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(F+Anthro) Scientifically Sneezy
« on: February 17, 2018, 05:38:47 PM »
   There was one 6 foot beauty who had what other dragonesses would believe was a very demeaning job, not her. Her long muzzle smirked whenever she finished a day’s work. She believed that if one young dragon could achieve greatness, then all her hard work would be well worth it. Being a teacher wasn’t without its obstacles, though.
   This dragoness possessed an appreciable face with kind, emerald eyes. Her wings were modest, easily able to hide under her poofy lab coat. Her scales ranged from being bright red for all to see to burgundy when approaching her belly. Her ears slicked back, appearing almost invisible unless you go out looking for them yourself. Her two horns in her head were wide and short, being more towards the front of her face and parallel to one another. Last, but not least was her peculiar muzzle. It was long but broad on the trunk, it’s sides were all scale until you reach the wide nares that approach the tip. The issue of her nares’s physiology makes it needlessly difficult for her to tend to any tickles that invade it, as it requires an entire palm of one hand moving a considerable amount to just barely rub both nostrils.
   Class was starting just as the tall dragoness, or Mrs. Elizabeth as her students would call her, was just about to put on her safety goggles. She’d always have one absent-minded child forget to put them on everyday, as she would respond with a stern look at the young dragon until they got the message. Something didn’t smell right for the science teacher, and that wasn’t just a figure of speech.
   Scanning the room, she didn’t notice one dragon who came to class today who’d be wearing anything irritating. Her nostrils weren’t flaring an awful lot, so as long as she kept her cool, she could sneeze her head off in the bathroom before second period. She subtly clawed at her nostrils just to be safe.
   “Yesterday, I believe we DID NOT finish pages 55-73, yes. So for the first half of class, you may finish anything you haven’t completed for today. Although, I should just give most of you zeros...If you do not finish even a single page, a single question, then the whole assignment will be a zero, no if, ands, or buts.” She paced, walking confidently back and forth. She eyes a particular student known for being on there phone, she continues “If you are finished early, you work on assignments for other classes, draw, chat QUIETLY. But if I see you with your muzzle stuck in your phone, you’ll be seeing me in after school detention. But if that nosey muzzle is in a book, I’ll say good things about you to your English teacher.” A couple dragons with failing grades in english briskly pulled out a book and started reading.
   Mrs. Elizabeth stuck her nose up towards the phone addicted student, walking to him slowly. Gossip quietly spread around the class, only for the dragoness to strike her pointing stick onto a student’s desk, startling all of them into silence. She finally approaches the student, sticking her hand out in demand of the phone. The young dragon nervously shuts his phone off. Mrs. Elizabeth snaches the phone not a moment after he presses the home button. “Hey, it’s not of-wait, don’t look at that!” He says. The teacher’s eyes narrow, justifying her flaring nostrils as she takes a mean glance at the student as she walks back to her desk.
   She opens up his most recent app, taking the crude joke on the page as nothing more than juvenelle. Her nostrils flare against her will again, forcing her hand to hug her muzzle for support. “Hihhhh...ahhh-hihhh!” She hitches, appearing to be laughing. The young dragon across the room smirks “See you also have great taste.” The red dragoness is appalled, saying “Heh, I’ll hihhh-have you know THIS is nuihhh...nothing more than child’s play.” She hitches, shutting the phone off. She smiles while saying “For the 3rd time this week, I’ll be calling your mother about your chronic behavior.” She says. The young dragon shakes his head in apathy, pulling out his science textbook and getting to work.
   For the next 20 minutes, many of her more kind students voiced concern has the large dragoness kept clawing at her nares. “Miss, would you like a tissue.” “I’ve always heard letting it out fe-” “Do you need to step outsid” “asdfnvbjhowajjf....” The dragoness snaps, yelling “Enough! I duhhh...don’t need to sneee-SNEEZE. Class will function just as well even if that were the case.” Her alarms rings, cueing her to start the lesson for the day. “Now, let’s begin shall we?”
   The first part of the lesson was to look at cells and to describe what you see. This was often a very brief exercise and is why the microscopes are scarcely used. The teacher relaxed as she knew that this was the perfect opportunity to sneeze, given that she finally has an excuse besides the possible perfume.
   Her first sneezes were being iffy, as her nares were waning from ticklish to very sneezy at the flip of a dime. She thought maybe bringing her scrunched muzzle to some equipment would help out. She approached a group of more generous kids and “analyzed” there findings, letting her nares easily pick up any dust lying around. Her muzzle twitches violently, triggering the sneeze to begin. Her eyes closed shut as she brings her muzzle up to the sky as high as she can. “Rraacchiewww! Ehppchiewww! Rahhh...rahhhh-rechiewww! *sniffle*” She sneezes, reducing the tickle to just an inconvenient muzzle twinge from time to time. The whole class says “bless you!” as she sniffles out any itch she can.
Class is nearing the end and her lesson is going smoothly. Taking out a day’s worth of material in one day. All of her students are being such perfect specimens so far. All she had to do was to talk a bit more about the subject and she’d be fine. Her muzzle, however, wasn’t done either. The large, red dragoness takes her pointer stick and states "Now this here is the nucleus and this is the mitochondria. As we all know, the Mitochondria is the the powerhahhh...the powerhouse of the cehihh-ehhh-rraaacchiewww!" She sprays, leaving the smart couple of dragons covered in her sneeze. Embarrassed, she dismisses her students early by saying “Clahihhh….classdismmissed, have good daihhhchewwww!” she waves the kids goodbye as she scratches her burning muzzle. The final kids leaves, but the itch still hasn’t left. She lifts her head up to sneeze out the last itch for the class “RRrachiiiewww!” but not for the day of school. Her muzzle still had quite a lot to say to this big, red beauty.

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Re: (F+Anthro) Scientifically Sneezy
« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2018, 05:58:01 PM »
Really good stuff!  Shame she doesn't breathe fire though.  XD

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Re: (F+Anthro) Scientifically Sneezy
« Reply #2 on: February 17, 2018, 06:43:55 PM »
Nice details you brought for the dragoness
Great story, i like it  :).