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(N+Digimon+Non-Anthro) Aquilamon Request
« on: February 20, 2018, 08:40:41 PM »
   This was a request made by UltimateChimera, hope you enjoy.
In the world of Digimon, Aquilamon would’ve soared freely with no restraints. It was the king(or queen) of the sky. It’s tall stature was mostly covered by red wings and a pearly white head. Flying head-on into any predicament, it’s two, large horns protruding from it’s forehead were sharp and intimidating. It’d never turn it’s beak down on any obstacle. It’s been fearless, until now…
   Flying about, it notices something off with the air around it. It sniffs the air, it’s avain senses picking up a familiar scent. Aquilamon takes a good look at it’s blurring surroundings and gasps. It’s been flying mindlessly for hours in one direction and almost forgot Yolei’s birthday!
   Quickly, Aquilamon takes a sharp U-turn in its flight pattern and begins zooming across the coast, desperate to reach Yolei. It was going too fast to notice any minute details, not paying mind to anything small, like a fly.
   Where other flies would have flown right back out, this evil little critter wanted nothing more than to ruin this Digimon’s day. Getting caught by the turbulence of the Aquilamon, this fly decided to burrow its way into one of the bird’s poor nostrils. The fly’s very presence irritating the bird’s sinuses.
   “Gahhh!” Aquilamon screeched as a foreign troublemaker entered its beak. The bird tried to flex its static nostrils, wanting nothing more than to move the annoyance out of it’s system. It’s eyes squinted, trying to bear the slight tickle parading inside itself.
   While the bird was fighting to keep its beak free of invaders, that same invader smirked as it moved its way around the beak comfortably. The mucus inside the beak kept the fly grounded. The fly found a particular spot comfy. It waddled over to a part of the nostrils and laid down, fluttering its wings calmly, getting sleepy.
   “Squaaaa!” Aquilamon yelled at the top of its lungs, it’s flight appearing sporadic from the now burning tickle. The Digibird got itself straightened out, trying to assess the concern. Adjusting its weight, Aquilamon took a wing and started shaking its beak, clinging on to hope that the intruder will leave its beak and go about its day. Surely, someone wouldn’t spend a whole day inside a bird’s beak.
   Being jolted around, the fly started to rub it’s sore head. Its eyes noticing light coming from outside the nostril fluctuating. The fly only assumed it was doing its job pretty well, seeing that the Digibird was shifting its beak around, pleading for the fly’s dismissal. Seeing that getting this bird to sneeze wasn’t going to be easy, it started searching for the right spot to set it off.
   As the fly began to move again, Aquilamon gave a sigh of relief. The bird sniffed the air, only for a tease in its sinuses to crop back up. It groaned, knowing that this was going to be a long trip. The bird was gliding, not sure on how to deal with this menace. Curious, it began blowing air forcefully out of its beak. It only made whole beak more itchy, bothering the bird who couldn’t even bring a claw up to scratch it at a time like this.
   The fly wasn’t too fond with being pushed around by this bird’s nasal air currents. There had to be a way to beat it. Pulling another trick from it’s metaphorical sleeve, it slowly made its way towards the front of Aquilamon’s beak.
   Aquilamon was shocked to see that a fly was inside its beak the whole time as the fly crawled up to the front of the bird’s beak. Furious, Aquilamon nose dived into the ocean, attempting to drown the devilish fly.
   After a few dives into the water, the fly still clung onto the bird. It was shivering though, but laughing at the bird. The bird got quite a bit of water inside its beak, as it quickly shook the sensitive thing. All that the violent shaking caused was more air to go past the suffering bird, the tickle was at a record high.
   Seeing nothing less of the perfect storm, the fly did what it did best and flew into the beak of the bird. The fly could only see victory in its eyes, as the bird was making a feeble effort trying to stay elevated. After trial and error, the fly finally found the perfect spot. It planted itself firmly and waited for the rush.
   It was so close, the town was so close! Aquilamon wanted nothing more than too get to Yolei, but its beak couldn’t take it anymore. The bird’s head extended upwards, nostrils steaming, ready to get rid of its imperfections. Aquilamon caved in, opening its poor beak. “Rehhhh….Rahihhh...Raaachiewwww! *Sniff-* Rechiewww! Raihihhhh...rachiewww! Rahhhchigugugguglle” Aquilamon sneezed, crashing into the coast and sneezing some more. The fly seemed content as it fly away (mostly) unscathed, besides some mucus. The Digibird dragged it’s talons along the coast, sneezing some more, as its beak was long overdue for more than a couple sneezes. “Rahciewww! Rechiewwww! Rahhh-chiewww! Squahh...chiewww!” Its beak was finally clear, other than some stray tickles which the Digimon coaxed out with the rub of a broad wing. It walked the rest of the way to Yolei, not as the inspiring Digimon she’s known to adore, but as a sniffling mess. Poor, poor Aquilamon.
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Re: (N+Digimon+Non-Anthro) Aquilamon Request
« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2018, 03:12:45 AM »
Aaaa, this is absolutely fantastic! The description of the slowly 'escalating' situation, the tiny little tickle growing more and more and the struggle Aquilamon is facing as they continue to fly. And all the desctiptions and wording, is all really well put together and very fun to read! You're very kind for taking my request, it came out better than I could have hoped, I can't thank you enough CX
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Re: (N+Digimon+Non-Anthro) Aquilamon Request
« Reply #2 on: February 21, 2018, 06:09:33 AM »
Cool birds sneezes are so rare this days  :D
I have a lot of fun to reading this story great job  :).