pichu’s tiny gasp of breath happened right in the thick of his sleep. Pikachu knew this wasn’t good. If he was this sensitive now…eyes growing sharp, she tickled the inside tips of his nostrils with the feather, going inside each one. She had to see for herself how sensitive his nose really was. She found out in a big way.

The first reaction was his whole nose stopped. It froze as the feather tickled the first nostril for a second, then the nostril started to quiver. Pikachu soon found out that this was leading to a much bigger reaction. That quivering spread to all over his nose. His nostrils started to slowly flare up in every direction and when the feather reached an edge of the nostril that part flared up twice as much as everywhere else. His nose shuddered 5 times, looking like rapids on a stream as the shudders became scrunches. “Hah…haaaah…” Pikachu felt the feather loosen in her grip as his gasps of breath began to suck in air. She accidently let the feather get into that suction of one of his hitched breaths. The long feather got into a deeper part of his nose and the breath made the tip of the feather follow where the suction was…which was pretty much in circles. The tip of the feather was drawing circles deep inside one of his nostrils.

“HAA…HAAAHH…” Pichu’s head started to shake in his sleep. He was still deep in sleep and his nose was supposed to be slower to react. Pikachu realized that this WAS his nose’s slower reaction. She watched as his nose jiggled like jello around the feather. The insides of his nose turned into something pretty similar to a volcano before it erupts. The walls surrounding his nostrils shook violently and each sniffle he took only strengthened the sneeze. “HAAAAAH…HAAAAAAAAHHHH…” Pikachu had no choice. She yanked the feather out, knowing what that would do. She watched as the nostrils wriggled and flared up as the feather’s strands waved by the rims of the nostril. The sneeze now was eminent.

“HAAATSCHHOOO! HAACHOOO!” Pichu’s head jerked forward and unknown to him, electricity flowed all over his bed. Static cling got all over his sheets and just the nature of the house absorbed the shocks he had sneezed out. His nose looked like it was suffering from a tickling aftershock. His nose felt like there was still a feather swirling around his nose. Just the air he was breathing in made his super sensitive nose want to sneeze. Pikachu remembered Ralts saying this was a bad idea and she realized that the little psychic pokemon was right…why did they always have to be right?
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Re: Pichu now a Pikachu XD (M+Pokemon+Story)
« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2012, 07:01:09 AM »
Just then Ralts teleported inside the room. She had seen everything and she wanted to try something. In her hands she held a spare dandelion flower. “Mrs. Pikachu, you’re right. Believe it or not, your training is actually working. Why he hasn’t gotten ahold of his nose yet is because he’s terrified what he can do. His nose is now incredibly sensitive and from what I observed from being far away, it was teased from even the slightest tickle…I think I can help him. I just hope he doesn’t wake up…”

Ralts used her confusion attack and broke up the dandelion flower into its individual seeds. Taking 2 of these small white fluffy seeds, she made one go inside one nostril and the other go inside the other nostril. She smiled a small hidden smile as his nose wasn’t moving faster than it already was. This meant that her plan was working. Using a mental image in her mind, she guided the seeds and made them hang inside his nostrils without making them touch the walls. Waiting until his nose’s movements died down just the tiniest bit, Ralts made one seed touch a part of the wall of one of his nostrils. Watching how the nose shifted instantly to that part where she had tickled, she also noticed that the outside part of his nose had turned red exactly where she had made the seed touch the wall of his nostril. Ralts was now sweating with the effort in her mind to keep this up. This had to be one of the longest confusion attacks she had ever attempted…but she had to help him!

Making the other seed in his other nostril touch a different part of his nose, his nose jerked in that direction, wriggling and shivering as Ralts knew exactly what she was doing. She was making Pichu’s nose not able to focus on one ticklish spot. In this way, as soon as the nose started to really wriggle and sniffle, she would move the seed back hovering in the middle of his nostril so it wouldn’t tickle his nose anymore. In this way Pichu’s nose was getting tortured enough so it was extremely ticklish, but not enough to make him sneeze. Pikachu realized what she was doing, but she also noticed that Ralts was beginning to shake from the effort. She had been keeping this up for over 5 minutes now. Pichu’s nose now was shaking and twitching even without anything tickling his nostrils, but this was expected. Ralts saw how red his nose had become. She had made the seeds go inside so many parts of his nostrils that his entire nose had shifted from its normal brown color to an irritated red.

Ralts was praying that she could hang on. When she got this exhausted, she knew her psychic abilities would waver. Already she could feel the seeds start to shake and get out of her control. She had tickled his nose long enough. Time for her to take the seeds out. Very carefully she made the seeds travel closer to the rims of his nostrils, but something very unfortunate happened. Pichu shifted in his sleep, making Ralts unable to keep the seeds from touching the walls of his nostrils. Ralts gasped as she could actually see the tiny white seeds dangling just a few millimeters away from the openings of his nostrils. Ralts tried to use her confusion to make the seeds move, but her limits were broken. She gasped and panted, not used to the major endurance she had to do, but that wasn’t the worst thing. Pichu’s nose began to tingle and he sniffled in his sleep, causing the white seeds in his nose to get sucked back up. Ralts noticed that her tickling had worked…his nose didn’t immediately react the way it had done to the feather, which meant that it was getting used to being tickled…but she also noticed that his nose was starting to run. Since dandelions were his main allergy (and also his very first allergy), his nose was reacting strongly against it.

Pikachu gently grabbed Ralts’ arm and made her get behind her body. Pichu’s larger nose was now trembling, the nostrils seeking the nonexisting tickles that had teased them earlier. The deeper parts of his nose were shocked as the white fluffy seeds grazed the walls, making his nose react violently. Huge scrunches made his nose appear to flail around like a fish out of water. “Haaa…haaaah…” Pichu’s deep sleep was the only thing that kept his nose from exploding. It took a ton to make a sleeping pokemon sneeze, and man what Ralts had done was WAY more than enough to make any sleeping pokemon sneeze. The nose tried to shake its master awake, begging for the irritants dancing around inside his flared nostrils to be forced out. Pichu’s sleepy eyes fluttered and his cheeks started to spark as the urge to sneeze amplified. “Haaa…haaaaaah…” Tilting his head back deeper into his pillow, the nose gave one last huge wavy jiggle and a massive scrunch immediately following it before his runny nose exploded in a huge sneeze. “HAAATSSCHOOOO!”

Electricity, stronger than the first sneeze, flowed around the room and this time the room couldn’t absorb the shocks all the way. Ralts felt herself get all tingly as she was thankful that Pikachu had moved Ralts out of the way. Pikachu took the full brunt of that sneeze but had taken way worse damage from Pichu’s unstable sneezes from when he was a pichu, so this was nothing to her.

Pichu, still asleep, rubbed his nose and then tossed to the other side. Quietly Ralts and Pikachu went out of his room. Things were going to be a bit more interesting, that’s for sure. Neither of them knew what to expect when Pichu woke up. Ralts was still very tired with the effort she had put into controlling those seeds for so long and she bowed her head to Pikachu. “Sorry I am not strong enough to help much Mrs. Pikachu…I promise though, I will become stronger. I can’t let Pichu suffer because of me…” With that she teleported and disappeared from sight. Pikachu rubbed her own nose, the bright flash of light making her nose itch as her eyes blinked to get rid of the lingering effect of the sudden flash of light. There was nothing she could do until Pichu woke up, so she took a nap herself and waited for her son to wake up.

It was 3 hours later when Pichu woke up. Rubbing his eyes and yawning, he looked around and noticed that he was still in his room. He grew cross-eyed as he tried to look at his nose. “I wonder what kinds of things will happen to me today…*sigh*…time to get going. There’s no need for me to be in a mope forever!” Getting a little bit more like his cheerful self, he jumped out of his bed and started to walk to the front door when he saw his mother sleeping. “Hey mom! Are you ok?” Pichu hadn’t seen his mom take a nap in forever…matter of fact, he couldn’t even remember the last time he had seen her sleeping let alone taking a nap.

Groggily Pikachu opened her eyes and then she stood up in attention. His nose! It wasn’t twitching or pink anywhere on it! Pikachu smiled as she realized that Ralts’ plan had worked. She had figured out a way to train Pichu’s incredibly irritable and unruly nose in a way that Pikachu couldn’t. She was thinking about how to thank her when she got an idea. “Hey Pichu, you haven’t seen Ralts in a very long time. I don’t think you have showed your new body to her yet, have you?”

Pikachu turned around and smiled secretly as her son blushed. He had no idea that Ralts had in fact just barely saw him earlier today. Pichu’s 11th birthday was coming up very soon and Pikachu knew that in a few years his feelings towards the opposite gender would change…even so, she couldn’t help but stifle a giggle when Pichu tried to deny that he hadn’t thought about seeing Ralts. “Well why don’t we say hello to her today?” Secretly she was thinking And to say thank you.

Pichu’s eyes showed his determination to do better with himself. He felt ready to take another chance to go outside and challenge his nose again. This time, he WILL be able to control it! Pichu literally ran out the door, making his mom burst out laughing as he constantly told her to hurry. Pikachu gladly got up, went out of the house and closed the door behind her. She was stunned to see Pichu use his new pikachu body’s speed already. She had forgotten that he had already been a pikachu for over 3 weeks now. To her, in part because of her dream during her nap, she felt like Pichu was still a pichu…he would always be her little pichu…

Shaking her head, she used her quick attack and caught up to Pichu within 15 seconds. “Don’t run off like that!” She playfully poked his belly with her tail. Pichu stopped running and surrendered. He was extremely ticklish all over his body. When both of them came to the main street of the village, their jaws dropped. Aunty Kakastan and the other pokemon of the village were all gathered around one spot. Pichu immediately covered his nose as he saw the familiar horrible sight of one thing…huge petals. The biggest flower in the pokemon world was lying unconscious right there in the middle of the village.

Pikachu used her quick attack to zoom her way over to the keckleon brothers. If anyone knew what was going on he would. Her eyes were wide in panic and she listened to the unbelievable story. Apparently a new pokemon came into the village and heaved this vileplume here and left, but the eyewitnesses that were there when this happened described a hypno…a hypno with a broken ring that was recently fixed. Pikachu felt the ground beneath her waver for just a split second. She sniffed the air and then felt the ground move again. Looking in the direction she thought it was coming from, she used her own quick attack, leaving her son all alone as she headed into another deeper more isolated part of the village.

Pichu’s larger nose was shaking as it seemed to recall when he was a Pichu with that terrible experience from before…matter of fact, it was twitching more and more the longer he thought about it. Shaking his head, his nose scrunched sharply in the opposite direction with each shake, making it look like his nose was literally fighting against his face. Clamping down hard with both hands, Pichu felt his nose move violently in his hands, shifting positions and moving along the palms of his hands. Applying pressure sharply to the corners of his nostrils, he managed to hurt himself in the nose in order to make the sneezy feeling disappear. His eyes watered as pain replaced the itchiness and a cute expression made him feel ridiculous. Still, it made someone pay attention to him. With a loud pop and a lazy yawn, a tall brown pokemon towered over Pichu’s pikachu body.

“Hey there squirt. Stub your toe? Don’t see no electric pokemon no mores…huh. Guess I should be happy…meh. You pokemon aren’t so special. Man, my sister and I are going to have our hands full with all of this mayhem this stupid flower will cause.” With a jerk movement in her stomach region, the pokemon reahed into her pouch and grabbed an adorable blue-eyed little baby. “You wanna get out now? Be my guest! Stay here and don’t cause trouble. See ya later squirt. Don’t go shooting sparks at anyone.” With a lazy sigh, the brown pokemon, who Pichu realized was Aunty Kakastan’s twin sister, walked on over to her sister and together they began to talk on what to do about this. The villagers were all whispering more frantically amongst themselves, fearing this vileplume more than almost anything. If one was here, then 2 more could be around! No one had seen this terrible pollinating pokemon in years! The villagers also knew that they were very lucky…if this pokemon was awake every single one of them would be breathing in pollen and sneezing their noses off.

Pichu couldn’t help but stare at the large eyes of the baby kakastan that were looking right up at him. The baby giggled as Pichu poked its little stomach and it made a growling sound that sounded so adorably helpless and cute that Pichu lost all cautiousness. He sat down and stuck out his hands and taught the little baby how to play patty cake. The baby clapped its little paws in joy as they finished the game and watched in total absorbing fascination as Pichu’s nose gave a shudder and a small twitch. A roselia named Marian had walked by and her natural cure ability wafted into the air. She had paralyzed herself on accident with her own stun spore attack earlier and was just now healing from it. The bad thing about this was that the air around her shifted with a sweet smelling flowery smell.

The baby’s eyes widened and it gave a small “hik’sho!” as it fell flat on its back with the sudden sneeze. Giving a few blinks, the baby had a frozen cute ‘huh?’ look on his face as he tried to figure out what exactly just happened. This was the first time it had ever sneezed before and this was so odd to have the feeling of losing complete control of his body like that. It then turned and looked at Pichu with that same confused look and he those eyes seemed to be saying ‘could you tell me what I just did?’

Pichu began to laugh and had his eyes closed and his head bent forward, the smell not affecting him nearly as much as would have just the day before. The baby then got a tiny idea form in his small mind. Looking at how close Pichu’s nose was to him, he wanted to see it move again. Pichu was completely unprepared as the little paw landed right on his nose and the baby poked it.

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Re: Pichu now a Pikachu XD (M+Pokemon+Story)
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Pichu’s nose froze, felt the tiny claws scratch the surface as the poke happened, and then began to twitch all around the baby’s hand. Pichu stopped laughing and he opened his eyes to see a cute happy face of a baby giggling with joy. It liked having the nose move around and it poked the nose again. The twitches spread all throughout his black nose and his nostrils flared up. This was a bad thing as the baby grew more curious and one of his claws poked the inside of one of his nostrils. His nostrils flared up more and those twitches became jerking scrunches and sniffles. The baby put back his hands and began to clap while squealing with joy.

oh no...come on cute little guy, please stop... the baby reached with both paws this time and poked his nose a third time. Pichu's eyes began to water and he felt his nose going from scrunches to full out wriggles. While the baby giggled and clapped his tiny hands, Pichu looked for anything to try and help...seeing nothing, he resorted to using his hands...

Feeling where the wriggles were coming from, Pichu began to rub there. Instantly his nose died down a bit and he knew he had to be very careful. One wrong slip of this and his sneeze would burst out completely. He gently waved his hands over the spot where the tickles were coming from which was where the baby had poked him and felt the exact place where the itch was coming from. He scratched that one place and mentally gasped. His sneeze was dying down!

Whew!! I can't believe it...I actually did...huh? Wha?? The baby pokemon apparently didn't like that his entertainment had stopped moving. He poked the nose again and watched as it moved more quickly and jerked around more violently as it had just recovered from a sneezy tickle and appeared to didn't like having another tickle immediately follow. Pichu's nose wriggled and scrunched up multiple times and his nostrils flared up. "Haah..." Gulping, Pichu did the most reasonable thing he could think away from the street so he could sneeze somewhere else.
As he ran his nostrils flared more and more, shivering with anticipation as the sneeze began to approach the level of becoming imminent. "Haaaah...haaaaah..." Still Pichu ran, heading straight for the forest by the town. His nose wriggled faster, feeling the will of Pichu weakening. "Haaaaah...HAA..." ‬‬

The baby kakashtan started to cry as he realized that his entertainment had run away. His mom was still busy talking to her sister and she did hear him cry but she brushed it off, saying he would get over it. The other kakashtan looked worried but they had to focus on the task at hand…getting this flower out of the village before it wrecked havoc.

The baby looked where Pichu had run off and felt the ground shake and the sky turn a bright yellow color 3 times. The baby started to wobble to that spot, curious now at what made those yellow ‘lights’. Meanwhile, Pichu was standing in the middle of the forest surrounded by 10 feet of charred bushes, trees, and a crater where he had been standing. Three sneezes in rapid fire was too much for the ground to handle. Feeling drained of all of his electricity, Pichu began to have a headache and felt tired even though he had just taken a nap about 2 hours beforehand. Pichu slowly, pausing every few seconds to keep his balance, headed back to his home and was unaware that a cute little stalker was watching his every move and following him.

While all of this happened, Pikachu had reached her destination and was shocked by it…the gardevoir home. She got about 100 feet away before a yellow flash of light suddenly appeared about 20 feet to her left. Ralts dropped from that flash of light and was frozen where she landed on the ground. “Heh…heeeh…hichew!” The air around her swirled and the ground about 10 feet in a circle shuddered. Sniffling, she then noticed Pikachu watching her and she literally jumped about 5 inches into the air…which for her was quite the accomplishment. This was the first time anyone has caught her sneezing.

“AHhh! Um…uh…h…hi there Mrs. Pikachu…eh heh heh! ^^;. “ Pikachu noticed her normally white face was a shocked pink color as her embarrassment overwhelmed her. “Mom and I haven’t been *sniff* feeling well. There’s something *sniff* dark nearby. I haven’t felt this allergic since…Sly and Brutus…” She gasped as she realized that’s exactly what she felt like. The tickles in her nose, the lingering feelings she felt, they were the same as that time. When Pikachu told her that Sly had been seen, she froze up and knew that something was going on.

“Dad had to use hypnosis on mom to knock her out. She…um…well…never mind.” What she didn’t know was that Pikachu knew all about what happens when Gardevoir does sneeze…she’s seen it first hand. Looking at the foundation of the house and how shifted it was, she could only guess what the inside of the house looked like. Ralts then was frozen in shock when Pikachu told her about the vileplume in the village. “Where is Pichu? If he’s not careful he’s going to.”

“Don’t worry Ralts. Pichu is fine. He’s just…in…village.” Pikachu realized just how stupid she had been. She had left Pichu unattended, with an untrained nose, right in the middle of the village. Someone could get hurt! “I…I got to do something Ralts. Make sure you take care of your mother when she wakes up!” Ralts was having different ideas when she used her calm mind. Just the tone of Pikachu’s voice told her that Pichu was in trouble again. She had to get stronger! She had to increase her psychic abilities because now she couldn’t help him nearly as much as she could before (or so she thought. Truth be told if it wasn’t for her Pichu would still be constantly sneezy XD)

Pikachu ran as fast as she could with her quick attack back to the village. She hadn’t run so quickly in a very long time. She didn’t notice that Ralts started to float in the air and was trying very very hard to master an attack she had tried to learn for weeks now…magical leaf. During the past two days she had trained harder than ever since she knew Pichu needed more help now with his nose. She jumped for joy when that first leaf appeared seemingly out of nowhere. She started to jump in random directions faster when more leaves popped out of thin air and started to attack her. Her red eyes, hidden in her helmet hair, were wide open with shock. This had never happened to her before! Being attacked was one thing, but being attacked by your own attack? That was silly and stupid! She sighed and refocused herself. The leaves were starting to move slower and eventually stopped. She smiled as she was beginning to get the hang of it. She also was smiling because she knew that very soon she would evolve…just a few days at most.

Meanwhile, Pichu reached the house just as a frantic Pikachu reached the village. In Pikachu’s view she saw the huge flower and immediately regretted coming here. Her own nose began to twitch but she also hated this because she was asked to help move Vileplume. It would be a few hours before she could find Pichu now! Fortunately for her, the mother of the little baby had finally cared enough to look for her son to check on him…but she found nothing. Looks like Pikachu would be able to get out of helping move the vileplume after all…but seeing a mother look like this (the kakashtan finally had worry and fear on her face) she couldn’t leave her like this. Perhaps, just perhaps, Pichu had taken the baby to their house…

Pichu collapsed in his bed as soon as he entered his room. As he got into a deep sleep the baby Kakashtan wobbled into the house as Pichu was too tired to close the door behind him. The little baby was desperate now for the entertaining nose that had caused a strange enjoyment in his mind. Looking at the footprints in the house the baby was able to figure out where Pichu had walked in.

The baby found Pichu’s pikachu body lying on a bed. Trying to heave his small body onto the bed, he fell over on his back and had his large eyes water. Wimpering, the baby didn’t cry outright for fear that he would wake up Pichu. Seeing sheets loose on the end of his bed, Pichu’s slightly pudgy body held the sheets in place enough for those little arms to pull the baby up on the bed.

Moving to Pichu’s nose, the breathing of the yellow pokemon remained unchanged as the baby crawled on his stomach and the baby poked the nose, just like before. Because Pichu was sleeping, his nose was deprived of its usual movements. All what the nose did was twitch just once. The baby’s happy smile disappeared into a straight line. Poking the nose again, Pichu’s nose still didn’t react. The frown was now a frown and the baby grew frustrated. Poking his paw as deep into one of the nostrils as he could, the nose shuddered.

Pichu groaned silently in his sleep, the dream he was dreaming dissolving. Complete darkness was all around him and Sly the hipno was right there. “You ruined everything…everything…everything…” Sly disappeared into the darkness and a pepper shaker formed right above him and started to spill the pepper all over him.

This made Pichu’s nose twitch nonstop now as the dream overwhelmed his subconscious so much his nose really did think it was being drenched in pepper. The baby stuck both paws in both nostrils of Pichu and then took them out. In the dream the pepper didn’t stop falling and Pichu could swear the pepper was falling faster. “I…I can’t sne…sneeze.” He fought against his nose in his dream, rubbing and shaking it.

In real life Pichu’s nose now was scrunching up and shaking in the exact same way the dream was. The baby squealed in happiness and not only put his paws in his nostrils he started to move them around inside the nostrils. The baby was shocked as he felt like he touched something that felt sort of different. That difference was Pichu’s most sensitive part of his nostrils. “Haaah…haaaah…” The baby saw the nostrils flare up to their maximum points and the baby made his hands pull out of the nostrils as the nose stated to jerk so much that it was hitting his paws. Pichu in the dream saw the pepper shaker burst open and spilled all over him, showering him in black pepper. “Haaaaah…HAAH”

The baby heard and felt Pichu’s breath hitch. Even its young mind could tell something was wrong as the belly he was standing on moved and the nose moved even more than all the other shakes and shudders the baby had previously saw combined. “HAAAH…HAAAH…”

The baby started to cry as it didn’t know what was going on. Pikachu was 100 feet from her house along with the kakastan mother. “Oh no!” She heard her son’s hitched breaths all the way from the opened window. Using quick attack, she ran right for the open window and jumped inside his room. She was so proud of Pichu as he saw how much his nose was moving, scrunching, jerking, anything you could think of. “HAAAAAA…”

Pikachu jumped right for the crying baby and grabbed it. Throwing it out the window the baby crashed onto the grass outside and his mother ran right towards him. “HAAATCHOOO!” Pichu let loose a giant sneeze, filling the room with electricity. Pikachu felt her hp go almost all the way down to 1/3rd as the powerful electric attack happened.

“He…he learned thunderbolt!” Pikachu gasped and winced in pain. She hadn’t used that attack in so long she had forgotten how powerful it was. Pichu’s eyes snapped open and he cried out “noooo! I couldn’t help it mom! …oh it was just a dream. Thank goodness! I thought I sneezed…well hi mom!” Pichu was completely oblivious to what had just happened, and perhaps that was for the best. Pikachu didn’t want to explain the serious damage he had almost caused the baby.

The mom kakashtan picked up her baby and hugged it until it passed out. Putting the unconscious baby in her pouch, she would never let it out of her sight again. She didn’t even say thank you though. She just walked away from the home and didn’t look back. She didn’t even notice a pokemon with a big hat on…with a long pointed nose. “Wehehehheh…so that’s where the brat lives…this is good news. Wehhehhehheh…” Calmly walking away, the figure plotted his next move.

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Re: [M + Pokemon + Non-Anthro] Pichu now a Pikachu XD*
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Great story.  I really want to see what happens next in it....I know it's a bit late being three years later after its posting, but it would be awesome to see what you had planned for this story.