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Title: [Rules] Site's Archival Policies
Post by: Furry-Sneezes on June 21, 2014, 06:27:46 AM
I wanted to take the time to explain to everyone about Sneezefurs' archival policies. This refers to the decisions made on which pieces are included in the archive and under what circumstances they are included.

As a site specifically intended to be about archival, images and videos are added to this site without express permission for the sake of preserving the content. Once something is added to the internet, it becomes a candidate for archival. Images taken from galleries like DA and FA are added to the site with full credit to the artist, but permission is not requested.

To the same extent, content added to the site by members falls into this same category. Once content has been added to this site, it becomes owned by the community. While some content will be rejected during an archival pass, the majority of it will be saved for archival purposes.

To supplement this policy, a change has been made to the archival sections of the forum. Topics that have been moved to the areas of the site where topics cannot be posted lose the ability to be edited or removed by members. This extends to the backlog in the stories area with topics that have not yet been formatted for archival. ('Unarchived')

I recognize that some people want to retain full control over their content, but I want to emphasize that this site is an archival site, and not a gallery for individual members. This site relies on the principle of public domain and preservation to provide you with content. Without it, the video archive would not exist, and most of the art archive would not exist either.

This has always been the policy here, and the only thing that has changed is the restrictions on archived topics. I do apologize if anyone feels offended by this policy, and if it's a matter of being associated with the sneeze fetish then I hope you will understand that by having content in the archive, you are not considered to be a part of the fetish community. Your content is there because we appreciate its existence. :3