Author Topic: The horse and the wolf finally get acquainted (f, mature, blah blah blah)  (Read 784 times)

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Alice woke up in the lab, the first thing she noticed is that she was the size of a micro, the second thing she noticed was a fierce itch in her giant, black, shiny nose after hearing the stuffed up voice of one Sandra Linstro. Oddly enough, Alice wasn't allergic to horse hair, or at least not to this degree. However even after a giant, explosive sneeze wracked her body, she remained micro sized.

“So, I see you're already up and sneezing, great to see” Sandra said, with a plug in each of her nostrils. Alice giggled at the sight of Sandra, “what're those things in your nose?” She asked, stifling more giggles along with some sniffles.

“Well, I have these so your hair doesn't make me sneeze my head off, also, just in case you were wondering why you're still micro sized, I did change the formula around a bit with you, and our scientists are trying to replicate it for Lucy and myself, essentially, you grow when your lust for sneezing grows, to put it simply, if you just happens to sneeze by some flowers or something, you'll sneeze and nothing will change, but if you actively seek sneezing, each sneeze will cause you to grow, also, I added a little something to it that makes you incredibly allergic to my hair specifically, I can't let Lucy have you all to herself can I” Sandra said in her normal, long winded fashion.

“Oooooohh, I like how thaaaahh aaaaahhh HAAAAAHH HAAAATCHOOOOOOHHH… Ugh, I like how that sounds. Mind if I test it” Alice said with a sneeze, her huge, black nose twitching and dripping from said sneeze.
“And how do you plan on testing it?” Sandra asked.
“I'll tell you if you come outside this lab with me” Alice cooed.

Alien and Sandra went outside the lab, the nude wolf began stretching, her sensitive nose constantly twitchy. “So, how do you plan on testing your ability” Sandra asked. “Like this” Alive said before she unbuttoned Sandra's top shirt buttons and shoving her large, sensitive, twitchy nose directly into Sandra’s breasts, the equine feeling a blush fall over her face as Alice grabbed her boobs, squishing them together and moving them about, trying to find a nice spot for her nose.

Alice sniffed rapidly, letting her large nostrils flare out as widely as they could do every last hair on Sandra’s chest could play a part in the intense tickle brewing in her muzzle. Sandra wanted to yell at the canine, but was too busy being overtaken by two things, Alice’s grabbing of her chest, and a very subtle tickle brewing in her snout, even with plugged nostrils, her snout still couldn't handle having Alice’s fur that close to it.

Alice’s head bursted from Sandra’s giant bosoms, her nose a bright shade of red. Her head tilted back, her large nostrils flaring ever wider, “heeehh haaaaahh HAAAHHH AAAAAHHH HAAAAAAAAHTCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHH” she sneezed viciously, spraying Sandra, but at the same time, she began to grow.

However, there was a slight defect. Certain parts of Alice grew more than others. Her body as a whole grew, but her already incredibly large breasts grew twice as much as they should've, and her muzzle and nose increased in size by that same amount. She grabbed her newly enlarged breasts “damn, take a look at these bombs I've got here” She said, the itch still lingering in her muzzle.

Sandra buttoned Her shirt, giving a huff “alright, you've had your fun, now what’re you going to do” she asked, but given the canine’s position, she already knew what she was going to say.

A grin stretched across Alice’s muzzle, “oh, I know what I'm going to do now” she said.
Sandra sighed and began to unbutton her shirt “alright, let's just do this then, I can read you like a book y’know” She said.

Soon, Sandra was in only her undergarments, giving Alice a great view of her breasts and bum. Then, with no hesitation, she took off her underwear as well, another showcasing of her lack of shame. She removed her nose plugs and stood there with her arms out, “alright, have at it” she said. Immediately after those words left her mouth, she was tackled by Alice, who was obviously way more aggressive than Lucy.

Sandra’s nostrils began twitching violently, the canine’s loose hair falling from her enlarged body, getting sucked up by Sandra’s strong nasal breaths. Alice’s now gigantic breasts hanging right above Sandra’s gigantic nostrils. “Hey Sandy, has anybody ever told you how amazing your giant nostrils look up close?” Alice asked, her large nostrils beginning to flare as hairs from Sandra’s mane began to gently caress them.

Sandra was mainly focussed on the giant boobs dangling right in front of her face along with the tickle they presented to comprehend what Alice had said. “Yeehh heeeehhh haaaaaahhh” Sandra’s breath was beginning to hitch, her eyelids fluttering shut, nostrils flaring wildly, already as large as her hand, her snout wriggling and twitching. Then Alice lied down, her long tail making its way up to Sandra’s nostrils and began to tickle them itself. “HAAAAHHHH AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH” Sandra was on the verge of a sneeze as the tail tickled and teased her enormous nostrils.

Meanwhile, Alice was taking full advantage of Sandra’s mane, tickling her new gigantic nose and half dollar sized nostrils mercilessly “ooh nooohh now I'm gonnaaaahhh haaaahhh AAAAAAAAHHHHH” Alice’s breath also began hitching, her new allergy proving to be her nose’s worst enemy, but her best friend.

“GAAAAAAAAHHH AAAAAAAAAAAHTCHOOOOOOOOOOOOHHH” Sandra sneezed, growing slightly wile still on the ground. “HAAAAAAAAAAATCHYOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH” Alice followed suit, her small defect showing its face once again.

The two stood up, with Sandra’s face being completely red at the sight of such large breasts and such a large nose, the only person she knew with a nose bigger than Alice’s was Lucy. “Man, for having no shame, you really can't hold it together in front of a big nose and big boobs can you?” Alice remarked.

“W-well, I mean, you grew like, two sizes. What am I supposed to do, just not completely drool all over them?” Sandra remarked back. “Well, I mean if you like em that much…” Alice said, the now nine foot tall wolf walking towards Sandra, the equine’s gigantic nostrils beginning to quiver once again.

Alice stopped in front of Sandra, with the horse clearly having trouble holding it together. “Alright, do it” the wolf said, her own nose beginning to quiver and twitch. “Duuuhh… Do whaaaaahh what?” Sandra asked, her breath hitching along with a few sniffles and snorts sprinkled in as her snout started to take hold of her.

Alice softly hugged Sandra before gently bringing the twitching snout of the equine between her breasts just as she did before. “Haaaaahh have fuuuuhhh huuuuuuhhh fun” Alice hitched.

Sandra almost immediately reared back “HEEEEEEHHH HAAAAAAAAH HEEEEEETCHYOOOOOOOOOHHHH” she sneezed, and sneezed, and sneezed again, the canine’s hair refusing to leave her ever expanding nostrils.

Alice’s nose began to take hold of her as well, “gaaaah AAAAAHHHH HAAAAAAAHH HAAAAAAAAAATCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH” the hair of the equine was much too close to her nostrils now, Hilda g back a sneeze like that would be a battle that wouldn't be worth fighting. Alice then broke out into a similar fit to Sandra’s, growing along with her.

The two sneezed the day away, loving that they had a day to themselves just for sneezing. Because Alice had nowhere to stay at that point, she began living with Sandra, and them living together brought its own stories. So what do you guys want to see next, pick any combination of two or all three and I'll write something up. Hope you enjoyed.
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