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Unarchived Stories / [M + Mature + Explicit] Product Testing Gone Wrong
« on: October 14, 2015, 12:31:14 AM »
Okay this is my first story here on the site. This was inspired by Daedalus and his stories about Dante. Hope you enjoy!

Product Testing Gone Wrong

Dante made his way into the research center where he had been chosen to try out a new product that they needed some volunteers for testing. And he got paid for it too!

“Welcome! My name is Dr.  Richard and thank you for joining us today! Please step into the lab here and we will go into some more detail about our product.”

Dante walked into the lab which was full of beakers filled with different colored liquids as well as multiple computers and piles of papers on desks. He sat down and listened to the doctor.

“The product we are testing today is a new energy shot similar to those 5-hour energy you have probably seen. This though, is meant to last 12 hours and not have a heavy crash afterwards. So after you take it we will just be monitoring your heart rate and blood pressure to see how the effects are.”

“Sounds easy enough. I could use the extra energy to get through classes.” Dante waited for the Doc to hook up the necessary equipment. Afterwards he was given the liquid in a small beaker which he was able to drink easily. “Mmmmm cherry flavor!”

“Alright very good Dante. We will now start monitoring you and seeing how this effects you...” The doctor was cut off as the instruments started making warning sounds.

“Hey Doc I don't feel so good” Dante could feel his stomach churning from the energy shot. Also it felt like his clothes were starting to get tighter! “Hey Doc does anything look different about me?”

“What in the world?! You look to be growing!” In front of the doctors eyes he watched as Dante grew in size, the chair snapping under his weight. A couple of the desks ended up getting knocked over due to his legs and feet growing. His shirt was quickly torn to shreds and his shorts now looked like a speedo, barely able to contain his now enlarged package. “This is amazing! I never would have guessed that it could effect the body like this. Maybe we could sell this to the government...”

As the Doc walked around Dante admiring his new size Dante was feeling a little uncomfortable at how close the Doc was to his crotch area. “That's great Doc *sniff* How long is this going *sniff* to last?” Dante could feel his nose tickle and burn as the fumes from the chemicals in the broken beakers were inhaled by Dante.

“Hard to tell. Though it shouldn't last more than the 12 hours intended.”

hmmmff-CCHHMMPPFFFF!!” Dante tried his best to stifle his sneeze as the fumes continued to tickle his nose. He could already feel his loins burn and become active as his sinuses became more troubled. “You really...hhihh..should m..move Doc..hihh...hmmmmffsnnnxxxxk” Dante could hear the remaining parts of his shorts tear as his hardening cock and swelling balls burst out of their confinement and landing on the poor Doc.

“Ack! This stuff shouldn't be exciting the hormonal glands!” The Doc cried from underneath Dante's balls.

“S..Sorry Doc the fumes are hihh...making me s..sneeze..” Dante could barely hold the impending sneeze any longer. His massive cock fully hard and dripping pre like a faucet. His balls swelling even more as they were ready to erupt.

The Doc was able to free himself from underneath Dante's balls and had the wisdom to hide behind a desk as he watched Dante's nostrils and chest expand with each breath.

“I'm g-g-gonnna *GASP* g..gonna...h.hhihh...BLOW!.. *GASP* HEEEEEYYIIIISHHIEWWWWW!!” With this massive sneeze Dante knocked over the remainder of the beakers as well as blowing papers all over the lab. At the same time his bulging cock blasted a massive load of cum across the room splashing against the far wall  and covering computers in the sticky substance.

“Wait Stop!” Cried the doctor from behind the desk. “You are ruining the equipment! All the work done to make this!” He watched in dread as the computers started to smoke and spark.

“I..AAAAHHHYYIIICCHOOOOO!....can't...stop...hiih...HEESSHOOO! Oh god the fumes tickle so much!” With each massive sneeze Dante covered more and more of the lab in cum as his cock fired load after massive load with each sneeze.

“Oh god I need to get out of here! I will be swimming in this if this keeps up for much longer” The Doc tried wading through the knee high pool of cum that was once his lab. Slowing making his way to the door as he looked at Dante. A look of horror fell across his face as he saw Dante building up to a massive sneeze unlike any of the others.

hhiiijeeHHH...*GASP*....HHIIIIHHH....*GASP*...” Dante's nose twitched and his chest heaved as he built up to a massive oncoming sneeze. Each breath caused the remainder of the papers to fly around the room. The lab practically shook with each colossal intake. His cock twitching as it readied to blow one final load that would be as big as the sneeze. “HEEEHH!...HHEEEEEEYYEEEESSSHHIIEWWWWW!!”  *SPLOOOGE!*

Inside the lab stood the poor Doc, covered head to toe in cum. The entire lab was now covered in the white substance and was even dripping down from the ceiling.

“Knock knock!” said Alex as he opened the door to the lab “I've come to pick you up Dante!” As he opened the door a flood of cum flooded past his knees and inside he could see a gigantic passed out Dante, totally exhausted from the massive orgasms. “Not fair! You always have the most fun when I am not around!”

I'm New Here / Hell hello
« on: July 10, 2009, 11:32:59 PM »
Figured I should say hello! Been lurking around reading the stories and whatnot but figured I would come out and say "hello!".

Ummm lets see, prefer female stuff and love things involving elephants.

The best part to a sneeze for me is the build-ups *drool*

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