Author Topic: Whoa. So busy here lately. It's awesome!! Sorry about me being super busy :(  (Read 1068 times)

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I've gotten a new full time job and it's very physically demanding X_X Ten hour shifts monday through friday, but I've finally started to get more use to this kind of work and am setting times of a few minutes each to be online :)

I wanted to say holy cow man!! This place is very much alive lately ^^ Must be the late spring time waking people up ;) XD.

Seriously though, I'm happy there's things going on. :) I will comment on things, but I got to hurry to work now *it starts very soon*

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Congrats on the job, SS! I think it's just summer, even people who aren't in school (who right now, from my view, are very luck people...) just seem to come on more :P

Hope all works well for you, and props for handling that kind of labor regardless of what you have left in the tank by the end of the day!

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great to hear you're doing okay :3