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[F + Mature] A Sneezy Morning*
« on: July 11, 2012, 01:24:45 AM »
This is an RP that I did awhile back with oneofthree. I'm always on the lookout for more RP partners, so if you enjoy this and want to help me make more like it, send me a PM! :) I only do RPs with female sneezers, though. Enjoy!

A husky reclined in her bed, white fur gleaming in a beam of sunlight that peeked through the drawn blinds.  A cover was pulled up over one leg to the knee, having been kicked off some time ago.  One hand rest on a large breast, the other on the pillow next to her head.  Her other leg was kicked out at a strange angle.  Completely dead to the world, she slumbered through her girlfriend entering the room...

Stifling a giggle, the red vixen opened the bedroom door ever so slowly, silently inching towards the bed where her girlfriend was still sleeping. She couldn't help but let out a quick snort of laughter, but fortunately, she managed to contain the rest. As quietly as she could, she slipped out of her clothes--her girlfriend wouldn't suspect her as much if it looked like she hadn't left the bedroom. Then, taking a few silent steps towards her soon-to-be victim, she raised her hands high over her head, and shook her naked body vigorously, her breasts bouncing wildly. And though she couldn't see any change, the vixen still knew that as she shook, the tiny yellow particles that had gathered on her fur during her brief jaunt outside were flying off her into the air, eager to find something to attack. The huge black nose on the girl in the bed, she knew, would present a very, very enticing target.

And sure enough, the vixen didn't have to wait long. As she eyed the husky's nose, the huge, sensitive nostrils began to twitch. They flared out, then in again. The slow rhythm of the husky's breathing broke, her breasts quivering slightly as her inhaling became irregular. And then, amidst all this involuntary action from the rest of her body, the husky opened her eyes.

"Morning," the vixen chirped brightly.

"M-muh...? M-morning.  Wh... eh... what's...? *SNIFF*" Her large nose twitched at the invading presence, but the husky didn't know why.  She tried to rub it against the pillow to soothe her tickle, but of course it was covered in pollen too, and her gaping nostrils just snorted up more.  "*Sniff* Uh...? W-why do I ... I thih... I th-think I'm guh... g-gonnaaahh... Ah..." She managed to raise a hand to her huge, quivering nostrils, despite her sleep-stupor, and began to rub them.  Gently at first, she increased the pressure once she realized how badly she needed to sneeze.

"Are you okay sweetie?" the vixen asked. She took a step back, trying her hardest to appear concerned. "Your nose looks like it's acting up." Though she knew her girlfriend's sneezes were entirely harmless, the husky still seemed to somehow think that her huge sneezes were dangerous, and for now the vixen was content to play along. She feigned a look of fearful recognition. "Oh no, you're not going to... sneeze, are you?"

"Y...Y-yeah, just... nnaaahh... Ahh.. HAH!... G-get back, I... I do need... t-to... sneh... eh... sneeehhh..." Her eyes became lidded, and her shaky breaths made her breasts bounce pleasantly.  She held out a hand toward the vixen, while the other tried vainly to cover her big, sneezy nose and suppress her allergic tickle.  It was getting really close now, and she was having a hard time holding on.  "I cuh-huhhh... I can't hhholdonmuchlong-AH...!"

There wasn't anything the vixen could do. She hunched down and put her hands over head, pretending to try to protect herself. Of course, she kept one of her eyes peeked open, watching her girlfriend succumb to the pollen.

"Bruh... brace... youUHH...self-f-fhhhuuuh... " She squeezed her eyes shut tightly and gripped the sheets of the bed, chest heaving as she lost control and hitched in a series of large breaths. "Huuuuhh! Hih! Hiih! HEEAAAHHH...!" Her wet nostrils flared open like two black pits, preparing for her enormous sneeze.  "HEEEEHHH'IIISHHHHHHHCHHHOOOOOO!" She sneezed strongly, hunching over as a shimmering spray was expelled from her widely flared nostrils.  But, her giant black nose still contained a multitude of pollen; it was all around her after all.  One sneeze wasn't going to cut it.  "Heh...A-an-anuuhhh... Annuuuhhh... C-comin'.... H-heah... HEH... H-HEEHH..." She tried very hard to hold back the second one, convinced as she was they were dangerous, but even a finger pressed firmly across her nose couldn't stop it.  "HAHHHH'SHHHHHHHHHHHUUUUU!" Another mightly blast of spray exploded out of her and over her legs as her boobs bounced and her body contracted with the force.

"Bless you sweetie!" the vixen cried, standing up again. "Thank goodness you warned me in time, those were some sneezes!" She began to step forward, but stopped as she realized that her girlfriend's nose was still twitching. "Oh, sweetie, is something wrong?"

She looked miserable, her muzzle was scrunching intensely.  There was just too much pollen, but she didn't know that.  "I'm s-sorry... I don't know whh... Whuh... HHUUUHHH'ISSHHHHHHUUUUU!" Another spraying sneeze burst forth.  "*SNFF* Why I'm so s-sneezeh... Oh god n-not anoh... N-nnuuhh... Eh...."

"Oh, your poor nose," the vixen crooned. "But with sneezes like that, your nose must be cleared out by now, right?" She stepped forward, eager to see how the husky would react.

"No, nono, it dih... didehhh... It... Oh g-god it tih... Tickles! D-don't come ovuh... ovuhhh...? Uh... Uh... Ohno... UhhhhHHHH!" She couldn't control herself, her nose was just too large to contain these big sneezes in any way! "UHHHH'HITCHHHHHHHHOOOOO!" She sneezed out a massive sneeze, spraying her girlfriend a little bit.

The vixen made a small involuntary jump as the spray hit her. "Bless you sweetie!" It was getting harder and harder not to giggle at her girlfriend's allergies, but she was pretty sure she hadn't given herself away yet. "Can you at least tell what's tickling your nose? Who knows what might happen if you keep sneezing like this--we need to fix this!"

Through bleary eyes, she gazed at her companion.  Her yellow-tinged companion.  "Y-you! You dih... dih... Ohhh... I'm g-gonna... g-get... youuhh... Uhhh... UHH'HIKTCHHHHHH!" She tried to get out of the bed and 'get' her, but was distracted by another large sneeze, which turned into a quick double! "HIHTCHHHHHHHHHOOOO!" Sniffling and wiping her big nostrils, she narrowed her itchy, teary eyes at the mischevious vixen.

"Me?" The vixen tried her best to appear innocent. "Why me? You're not allergic to fox hair!" When it became clear that the husky was making her way towards her, she stepped back, trying to continue the act. "H-hey! Get back! What if you sneeze again?"

That stopped her.  That's right... she might sneeze on her.  And... oh god dammit there's that prickle again- "Ehhh... H-hold on... I... Ah... I got... hhh... hhhuh... HHUUEEHHSCHHHHH! ESCHHHH! EEEESCCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOO!" She sneezed three times in a row, a curtain of mist shooting from her nostrils as she clutched her thighs to keep from toppling over.  "Y-youre rih... right... you should stay aweh... Awaaahhh... G-get outta here..."

"O-okay. Just let me do one thing first." And then, before the husky could react, she leapt forward, grabbed her girlfriend's head, and pushed the huge, twitching nose directly between her pollen-covered breasts. With that, the act was broken, and the vixen let out a long laugh, causing her breasts to quiver against the husky's nose and sending ever more pollen up those sensitive nostrils.

"Auugh you evil b-uhh.. ah.. N-nooo! *SNFF, Snurfle* Ah g-god! P-pollen?! Whuh... Why did it.. Hah... HAH.... HAHHHSCHHHHHH! Have to be puh... Uh-uh-UH'HTCHHHHHHHHHHUUUU!! P-pollen..." She let out two huge, wet sneezes onto the vixen's breasts.  She was trapped by her nose's throes, unable to retreat.

"Because only pollen makes your nose react like that!" the vixen cried between bursts of laughter. "T-t-hahahahaha! T-tickle tickle! How does thahahahahaha! How does that make your nose feel, sweetie?"

"I-it... It f-feels... Heh... HEEEHHH'IIISSSCHHHEEEW! L-like someone's got... t-two feathers.. ah... oh... uhhh.. hhhhh... And... they're b-both tickling the bah-baaahh.. AAAHHHHHHCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHUUUUUUU! *Snff* Back of m-my... n-nose... AHHHHKKKTTT'IIISHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

"Hahahahahahahaha!" In her mirth, the vixen finally released her girlfriend. "Thaha! That's good! I was going t-tahaha! Try feathers next if this didn't wahahahahahahahaha!" As the husky rose, the vixen got one look at her sneezy face and twitching nose and dissolved into a fit of laughter.

"Heehh... Eh...EEHHH... G-Get your ass in the sh... shhhaaahhhshiiiiit Ih-IH-IH'HIKTSCHHHEEEEEEW! IIIIIHHHHSCHHHHHHHH! HIH... HIH.... HIHTSCHHHH!" She pushed the vixen toward the door before standing straight, nose slowly twitching skyward, nostrils swelling to their fullest.  "I think I'm going to sneeze..." She said, perfectly clearly.  "Eh... EH.... Uh, ah? Hhhahh... Eh.... EHHH.... AHHH... AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHTCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHUU UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!" She sneezed one last, massive blast, sending spray all over and bending over double, breasts rocking back and forth.

Hope you enjoyed. ;) Let me know if you want to help me make more RPs.
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Re: [F + Mature] A Sneezy Morning
« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2012, 02:42:59 AM »
I like this! :D

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Re: [F + Mature] A Sneezy Morning*
« Reply #2 on: July 06, 2014, 10:57:00 PM »
Question, who was who and is there any info about the characters? Owners/etc. :)
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Re: [F + Mature] A Sneezy Morning*
« Reply #3 on: July 09, 2014, 03:54:40 AM »
I played the vixen and oneofthree was the husky. They're original characters for this RP.