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  1. That Was No Idol, That Was My Ape - Yes
  2. Movie Madness - Yes
  3. Flying Saucery
  4. The Grape Race
  5. A Knight to Remember
 6-1. G.I. Ape - Yes
 6-2. The Purple Avenger
 7-1. Grapefinger
 7-2. Return to Balaboomba
 8-1. Amazon Ape
 8-2. Grape Marks the Spot
 9-1. The Invisible Ape
 9-2. Public Grape No. 1
10-1 The Incredible Shrinking Grape
10-2 What's a Nice Prince Like You Doin' in a Duck Like That?
11-1. Who's New at the Zoo
11-2. The Indian Grape Call
12-1. A Grape is Born
12-2. The First Grape in Space
13. S.P.L.A.T's Back
14-1. To Sleep or Not to Sleep
14-2 Olympic Grape
15-1. Ali Beagle and the 40 Grapes
15-2. Grape Five-O
16-1. The Purple Avenger Strikes Again
16-2. The Grape Connection

If you watch it, even if it doesn't have a sneeze, let me know. I will remove it from the list. :)
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