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[M + F + Messy + Mature + Explicit] Dante vs. Alex’s Remedy
« on: August 16, 2016, 11:15:10 PM »
Dante killed the hot water blast of the shower and pulled the curtain back, letting steam flood out into the bathroom.  He gave a good shake before stepping out and grabbing a towel to dry himself off further.  The jasmine scented conditioner made his fur shine and gave it a luster he was not used to seeing on himself.  He wiped the steam off the bathroom mirror and smiled sheepishly at the naked alsatian smiling back at him.  Tonight will be wonderful, he told himself while toweling off his fluffy tail and humming a little tune.

The date was circled in bold color on his calendar and he’d been counting the days all month long.  Today was when Dixie would be getting back into town after a prolonged trip to visit her relatives back in New Zealand.  It had been several weeks since he’d last seen his beautiful border collie girlfriend.  And every inch of him was tingling with excitement now that she was finally back in town.  His sheath gave an excited twitch as he pictured her walking through the door in those tight, ass-hugging jeans she was so fond of wearing.  “Heh.  Down boy,” Dante chuckled as he continued to towel himself off.

He added a bit of cologne under his ears and neck - just enough to be pleasant.  He hummed to himself as he brushed out his fur, looking quite satisfied at how well that new conditioner brought out the luster in his coat.  His roommate, Alex, used this stuff all the time.  But Dante only really bothered on special occasions like this one.  He didn’t really care if his fur shimmered and bounced every day like Alex did, apparently.  Then again, he was not very much like his cheetah roommate who had recently, much to Dante’s annoyance, declared their apartment to be a ‘Bottomless-Friendly’ zone meaning that pants and underwear were strictly optional – at least until the oppressive heat of summer was past.

Alex really had a definition all his own about what was, or according to him should be, socially acceptable in all situations.  So as Dante opened the bathroom door, which led into his bedroom, he really should not have been too surprised to see Alex half-naked and sprawled out on his bed.  But he gasped nonetheless and instinctively went to cover himself with the towel before shrugging it off and realizing there was no point.  Alex didn’t really comprehend ‘personal space’ between them.  He and Dante had been best friends for so long that Alex saw it more like ‘personal space shared between brothers’.  Dante rolled his eyes - brothers who parade their naked butts around in front of each other, apparently.

“Alex, could you at least put on some pants or maybe just some underwear before Dixie comes over?” Dante pleaded as he rummaged through his drawer for those pair of boxer-briefs that Dixie had told him made his ass look ‘mmrraawrr!’. 

Alex gave a noncommittal murmur and continued to lay sprawled out on his stomach, flicking his finger across the screen of his tablet.  He propped his head up on one paw and asked, “So, I’m assuming you’re planning on taking Dixie out someplace nice, maybe a nice stroll on the Riverwalk, followed up by a sexy, romantic plowing of the wet, hot furrows?”

Dante nearly choked on his own spit and fumbled with the pair of undies in his paws, almost dropping them, at his hedonistic friend’s bluntness.  He stepped into the briefs and shot the grinning cheetah a sideways glance.  “Yes.  Something like that.  Why?  Are you going to tell me I should take her to one of your gay bars or to that - what’s that place called you’ve been freelancing at?  ‘Musk’ or whatever?”

Alex hopped up and sat with his legs folded on Dante’s bed and giggled.  “Yeeeahh, I wouldn’t suggest taking her there – maybe not just yet.  But umm…  No, the reason I was asking is, I was wondering if you’d seen the latest forecast for today?”

Dante finished pulling on his pants and a nice button up shirt before he took the tablet in his paws to look at whatever Alex was going on about.  It was a weather report that also contained the pollen count for the day.  It was so high it was off the scale.  Dante’s nose started getting runny just looking at the screen.  He huffed and flopped down on the bed beside his half-nude roommate. 

“Oh, why today of all days?” he whimpered.  “The pollen count is so high they didn’t even use a number.  It just says ‘@$#%$!!’ next to the index.  Even if I double up my meds, I’ll be a sneezing wreck in no time.  And yeah, Dixie gets turned on by my sneezing, sure, but if I start sneezing uncontrollably then I’ll start cumming all over myself while were out and…  This isn’t funny, Alex!  You could at least try to stop drooling about it.”

The cheetah checked his grin and wiped his mouth off on his arm.  “Sorry!  But you know me and cum – especially yours.  Okay, OKAY!  Easy, now!  Bad joke, I apologize.  But let me ask you this: You just want to be able to get through the date without sneezing your head off right?”

Dante nodded and sighed mournfully, rubbing his nose with the back of his paw.

Alex hopped off the bed and smiled, “Well that’s no problem – I can take care of that for ya, easy.  Come on into my room and we’ll get you fixed right up.”

Alex paused halfway out the door when he realized Dante wasn’t following.  He poked his head around and saw Dante’s nonplussed expression looking back at him from the bed.

“Okay - one, there is no way I’d ever follow you into your room unless you’re wearing pants.  Two, are you really expecting me to believe you’re going to cure my hay fever with.. ‘something’ in your room?  I mean – is there anything in there except 200 different flavors of lube and sex toys?  And three, Alex, please put on some pants.”

Alex rolled his eyes and smirked, pretending to stomp angrily into his room.  “Fiiiiine, I’ll put some clothes on if it will make you feel better.”  He came back in wearing a pair of very form-fitting neon boi-shorts that barely covered anything and had the words 'Atkins Approved' encircling the crotch.  “There?  All better now?”  He grabbed Dante’s paw and tugged him off his bed.

“Oh yes.  Much,” Dante sighed, letting his manic roommate pull him into his bedroom.  The alsatian thought briefly about covering his eyes before he entered.  He’d never been in Alex’s bedroom before and wasn’t entirely sure what horrors awaited inside. 

Alex opened the door to his walk-in closet and stepped inside.  Dante shuddered upon seeing that there were no clothes inside (well, the leather outfits hardly qualified as ‘clothes’) but rows and rows of various adult toys and bottles of lube.  The cheetah sighed happily and beamed with pride at his collection.  He then turned around with a semi-serious look on his face and bluntly told Dante, “Strip.  I’ll need to see your dick.”

Dante genuinely could not believe he’d heard him correctly.  “E-Excuse me?”

“Pants, undies - take ‘em off.  I need to measure you.  Sizing is important or this might be painful.  Oh, hey!  No no, come back!  Look, I’m being serious, okay?  No, really – I think this will work.  I just need you to trust me on this.  If I’m wrong it won’t do you any harm, but we both know I’m never wrong right?” he giggled, cocking his head and trying to look cute. 

Dante swallowed hard and looked apprehensive, but had nothing to say against that.  True, Alex was a breed all his own, but he was right – he’d never done anything to make Dante not trust him.  Though this request was really pushing the limits.  The blushing alsatian slowly unfastened his pants and slid them down, followed by his boxer-briefs, leaving him standing in Alex’s sex toy emporium naked with his pants around his ankles. 

“Wha… Hey!  What are you.. A-Alex!  That..!  nngg… Oh, jeez.”

Without any warning, Alex had wrapped his paw around the base of Dante’s cock, feeling around and then cupping his balls.  Dante felt his ears burn with embarrassment and his cheeks flush, but if Alex noticed this he didn’t say anything.

“Hmmm… Okay, I’d say you’d be between 14 and 16 centimeters, and probably a 28 centimeter retainer and maybe a medium clip.  Okay hang on and lemme look see.”  Alex turned and began rummaging through one box after another.  “Hmm…  okay..  Nnnope.  Not that one.  Hmm..  I thought I had another – oh, there it is!  Okay, now hold still for a sec and um, this is probably going to be a tad cold on the bits at first.”

Dante looked down with wide eyes at the multiple rings of stainless steel.  “Wait.. Alex, what are those, anywaaaah YIPE!”  Cold was an understatement. 

With agile and very practiced paws, Alex fished the alsatian’s dick and balls through the metal rings, clamping them in place.  He took a moment to inspect the fit, holding Dante’s cock like a handle and moving it from side to side while Dante panted and tried not to whimper out loud.

Finally, Alex stepped back and sighed, “Alright.  And now for the words I’ve never spoken before in my entire life:  Go ahead and put your pants back on.” 

Dante wasn’t sure what to make of the metal jewelry wrapped around his junk but he did at least feel a little better about finally getting to put his clothes back on.  Alex busied himself looking for another item in his closet, pulling out one drawer after another until he found a very odd looking tiny feather duster that was on the end of long plastic wand.  Dante opened his mouth to ask something, but he didn’t quite know where to begin.  Alex smirked and offered to fill in the blanks for him.

“Right, so you’re wondering why I put cock rings on your package other than I’ve always thought it would look just smashing on you.  Which it does, by the way.  Well, my dear allergic alsatian, I have a theory:  You have this odd… um, ‘talent’ that links your nose with your loins and when one gets all excited and flushed so does the other one, right?  Which inevitably means every time you have a sneezing fit, you cum buckets.  So obviously if we keep you from sneezing, we’ll keep you from cumming.  But, uhh..  Heh – I’ve seen your hay fever, and I think we both know that ain’t happening.  But!  What if we do the opposite, hmmm?  What if we keep you from cumming and thereby prevent you from sneezing?”

Dante blinked, staring at Alex with his mouth slightly agape.  He looked down at the bulge in his pants and back up at the grinning cheetah.  “You…  aren’t serious.”

“Well, we’re about to find out!  Now, be a good boy and hold still for me.”

Dante watched as Alex raised up the feathery end of plastic wand and ran it over the edge of a ceiling vent, collecting piles of gray dust fluff on the ends of the feathers.  The alsatian’s eyes followed in disbelief as Alex took the dusty feathers and swished them under his nose which promptly responded by scrunching up and itching inside profusely. 

“A-A-Ahh… Al-l-lex wha.. hih.. EHHHEEEHH!  wh-wh-wha..  hihh…  *SNIFFLE!*  What are you doo-ehhh… hihh HEEEH!  HHEEEE-GEEH!!  *GAASSP*!!” 

Instantly, Dante felt his allergies act up.  This inside of his nostrils began to tingle and spasm, his nostrils flared out, and his eyes began to water.  The tickles in his nose pulsed back into his sinuses and sparked a similar reaction in his balls causing them to tingle and tighten up as his cock began to spasm and dribble pre.  As he gasped and panted, trying to resist the sneezy urges burrowing into his nostrils, his cock swelled up rock-hard in his pants.

N-n-N-nngg!  NO!  A-Alexxx-hhihhhhhsss-sss GEEH! S-s-s-staahhpf!  You’re.. gaeehh-hihhh g-gonna make me.. snee… hihh.. snneee..!!  hihhhh!  Oh.. hihh.. I.. HEEHH.. EEEEHHHHH!!  *GASP!* HHHHHHEEEEHEHHH-…!!

Dante reared back and cringed, his nostrils billowed, his lip curled up.  He gasped and inhaled, as the sneezy urges reached critical mass in his sinuses – only to have the feeling suddenly stop dead in its tracks.  He felt his cock tremble in his pants, the swell of cum pressing hard against the base of his throbbing erection, choked off by the metal rings.  The sneezy tingles subsided in his sinuses, leaving him a sniffling mess and desperately grabbing for tissues to blow his nose. 

“Ha-ha!  It worked!  Oh, I knew it would!  You can’t sneeze if you can’t cum!  Oh, don’t you see this is perfect!  The answer to all your woes,” Alex said in triumph, patting the bulge in Dante’s pants. 

The alsatian blew his very runny nose and wiped the sneezy tears from his eyes.  True, he’d experienced an allergy attack that was choked off, but his balls throbbed and ached painfully from being denied orgasm just like his sinuses felt, being unable to find relief from all the tingling and tickling.  Still though, he had to admit, it did work and could at least let him get through maybe dinner and a quick romantic walk before he couldn’t take it anymore.  In the back of his mind, he did wonder what would eventually happen once he opened the floodgates after being essentially edged for hours on end.  The allergic sneezing fit would probably be epic.  He shuddered, wondering if the orgasm that followed might actually put him in the hospital.

Dante didn’t have long to ponder the consequences of all this as a knock at the front door meant Dixie was here at last.  Dante instantly became nervous again, trying to make sure his clothes were on straight, and that his nose was not runny (though it still itched terribly from all the dust, forcing him to sniffle continuously).  He tried to do something with his still-throbbing erection, but there was little he could do to quiet that down now that Dixie was here.  Several weeks without sex and his cock was begging to be let out. 

Alex practically danced across the room to the front door to let Dixie in.  Dante turned the corner as she entered and looked.  Stared.  Dumbstruck.  There she was.  The border collie of his dreams.  Just as beautiful as he’d remembered. 

For a moment, no one spoke.  Dante’s eyes swelled, nearly filling his entire face.  She was wearing those painted-on jeans that made his heart skip; the ones that hugged every curve and crease of her incredible ass.  She wore a plain white tee shirt tucked in tight and stretched over the ample curves of her chest.  Her signature bandana, tied around her neck and hanging just off center, like it was pointing down at her left breast.  Her eyes were sparkling, dilated just as big as his if not bigger.  He suddenly blushed crimson when he followed her gaze down to the twitching lump in the front of his pants.

Dixie stepped inside and gave her bashful boyfriend a sultry smile.  “I missed you too, stud,” she purred with a wink.  She turned to give Alex a welcome hug before the over-excited cheetah bounced his way right through the floor.  “Okay, okay – yeah, I guess I missed you too, you nutty cheetah,” Dixie giggled, rolling her eyes at the words printed on the front of his cotton undies. 

Dante smiled sheepishly as Dixie glided over to him and wrapped her arms around him.  “But not as much as I missed this,” she purred, pressing her lips to his and kissing him so deeply Dante could swear he was about to lose his tonsils to her tongue.  He returned her kiss and shuddered as their bodies met, her chest pressing against his and her hips grinding against his raging hard-on.  Her paws snaked their way over his body and under his tail, making it difficult for him to breathe without gasping.  Dante sniffled wetly and tried to get some air before he passed out, or before he got so dizzy he fell off his feet.

Dixie stopped her groping and looked over Dante’s wet, runny nose.  “Oh wow.  Are your allergies bothering you, cutie?” she asked, torn between concern and excitement with a notable blush across her cheeks.  While she loved Dante’s powerful, wet sneezing, she also knew he had been looking forward to taking her out this evening.  But if his hay fever was acting up, that might prove difficult.

Dante nodded and started to open his mouth to explain, but was at a loss for words as he looked down at the bulge in his pants and back up at her.  Dixie quirked her ears to one side in a confused expression.  She wasn’t sure what he could possibly be embarrassed about.  She knew all too well what his sneezing fits did to his loins, a bonus that she exploited during sex whenever she could.  Dixie started to say something reassuring but was interrupted by Alex hopping around excitedly like a cub who needed to go pee.  She gave her boyfriend a sympathetic scritch behind his left ear and turned to Alex with one eyebrow quirked.  “Yes?  Did you need something?”

Alex grinned and clapped his paws.  “Oh, it’s just the coolest news ever!  We found a way to keep Dante’s sneezes under control.  It’s true!  I mean, it’s not like we cured his hay fever or anything – not like THAT’S gonna happen.  But, no really, we came up with a sure-fire way to keep his sneezes ‘locked away’ so to speak.”  Alex beamed while Dante shuddered from the phrase ‘locked away’. 

Dixie looked at Alex and back and Dante, whose runny nose prompted him to get another tissue.  She quirked one ear at Alex and remarked, “Yeah, I’m not following you.  Which surprises me not at all, really,” she added, watching Dante go through several tissues blowing his nose.

Alex nodded, “I know, I know – but it’s really simple.  Okay, like I said, I didn’t cure him of his mega hay fever or anything.  But I did find a way to get his sneezing under control.  You know how whenever he sneezes uncontrollably he – Ha!  Well of course *YOU* know all about it, I’m sure – but anyway, yeah, okay see, I figured if we keep him from cumming we keep him from sneezing.  And it worked!  Really!  When he can’t cum, he can’t sneeze!  Hey, Dante!  Show her your cock rings!”

Dante finished wiping off his nose and shot Alex a sarcastic look.  “Uhhh, how about ‘no’?  Not all of us are as gung ho about flashing our junk out in the open,” he added flinging the wadded up tissue at Alex who giggled and batted it away.

But the one person in the room who was not laughing was Dixie.  In fact, if anything she looked dead serious.  She was staring hard at Dante as if trying to unravel a frustrating puzzle.  Both Dante and Alex exchanged glances and looked back over towards Dixie, asking if she was all right.

Dixie tilted her ears and narrowed her eyes on Dante’s muzzle.  “You mean, he can’t sneeze no matter what?”  Dante couldn’t help but notice that she licked her lips when as she said it.

Alex shrugged and retrieved the dusty feather wand from earlier, making Dante’s tail cringe a little.  “Well, I mean as long as he’s cum-blocked with the set of cock rings I put on him.  Here, watch…” 

Alex took the dusty feather wand and gently traced it in a circle over Dante’s quivering nostrils.  Dante felt the familiar allergic tingles start to spread in his nose as the dust penetrated into his sinuses.  The feathers’ gentle touch tickled the edge of his wet nostrils and along his septum, making his entire face scrunch up in a desperate sneezy expression.  The tingles spread across his balls and up the length of his dick, but it seemed no matter how badly it tickled or how intensely his nose itched, the sneezes just would not come as long as he couldn’t either. 

nnnggg-GEEEH!  Hihhh-h-h-hh-h…  HEEH.. EEH!  *GASP!*  hhhhihh.. AAHHH!  Nngg.. *Sniffle* O-oh-oh-k-k-kay Al…Allll-Alex, tha…  hihh..  HAAAHH!  Geehh-jeeehhh!!  *SNIFFLE!* heeh-h-h-h… we g-get the p-point!  HHEEHHH!  Nnnggg…!

Alex tucked the feather wand under his arm like a baton and looked triumphant.  “See?  It works!  He may have a few snifflies, but no sneezing!  No matter what, he won’t be able to sneeze until he takes off the cock rings and then, hoo boy!  I have no idea what will happen but it’ll probably be…”

Dixie’s eyes were so wide the surrounding whites were visible.  She cocked her head to the side and looked at the sniffling alsatian with a stare usually reserved for predators making their prey. 

“Get.  Out,” she growled under her breath, her left eye twitching.

Dante sniffled against his runny nose and exchanged a confused glance with Alex.  Neither of them were too sure what to make of Dixie’s expression or comment.

Alex leaned a little closer.  “Sweetie, I’m sorry – did you say...?”

“OUT!” she snarled, drooling a little out of the corners of her mouth.  The anxious border collie snatched Alex up by the scruff of his neck, eliciting a startled ‘mew!’ from the blushing cheetah.  She carried him to the front door and shoved a pawful of cash and her car keys down the front of his underwear.  “Get out.  Find a hotel, and do not come back tonight!”  And with one fluid motion she tossed the amused looking cheetah out the front door and shut it tight.

Dixie turned around and looked at Dante the way a hungry lion looks at a thick-cut ribeye steak.  Her eyes flashed as she walked towards him slowly, peeling off her tee shirt, and letting her breasts bounce free from underneath.  She tossed the shirt aside and continued stalking towards her prey, who was starting to look very apprehensive, backing up, and flattening himself against the wall. 

“Uhhh..  D-Dixie?  *sniffles* Wh..  What are you..?  A-are you okay?  *sniffle*

The smile across Dixie’s face was a little unsettling.  Dante watched with large eyes as she unfastened her jeans, exposing the scarlet lace panties underneath.  Then she turned sharply and stepped over to the window and lifted it open, obviously far beyond caring if any of his neighbors saw her topless.  She licked more drool from her lips and moved closer with her grin widening, showing more teeth and licking her lips.

“Are you going to be a good boy and lose those pants or am I going to have to do it for you?” she murred, sliding her paws down between her ass and her jeans, moving them down a little further.

Dante’s nose began to itch immediately as the yellow clouds of summer pollen wafted in through the open window.  He gulped and blinked sneezy tears from his eyes while his gaze bounced back and forth from the window to Dixie’s breasts, back to the window, and back to Dixie’s panties.  His dick was so hard it had managed to edge its way just over the top of his waistband and drool precum down the front of his pants.  He sniffled against the tickles starting to build up in the back of his nose and was starting to have serious doubts that Alex’s ‘remedy’ could possibly work against his pollen allergies. 

“Um.. D-Dixie?  Are you sure this hihh… theeehhh… HEHH!  *GASP!* th-hiss is a g-good idea?  I…  I mean.. I was gonna.. *SNIFFLE!*  hhehhh… *sniff*  I was g-gonna take us out and g-ghhihhh… HEHh.. *SNIFFLE* g-get dinner and I mean are you um.. a-are you h-h-hungry at all?”

Dixie was upon him now.  Dante stammered and tried to remember how to speak, his claws digging into the wall for support as his nose caught the overwhelming scent of her heat.  She pressed her finger to his lips and made a ‘shhhh’ gesture with her grin just before wrapping her lips around his and trying to swallow his tongue, while her paws reached down and groped the throbbing bulge in his pants.  She grabbed the sides of his pants and pulled them apart forcefully, snapping the button off the front and ripping the zipper apart.

“Fuck yes, I’m hungry,” she growled, peeling him off the wall.  She rammed her tongue down his throat again, walking him backwards to the bedroom.  Her paws snaked under his shirt and pulled the buttons off, letting them drop to the floor along with the ripped remains of his shirt.  Dante’s nose began to scrunch up more, as the pollen teased and tickled the inside of his sinuses, making him gasp and sniffle as they kissed.  The wet desperate sounds only fueled Dixie’s heat even more.  She gave a low, rumbling, lustful growl and flung Dante backwards onto his bed. 

Dante shuffled back some more on his bed and wiped his nose on his arm.  He couldn’t remember ever seeing Dixie like this before.  She almost looked in a trance-like state, licking her lips and purring like a sex-starved teenager, leaving Dante somewhere between fearful and aroused.  His eyes followed her every movement as her paws slid inside her jeans and over the curves of her ass, sliding the tight denim fabric over her butt and down her thighs until she was wearing nothing by her scarlet red, heat-soaked panties. 

Dante tried to focus on Dixie’s sensual display, but his nose kept distracting him, overwhelmed with itchy tingles as the pollen tormented him further.  He gasped and blinked, his eyes fluttering as the tingles crept into his sinuses, threatening to erupt at any moment into a massive sneezing fit that never materialized.  Deep in his pre-soaked underwear, his cock strained and throbbed, struggling to free itself from the metal rings choking the life out of his orgasm that was pounding on his aching balls.  He gasped and panted on the bed, but Dixie seemed more preoccupied by the fact that he was still wearing pants. 

She crawled across the bed towards the half-dressed, sniffling alsatian, shaking her tail and grabbing his ankles.  She held his feet up to her chest and looked down on him with an evil grin.

“I told you to be a good boy and get rid of these clothes.  Now I’m going to have to punish you,” she purred, leaving Dante with one ear twitching and looking perplexed.  Punish?  Dixie had never talked like that befo…


Hugging his ankles to her breasts, Dixie proceeded to nibble and lick on Dante’s toes, sending the hyper-ticklish alsatian into squealing fits of giggles as he thrashed around on the bed and begged for mercy.  Dixie responded by flicking her tongue slowly between each of his toes and over his sensitive pads, nearly making Dante hyperventilate with shrill laughter. 


Grinning, Dixie kept up her licking and slurping on Dante’s ticklish feet and toes until he managed to thrash and squeal his way out of his pants and underwear, pushing them down around his knees until she finally decided to show him mercy, releasing his feet and tugged the remainder of his clothes off him. 

Dante gasped and panted, trying to get his breath back and still giggling nervously as Dixie crawled her way on top of him and straddled his thighs, pressing the heat of her warm, moist panties up against his balls.  She leaned over and ran her fingers up his chest and over his fluffy ears, taking his paw in hers and encouraging him to caress and fondle the shape of her breasts.  He sniffled and twitched his nose as the allergic tingles swam in his sinuses and made his eyes water.

“Awwww~  Poor Dante!  You look like you need to sneeze so badly!  All that pollen and dust in your nose must be itching sooooo terribly,” she purred, reaching down and teasing the underside of his painfully hard erection.  Dante grunted and nodded, wincing as his cock drooled more precum and begged to be released from its cruel prison.  “Well then, maybe I can help you with that,” she cooed, looking at him with a mischievous flash in her eyes. 

Dante watched wide-eyed as Dixie retrieved the feather wand that Alex was using earlier and brought it up to his trembling muzzle.  He sniffled and watched cross-eyed as she moved it back and forth across his flaring nostrils.  She leaned over and licked his ear, whispering, “Now be a good boy and tell me how that feels.  Tell me how bad it tickles.  Tell me how much you desperately want to give in and just release those sneezy urges!”

Dante’s eyes rolled back in his head.  Between all the pollen and dust in his nose and the tickly caress of the feathers on his nostrils, he was in sensory overload.  His muzzle quivered visibly, spasming as tingles cascaded over his nostrils.  His dick flexed and strained against the metal rings, pulsing an angry hue of purple with veins bulging out on all sides, and clear, sticky precum dribbling out in a near steady stream.  His nose was an equally gooey mess from not being able to find sneezy relief it desperately searched for.

NNGGG!  Oh geehhh.. Hhihh.. I c-can’t t-t-ake i..  hiiihhh!  It.. It ihhhihh.. itches my.. my… HEEhh-GEEH.. my nose t-t-t-tinnggles.. I..  P-p-p-please!  Oh Dixie!..  I.. I n-need to sn-sn-sneeze so b-b-badly!..  I  AHHH!  AHH-HEEHH!!  HHEEH!!  HHHHHEEEEPP-TTsssssssss  ggeehh..  hihhh EEEEHHHHHH-YIISsssssssssssss.. geeh.. omg!  *SNIFFLE!*  I..  hihih..  EEEEHHGGEHHHHHH-ssssssssssssHHEEH!.. oh D-D-Diissxxie!..  I.. Icgeeehh…!

Sneeze after sneeze mounted in his sinuses only to be choked off by the metal rings on his cock, stemming the massive tidal explosion of semen churning in his swollen balls.  His nostrils twitched and fluttered, trying desperately to purge the itchy tingles from inside his nasal passages.  Dante gasped and hitched, trying to breathe between the ragged hiccups of air gulped into his lungs for sneezes that never blossomed.

Dixie bit her lip and moaned, her own sex quivered and spasmed with every hitched breath Dante took, leaving her panties soaked and her flesh swollen, dripping with desire.  She purred and played with her nipples, grinding herself harder and harder against his swollen cock.  She was barely able to talk as the heat pulsed deep in her loins, watching him struggle like that.

“Oh.. f-fuck..! nngg.. Oh, that… that sounds just…  awful *pant!*  If.. If you w-want relief.. y-you’ll have to earn it!  *huff!*  S-start by… by removing my p-panties … w-with your teeth!”

Dixie sprawled out on her back and panted, gripping the sheets and moaning as Dante nuzzled his wet, sniffling nose against her panties and nibbled at the wet lace.  He ran his paws over her tits, teasing her nipples as he slipped his tongue beneath her underwear and tugged at the fabric.  His near constant sniffling and gasping breaths ripped through her sex sending micro spasms of lust and heat across her body. 

nnnn… *lick* hhh…. HEEHH!  NNGG!..  *gasp*  oh shi.. hiihh-h-h.. EEEHHH!  HHHEEEEEEFFFP-Ch… ssss…  heehhh..  GGEEEHH!!  *SNIFFLE*  *lick lick tug*  Oh .. gehh-hhihhhh *gasp!*.. Ihhh..  itc-itches s-s-soo m-m-m-m-much!”

Blinking back sneezy tears, Dante rubbed his itchy nose hard against Dixie’s panties, dragging his nostrils over the contours of her sex outlined in the glistening wet fabric in a desperate bid to find some relief from the persistent itching and tingling inside.  Dixie moaned sharply and dug her claws through the sheets on the bed, panting harder and harder as Dante continued to sniffle more and rub his quivering, flaring nostrils up and down and across her undulating flesh.  She bit her lip and tried to keep it together as best she could but his rumbling nostrils and wet sniffles were hitting all the right nerves in her loins.

The next thing Dante knew, he was rubbing his nose in circles over her soaked panties and then his ears were being crushed by Dixie’s thighs.  “MMMPPFFF!” he tried to cry out, but her legs were wrapped tight around his head, pressing his muzzle hard against her sex.  Dixie gasped and squealed, crying out as a powerful orgasm tore through her body like a train wreck leaving her panting and huffing on the bed as Dante flailed his arms, trying to get some air. 

Dixie gasped and panted, still dizzy in the aftermath of cumming so hard just as Dante ripped her panties off with his teeth, flinging them to the side.  He pressed his muzzle into the wet folds of her sex, basking in the aura of her desire, letting his tongue lap at the wet heat trapped inside.  Dixie squealed and bit her lip, murring with a high-pitched, muffled whimper as Dante’s tongue penetrated deep inside her.

He slurped and nibbled on her glistening flesh, driving her insane as his teeth nibbled their way over her thighs and up her tummy.  He sniffled and rubbed his insatiably itchy nostrils against her breasts and nipples, pleading for mercy as the shaft of his rigid, veiny dick teased and rubbed against the outer edges of her crotch.

“D-Dixie.. *SNIFFLE!*   oh god, please.. hihh.. P-please.. it t-tingles s-s-soo b-bad.. *SSSSNNIIFFLE*  I .. I… I h-have to sn-sneeze.. I.. I need to cum.  Oh god, I need to cum!  Please.. I.. hihh.. EHH..  HHEEEHH-SH…..  !!!  geeehh…. *THROB!!*  oh f-fuck I have to sneeze – this is k-killing me-e..!  P-p-p-please le…  hihh-h-h-h-h.. *SNFFLE* Please..  It iihhh-itches s-so m-m-much..!  *gasp!!*

Dixie caught her second wind and rolled on top of Dante, pretending to look sympathetic.  She dragged her finger down his muzzle and traced tickly circles around his nostrils.  Dante squirmed underneath, panting and huffing, as his dick continued to throb and tug on its restraints like a caged beast.  Dixie pulled out the feather wand again and started by tickling the edges of Dante’s ears, slowly dragging the feathers closer to his trembling wet nostrils.  Dante’s eyes fluttered and rolled back as he protested more.

Geeh… hihh.. n-no… I .. hih HEHH!! Ehh…  gg-g-g-gehh.. *SNIFFLE!*  I.. th-thataahh.. that w-won’t w-work… ehhh-hhihh *GASSPP!!*  HHHEEEHH-Jjjeeesssss…  hheeehh… Geh… *SNIFFLE*  P-please..  I’m b-b-eegging you-u-u-u-u *SSNIIIIIIIIIFFFFFF!!*” 

Dixie cocked her head to one side, letting her ears flop over cutely. “Oh?  This doesn’t work?  Are you sure?  Maybe I should test it and see,” Dixie grinned, sliding back more on Dante’s tummy, resting her ass on his thighs. 

Dante looked up baffled as to what she meant and then snickered and thrashed under her as she dragged the feathers over his ribs and tummy. 

“GEEHEEE!  No!  I didn’t mean..  EEEHHHEEEE!!  Oh n-n-nnUUUU!!  HAAAHAHAHHHAAAA!!  Oh.. ooohh.. OHH!  OMG!!  NNGG!!  OH Shi…hihh HHHHIIIIHHHH!!”

Dante’s giggles quickly turned to desperate howls of lust as Dixie moved back, letting her wet flesh grind against his sensitive and extremely pent up cock.  She moaned and panted, grinding down harder until her sex swallowed him whole, making both of them gasp and shudder.  Dante’s cock gurgled more pre as Dixie shifted her tight ass around on top of him.  The alsatian growled and dug his claws into the bed, thinking for sure he would lose his mind if he couldn’t cum soon. 

He heard Dixie gasp in a way he’d not heard before and opened his eyes.  Dante looked up at her dumbfounded as Dixie took the feather wand and dragged it over her own nose, all while grinding down on his impossibly hard dick.

Hhhhhhhihih… oh!..  th-this d-does … t-t-t-t.. tickle.. hihhh EEHHHHHH-HHIIISSHIEWWWW!!...  OH!  *sniff*  oh, the-these f-feathers are r-really.. hih… HHISSHIEWWW!!  HHIIISSHIEWW!!  EEEEEESSHIEWWW!!

Dante yelped as every sneeze out of her made her spasm and tighten around his cock.  He threw his head back and growled, biting into the pillow and snarling with raw carnal desire.  His nose continued to itch and tingle as the pre from his cock oozed out between them.  He sniffled wetly and tried to speak coherently in another desperate bid for mercy.

ssshhhhihhih..  HEEH!  D-Dixie-e-e-e-e-e!!  I.. hihh.. HEEHH-Sssssjjee..!  GEEHH!!  *SNIIFLE*  I c-can’t t-ta…ta…take hihhhh.. EEHH!  EEEHH-HHHHsss…  GEEH! A-a-ahh… anym-m-moore!.. ihihhhh… Geeeh-JEEEHHH!!

Dixie felt her muscles starting to twitch and tighten up inside again.  The desperate wet sounds he was making.  The sniffling.  The gasping.  The heat of his swollen cock filling her up inside.  The fullness of his balls rolling around in her fingers.  Those twitching nostrils.  It was all too much.  For the second time she gripped him tight with her thighs, tossing her head back and howling as another orgasm exploded through her body, making her shudder and pant as her sanity melted away.

She was left wobbly and lightheaded, barely able to keep her balance on top of him.  Underneath her, Dante’s cock throbbed angrily and demanded to be turned loose.  In front of her, Dante’s muzzle trembled and begged for the same.  It was time to uncage the beast she’d created.

Dixie rolled over and positioned the sniffling, panting alsatian on top of her, murring as his hot, rigid flesh pressed itself against the wet folds of her glistening sex.  With a flick of her finger, she popped the latch on the cock ring assembly and released Dante’s sex from its prison.

Dante’s eyes snapped open wide as a rumble coursed through his body, shaking every nerve ending in his groin and in his nose.  He gasped and reared back, his muzzle scrunching up like a coiled spring.  His dick sprang to life and gushed a flood of pent up precum that splashed across Dixie’s pussy and soaked her fur.  His breath hitched out of control.  His cock swelled up so tight, its veins looked ready to burst.


The sneeze exploded across Dixie’s breasts and shoulders, rippling through her fur, and blasting her face with warm mist.  The shockwave penetrated her body and went straight to her sex, making her flesh tremble and pulse, dragging her sanity down closer and closer to yet another Earth-shattering orgasm.

Dante gasped and his nose twitched.  He wasn’t even close to done.

Dante’s cock immediately became a heat-seeking missile, slamming itself deep inside her.  He snarled and bit down on her neck and shoulders as his cock jackhammered her flesh with wild abandon.  The tingles in his nose spiked in an uncontrollable storm as his allergic fit wrestled all control away from him.


The violent, wet sneezes exploded out of him with the fury of a thunderstorm as the pent up allergic reaction rushed forth over him like water from a flood gate.  Dante could feel his balls tightening, giving him a brief pause to wonder if he would even survive the impending orgasm.  Underneath him, Dixie screamed with primal lust and tore the bedsheets apart with her claws as unbridled pleasure plowed through her entire body.


Dante could feel the tremendous pressure of an immense volume of cum surging against the base of his cock, threatening to explode out of him at any moment.  In a split second of clarity, he realized if he unleashed this cumbath inside of Dixie, she, and probably most of her family, would get pregnant!  He forced himself to pull out and slid his cock between her tits, slathering her chest in pre and semen, just as his allergies reached for their crescendo. 

GEEHH! *pant-pant-pant, SNIFFFLE!*  hihhh-h-h-h-h-h GEEH-Jiiihhhh!!  HHEEEH!!...

Dante panicked and pressed his finger under his nose, unsure if he could handle an explosion this big.  His chest felt like it was inflated to twice its normal size.  His nostrils were flared out to massive proportions and his entire muzzle was scrunched up and trembling.  He felt Dixie’s paw reach up and pull his finger off his nose as she screamed for him to give it all to her!


The first sneeze exploded out of him with the fury of an atomic blast that rocked the bed and unleashed a firehose of cum that gushed across Dixie’s tits, her face, and the wall behind them.  Sneeze after pent up sneeze rocketed out of his nose, blasting the bed, Dixie, her face and tits, and the wall with messy spray.  His cock fired off jet after jet of thick cumblasts that hosed down Dixie’s chest and neck and flew randomly across the room.  Over and over he sprayed and sneezed, feeling like he would never be rid of his pent up need as the orgasm wracked his body and mind, making him temporarily blind from the awesome flood of endorphins coursing through his shattered brain.


Dante came to after a few moments, still panting like he’d just sprinted a marathon.  The room was spinning all around him.  He was so dizzy, he dared not move from his position, splayed out on his back with his head resting on Dixie’s chest.  He was vaguely aware of her fingers scritching through his headfur.  Slowly his eyes regained their ability to focus and he looked around at the walls and the ceiling at all the wet stains splattered across.  He sniffled wetly, rubbing his sore nose.  His room would probably never be rid of the smell of all this sex.  And for some reason… popcorn as well.

He flopped over on Dixie’s chest and looked up at her, giggling between ragged breaths.  “So uhh, yeah.  I was a wee bit pent up since you’ve been away.”

Dixie laughed and licked some of the goo off her face.  “Yeah.  That part I get.  All over me!  But why do I smell popcorn?”

Dante sniffed again and realized that no it wasn’t his imagination – there was definitely popcorn in the room with them.  He sat up and grabbed on to Dixie for support, trying not to fall off the bed.  He looked over in the corner of his room in total disbelief.  When he didn’t say anything, Dixie sat up as well and gasped.

“A-Alex??  Wh.. wha… What are you… WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”

Alex looked up from the chair he was perched in, holding a bowl of popcorn and looking genuinely innocent.  “What?  I came back in.  I thought that’s what you wanted,” he said munching away on another pawful of kernels.

Dixie instinctively looked for something to cover herself with and then realized that was all but pointless now.  She glared at Alex and asked, “What we wanted?  How did you possibly think that?”

Alex cocked his head to one side.  “You left the window open for me.  Or..  Were you serious about me leaving?  I thought you gave me money to buy popcorn!  Oh, did you want some?  Although, after THAT little display, it’s kind of ‘Dante-Butter’ flavored now.  But who knows?  If we market this right, it might be a winner!”
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Re: [M&F + Mature + Explicit + Messy] Dante vs. Alex’s Remedy
« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2016, 11:55:26 PM »
Simply AMAZING!!  Crazy buildup and nice finish!  And it's nice to see Dixie back..and her taking advantage of Dante's gift in the best way imaginable. x)  I think this might be my favorite story from you yet, Dae.  Nice job!

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Re: [M&F + Mature + Explicit + Messy] Dante vs. Alex’s Remedy
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Ooh, you always manage to make each of these more intense than the last...and Alex gets worse and worse lol.

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Re: [M&F + Mature + Explicit + Messy] Dante vs. Alex’s Remedy
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absolutely amazing story, dear <33 your best to date!

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Re: [M&F + Mature + Explicit + Messy] Dante vs. Alex’s Remedy
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another awesome story!!!! and id love to see more of alex, too.

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Re: [M&F + Mature + Explicit + Messy] Dante vs. Alex’s Remedy
« Reply #5 on: October 30, 2016, 06:18:30 AM »
Oh poor Dante! That was utterly magnificent, though. I love when characters announce when they're going to sneeze or going to cum and that was, like, 50% of the story. LOL. So lovely.

I really love your Dante series, and the comics they inspired as well. Such a great, sneeze fetish-friendly concept.