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( First story I am properly posting here, feedback and comments are appreciated! )

"Now where have I gone off to this time..." the Ultimate Chimera muttered to himself in his deep grumbly voice, right in the middle of his regular woodland wander. His glowing yellow eyes surveyed the area, looking around for any familiar sights. He went on his walking route at least twice a week, surely he'd be able to spot something familiar. He hadn't strayed far at the very least. The sun was setting, casting orange light and dark shadows upon his round pink body, his large sharp teeth glistening. Recalling his direction, he turned around and started to head back to where he had already come from. And just for kicks, he whipped his powerful orange tail at a thick oak, downing it effortlessly. He snickered to himself, amused by the bit of destruction he had caused. It wasn't often he did it, but it always felt good to relieve some annoyance.

The Chimera's steps made loud thudding noises, shaking as his steps hit the ground. He walked and walked, trying to find anything similar to the path he would normally travel. But it seemed like nothing was catching his eye, and the sun was setting. "Great, now it's going to be too dark to see a single thing..." He growls, slamming his sharp orange tail loud against the ground in a displeased way. Sighing heavily, still growling and grumpy with himself, he looks around for a soft patch of grass. With a few more heavy steps, he lazily waddles his large form over and slumps himself over, landing with a large thud onto the soft grassy ground. It was a far cry from the usual cushy mattress and warm cozy blanket he would usually fall asleep with, but it was something at the very least. He exhaled through his nostrils, displeased with the situation he was in. But he really had no choice but to topple over and sleep out here, a gentle breeze swaying the grass around him, tickling his sides lightly.
Despite his intimidating appearance and heavy form, the beast actually had a ticklish soft spot~ The swaying grass my his lips curls a tiny but, and he let out a tiny little noise. As the sun set farther, and the moon was reaching into the sky, the grass around him glowed a faint dusky blue, fireflies gently gliding around in the air, flickering and glowing. He peeked a bright yellow eye open at them, admiring the traveling yellow lights... he always did kind of love fireflies. A little smile bared a minute area of sharp teeth. He thought it would be miserable out here, but really, it wasn't half bad. Pretty serene as well. In fact, just watching the forest slowly darken and grow a blue shade, watching the little green bugs glow and circle around was making his eyes feel heavy, his mind getting calmer and calmer. Sleep was going to come to him soon, luckily. He felt relaxed, flat on his side as he gently breathed in and out, letting slumber slowly take him as he opening his huge mouth wide, letting out a long relaxed yawn as his body felt as if it sunk into the ground. He slowly slipped away into a calm rest... that was until he felt a tiny tickle on his face not long after. Not deep enough in, his snout twitched a little bit, sleepily opening an eye, he saw a tiny glow on the tip of his rounded pink snout, a firefly resting there. His nose twitched a bit, and he wiggled it around, shifting his lips in hopes the little bug would fly off. But it was to no avail, and the monster begrudgingly swiped the little bug off of his snout. Sniffing as the very light tingle left. He closed his eyes, trying to let sleep take him again. But then another tickle, directly beneath his left nostril fizzled against his nerves. A warm snarf of air blew out from the opening, the little firefly fluttering away from the large pink beast's face. His tired heavy form rolled onto it's tummy as he tucked his arms beneath his head, the monster curling up. Air flowed softly in and out of his thin wide nostrils, his belly rising and falling... with heavy eyes and a slowly relaxing body, the chimera was finally falling into a slumber beneath the cold night sky.

Though, as the moon rose higher, the activity of lively little bugs slowly picked up around his slumbering body. And surely enough they wouldn't leave the slumbering thing alone, oh no. A small curious few insects fluttered around the tired monster, tiny little lights landing upon the purple wings on his back, or exploring the warm tender gaps that were the neaths of his big toes. Landing on a flicking ear as he snored or tickling at his nose. In any case, the tiny little things did not cause issue for too long. Not most of them, at least. Two curious little bulbs took it upon themselves to explore the passed out monster's pink snout, their bitty gliding legs tingling upon the thick smooth skin between Chimera's nostrils. They were uninterrupted, save for the occasion wriggle of the snout. They had never seen something so... pink before! Much less a huge living creature! The two little flickers arrived before one of the monster's large nostrils, folded and flat. They inspected, creeping around the incredible pink landscape, their little legs causing a deep red fissure to form and retract. Little gusts of air blew forth from the thin tear-shaped opening as the tiny ticklers wandered around near the delicate skin, sucking in occasionally. This opening was far too curious, these little things just HAD to see what was inside! It had done nothing but peak their interest. With one brave volunteer, six tiny fuzzy legs trailed towards the orifice, and stepped a singular foot inside. The flesh was smoother, squishier and dare say wetter. Wasting not a singular moment, the little creature, no larger than a grain of rice (and much smaller for the chimera himself), he progressed inside into the unknown... however, even the singular little leg making contact with the inside rim of the nostril sent notes to the slumbering monster's body, giving a soft fleshy wiggle to the stimulating touch. Deep pink and darkness, as deep as the little bug could see. It's glowing behind vaguely lit it's way, the six slow wandering legs prickling at the giant nostril's senses. A singular deep sniff sounding led the tiny spelunker towards traveling into the hollow pink tunnel of the chimera's sensitive smooth nostril. It's little legs dapped gently into the pink flesh of the nostril's entrance, the membranes growing puffy and thick as it progressed just slightly deeper. The stimulation in the nostril made the sleeping beast react instantly, like the snap of a finger. A ticklish wave shot back into his sleeping sinuses, the nostril momentarily filling with a tickle. It was already aware something was inside... and it was waiting for more before the nostril it could serve it's primary function, it's singular form of defense~

Beginning to skuttle deeper inside of the tender passage, the circular smooth walls gave a gentle quiver, a mumbling groan echoing inside the chamber as the beast's thick pink lips gave a shape, right at the corners. Around this strange pink tunnel the firefly gazed. It formed a perfect ring, it's ovular shape intriguing. It slowly skittled from the floor to up upon the firm wall, the pink flesh wrinkling slightly beneath it's feet. It climbed higher and higher, finding a nice smooth spot, smoother than the rest near the ceiling. It's playful curiosity getting the best of it, it pressed two legs into the squishy substance, rubbing them together the best they could. This already irritated the delicate membrane inside of the nose, a ticklish warning call firing back into the beast's head. Chimera suddenly let out a moaning uncomfortable grunt, a desperate gasp as air intook harshly into the chamber. The large lips flailed apart, the heavy sharp teeth parting as he intook a breath. It shook the little bug, it ceasing it's ticklish attack upon the smooth spot. Granting the chimera to gently pant off the irritation, his nostril settled, never waking up throughout. How interesting, the little bulb thought! A testing fluffy finger glided upon the smooth surface once again, the tiny bug enjoying the squishy smooth texture it brought. A rumble echoed throughout the cavity, giving another quiver as Chimera's lips outside flapped at the irritation inside his nose, the powerful beast changing his sleeping position ever so slightly as it tickles him. The thick rim of the nostril flapped at the second bug just outside, wrinkling up as it flared. Huffed and puffed the chimera's body struggled with the tiny little thing inside of it's nostril, the walls of the nose gaining a gentle red tint as the little bug inside played with it's ticklish nerve-filled walls. The tickle attack of the little leg stopped once more, the tiny head tilting towards the deeper end of the nasal passage. How ticklish this place was! He could simply touch it, and something so large and powerful would wilt to it... it had to keep going! It turned it's body, causing a huff and wrinkled flesh to form beneath it's feet, traveling deeper and deeper now.
Already the nostril was starting to grow irritated, that tormented spot buzzing in the afterglow of the little legs as it tickled deeper and deeper inside it's walls now.

"U-Hughuh..." The deep booming voice of the sleepy chimera echoed inside of the nostril, a heartbeat nearly audible. Another huff, and a shake of the floor beneath the wandering feet. The little thing wasn't even tickling and the gigantic creature was making these little noises! Chimera's unconcious mind was abuzz, a sensation inside of it's nostril that was only growing deeper, tingling irritably nonstop upon the ground inside. A hitch, a quiver and a flick of the ears, the sleeping chimera was none the wiser of the war being waged inside his nose at this very moment. Deeper inside, the bug stopped. The walls were smoothing out again, the dark passage now nearly fully lit by it's back end as opposed to the moon's light. Glistening were the walls and the ceiling, a soft echo of the chimera's breath growing more prominent. It gazed around the area, walking in slow arching circles, pressing it's legs deeper into the ticklish flesh.
"...Augh..." the beast arffed, inhaling through his mouth as his teeth once again parted. His wide nostril flared out despite it's best efforts not to, this deeper section of the nasal passage expanding upon it's flaring. Undaunted, the tickly bug wandered around the shrinking passage, the nostril helplessly irritated. A secondary pair of legs tauntingly gliding upon the outer rim of the folding pink nostril and tickling at the inside of the skin, the beast's impeccable smooth snout itself was beginning to become lost within a sea of narrow wrinkles... Even his eyebrows were beginning to fold down as the sparking undeniable semblance of a sneeze began brewing within the deepest reaches of his tortured sinuses. Endlessly the legs circled around inside his nostril, deep inside the tender nasal cavity, stimulating the helpless flesh inside. Irritated and enflamed, the chimera's eyes twitch, hiss snout wrinkling up as his lips quiver. He pants and pants, attempting to resist the increasing urge to sneeze. He was starting to wake up, surely that final push would shock him out of his relaxed state fully. He couldn't have that happen!
"H-Hauugh... n-noo, p-please..." He mumbles out between breaths, desperate gasping huffing out as his nostril was continually irritated. Twinges of the urge to sneeze were growing more and more prevalent, he could feel the tickle inside his supple nasal passage threatening to burst inside him. Such a hellish playful itch deep within the hollow wet passage "H-Huueuugh, h-hrrng..." he whimpered softly, gritting his teeth, placing a front paw upon the bridge of his shaking snout. His nostrils burned with ticklish agony, the quivering walls enflamed and reddened, wrinkling as little bug's itty bitty legs irritated the smooth nasal cavity oh so mercilessly. And to only make matters worse for the sleepy beast, the second one had now crawled past the rim of his nostril, it's ticklish little legs irritating the outmost rim of his poor nostril's interior. The sensation was growing, maddening as his chest huffed, verbally hitching as his nostrils flared wider, the insides puffing up, wrinkles spreading all across the quivering pink surface. It tickled like mad, twelve itty little legs inside of his ticklish nose. "A-Auuugh, aaaah... H-HAAAuughh..." he whimpered, his eyes attempting to open, but his eyelids tried to force themselves shut again as the wrinkles of his snout grow involuntarily wider and deeper, his sinuses receiving the messages sent through the nerves inside his nostril. The desperate ticklish pleads to release the itchy little bugs playing with them, tickling them so mercilessly. The Chimera's mighty nostrils cried out for help, a powerful twinge increasing his urge to sneeze, more and more potent the sensation grew. The tiny little bugs met up deeper inside of the wrinkling quivering tunnel, crawling upwards. The heavy wide-jawed beast huffed and attempted to breathe the tickly itch away, but he felt his nostrils clenching. The monster could snap trees in half between his mighty jaws, but said jaws were beginning to widen, a simple tiny tickle deep inside the delicate sensitive reaches of his nasal passage beginning to overpower him... such a tiny delicate force beginning to best the monster, a few simple tiny bugs inside of his nose.
"U-uugh, AHUUUGH! H-HAAH!..." the chimera hitches desperately, fending off that sneezy urge the best he could. But those little ticklers too deep inside to stop wanted to see the grand finale, the payoff of their exploration. "PUH-PLEEAASE... G-GET... o-ouuUUGHT!!" the deep voice begged, feeling that tickle deep inside of his flaring pink nostril. It tickled oh so much... those tiny fluttering legs were unbearably itchy... gliding along the seas of wrinkles the quaking walls were beginning to form. The erratic breathing picked up pace, the incredible powerful beast was losing the fight, his war with the ticklish torture delivered upon his helpless nostril. Tickling and tickling and irritating, his pink chest huffing up as his mouth grew wider and wider in length, his tongue flicking around inside his mouth as he put all his effort into repressing that ticklish urge...
"H-HUUEHGH... AA-AAHAAAA... N-NO, NONO NO-UUUGH!" he gasped out. The monsterous pleading boomed inside the nostrils, deep breaths flooding inside. His helpless struggle was on full display to his tiny tormentors, his struggle fully audible. And as much as he attempted to repress the growng itch, it only motivated them further. He could feel his wide throat beginning to clench, his lungs intaking air. His own body was betraying him yet the urge to fight was unbroken. Hitching and gasping, panting for air as his nostrils scream for release, his back arcs into the air and his powerful front paws dig into the dirt. His sinuses stung, his entire nostril from front to back were buzzing and his giant mouth of sharp teeth was open wide. He screamed and panted for mercy, feeling the urge reaching it's peak. But relent the tiny ticklers did not. Deep inside they tugged on delicate quivering nose hair and used their legs like tiny little feathers against the squirming tissue deep inside the powerful monster's nose, determined to best such a beast. The fuse was growing short as the walls were dusted by the little wings...
"H-AHAUUUGH... O-OH NO, S-STOP!!" the beast cries out, his face flushed as he felt the pressure in his sinuses take a sharp turn... his mind snapped as he felt an intense wave hammer against his nostrils, a brain-numbing tickle hit him like a truck... he would sneeze... he couldn't resist any more... it tickled...
"E-EEUUGH..." and it tickled... his nostrils began to puff out as he scampered to his feet, desperately grasping at his wiggling pink snout. His ears drooped, unable to control his eyelids. Mind numbed by the ungodly powerful tickle inside of his burning pink nostrils, he grasped at the grass on the cool ground and ripped at it, howling with hitched breaths as his wrinkled shaking snout could resist no more... it tickled...
"H-HAUUUGH... NAAAAH..." a ticklish bomb blew itchy irritation sensations through the entire length of the dripping wrinkling nasal passage. His voice grew depserate and panicked as the unstoppable sneeze was gripping madly at his throat, building alarmingly fast... and it tickled and itched deep inside the pink nose... tickle tickle...
"AAAAAAH..." his back arched as far as it could, his nostrils flaring as wide as they could manage and his mouth opened unbelievably wide. His incredibly maw sucked in all the air it could, his crooked lips unable to keep still. Everything was reaching it's limits as the Ultimate Chimera lost all control of it's body, as the primal urge to release the irritation reigned supreme... his powerful jaw was hinged as wide as it could be, his powerful heavy body trembling... it tickled so very much...
"AAAAAHHH!!" finally as a delicate hair was ripped from it's node... the beast's eyes shot wide, a defeated gasp... the pressure blew throughout the inside of his tortured nose... and up until the very last defeated breath... tickle... tickle tickle~
"H-HAAA-EEEUUUAAAAUGHCHOOOOOO!!" the beast finally roared out, just about shaking the nearby trees as massive head whipped forward at incredible speed as a typhoon of a sneeze rocked his entire body, everything collapsing at once. It felt near sinus-crushing a the sneeze finally crashing forth from his ticklish nostrils. The red dripping openings began flaring again, "H-huugh-EUUUGH!! HEEEYCHOO!!" the deep voice roared out in a monsterous sneeze that seemed to shake the very ground, followed by two rapid "HETCHUOO! HAA-AHUUTCHO!!" his nostrils rocketed out everything they could, his throat expanding and tensing as sneeze after powerful howling sneeze shook his entire body, panting and gulping in air with every defenseless helpless release. The culprits watched the spectacle, the beast only able to begin regaining composure after a good few other bursts... to which he sniffled, only making himself build up another sudden, quickly-released sneeze, his stimulated nostrils not relieved. The length of his nasal passage still buzzing and red, the monster panted, attempting to shift itself around on it's trembling legs. With nostrils still wide, attempting to assuage another terribly ticklish sneeze that was building, he wiped his face against the ground, itching himself off as his forepaw batted at the grassy ground. His tummy rising and falling as he panted, he hold on his snout, tucking his head near to his tummy as he curled up. It was very clearly still night, not so long since he'd fallen asleep. With fireflies slowly settling back in, none bothering him aside from on or two landing upon is tail and his ankles, he folded his wings. Still working at regaining his breath, he waited for relaxation to come to him, for his body to tire itself.

And thankfully, much to his glee, it came rather fast... and he could finally sleep soundly, not another interruption breaking his slumber for the rest of the cool breezy night.

Art, Art, and Art! / A Sudden Tickle [Chimera - M]
« on: June 21, 2017, 08:53:41 PM »
Just wanted to draw Chimera suddenly shooting up as a mad tickle teases the back of his nostrils. He's got a big sneeze coming that he can't fight for long, that's for sure~

General Chatter / Anybody able to locate this?
« on: February 06, 2017, 01:21:31 AM »
I remember in the early 2000s a Neopets commercial that featured this sea creature sniffing along the sea floor, and ending up sucking something up his nose that made him sneeze. I can't seem to find it myself, anybody able to help track it down? XP

I Found Something! / Mashtooth [ M ]
« on: January 28, 2017, 06:08:18 AM »

We have his sneezing animation twice. I don't know what this would be marked under, though. Maybe as [ M - Tickle ]? Because I imagine the cause of the big guy's sneeze is Starfy's legs kicking around and tickling inside his nostril.

But the guy actually attacks by trying to suck you in through his nose! Just imagine getting jammed in there, or sprinkling pepper when he tries~

Unarchived Stories / [M + Monster] A Tickle in a Chimera's Nose
« on: November 08, 2016, 05:38:07 AM »
The Ultimate Chimera, resting their large form on a couch, seems to have encountered a slight problem. While he napped, a couple mischievous Tickle Bugs... have flown right up into his nose, teasing all around his sensitive tender nostril. The huge beast was forced awake... the beast's breath forced to hitch as they tickled the quivering pink walls. He tries his absolute hardest not to sneeze, determined to beat this nagging growing tickle inside his nose. But his breath hitches more and more, bugs playfully prodding around deep inside his dark nostril. They walked around, fuzzy legs dragging against the warm inner tissue that wrinkled underneath their tiny legs. And even with a powerful will, growling and protesting... can he hold it off for much longer? The tingling tickle rippled throughout his tender warm nostrils, the nagging itch reaching far back into his sinuses, and shooting back towards the openings. His lips tugged, his mouth began to open.


The itch, the urge to sneeze was rising. And he knew it was going to be a big one, a huge one of he were to let it out. His inner nostrils reddened and grew more irritated as the Tickle Bugs buzzed and teased inside the quivering monster's nose, trying to force him into an irritated, sneezing submission. His mind raced and went numb, fighting his hardest against how ticklish and itchy his deep nostrils were, unable to reach them. With those itty bitty little bugs, tickling and wiggling all around deeper and deeper inside his wrinkling irritated nostril... brushing and rubbing the squishy ticklish walls, while others grab, pinch and pug his quivering nosehairs... his mouth was opening wider now, tears forming in his eyes as he felt his horribly sensitive nosehairs being wiggled and poked and tugged on, ripples and quakes of ticklish sensitivity tickling the weakening walls of his nose, the bugs showing no mercy to the raw tender flesh inside the beast's nostril. His nostrils, right up to the very edges of his frilling flaring nostrils, burned with ticklish agony. The sensation was growing stronger... and stronger... tickle tickle tickle...

"Huuuh! A-aaah! AAAH! E-EEUH! AAH!!"

With hitching breath, a widening mouth, and playful bugs deep inside his helpless ticklish nose... will Chimera fight off the urges and make the bugs leave... or will the large invincible beat... be forced to sneeze under the mercy of tiny little insects?~


Tickle... tickle tickle~


My first shot at some sneezy art, I do hope you enjoy it, along with that little short story~

I'm New Here / Dabbling around here
« on: November 05, 2016, 04:35:01 PM »
Recently I've taking a bit of interest in stuff like this and decided to pop in and check of stuff out. I'll assume this kinda ties in with my general love of tickling as well ^^'

But hello everyone!

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