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   Today was Dance-Party Friday! Everyone was doing their normal jobs: Dudley and Kitty out are stopping a crime while Keswick and Chubster are in the lab working on an invention. Today, something was up with one of the bad guys the two agents had caught. It was Snaptrap. He was sick and sort of hallucinating to the point where he stole the wrong thing thinking it was something else. Dudley was, unfortunately, closest to the dirty rat as he put the cuffs on him.

"Careful, Dudley, he's sick." Kitty warned.

After taking Snaptrap to jail, Dudley and Kitty were soon dragging themselves into the T.U.F.F. building. Keswick and the chief turned their heads as they heard the elvator go 'DING!' and open the doors, revealing the two now-sick agents who were coughing and sneezing.

"Agents Puppy and Katswell, what happened? You two  look as if you ate a poisoned apple!" The flea questioned. (Snow White reference xD)

"We're fine, Chief." Kitty coughed. "We're just a little-*Ahchoo!* sick from catching Snaptrap." She sniffled.

"*AhChoo!* Sdaptrap gabe us his cold." Dudley groaned then sniffled.

"Have Keswick and Chubster check you out." Chief advised. "Then you two should take a sick day, go home, and get some rest."

"What about the other bad guys?" Dudley asked, coughing.

"Agents Kicheko and Panthera can fill in for you."

While King and I were assigned to Dudley and Kitty's position, the feline and canine went to see Keswick and Chubster. The two alien scientists confirmed that it was the flu, they gave the sick agents an antidote and advised them to take one dose each day until they got better. King and I were visiting our friends to see if they would be okay.

"Get well soon." I said to the cat and dog.

Dudley and Kitty went home and did as they advised, but this wasn't over. Soon, Keswick and Chubster were feeling funny.

"ah... Ah... aH..." Keswick sniffed and rubbed his nose. "AHhChOO!*"

Chubster, while rubbing his own large, pink, runny nose, writes: Dad, are you okay?~ The genderless clone sniffles.

"Need a tissue?" I asked as King exited the lab.

"Yeah." Keswick sniffled. "I'b f-feh-fide.." He rubs his nose.

I exited the lab to get a snack. My lion partner and I went out to catch more bad guys until we started feeling under the weather ourselves. Back with Keswick and Chubster, they were having violent sneeze attacks lately.

"*HkchH!* *KscH!* *HpscH!*" Chubster sneezes acid all over himself.

"heh..*EscH!* *aHcHOO!*" Kes sniffles.

While blowing his nose, Keswick offered his clone a tissue. They had acid-proofed their clothes, the tissues, and well, Chubster. He was born acid-proof because his body fluids are all acidic. Sure, it burns, but Chubster is so used to it, it doesn't even burn anymore. The chief soon came in to check on the two geniuses, but instead of seeing the new invention completed, he saw the two aliens blowing their noses with a pile of tissues beside them.

"What are you two doing? Why aren't you working?" The Chief questioned.

"It appuh-puh-puh-appuh-appears we're sick, Chief." Keswick explained.

"*HtscH!*" Chubster sneezed acid in Chief's direction, causing the flea to flee. (AAaaaah xD) Chubs writes: Sorry, Chief.~ He sniffles.

"How did you two get sick?" The chief asked.

"Well, I got it from ch-chuh-*AhChOO!* frob Chubster, who got it frob Agedt k-kuh-k-kuh-Kats--*AHhCH!*-Kat-Katswell, who got it frob Agedt p-puh-Puppy." Keswick coughed then sniffled with a runny nose.

Chubster hands him a tissue. He writes: Chief, Dad and I will be okay.~

"No. I will have to send you two home for the day. You're sick, and I can't have you sneezing all over your work."

King and I soon come in with runny noses and tissues.

"Chief,--*EhChOO!* we got bad dews.." I sniffed.

"We caught the flu." The lion coughed.

"This is terrible! All of our best agents are now getting sick!" The middle-aged flea coughed.

"So basically, Chief's gettidg it frob Kidg, who got it frob be, who got it frob Keswick, who got it frob Chubster, who got it frob Kitty, who got it frob Dudley, who--*EhscH!*.. got it frob Sdaptrap." I explained. "Wow! What are the odds?" I coughed.

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Later, everyone was at home in bed with boxes of tissues and bowls of soup. So we head on over to Keswick and Chubster's house to see the two geniuses in bed. Chubster just came out of the bathroom after vomiting. Lucky for them, they acid-proofed the whole house, including the toilet. They were tired of Chubster melting the toilet away after each release.

"*aAhChOO!*" Keswick blew his nose.

Chubster writes: Dad, can I have some more soup?~ "*hKscHnK!*"

"sh-shuh-Sure, Chub-*AhChOO!* *HihChOO!* *HahpscH!*" Keswick sniffles.

Chubster blows his nose and writes: It's okay, Dad, I'll get it.~

Chubs makes some more soup, and re-enters the room. As he sets one bowl down, he makes it to his bed, but...--


The chubby alien scientist sneezed some of the soup right onto Keswick. Keswick shakes the soup off his fur. He was lucky that the acid didn't get on him.

Chubs writes: Sorry, Dad!~ The chubby alien coughed.

"It's okay,--*AhChOO!* Chubs." Keswick sniffled before drinking his soup.

A few minutes later, Keswick sees his clone moving his arms around.

"ch-chuh-Chubster, what are you doing?" Keswick coughed.

Chubs writes: Take that, bad guy!~ The genderless, chubby genius appears to be sticking his arms out at nothing.

Keswick tilts his head as Kitty called on his wrist com.

"Hi, Keswick. Hi, Chubster." The feline coughed. "How are you feeling?"

"n-nuh-Not so-*HihChOO!* g-guh-g-guh-good.. Chubster thinks he can control the e-e-elements.." Keswick explained blowing his nose.

Chubster writes: Look, I can waterbend!~ He sticks his paws out at the bowl of soup.

"Oookay.." Kitty sniffed.

Keswick snickers weakly before coughing. "So, what about you and Agent Puppy?" Kes sniffed.

"We are getting a little better, but Dudley is throwing up in my shoes.." The cat growled a bit but coughed.

"Bleh!" The dog barfed.

"Gross!.." Kitty groaned.

"*AHCHOO!*" Dudley sniffed as Kitty sipped some soup.

"Agedt Puppy, why ared't you at your owd p-peh-peh-place?" Keswick sniffled.

"He wouldd't leave because he's--*AhChoo!* too sick to dribe hobe." She blows her nose.

Soon, King and I were on our wrist coms, but I was asleep. King tapped the screen, and everyone else just shrugged.

"GIGGLES!" Everyone yelled.

"AAHH--*AahChOO!*" I yelled waking up with a runny nose.

"You disgust be, hyeda." The lion coughed as we saw his teenage son walk past.

"Hello, g-guh-Giggles." Keswick sniffled.

"Oh, What's up, guys? King has a son?" I coughed.

"Bobby (Mommy), who's that?" Huruma asked.

"*EhChOO!*" Kibaya sneezed.

"Awww! You poor sickly cubs.." Kitty mewed then coughed.

"Hi, Udcle Keswick! Hi eberbody!" Kibaya sniffled.

"*AhhcH!*" Huruma paws at her nose.

I clean the cubs' noses before feeding them. I then notice Chubster 'being weird'.

"Ookaaay, what is he doidg?" I questioned before snickering and blowing my nose.

"Chubster's hah-hah-hallu--ah..hallucin---ahh... *AhChnkscHOO!* hallucinating." Keswick explained.

"It's kidda fuddy!" Dudley laughed before coughing.

Soon, the Chief came on the wrist com. He had red eyes while the rest of us had dry noses since he didn't have a nose.

"Hey, Chief." We all greeted coughing.

"Hello, agents." The chief coughed.

"hhh.. hh.. *HpscH!* *HpChwH!*" Chubster sniffles as the acid landed on his screen causing everyone to gasp.

"d-duh-Dod't w-weh-*AhcH!* wuh-worry, guys." Keswick sniffled. "We acid-p-puh-puh-puh-*AhChOO!* proofed his wrist com.

"Gross!" Dudley said.

"Hey, you barfed id Kitty's shoes, while you're talkidg." I sniffled.

"How did you kdow that?" The dog questioned.

"I was just turdidg od by wrist cob whed you had the--*AHHCH!* codversatiod." I blew my nose.

"Cober your dose whed you sdeeze, hyeda." King complained.

"*AhChOO!*" Keswick sniffled and blew his nose.

Chubster coughs and writes: I don't feel so good..~ "*HcHnX!*" The chubby, genderless alien scientist ended up sneezing all over himself.

"D'aww, bless you." Kitty coughed.

"Seriously, does DO ODE cober their doses whed they sdeeze?" King complained.

"I know right?!" Chief agreed.

Everyone sniffled and blew their noses.