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Title: [F + Mature] Arcanine, Horse, and Dragon Sneeze Competition*
Post by: Spare Wisp on September 30, 2012, 02:08:15 AM
An RP between OneOfThree and I.

Pardon the formatting; I tried to make everything easy to read without squashing it all together.  We've got an Arcanine, a horse, and a dragon in this story though, so it got a bit jumpy in some places!

The background is that of two friends in a rather heated rivalry, which leads to a competition of sorts.  Fetching a third friend to be their judge, they see who can resist sneezing the best!  Though it turns into a showy wrestling match as well, near the end.

The story is moderate length, but there's quite a bit of action even for the space.  For best results, I highly suggest reading slowly.
Title: Re: [F + Mature] Arcanine, Horse, and Dragon Sneeze Competition
Post by: Spare Wisp on September 30, 2012, 02:08:51 AM
A: A great, big, and powerful girl stands in the 'arena'. Others might know her weaknesses though. Not just water and rock moves, of course... Particular flowers and various animal hairs all can bring the girl low. Even now she's sniffling, her large, black nose flaring up with complaints about air quality. Her mouth hangs open briefly as if already needing to let off a release... But she gets it shut and rubs a finger across the end of her muzzle.

H: Just as large- although maybe a little more height and less muscle- a female equine stands with arms folded, cockily grinning. She has a secret weakness as well; one she hopes her opponent won't discover in time. Her wide, brown nostrils give nary a quiver. She's putting up a strong front from the get-go. "Having some trouble already, dear?" She taunts.

They stand at a nexus: A field bordering on a forest, with a small structure hastily constructed nearby. In front of it sits the judge of their contest, a dragoness much bigger than either of them. The rules are laid out; there aren't really any. The one who sneezes the largest sneeze- overall, by the end of a timer- loses.

A: Sniiiiff! The Arcanine's nostrils flare wide. "I.. AHh... I think I'm ah-ah-allergic to the-" Well... best not tell, actually. Her mouth shuts with a faint click of teeth, and she exhales through her nose, shaking her head. White hair tosses about as she does it, and she snorts again, trying to clear her head. If the timer is started and she sneezes, she might very well lose... Large of build, busty, and impressively tall, that means she's at a disadvantage- she's louder just by merit of being bigger.

H: A bit smaller in the bust than her opponent but by no means 'small', the horse is full of confidence at this point. 'Just as long as she doesn't think to... no, don't even think about it.' "So, judge, shall we get started?" Her black hair shimmers as she moves her head, lying against her brown fur and tank white tank top. Somewhat plain of dress, she's got army-style cargo pants to go with the ensemble.

D: "If you're both ready..." Says the ruby-scaled dragon.

A: "Please start the timer." the Arcanine requests, a bit of waver in her voice from an errant breath. Her nose seems to be itching pretty bad already, and is wiggled back and forth as her muzzle scrunches this way and that. Another light sniff makes her close her eyes, mouth opening slightly. "Ah.. Ahh.." Oh no.. no no.. The girl rubs a finger across her nose.

H: With that taken care of, her opponent decides to start with a little psychological warfare, hoping to win without lifting a finger. "Oh, that looks like it tickles. All tingly, and spreading through your whole nose... Your nostrils flaring up because they know how badly you need to let out a great, big sneeze..." She calls out. If she can get a big one out of the arcanine early and then hold off herself, it'll be an easy win!

A: The Arcanine keeps rubbing her nose, ears perking up at the sound of her opponent's voice... then pinning back at the words that she hears. A great big gasp is pulled into her mouth, and the big canine freezes. "HAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!" Mouth hanging open, a hand wobbling in front of it as her desperate expression is plainly visible. Her nostrils are, in fact, flared wide. The only question remaining is how big it'll end up.

D: The judge reminds them that there are tools available should they require them.

H: The horse-girl walks over, hooves clopping on the ground softly as she snatches a bunch of wildflowers off the ground on her way. "I think the natural 'tools' will do just fine, your honor."

D: The judge reminds her that she isn't an actual judge.

H: Waggling the bunch of brightly colored, pollen-spewing flowers around, she keeps talking. "A little more, don't you think? A few more deep breaths, really pack some power in there..."

A: "HAAAH...HAAAAH!" Oh no... not wildflowers. Not THESE wildflowers! She cut herself off before saying it, but she's allergic to the local flora. The Arcanine's big black nose twitches, little yellow pollen grains floating back through her muzzle. The scent is overwhelming too. "HAAAH...HAAAAAAAAAAAH!!" A deep, deep breath stretches her black top across her chest, the Arcanine arched back. She can't hold it in... and doesn't.


Tremendous, to say the least. Flames explode out of her mouth as she buckles forwards, right down into the awaiting blossoms. Petals and ash blast everywhere as the flowers go up in flames, annihilating the offending pollen. Her nose seems to be cleared after that, only a brief wiggle of her nose given, along with a curious sniff. Only when she realizes her breasts are hanging through a hole in her top does a red-hot blush fill her cheeks. An arm hugs across them as she rises to full height again. She tries to put on a regal appearance, haughtily lifting her head. "Good thing my cat wasn't around for that." she says, challengingly.

D: "Point." The judge gestures to the horse.

H: Said horse glances at that large rack when it's exposed before flicking her eyes back up to meet the Arcanine's. "Impressive." She is referring to her bust and sneeze. "I don't think I'll be able to beat that... you should just give up! I don't have any allergies, and I'm surprised someone allergic to flowers would enter this contest..." She smiles, hoping this bravado will keep her opponent from trying anything. She might stumble on a winner by mistake... 'In fact,' she thought, 'I should back up...' She takes a few steps away and waits, giving her opponent a lovely view of her rear, large and round with muscles and only a small percentage of fat. Comes with being a horse, strong legs, strong glutes.

A: "I just didn't realize we'd be battling... here." Where all these accursed flowers grow. "But I'm not one to give up." There's movement from behind her, of course. The Arcanine picks up and weilds a double-edged sword. Keeping the colorful allergens held away from herself, she steps up behind the other girl. The horse suddenly is staring into wildflowers. "Besides... That's a pretty big snout... And you're telling me nothing at all makes it tickle?" There's a sniff from behind the equine. Even holding onto the blossoms is too close for a sensitive, canid nose. But if she can figure out what makes the other girl go off, the tide can turn.

H: She snorts, but not with allergy. "Wouldn't I already be a mess like you if I were allergic to these flowers?" She stretches her arms over her head, locking her fingers and listening to her muscles creak and pop, chest proudly puffed out with the action. Behind her, she switches her tail up at the other girl's face a few times, hoping to brust her nose without looking.

A: "HEehh-yeah, I guess you would..." The snort blows the pollen in her direction, and the lashing tail tossing horse hair into the air makes it worse. She has all the wrong allergies for this competition. The orange girl's nostrils flare as horse hair flicks across her big black nose, and she opens her hand, dropping the flowers. "Aah..." Her other hand comes up and rubs her nose, the one holding the blossoms never to be trusted again. "AAAAHHH.. AAAAAHHHH..!"

H: Triumphantly, the horse turns around to watch... and then remembers the flames. "Oh, shoot... c-control yourself!" She freezes up for a moment instead of bolting, which may be too late to save her clothing...

A: Not to mention all the hand-switching has left her chest quite bare. Pink nipples show through her fur... Fitting on the large girl. A deep breath goes in, that chest pushing out towards the horse. "AAAAAAAAAHHH!" Her nose wiggles, her mouth wobbles, but it's less than a second before the sneeze erupts.

Flames shoot from the Fire-type's mouth as she buckles over again, trying to 'control herself' but managing to do so... only slightly. She aims at herself, at least, but her oppoent is still well within range of the flames. A loud sniff is made as she lifts her head, the remaining piece of her skirt and panties sliding off of her tail while her shirt and the back half of her bra have already unceremoniously fallen to the ground.

With another gasp, this one of surprise, the Arcanine's massive, fluffy tail whips around her body, the end lightly smacking the equine in the nose as the Fire-type covers her crotch up to regain some semblance of decency.
An arm slides across her heavy chest as well, the Fire-type's ears shimmering faintly as heat fills her head with a blush. No words are spoken for a moment, the bare-naked Arcanine just... standing.

H: Wide-eyed and shaking a bit, the fit equine didn't move to cover her nethers- the crotch of her pants had been burned enough that the garment fell apart, revealing a dark brown set of lips- too occupied with her nose. It was hyper-sensitive to touch... and a big tail had just slapped her across it. A fluffy tail. With lots of little hairs... each of which she had felt dragging across her nostrils. "Ah..." Her chest finally unlocked, letting her gasp in a breath. "AAAAH..." A big one. Her nostrils were quavering, flaring up widely, and her vision of the lovely Arcanine was starting to blur with tears.

A: Wait... what's this?! The canine looks honestly surprised as her enemy is suddenly stricken with a case of needing to sneeze. She's given a once-over as well, and the Fire-type's pollen-touched hand reaches out, a finger settling ever so lightly upon the end of the horse's snout. "What's this? Oh no. Could it be perhaps you're allergic to... dogs?" White teeth appear in a grin, the naked, black-and-orange girl wiggling her finger back and forth on the shorter female's nose.

H: "N-no don't t-t-t--" She stops herself. If she thinks it's dogs, that's fine... but.... oh god... "H... HH-H-H-Hh-Hh-Hh...!" She can't hold it in anymore... that teasing finger! It's just... too... aaaa!

"H-HHEEEEEAAAAAHHH..." She takes in a large breath, her lungs groaning with protest and starting to ache a bit, thrusting her breasts forward. Then, with back-breaking force...

"...EKKKKTCHHHHHHHHHH'HHHUUUUUUU!" She belts out a sneeze at least as large as the Arcanine's previous- and her body jerks forward, planting her snout in her opponents' cleavage as she releases. Unfortunately for her, since it isn't an allergen, there isn't much that sneezing can do to relieve her- she just has to hope that her nose stops being stroked.

D: The judge blushes as a plain view of the horse's ass and more private areas are revealed. "Um... p-point."

A: The tide indeed has turned... The Arcanine watches and listens to her opponent, ears tipped forwards, a grin still on her face as her finger teases the arching horse. Following that long snout with her finger is easy for the quick canid... And leads to quite a monster of a sneeze! "Poor girl! I didn't realize you had such a big, sensitive nose..."

The Fire-type girl backs up a step, finger sliding off of her nose. She sniffs herself, still bothered by the local flowers, but it can't compare to the secret she's just discovered. Her own bare ass is displayed to the horse as she leans over ever so slightly, fluffy tail stroking under her chin... and then brushing back and forth across the equine's long snout. One hand still holds her breasts back, but the other is placed on a thigh, given there's no need to cover her crotch from the angle she has. White hair dances across the horse's nostrils. "And what a pair of lungs~!"

H: "Nnngh!" She squirms, trying to get away from the tail, but unable to. Instead she attacks! Bending over the Arcanine, she grabs the stem of a flower that's already close to her nose and stuffs it in, breasts pushing against the fluffy orange back in front of her, a new sneeze growing. Damn tail...! "A..AH...AHH..." She wishes she could rub it away, but even her own fingers are too much for her nose, usually... *Snort* The muscles in her nose flex and twitch, going crazy with this amount of stimulation.

A: This is too perfect! And too easy! The confusion only comes when there's a pair of tits pressing against her back. She doesn't have the best view of her enemy, instead making good use of her massive tail. But she's got a horse on top of her, and looks back, only to miss the pull of a hand. Suddenly, there's a flower against her nose. "Wha... Oh.." She gasps suddenly.. "No.." Her nostrils flare with her breath, trying to escape, which just lets all of the pollen in. The canine girl makes her best attempt to shake the equine off of her back, twisting far to one side and releasing the arm over her breasts for balance, letting them wobble as she moves. "Stop, you're guh.. UHH.. UHHH..."

H: "H-Heh... heh... not long on the clo-...HH.. HIH..." She squeezes her brown eyes shut, trying to hold it back... but hitting the ground forces her to let her breath out in a 'huf!', wrecking her concentration. Her eyes crack open, and she is treated to an eyeful. Two large, dangling breasts... a pink mound of flesh... and a twitching, yellow-dusted black nose. "Ah... HHhhAAAhh..." Her legs are splayed, modesty not really entering her mind, and she pinches between her eyes in desperation.

A: "HAAAHh.." The Arcanine rubs her nose. It's still two to one, against her... And the horse doesn't seem prone to fits. But now that she's on the ground, perhaps the bigger girl can keep her there! After... she's done sneezing, anyway. A big breath is pulled in. "HAAAAAAAAAH!" That powdered nose aches with the need to sneeze, twitching back and forth until.. " HAAH... HAAAAHHH...."


The Arcanine's legs are parted enough that her slit is visible, the pink jewel amongst the black fur containing yet another pink jewel, smaller... yet visible from where the equine is looking. A bit bigger than average there... As are her breasts, which are brought lower as the fiery, explosive sneeze exits from the Fire-type, who bends forwards to compensate for the blast. Her tits shake, her tail lifts, and she rubs her nose, remembering to do so with that hand that hasn't handled flowers. Bare naked, she stands above her opponent, and has enough sense of mind to flick her tail over when she's got her eyes open and has caught her balance. Canine fur dangles around the fingers trying to surpress the oncoming sneeze, finding its way to the wide nostrils.

D: The judge's legs are squirming as she yells 'point!' weakly.

H: The horse is now nude, that last fire blast having burned away her tank top, exposing plump, hard nipples the color of dark chocolate. That damn tail was back, tickling her nose... she had one last desperate idea, but she couldn't quite pull it off before... "AH... AAEEEEEEESSSHHHHHHUUUUUUUU!" she let out an enormous sneeze, Chest jiggling and back arching up toward the fire-dog.
She felt more coming. A lot more. It felt like she would never stop sneezing- but she had to... so she sat up a bit, pressing her nose between those big, furry tits. The fluffy chest fur tickled maddeningly- but hopefully it would be worth it. "HHRRSCHHMMMPH! HRRRRRRSCHHHHHUHHHM!" It was only somewhat muffled...

D: The judge was feeling quite warm now, and the timer was almost up.

H: "Hhh... HH... H. HIH... HAHH..." The Arcanine could hear, and feel, her gearing up for another one...

A: Wag wag wag! The Arcanine is actually happy enough that she could be wagging her tail. She watches the sneezy, now-naked horse with a grin. Three to two... She's losing, but is definitely in the best position. Her white tail brushes back and forth across the end of the equine's long snout, hoping to extract a few winning points from her before the clock finally runs down. She's a beauty while naked, and is barely thinking about going around in the buff right now, being as her opponent is equally unclothed. As the horse gets up, the odds turn towards the canine's favor, leaving that grin on her face. "Huh? Hey, what're you doing?!"

H: "Hhhrr... W-winning, h-h-hopeful-" She can't even finish that sentence. It's just too much. "HHHHHHHUUHH... H.. HAH... HRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAASSCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHMMMMPPHHHH H!!" She bucks forward into the soft breasts, trying to suppress but failing, only partially muffling the sound of that gigantic sneeze.


"T-time is up, ladies!" said the judge. "Th-the winner is... T-the... the win... winner...." Her eyes were watery, and her scaled nostrils were flaring out from their usual slits... the combination of dog and horse hair was just too much. She couldn't hold it back anymore.

"The... Ah... Eh.. Hh..HAH... HAAAASCHHHHHOOO!" She let loose a fiery sneeze into the open air... not quite reaching the two duelists. "H..H..Ih.. IIITCHHHHHHHEEEEEWWWW!"

Another one, this one covered- fire rebounding upon her, baring her breasts. "W-winner i... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAACTCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOO!"

She just couldn't stop. She was glad her pants didn't burn off, or her wetness might be evident. Two girls wrestling and sneezing? Yes please. "EEAAAACHHHHHHHHHHHHHH'UUU!"  She let loose another, and another. Fire spraying the fields, toasting the pollen nearby.

"HAH... HAH..." She held a clawed finger to her nose, trying not to... but the hair in her nostrils was tickling, tickling, tickling...


Blinking a few times, she paused. "I-it's a tie... I lose..." 'Or,' she thought, 'I could be said to have won...'
Title: Re: [F + Mature] Arcanine, Horse, and Dragon Sneeze Competition
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Yes, very sloooowly and carefully.  With the door shut.
At night, probably.
Title: Re: [F + Mature] Arcanine, Horse, and Dragon Sneeze Competition
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I like the dragon getting more and more worked up in the background.
Title: Re: [F + Mature] Arcanine, Horse, and Dragon Sneeze Competition
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love the headstrong horse ;3
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Who played which character in this one? :)
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I played the Arcanine, the other two were OneOfThree.
Title: Re: [F + Mature] Arcanine, Horse, and Dragon Sneeze Competition*
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I contain multitudes.