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Space Sniffles [F+Star Fox]
« on: January 20, 2018, 06:37:29 PM »
   This story is my end of a trade with Y31. I hope you enjoy

       Today is a friday. The stars are glistening, the planets are calm, every race, big or small have one thing in mind. That is to go out somewhere to kick off the weekend. It’s as if nothing could go wrong. Problem is, some people just can’t catch a break even in what’s supposed to be there finest hour. I wonder what a few special someone's are doing at this time of day…

   “Uhchieewwwhhh!” Fay sneezes, again. For the past few days, Fay has been sneezing her head off, despite taking the week off. She may have remember seeing a few people since, but has dismayed the possibility that any of those people got her sick. After all, she was known for being as healthy as a celestial horse.

   Recently, no one has bothered to give her a visit, so she’s decided to invite a couple friends through a hoax. She would send them a letter saying “GIRLS NIGHT: TODAY AT the great fox in my room.”, not very convincing, but managed to catch there curiosity enough to have them stop by. At least, that’s what they planned on doing.

   Krystal opens the door whilst walking through it, absentmindedly looking around. “Ok, I see that you’ve embarrassed yourself already. Now tell me, wh-.” Krystal halts as her eyes met Fay, seeing that she is very ill with the tissues littered on her bed. “*scoff* This is some kind of party-” Krystal says, slowly walking away. “-but I’m afraid I’ll have to skip this one, seems you’ve been just fine without us. You party animal.”

   Miyu angrily stares at Krystal, and demands. “No. WE are going to help her.” Then Krystal asks “And why is that?” “Because she’s our friend.” Miyu says through her teeth.

   They both turn around back to Fay, who’s muzzle is flinching. “Ehhpchiewwwhhh! sniffle.” Fay sneezes, then briskly blowing her reddened nose. Krystal and Miyu let out a deep sigh as they come over to there forsaken friend Fay.

   “D’awwww, you guys!” Fay says gleefully, giving Miyu and Krystal a big, warm hug. Fay gets herself comfy as she pulls out a remote controller. “So...whatcha wanna watch?”
   Krystal feels Fay’s burning head with the back of her hand. Concerned, Krystal confronts Fay. “Hon, you need some rest. Your burning up.” Krystal says with great worry.

   Miyu leans in slightly towards Fay with soft, caring eyes. She says “Here, let me get you some soup.” She looks at Krystal and tells Fay. “Go ahead, go watch a movie.” she says while offering the remote to Krystal. Krystal looks at the remote for a second, still thinking about Fay’s health. Thinking a movie would be perfect for Fay to relax, she took the remote and smiled at Fay.

   While Krystal and Fay were getting the movie started, they could hear pans slamming on the ground just beyond the door. Rushing out the door, Krystal goes to Miyu to aid her , she asks “Miyu, what’s wrong? Everything ok?” Miyu scrunches her face as she says “I thihh-think I’m gonahhhchptskkkk!!”. Worried, Krystal asks “Miyu, are you alright? You sound a bit stuffy.” Miyu then remarks “ Well how about this? sniffffff hehhhh…” Miyu fans her now extra sensitive nose, unable to hold back the sneeze. “Rrracchhieww! sniffle Does that prove it, or would you like me to sniffle sneeze on you again?”

   Krystal froze, her nose twitching faintly. “I-I see.” Krystal turned around and said “Come along now, I’m gonna hihhh...I’m gonna hihhh...I’m gohechiew! sniffle Ugh!”

   Putting both hands on her hips and swaying her feline tail, Miyu cocked her head and said “Come along now, WE’RE going in that room and taking the day off like we planned.” As Miyu said that, Krystal remembered her own plans and blurted “Bu-buh-but what abo-.” Miyu put a finger to Krystal’s slender muzzle and said “By the look of you, you couldn’t go a minute without sneezing…” Her muzzle twitched while she was talking, which then she removed her finger from Krystal and placed it under her own nose, rubbing it thoroughly. She continues with “Besides, maybe you should relax sometimes, eh?” Krystal unclenched her furious hands, easing up and thinking of the bright side. If she’s sick, she won’t have anything to lose.

   As Krystal and Miyu were walking back, they started to feel weak and pale. They nearly collapsed as they reached Fay’s bed. Krystal asks “What are you, patient zero? I feel like shit, no offense.” Fay responds “Ah, it’s nothihhachieewwwhhh! It’s nothing, I’ve gotten used to it really.” She says in a perky tone. Fay looks down and points out “I haven’t really left the bed, so…” she says while playing with the covers.

   Miyu pulls the covers back to her as Krystal empathizes with Fay by saying “Heh...hey, at least nohhhh...holdonamoment!” Krystal says as her face scrunched and nostrils flared. She sniffed firmly, hoping to quell the tickle in her sinuses.

   Being to anxious, she continued “Where wehihh…” seeing that her nose was too much trouble for her, she wanted to set herself straight and pressed her finger against her nose while continuing her thought. “At least we’re sick togehihhh...Hachhieww! Unfortunately!”

   Miyu added to Krystal’s thought by saying “Yeah, it’ll be great. We’ll hang out together, yawns have some zzzzs.” Miyu said as her lids became heavier from her stuffy head. Krystal continued to be frustrated as she yelled “Damn it, why can’t I stihhh…” she desperately rubs her vixen nose with the palm of her hand. Grinding at the soft, gentle organ, continuing to abuse it’s bouncy texture.

   Miyu’s eyes water, causing her to get up and rub her eyes. She started to feel less and less drowsy as her sinuses continued to be more and more ticklish from her fresh cold. Her eyes pop wide open for a second, cueing her hand to fall right under her nose. Her body leans back with her nose taking brief control. “Heptskhhhh. Rahh...rahh...rahhpstshhhhh!...” Miyu continues to sneeze.

   Fay’s canid nose twitches fiercely, as she surrenders herself to the will of her nose. “Epchieewwwhhh!” Fay sniffs and attempts to stop the tickle right in its tracks as her eyes spot a pillow to suppress her suffering. She takes the pillow as she shoves it directly into her face and trys to ease up while the sneezes start rolling. “Mmf. Mhh-mhhepsthhh! Hepxtshh! Hep-” Fay continued to sneeze with no end.

   Krystal snaps herself out of her sinuses and back into reality. She looks to her left and sees both Miyu and Fay sneezing there heads off, who knows how long they could sit there. There bodies convulsing, dying, begging for help. It made her just feel sick. She was sick! She had to do something, so she decided to stand up to go get some Adimvil.

   Krystal’s knees nearly went limp as soon as she made any effort to walk forward. Her nose was reacting again, she could succumb to her defeat like her friends. She can’t, she’s the strongest vixen in the galaxy, with the best nose money can’t buy. She lifted her face up and crawled, not because she was weak, but because that’s how heros do it. It was cool, like the space marines.

   As Krystal got warmer, so did her nose, and this race wasn’t looking good. She wasn’t even halfway to the kitchen that had the Adimvil and her nose was on fire! She could’ve given up then and there, but she took it like the vixen-y vixen she was and guarded her nose with a mighty finger, telling it who’s the boss. Every inch she took, her face begged for release. She could almost feel her sinuses crying out for her to give in. What looked like a few feet were a mountain to her, and she was just about to reach the top and boy she did.

   Feeling satisfied with reaching the top, every fiber of her but her nose forgot of the journey ahead. Giving in, Krystal let herself and her nose go. “Huhchiewww! Eh, it huh-hurts...ehhchiewww!” As she was sneezing, she dropped the bottle of Adimvil while it rolled along the hard, metal floor of the ship.

   Still sneezing, Miyu’s pointy ears picked up the sound of the door opening despite it being drowned out by her boisterous nose and it’s insistent behavior. She jumped up and poked Fay while saying “Ey, we gotta get that.” Miyu quickly turned around and held out her hands and said “Hold and don’t let go.” Fay shook her head.

   As Miyu was barely falling off the bed, her long, spotted tail stretched out to grab the medicine not far from them. Fay was reeling back for a sneeze as Miyu was doing this, unaware of the current situation.

   Barely touching the medicine, Miyu leaned back just a bit more. Right when Miyu was just about to grab the medicine, Fay exploded with a sneeze “Hmmf...Ehchiewwwhhhh. sniffle”.Causing both to fall on the ground.

   As they both rub there sore heads, a short figure with tall appendages on its head comes forth. Coming in a bit closer, it appears to be Peppy Hare.

   Peppy isn’t in his usually vest, however. It seems to resemble more of a jumpsuit and a fish bowl on his head? Befuddled, the three girls climb back up onto their feet seeing what Peppy has to say.

Krystal raises a hand to ask Peppy a question before quickly being shut down by his formal statement. He says “I know, I know. This all seems rather odd, but when there is a rhyme, there is reason for it. It looks like you three lovely ladies have been selected for our newest routine test.” The girls look confused as Peppy continues “You see, discipline just doesn’t work the same as it used to. So we have created more unorthodox methods. So instead of scorning you or lecturing you about things you already know, we thought we should uh...control your bodies.” The girls clench their chest in shock. Peppy adds “Joining Star Fox, you should already know we control your identities. With advancements in cybernetic technology, we can control who’s in and who’s not. Meaning, if we want you out there, or to take time for recreational affairs, we can decide if you are healthy or not.”

   Krystal raised her hand and asked “I see and all, but what about-” she then pointed to Peppy’s fishbowl helmet. Peppy replies “Oh, this? I’m just getting ready for the galactic halloween party. I’m an alien!” he says giddily. Miyu rolls her eyes, then right when her eyes meet her nose, she's greeted with a quick “Rrchhieww! sniffle

   Shocked, Peppy asks “ Which one of you were the sick one?” Krystal interjects “Wait a minute, I thought you made us ill. What is this?”
   Panicking, Peppy points out “Of course, but we don’t cause sneezes. That’s just unsanitary!” He quickly walks back to where he was while yelling “Code red, code red!...” Farther away, Peppy says “Slippy, your suppose to press the button.”
“ I don’t even know where the button is.”

Peppy then mocks “ I don’t even know where the button is “

“Hey, I don’t sound like that!”

 “Sure you do...because how do you not know when to press the red button.”

“Ohhh, you mean this one!”

   “No, that’s for ejec-!” Peppy screams as he and Slippy fly away in a escape pod.
   The three girls look at each other, thinking about the strange events that just occured. Miyu, unaware of the Halloween party screams “Krystal, oh my god! Whihhhchiptskksshhh! Why didn’t you tehihhh…” Krystal puts a finger under Miyu’s nose as Miyu gave her a mean look on her face, crossing her arms. “Well, when we’re you gonna tell me?” Krystal pretended to ponder, but then said “ Well…” as she removed her finger from Miyu’s nose, causing a sneezing fit out of her.

   Krystal’s nose soon followed, with Fay being left with the burden of bringing the two back in the bedroom. The all quickly fell to the ground from being so sick and after 20 minutes, Fay inched her way back to the bed with her gigantic sneezes pushing her forward.

   Back on the bed, the three were curious on what movie they should watch first. As they were looking through the holo-discs, a few movies caught there eyes. Krystal was the least sneezy at this time, finding a good romance movie for them. Annoyed, Miyu chimed “Cahihhchitpkshhh! Can wehihhh…” Seeing Miyu couldn’t get a single thought out, Krystal responded “ If you let your sneezes out when they came, maybe we won’t watch the lovey dovey movie “. Miyu’s ears hang low, trying to tolerate the movie. Not like she could go 5 minutes without sneezing her head off.

   After the movie ended, Fay still couldn’t stop sneezing. Miyu took her finger and placed it under Fay’s nose, Fay asked “I dihhh-didn’t see the whole...what happened to her?” Miyu answered and Fay screamed “What?! But everything was-cries and whines.”

   Irritated, Miyu let go of Fay’s nose and crying turned back into sneezing. Krystal was looking for another movie, her nose twitched, and so did her hand. She ended up selecting an action movie and before she could objectify, she began to struggle with herself.

   Her nose felt raw, her muzzle tired, her eyes reddened and her fur a mess. She felt more bothered to rub her nose than to sneeze, but every hitch and every flinch in her muzzle caused more and more pain. Not so much for her to throw in the towel, but she wanted to give up, but she couldn’t give up rubbing, scrubbing, doing anything to stop the endless tickle, the endless battle, no war with her nose. “Hepcheiwww!” By the time the sneeze came out, the end credits were already rolling, time flashed right before her eyes. Right next to her, her friend Fay was traumatized by the violence as Miyu teased with a casual finger hanging below her nose saying “Come on, you do way worse when you're out there.” Fay broke into tears. Miyu quickly reminded Fay “Remember what you used to say, it’s all a video game, right?” She chuckles. Krystal looks Miyu right in the eye, feeling disappointed. Fay lightens up and says “Yeah, sniff heihhhchiewwwhhh! Just a game...Speaking of which, wanna watch this movie?” They both shake their heads as Fay starts the movie.

   While Krystal is helpless to help her own nose, Miyu still has some breathing room. She may only see the movie in little bits but as Miyu pieces the plot together. The puppets in the movie look oddly familiar to Miyu, so much so that she holds back her sneezes just to get a better picture. Just as Miyu figures it out, the surprised feline hears her friend quote “I’ll get you next time, Star Fox. Hehehe, he doesn’t even look like a dog.” Miyu then says “You know what that is, right?” Fay looks at the movie, then at Miyu again as she understands how she feels. Fay responds with “Oh, you haven’t heard? They got this new game called “Lylat Wars”, you should check it out. I’ve played it ever since I got sick here. I never even knew about the movie?” Miyu replied “But I did just here you say “Star Fox”, which is right here?” Fay says “Nope, it’s probably a different dimension. Besides, were famous. But it sucks that none of us are in it. Except Fox or whatever.”

   Offended, Krystal points a finger at Fay in fury before her nose twitches again for her attention. Curious, Miyu asks “Well how can you prohihh...prove thihhachiewww!” Miyu rubs her nose as the movie says “Do a barrel roll!” Miyu says “Wait, Peppy doesn’t say that. He says to do an Aileron roll…” Convinced of Fay’s claim, she quickly runs to the window as she says “Ohhh...hihhh sniffle hachptskksshh!” Fay hands Miyu a tissue to blow her nose.

   Miyu’s nose isn’t satisfied, scrunching yet again, her muzzle is filled to the brim with a ticklish urge. Her ears flatten, her head rearing, her hand waving. Nostrils flared as wide as they can be, Miyu releases “Hahccchiewww! sniff She continues “Oh my god!” She says as she discovers the fourth wall, and it’s covered in dust “Hechcieww!” and then the real fourth wall, of the Star Fox Fanfiction universe.

What is peppy doing with this illness technology, is Adimvil really just an Advil rip-off, does Fay Spaniel really see all. Find out next time in
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