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Title: [M + Messy + Mature + Explicit] Thunder and Lust*
Post by: Daedalus on January 20, 2014, 05:31:12 AM
It was late when the car pulled up the apartment.  The headlights reflected in the falling rain.  Thunder rumbled in the distance, getting closer.  The worst of the storm was yet to hit.  The passenger door opened and slammed shut.  The girl getting out was clearly too upset to care about getting wet from the rain.  Her boyfriend never had a chance to get out and open the door for her.  He exited the car and followed, tail dragging and ears limp.

The front door of Dixie's apartment flew open with a resounding thud as she stormed in.  The border collie's eyes were bend with anger and she considered for a moment slamming the door in the face of her alsation boyfriend who was following her.  Dante stumbled into her apartment looking totally perplexed.

"Will you just chill for a sec and talk to me?" he pleaded, closing the front door.  When he turned away from the door he gave a muffled yelp and jumped as he got his wish - she was standing two feet away glaring at him with her arms folded.  He swallowed hard and tried not to stutter his words.

"L-look, I just…  I'm trying to figure out why you… what are you so pissed about?"

A strike of lightning flashed through the window, casting shadows across Dixie's face.

Her eyes narrowed and her lip curled slightly.  "You mean you don't know?!  Really?  You have no idea?  That's fucking brilliant, Dante!"  She turned to stomp off, adding, "I really can't fucking believe you!"

Dante peeled himself off the door he was backed against and summoned the courage to follow.  "But…  I…  Will you just tell me?  I mean, I just don't get…"

Dixie wheeled around inside the doorway of her bedroom.  "You don't get it?  That, I believe!"  Leaning against her bed, she began pulling off her boots and socks as the rant continued.

"What the hell is wrong with you, huh?  I told you I wanted us to spend the evening together.  I told you I was looking forward to spending an evening with you.  And how excited I was that we were going out to dinner!  How did you manage to fuck that up?"

Dante stood with a deer-in-the-headlights expression as he tried to make sense of what she was saying.  Logically, he knew it was a mistake to say anything.  His brain told him it was best to walk away and let her temperature come down a bit.  Even as he opened his mouth, his instincts warned him that speaking was a bad idea. 

But then, this happened: "But we did go out to dinner!  We even went to your favorite restaurant!  You said you like it before and that…"  The look on Dixie's face stopped him cold.

"No, jackass!  I meant us!  You and me!  Not you, me, and a group of your rowdy college friends!  I wanted the highlight of the evening to be something other than watching everyone get drunk and die laughing as Jaxon tried to fart out his name out in Morse code!"

Dante retreated, tongue-tied, as Dixie slammed her bedroom door shut.  He stood dazed from the verbal onslaught.  His ears twitched to the faint sound of water running in her shower.  He strolled into the kitchen to get a beer while his shame turned to frustration.  *sigh* "Why can't women just say what they want," he mused while popping the top off the bottle.  "Why is it they're all like, 'Why didn't you automatically know what I meant when I said something else!'  Why don't they just come with instruction manuals?"  He leaned against the counter and watched the rain streaking down the windowpane. 

Dante flopped on the sofa and fired up the Xbox.  He half-heartedly tried to beat his best score on Forza Motorsport 5 while sipping his beer and wondering what to say or do once she got out of the shower.  Apologize.  That was definitely what she wanted.  An apology.  She wanted a romantic evening.  That was obvious now.  Probably because she was in…  The controller fell out of his paws as Dante slapped his forehead.  Of course!  Now, he understood.  Now it all made sense.

Dante formed a plan in his mind.  She wanted romance and she wanted an apology.  He could do that!  He pulled off his shirt and unbuttoned the top of his jeans.  He heard the shower turn off which meant he didn't have a lot of time.  He ran to the kitchen and prepared a cup of her favorite hot tea before hurrying back over to the doorway to her bedroom.

Dixie stepped out of the steam-filled bathroom and toweled herself off.  The shower had definitely helped.  She was more frustrated than mad now.  How could Dante be so oblivious?  She sighed and thought maybe she had been too hard on him.  He was male after all and they could be pretty dense sometimes.  Maybe it wasn't totally his fault.  She slipped on a long nightshirt and ventured out of the bedroom to read a bit before turning in for the night.  When she opened the door, there was Dante leaning against the doorframe, shirtless, holding a cup of tea.  She paused and shot him a puzzled look.

"Hey," said Dante in the most seductive tone he could manage.  Her expression didn't change.  "I, uh, made you some tea.  Here you go.  And I know that I messed up.  So I'm sorry, 'kay?"  He stepped back and beamed, proud of himself.  After a moment of silence - the time when he was sure she would smile and hug him for being so thoughtful - his expression faded and his ears fell.  She wasn't smothering him in affection.  Something was wrong.

With a deadpan look, Dixie nodded her appreciation for the tea and asked, "You're sorry… for what, exactly?"

Panic.  "Um…  Sorry I…  I mean, If I'd known you were in heat I would've…" 

Dixie's ears folded back.  "In heat?  IN HEAT?!  That's why you're apologizing?  Because you think I'm…  Just shut up.  SHUT UP!  Don't talk to me!  Don't touch me!  Just do us both a favor and stop talking!"  Dixie pushed past the thoroughly confused alsation and curled up on the end of the sofa with her tea and a book. 

Dante stood there with a stupid expression as he watched her sit down.  Defeated, perplexed, and with tail dragging, he plodded back over and sat at the other end of the sofa.  He wasn't sure if it was ok to keep playing Xbox or what he was supposed to do.  He looked over at Dixie who, it seemed, was not going to meet his gaze.  He sighed and rubbed his nose, which was itchy for some reason.  Probably just some random... 


The sneeze had caught him totally off guard.  Dante wondered if maybe he was just a little cold or if, god forbid, the pollen season was starting early this year.  It didn't feel like an allergy sneeze, it had been too quick and…  He paused as his ears twitched towards Dixie.  Was it his imagination or had she gasped just now?  With delicate caution, he turned his head just enough to glance at her sideways.  Her eyes were buried in her book, but her face… her face was… flushed?  Really?  Was he imagining this? 

Dante thought back to the first time he had met Dixie and how their first time had been in the aftermath of a massive allergy attack where he had sneezed all over her.  She was so turned on he could hardly believe it.  And then there was the time he'd let her tie him up and torture his nose.  She nearly came without him even touching her!  Maybe she was better now!  He dared to look over at her and wagged, ever so slightly, while giving a half smile.  Dixie just glared and turned back to her book.

Dante's ears fell and he slumped back.  No, he hadn't imagined it.  He was sure of that, now.  She was just being stubborn.  Well, fine.  He decided to see just how far her stubbornness ran.  But he was going to have to be subtle about it.  Can't be too obvious.  It has to seem 'natural'.  But how?  There's no pollen in the room.  And dust would be a little risky.  Dante absently played with his tail as he thought.  Then he looked down at his tail.  His big, fluffy, hairy, bushy, tail.  He tried to suppress his grin as he pulled a tiny clump of long hairs off the end.

A crash of thunder shook the windows while lightening flashed like a strobe light outside causing both of them to jump.  Blackness followed.  Only the faintest glow of the streetlight outside provided any illumination within the apartment.  The two of them sat in the darkness, waiting to see if the lights would come back on.  Dixie cursed under her breath, but Date had a wide grin.  Now she couldn't see what he was doing.

While Dixie stretched out and made herself comfortable, Dante went to work rolling the strands of hair from his tail together.  He brought the strands up to his nose and hesitated.  He'd never tried this before - specifically trying to induce sneezing.  He knew that if his sneezing got too far out of control, his loins would erupt with uncontrollable lust.  He heard Dixie sigh with frustration and made up his mind.  Time to do this.

The tapping of the rain peppering down on the windows was the only sound in the apartment.  Dante brought the pointy clump of hairs closer and closer to his snout until he felt the light itchy feeling on the end of his nose.  Unable to see clearly in the darkness, he fumbled around until he felt the twisted strands insert into his nose.  His heart beat faster.  He wondered if this would actually work or just feel annoying.  He slid the hairs in further.  Slowly easing them in until a sharp tickle in the back of his nose as felt.  It was working!  He twisted and pushed the hairs back and forth.  The ends of the follicles teased and scraped the inside walls of his sinuses causing then to become red and inflamed.  He felt the all too familiar waves of tickles throughout his muzzle as his nose prepared to expel the source of irritation. 


The sneeze was louder and stronger than he was prepared for.  It startled him as much as it did Dixie.  He paused and waited.  Listening to her breathing.  He heard it again!  Her quick gasp of muffled breath.  She shifted slightly on the sofa.  His plan was working.  Thunder rumbled far in the distance.  He pushed the hairs in again, bolder this time now that he knew that to expect - jamming them into the back of his sinus cavity and spinning them around madly.

*ehhh… eeegghheee…  EH!  HHHEEEYYIIISSSHHUUUUUU!!*

This time there was no mistaking it.  She had murmured a stifled moan.  Dante's ears shifted and trained in on her, trying to pick up even the slightest of clues.  His nose was getting a little runny, now.  It would be too difficult to continue this with flimsy hairs.  He remembered that she had received a gag gift from Alex with a variety of sex toys - including several large feathers for teasing your partner.  He jumped up and stumbled his way into the bedroom while Dixie sat up and wondered what he was up to.  He felt his way around to the nightstand and reached inside, pulling out the gift box.  He pawed around until he felt the soft touch of the feathers and… something else that was round and smooth, yet not made of plastic?  Candles!  Oh, this was too perfect!

Dante returned with his bundle of items and set them on the coffee table.  He shuffled out of his jeans - if this worked, he certainly wouldn't need them on anymore.  Dixie was more than curious at all the noise he was making but was determined not to speak to him.  Dante sat back down on the sofa, holding the candles and some matches.  He decided he better check that the feather idea would work before lighting them up.  His last encounter with feathers had ended with him a sneezy mess, but those had been covered in pollen.  He twirled the shaft in his paw and brought it up to his nose, still moist from sneezing before.  He slowly dragged the body of the feather under his nostrils.  The effect was rather quick.


He heard Dixie give a muffled moan again and definitely felt her tremble for a moment.  It was time to take this up to a new level.  He put the feather down and picked up the pack of matches.  The warm glow of the orange flame washed over the room as shadows danced and swayed.  Dante lit the two candles and gazed over at Dixie.  Her expression was still sour, but her eyes were dilated - betraying her desire.  And although she was hiding it well, he could see that she was biting into her lip to maintain composure.

Dante repositioned himself, facing towards her reclining form.  He locked eyes with Dixie and brought the feather back up to his face.  Her eyes widened the tiniest fraction and she couldn't help but watch him slowly drag the feather across his nose as its shiny texture twitched in the candlelight.  She could read his face easily.  Her breathing became sharp in anticipation as his muzzle began to wrinkle and shiver.  She honed in on his nostrils as they flared and quivered with need.  She hear his breath hitch slightly as he sniffled back the moisture accumulating in his sinuses.  But she was still mad at him, dammit!  She reminded herself of this even as her nethers became warm and moist.  She wanted to turn away and ignore him, but the display was intoxicating.  Dixie felt the first twinge of passion building.  But she would give him what he wanted.  No way.

Dante's nose was burning now.  The feather was working, but it was more drawn out now.  His eyes watered as the itching in his nose became a concentrated tingle at the tip, driving him mad.  Faster and faster he swirled the feather trying desperately to get the sneeze to come out.  He lost sight of Dixie as he shut his eyes and snorted deeply, hoping to trigger a release.


The rapid nasal explosions covered Dixie in a fine mist from his nose.  Despite her best efforts, she murred audibly and blushed in embarrassment.  She decided to sit up more, drawing her legs up against her chest - totally forgetting that the nightshirt was all she had on.  Another powerful sneeze from Dante made her blush even more and she put her face on her knees to hide her desire.  But Dante saw more.

Dante's gaze turned down to her sex, which was bathed in candlelight.  Her pink folds were exposed and glistened in the orange flame.  His lust spiked as he caught scent of her heat - unmistakable now as it seemed to fill the room.  Thunder rumbled the atmosphere and sweat dripped from his face.  Her flesh seemed to be calling out in desperation.  Dante wasn't sure if it was the movement of the flame that made her labia appear to crawl and shift.  He pushed the tip of the feather into his nose this time and tickled his nostrils as more mucus dribbled out unchecked with his attention totally focused between her legs.  His nose scrunched and complained.  His nostrils flared and twitched.  His own sex grew and dripped.  His nose erupted again.


Dixie flinched and hugged her knees tighter.  Her lust pulsed and tingled inside her.  She could feel the desire in her flesh building as her heat continued to grow.  Her flower blossomed further and the candlelight reflections of her flesh danced in Dante's eyes.  He licked his lips as he watched as a single drop of moisture slid from her pink folds onto her shirt.  The tip of her clitoris was just visible now - shiny and red with need.  He paused the assault on his nose to chance teasing her further.

He took the feather and cautiously moved it towards her slick flesh.  Without making direct contact, he move the delicate ends of the plumage across her sensitive flesh and watches as it trembled and danced to the feather's embrace.  Dixie bit her lip even harder than before.  Although she didn't feel the feather, the effects were crashing through her and tying her stomach in knots.  She moaned audibly despite her best efforts and shivered as a massive wave of hot pleasure radiated out from her pelvis.  Dante heightened the effect by holding the plumage just above her clitoris and blowing lightly on it.  The button undulated in response.  He wondered how much longer she would try and keep this up. 

Only one way to find out.

Dante reached over on top of the shelf above the sofa, a place that never got cleaned too often.  He ran his paw down the length of the shelf accumulating a wad of dust.  He stared at the gray matter on his pads and swallowed hard.  This would most definitely set his allergies off with a vengeance.  He looked back between Dixie's legs and saw that her labia and clitoris were fully exposed now.  Her lust was plainly visible in the dampness of her pubic fur which was now soaked and dripping.  Her flesh sparkled and pulsed in the flickering light.  She drew breath in shallow gasps - still resisting the call of her heat.  His own flesh was painfully hard, staring up at him from through the slit in his boxers and drooling with anticipation.

Dante reached out a paw and brushed Dixie's fur behind her ears.  She tensed at his caress, and whimpered.  He kept petting her until she relented and looked up with large eyes.  He showed her his dusty paw.  Dixie watched as he brought the paw to his nose and inhaled its contents.  She gasped involuntarily and felt her groin spasm.  The limits of her self-control were rapidly eroding.

A muffled crash of thunder shoot the walls of the apartment and the rain poured down harder than ever.  Dante paused as the allergens began to take control of his nose.  He could feel the interior of his muzzle begin to itch and shiver as fluid began to build in his sinuses.  A parallel reaction started in his cock.  It felt electric, like thousands of static sparks covering his shaft and his nasal cavities.  He sniffled out of reflex when his nose began to run in earnest. 

Dante watched in the dim glow of the apartment as Dixie's sex trembled visibly and drooled like a hungry maw anticipating a meal.  He could almost see her heartbeat pulsing in the folds of her labia and her clit.  She was rocking back and forth now, trying to distract her mind from the lust burning in her groin.  He cracked a half smile while looking upon the expression of sheer desperation in her face - the raw cravings spelled out in the sweat across her brow and the look in her eyes.  The first of no doubt many explosive allergy-fueled sneezes was brewing rapidly in the back of his nose, creeping forward along the bridge of his muzzle causing it to cringe and flinch and his nostrils to quiver and flare.  His nose dripped into his lap as pre fell from his dick. 

The spot where Dixie sat was soaking wet now.  He knew her defenses were spent.  He reached out and gently pulled her legs out and apart.  She trembled at his touch and offered no resistance amidst the stifled moans and whimpers.  He pulled her close and inhaled the raw bliss of her heat.  Kneeling on the floor, Dante pressed his nose in close to her flesh with just the lightest of touch on the edge of her lips.  Dixie writhed and bit her lip as the feeling of Dante's trembling nose electrified her flesh causing wave after wave of heat to wash over her.  Dante felt the sneeze approaching crescendo he had no intentions of holding back.

*sniffle… eeeeeehhhhh…  EHH!  AHH!  HEEEYEEEEEEEESSSHHHOOOOOO!!*

Lightening flashed.  Thunder rolled.

The blast of his nose slammed into Dixie's aching flesh.  Unable to stop herself, she cried out and yelped.  Her back arched and tension gripped her.  Eager to taste her heat, Dante moved the bare tip of his tongue around the circumference of her vulva.  He savored her taste and pressed his nose against her clitoris to wipe of his nasal discharge from his nose.  He looked up to gauge her state.  She was panting hard and fast.  Her tongue laid limp out of her open mouth.  He smiled and braced himself for another allergic response and again placed his nose a hair's breadth away from her sex.


His own cock jumped and dribbled pre with each successive sneeze.  It was now a race against the inevitable.  Could he make her cum before his balls released their contents in a flood of semen?  Dixie was close - so close he couldn't believe she was still able to resist.  But through her grunts and yelps and how swollen her labia was, he knew she was ready to explode.  A soft rumble of thunder set a prelude to the massive impending strike.

Dante blinked away allergic tears as his nose burned and throbbed.  He could feel his dick do the same.  Pre dribbled out of his tip and traveled down the underside of his cock, over his sac and puddling on the floor beneath him.  He couldn't hold out for much longer.  Nor was there any hope of reigning in the massive sneeze that was building pressure in his nose - his sinuses were desperate to flush the allergens from his system. 

Dante's breath hitched and gasped.  Dixie's breathing turned to hard panting.  Dante's nose flared red with irritation.  Dixie's labia flowered open revealing her vagina.  Dante's nose twitched and poured mucus.  Dixie's cunt undulated and drooled.  Dante could hold it any longer and gasped hard.  Dixie did the same.  From outside, a shockwave of thunder rocked the building.


Dante doubled over clutching the edge of the sofa for support as sneeze after sneeze rocketed out of him and blew across Dixie's groin.  She responded in kind.


Dixie tore the fabric off the sofa with her clenched fists as her legs wrapped around Dante and bear-hugged him - forcing his nose on top of her clit as he sneezed into her over and over again.  Her cunt exploded into a fire-hose of orgasmic release covering Dante's face and chest with her cum.  The climax felt like an eternity and she was sure that her sanity was lost forever in its wake. 

The rumbles from the storm subsided.  The candles flickered.  The room was quiet for a moment as Dixie tried to reestablish mental cognition.  She was awash in sweat and her own cum as her legs fell limp, releasing their hostage.  Trembling, she managed to pull her head up enough to look down.  Her gaze met Dante's eyes and found them full of determination and lust with a fierceness she had never seen in him before.  His piercing glare send a chill down her spine.  She opened her mouth in confusion but no words would come.  Without breaking eye contact.  Dante snatched hold of the cushions beside her and pull himself up above.  His nose still dripping with irritation and his breath still ragged and feral.  Dixie felt a slight twinge of fear - fear of this unknown look in his eyes.  She glanced down again.  Between them.  His painfully rigid dick dripped pre and she cringed.

"NO!  Wait!  Please!  I'm so tender now!  Dante, I can't take it!  I'll lose my fucking mi-AAAAAAHH!"

In no mood for idle chit-chat, Dante snarled with raw desire to mate and plowed into her.  Her body still reeling from post orgasmic stupor convulsed as hyper-sensitive flesh was over-stimulated pushing her senses to limits she had never known.  Dante's cock attacked her vagina with wild abandon.  He growled and lapped his tongue over her breasts which had swollen at least one cup size.  He dragged his tongue and teeth across her nipples.  Dixie shrieked and writhed, gripping his back with her paws and tearing at his flesh.  Dante bit down into her neck and drove deeper inside her, his throbbing shaft stimulating every part of her spasming flesh. 

Dixie felt her groin clench with heat as the waves of pleasure coursed through her.  She knew she was going to cum again, and wondered if her sanity could withstand the release.  She looked up at her lover as Dante's teeth release their grip on her neck.  He continued to thrust, but his expression was distant.  She knew this expression all too well.  He gasped and struggled against his nose as it twitched and wrinkled with itchy desire.  His breath became sharp and rapid as his control waned.

"Do it!" she screamed.  "I wanna feel it!  Oh, god.  Yes!"


The release pushed them both over the edge.  Dixie's flesh clamped down tight around the penetrating shaft.  She screamed as a second orgasm wracked her senses to oblivion.  The gush of hot semen flooding her vagina sent shockwaves of raw passion throughout her body.  Dante gritted his teeth so hard he drew his own blood.  His release had been building for what seemed like hours.  Euphoria overtook his conscious mind as his balls pumped wave after wave of cum into her.  As his piston drove into her one final time, the sheer volume of seed spilled out around his balls.

The two collapsed on top of each other.  Panting.  Sweating.  Too overtaken with pleasure to move.  Too drunk with lust to care about the post-coital secretions they were covered in.  Their fight seemed a distant memory.  Now all that mattered was kissing and holding each other - and trying to catch their breath.  The tension between them and inside them was diminished. 

Outside, the rain subsided and all was quiet.
Title: Re: [M + Messy + Mature + Explicit] Thunder and Lust
Post by: SnEeZy on January 20, 2014, 07:40:00 AM
Dixie! I missed her D: i was wondering what happened to her...

this is one ongoing series i'm always in tune for. :3 i'm glad you're getting creative with the series, there's always a new adventure each time. amazing, man. :)
Title: Re: [M + Messy + Mature + Explicit] Thunder and Lust
Post by: Chikara on January 20, 2014, 08:24:12 AM
Oof, that was intense. Good job.
Title: Re: [M + Messy + Mature + Explicit] Thunder and Lust
Post by: SnEeZy on January 20, 2014, 11:00:58 AM
i agree D: pretty powerful stuff, too. i hope this couple can work things out :) and after that, i think Dante just about did it :D
Title: Re: [M + Messy + Mature + Explicit] Thunder and Lust
Post by: oneofthree on January 20, 2014, 09:10:14 PM
Teasing solves every problem.
Title: Re: [M + Messy + Mature + Explicit] Thunder and Lust
Post by: Malachite on January 22, 2014, 01:03:35 PM
Hee, ten points to details :3c It's lovely, awesome, wonderful, brilliant, like Dae's stories always tend to be~
Title: Re: [M + Messy + Mature + Explicit] Thunder and Lust
Post by: AMTW03 on January 23, 2014, 11:32:02 AM
Awesome!!  ;D  You're on a roll Dae.

Loved all the teasing, and the the way, intentional sneezes that are self induced for a purpose are among my favorite.  There's something about somebody wanting to torture themselves for a specific reason...and in this case, to torture somebody else as well was...well, hot! xD  I've said before that I'm not big on the adult stuff...quit trying to convert me! Lol.

Well written as always, and strikingly realistic.  Very "slice of life" like.  I also like how you manage to make it so that Dante's sneezes are big without them being unrealistically large or exaggerated.  And the part at the end where they were messing around was so detailed, I could so picture it...loved Dixie's reactions. xD  Haha nice job!
Title: Re: [M + Messy + Mature + Explicit] Thunder and Lust
Post by: Francey on January 27, 2014, 10:59:11 PM
I've read all of these so far and I gotta say, I've loved every one! Every story has new aspects that're put together really well. Awesome work!
Title: Re: [M + Messy + Mature + Explicit] Thunder and Lust
Post by: SnEeZy on January 30, 2014, 05:58:42 AM
i'm starting to wonder if a condom would have any strength to contain dante's "gift". :D this kinda reminds me of eric schwartz's character Spike the wolf and carli the chinchilla with overactive glands, hehe. x3
Title: Re: [M + Messy + Mature + Explicit] Thunder and Lust*
Post by: Tyko on January 25, 2015, 01:06:17 PM
Great story, love your material with Dante and all, but there is just one flaw with it... and it's toward the beginning where Dante is confused as to why Dixie is upset when he supposedly did what she wanted to do.  Yes, all us guys know that feeling of "why is my girl upset, why can't she just say what she wants, why don't girls come with instruction manuals."  But, this situation would have been obvious that Dixie just wanted a nice dinner with her man and no one else, unless Dante really is that oblivious.  Again, I love his character, but that particular instance kinda comes off as odd to me.  Perhaps if it were something just a tad more subtle, then it would have been perfect.  That's just my opinion, other than that you did a great job.  :)