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Short story (F+mature)
« on: December 07, 2016, 05:21:09 AM »
Clarissa Linstro went to put on her makeup before a big meeting. Little did she know that her younger sister, despite being a full grown adult, played a childish prank on her sister, replacing her makeup powder with sneeze powder.

As the equine brought out her makeup brush and started brushing around her orange sized nostrils, a furious tickle began to rage through her gargantuan snout. She still tried to apply what she thought was makeup to her nose as it turned a bright shade of red, her already sensitive gaping nostrils flaring wildly, she just assumed her allergies were acting up again.

“Heeehh eeeeehhh” her breath hitched, her gigantic bust pressing hard against her bra. She continued to brush, not noticing Sandra looking at her, giggling to herself. “Ghhaaaahhh HAAAAAAAAHHHH”

Her nostrils flared out incredibly wide, she could easily fit her whole hoof inside now with room to spare. Yet she still continued to brush. “HAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH GAAAAAAAAAAAATCHYOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH” her head bent down, and unfortunately, the container with the switched sneeze powder got shoved up her left nostril.

The powder flooded her nose, and a tickle unlike anything she'd ever felt formed immediately. “AAAAAAAAAAATCHYOOOOOOOOOOOHHH HAAAAAAAAAAAAAHSHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH HYAAAAAAAAAAAAATCHYOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH” she sneezed more and more, her shirt tearing long before the fit came to a close.

Meanwhile, Sandra was laughing hysterically on the bed behind Clarissa, ecstatic that her prank worked so well. However, as Clarissa recovered, she looked at her sister, and dumped the rest of the sneeze powder into her flaring nostrils and whispered “payback time” in sandra’s ear as her laughter quickly became desperate hitched breaths.
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