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(F+Anthro+Cold) A Full Moochieeewwn
« on: March 05, 2018, 01:03:56 AM »
This was a story inspired by an idea from Wolfstar15. Please check out her DA, she's a great person!

Viola the Raccoon belongs to TheEXxtra
Star the Werewolf belongs to Wolfstar15

A small, timid raccoon sat down with a cream coffee, enjoying the view her dining room kitchen possessed. She smiled, taking a sip from the freshly brewed beverage. Her tongue burned slightly, she briskly placed the coffee back down. As the sun was rising, Viola only thought good hopes for the day ahead.

Meanwhile, there was one tall werewolf feeling regrets about yesterday. “Grrr! I knew I should’ve never went out last night!” Star groaned as she swallowed a pill. She felt the beginnings of a cold, her body feeling clammy, her sinuses stuffy. This was all too much for her to handle so quickly. She plopped onto the nearest sofa to get some rest.

“Haaachieww!” Viola heard being yelled across the neighborhood. She sighed, her ears drooping to the predictable chain of events. She pulled up a phone as she waved a hand over her face, not wanting to sound as though she was annoyed. The phone rang for a bit until the raccoon heard a voice say “Hello.” on the other side, sounding stuffy and mopey.

“Hi! I just wanted to ask how your day’s been.” Viola asked, her cheery tone forced, but subtle. “*sniffle* Not quite the best, but I thii-hahciewww!” The lycan sneezed, sounding car alarms off in the distance. Star wiped her nose with a tissue before continuing.

“I should be fine, don’t bother coming over. I’ll be better before you kn-” Her sentence cuts off, with static following suit right as Star let out another sneeze. This one being louder than the last one. Viola remained calm, knowing that it was just that time of year again.

She got back up and pulled on a red sweater and white sweat pants with a matching coat to brace the cold weather outside. She sat down as she slid on her winter boots, swallowing a decongestant for good measure. She fastened her red beanie, waiting for her SUPER to come pick her up.

By the time Viola has arrived to the werewolf’s house, the cold-ridden canine has already crawled to her isolation room. Which was mainly used for such fits of sneezing. The cozy raccoon didn’t bother opening the door since the front of the house was already blown off. Thankfully Star had an amazing insurance plan so she wouldn’t go broke during the cold, winter days.

When Viola walked towards the white walls encasing the sickly Star, she smirked happily. Star smiled back, knowing she’d have even more confidence to fight this cold. The striped mammal puts a handkerchief and a large sleeping bag cased in memory foam into the werewolf’s paws. She walks out the room to make a bowl of soup.

“Whatcha do this time? Go dancing in the rain again?” Viola asked

“Come on! Yuhii-you know how dry it was last August, right!? Look, I couldn’t help myself. Is there anything you can do for me?” The sniffling wolf pleaded.

Viola put a thumb and finger to her muzzle, thinking of what this sneezer could do for here. She exaggerated her pose, letting out a loud “Hmmm!” as if to think more loudly. Her face seemed warm when she turned away from the soup while saying “You know me, so don’t worry about it.” Viola turned back to the pot while adding “But you should stop freezing your butt off all the time, hmm?”

Star sighed, feeling the raccoon’s warmth help out her sneezy composure, but she quickly felt a tickle fight back to let out another destructive blow. The werewolf slowly shook her nose around as she gripped large nose with her friend’s hanky. Her ears twitching, slowly clamping down on her head.

Viola put on two mittens over her paws, carrying a bowl of chicken soup to Star. The masked face fell, “~How could this she even eat this if she can’t get her sneeze out~” the raccoon thought. Viola turned around to place the bowl on the counter. Her body being strapped with many pillows. She took a long feather and swiftly came back to Star to finish what the canine started. The raccoon entered the white room and shut the door behind her. The paw with the feather swung back and forth in front of the werewolf’s nose.

“Hihhhahhh!” The werewolf fought, her long, sturdy muzzle crinkling up. Her hand let go of the plush hankie as menial suffering came over her. Her snout went straight into the air, causing her short raccoon friend to stand on the tips of her rear paws to reach Star’s nose. Star’s eyes snapped shut, her face giving in. “Rreeacchiewww!”

Viola flew away, bouncing all over the soft, white walls of the contained room. She finally landed into a corner where she got up, slowly. “That...that is why you duih-don’t-you’ve gotta be ki...achiew!” Viola sneezed, feeling a bit sick as well. She rubbed her head with one paw and her nose with the other. “I thought this wuhhhichieww! Wouldn’t happen again. It’s like your sneezes are a curse or something.”

Viola sniffled, wiping her itchy nose into her warm sleeve. She ripped off the pillows covering her, walking outside to get the soup back. Star rubbed her sensitive nose, feeling bad about getting her friend so abruptly sick. “Sorry Vi, didn’t mean to do it again.”  Star frowned. Her nose was building up another cold removing sneeze.

The weakened raccoon stumbled back to the soup, knowing she was foolish to think that her lycan friend was wrong. “ *snifffffle* Heh, at least her colds last only a minute. This nose is gonna be sneezy for a week! Ugh!” Viola groaned, lightly blowing her small, black nose. She impulsively slurped the hot soup, ignoring her reddened tongue.

“Rehihhh...reahhh!” the werewolf hitched, her head rearing towards the sun…

Viola sighed, wiping her mouth with a clean sleeve. She felt like she was gonna sneeze her head off. “Rechieww. Heihhh-chieww! Rechieww!” She couldn’t stop sneezing, her nose eternially crinkled for the next release. She was gonna have to go back on the denied offer in a second. “Hey, Star…” Viola lowered her voice, she took cover, hiding behind a couch.

The werewolf’s hands were limp, her nose was becoming sneezier by the second. “Agiiihhh...again already?!” Star questioned, her nose flaring wildly. She raised a finger to her nostrils, doing nothing but to suppress the massive blow ready come from her muzzle. Her ears slapped her squinted eyes, her muzzle was ready. “Rrreaccchiewwwwwyy! reihhhh...chiewwwww!”

       Star rubbed her nose, feeling the cold go away from her in an instant. She blinked twice, getting back up from her sneezy suffering. She didn’t need her wolf senses to notice how sickly her friend was. “Oh my goodness! I’m so sorry!” Star said, coming the the raccoon’s side.

Viola rubbed at her sickly nose, only for it to betray her from her constant contortion of it’s round, bubbly shape. She sneezed again “Not agaiihcheieww! *sniffle* Star, puhh-please. I ne-need some hahihhhchieww! Some help…” The young raccoon sneezed.

Star picked up the reddened raccoon and placed her on her silky sofa. She gave her some crackers and ginger ale for support. After dodging some sneezes, Viola felt just a bit more comfortable. The raccoon was still quite sick, frankly.

“Hihhchiewww! How much longer, Star?” Viola asked, her nose beet red. Star responded “Just a couple more days, I’ll pay for your bills and everything!” Star assured. The rest of the day was calm and mellow, just the way the two liked it. With the day coming to a close, it seemed like everything was gonna be alright. What a sneezy day!
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Re: (F+Anthro+Cold) A Full Moochieeewwn
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2018, 05:00:53 PM »
Nice story these two girls are adorable  :).

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Re: (F+Anthro+Cold) A Full Moochieeewwn
« Reply #2 on: March 07, 2018, 01:58:55 AM »
I enjoyed this.   :)