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[F+Anthro]Needle in a Hay Stack
« on: April 01, 2018, 12:49:23 PM »
It was only a few weeks ago that she asked her friend to borrow something, and the needy kangaroo was already regretting it. One of her friends from her work would always be giving people things to borrow. Usually if that person never came back with what they borrowed, they’d get a face full of fist before losing any trust they had with each other. Leah wasn’t so much worried about the fight part so much as letting down her friend. When she found out that this friend of hers needed back their unusual screwdriver, her heart raced as she was rushing back home as fast as one could in rush hour traffic.

   Her paw shook as it wiggled the door open, bursting through it. Her mind immediately thought to check her kitchen junk drawer first. She briskly hopped over to it and pulled the neglected thing open. Dust poofed from it as her senses felt foreign to the contents of the drawer, with her eyes unable to spot anything disterable to a screwdriver and most importantly, her wide nose distracting her from her frantic search.

   The marsupial pawed at her twitching nose as she closed the drawer and moved on to the next possible place. Going past the dining room, she came across her garage and looked where she put all her other power tools. With her mind racing, she knocked over her dust mask subconsciously.

   Scurrying through the tools, she treads the same few instruments over and over again. She looks a little more to her left and to her right, finding nothing useful. She slams her arms on the wall, releasing some dust from the faint cracks in the walls. “Think, it has to be here somewhere” The roo thinks to herself, moving away from the garage.

   Her assurance of where the lone tool is at is weary. She clenches a fist as she makes a slow climb up the steps, knowing where she must check next. Sniffing deeply in preparation, her muzzle spasms. She pauses herself before as her nose makes its presence known, flaring freely.

   “Hihhh...Hmmm!” She hitches, pressing a finger hard against her fidgeting roo nose. Her eyes growing heavier as she fights the minor tickle. She takes a step closer to the hatch above her before taking two steps back, raising her muzzle for a brief break. “Hepchshhh!” Leah stifles as she swipes her flaring nostrils in a few swift motions.

   She takes a mask to her side, prepares herself again, and opens that hatch. Her eyes burn as dust billows throughout the room, making her squint and rub them frequently. She takes slow, steady steps up to the attic. Her throat tightens as she reaches the top, feeling a tingle in her snout even with the protection of her muzzle mask.

   The roo fastens the mask to her nose before making careful strides towards a conspicuous box across the long hallway. Every step makes her more impatient, making her walk faster and faster before breaking into a sprint. She can feel her worries fly by her as the box draws rapidly closer.

   Almost making it to the box, she trips on smaller box and has pole holding the roof snag her mask and rip it off. She sniffs deeply as she hits the ground, breaking her fall with both of her arms. She feels as though she’s about to have a heart attack as her nose is filled to the brim with dust touching every sweet spot of her sinuses. She clenches her chest as her nose points towards the roof, inviting more dust to her muzzle.

   From her wrist to her elbow, she shifts her arms back and forth across her wet, chocolate-colored nose. Her nose pleading for release while Leah denies is every waking moment. The roo’s brain far too distracted to let a sneeze go by her, she squeezes her nose hard and waits.

   “GAHHH!” Leah yells, the tickle attacking her still going strong. She takes an arm to inch herself towards the chest, barely making progress. She huffs, taking a deadly breath through her nose. “Hepchiewww!” She sprays, wiping her nose with her furry arm. She winces as she feels her arm grow a tad heavier, moving her arm to the side.

   Now more acquainted with sneezing, her nose becomes far too sensitive to manage. Every few strokes at her nostrils only greet her with another “Hepshiewww!” and a loud sniffle. There had to be a way to stop sneezing. “Hesihieww!...wait a minute.” She said, seeing that her legs were completely free to move around.

   Propping them against the floorboards, Leah was ready to launch herself. Timing herself with a sneeze, she blushed at her next release “Hepchiieww!” She sneezed, kicking herself into the chest, knocking herself out.

   As she laid there, her fighting spirit forced a paw to rub her nose as the tickle in it multiplied. Her ears flopped as the itch became more uncomfortable for her body to contain. It was only 5 minutes her system forced the kangaroo awake, sparking a sneeze out. “Rehpshieww! Ugh!” Leah complained, knuckling her nose as she opened the chest.

   She rolled her eyes as she opened it, finding a note saying “check the glove box” inside it. Her muzzle twitched severely as the roo stood up, getting tired of the same ol’ song and dance. Her snout faced the sky up until she shut the attic behind her, letting out a satisfiying “Recshiewwwwy!” *sniffle*” She sneezed, her nose rubbing finding itself useful for once.

   She took a brief shower, and stepped outside. She went through all that trouble just to forget to check her damn car. Begrudgingly, she started the car and rolled away.

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Re: [F+Anthro]Needle in a Hay Stack
« Reply #1 on: April 01, 2018, 11:16:09 PM »
Nice story  :)