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Title: [M] Nathaniel and Annie
Post by: BurningKhaos55 on October 16, 2014, 04:45:34 AM
(A/N:) Another story. Enjoy, if you don't mind. As per usual, criticism is appreciated.

Oh, how had he gotten himself into this mess?! Nathaniel questioned himself that as he slowly sat himself down beside a white feline, wearing a black tracksuit. The silver wolf was wearing a blue hoodie and black sweat pants, and trying to act nice and cool.

Unfortunately for him, the cold he caught a few days prior hadn't yet left his body, leaving him sniffling, coughing, and of course, sneezing. Even worse, with his crush in front of him, he felt himself having to sneeze. A dare from his friend later, and here he was, sitting before potentially the most beautiful girl in the world, and he was about to sneeze. And his weren't exactly dry...

"Uh...H-Hey...Annie.." he said shyly, rubbing his arm nervously. Despite his cocky exterior and attire, he was still a bit on the shy side, much like Annie herself. "O-Oh! Hey Nathaniel..." she smiled at him, setting her book down.

"Hhh..." Nathaniel sniffled, holding a finger under his nose. The wolf found his lips quivering as his nostrils twitched, his muzzle shaking. "Hehh...". His nose tried again to release the allergens, but he wouldn't allow himself to sneeze around this lovely feline, he simply couldn't!

Nathaniel gasped, feeling his muzzle twitch. He soon found himself beginning to blush as the girl glanced at him. "Uh..N-Nathaniel?" she asked, curious. "I..I'm fine!" he gasped quickly, pinching his nose, feeling it wiggle between his index finger and thumb. "Puh-Perfectly fine..." he repeated for emphasis, though the barrage of sniffles afterwards said otherwise...

"S-So..Uh...Annie..." he coughed into his fist. "W-What..Do...You luhke to dahow?". Quickly the wolf gasped it out, feeling the tickles quickly spark up again. Oh, this was bad, he wasn't sure how much longer he could last!

"W-Well...I like to read, and write and...". Slowly, Nathaniel found he could no longer pay attention. The tears welling in his eyes were preventing him from doing so, the buzzing in his nose demanding his full attention, his ears twitching only because of the light gasping noises he made. "N-Nathaniel?". Annie raised an eyebrow and slowly crossed her arms. Oh crap..."Suh..Sahhrry...I..I...".

The teenage wolf soon found however, his nose had developed a mind of it's own, writhing beneath his paw as the tickles swelled up and grew, nostrils flaring wide as he gasped. "Hhh..HH..HIHH...". He shuddered, ear's twitching as he slowly leaned back.

Annie gasped and quickly turned away, though thankfully Nathaniel managed to do it for her (or himself?), whipping around just in time to let out a wet, forceful sounding "H'SCHIEWW!", ejecting droplets of spray from his nostrils. "S-Sah..Sorry..." he winced, muzzle scrunching again as he turned away, letting out another loud, more powerful(and much odder) "HUU'SHCEWW!".

Giving a murmur, he coughed into his elbow, sniffling wetly. Looking over, he oddly found she didn't seem at all turned away despite how misty it was. In fact, she even seemed to be smiling at him! "Wh-Wha...?" he almost silently asked before she giggled. "Oh, that was so cute!" Annie giggled, clapping her little paws together.

"C-Cute?!" Nathaniel asked, shocked. He wasn't...That wasn't cute! "Oh please..." he blushed faintly, feeling his cheeks heat up. "That was disgusting...". To his surprise, Nathaniel found two soft paws caress his cheeks, pulling him close. His rather large sniffer pressed firmly against a much smaller pink one. "It *was* cute..." she purred, her tongue gently licking his nose, causing it to twitch a little bit. "D-Dahn't.." he gasped, wiggling his snout around. "I-It's still sensitive..." Nathaniel murmured, swiping a finger back and forth underneath his flexing nostrils, causing the feline before him to giggle.

"S-Say, maybe you'd like to come by my place later? I-If you're not feeling too good that is...I mean if you can come by if you're okay I..I..Uh...-". "It's fine Annie..." Nathaniel chuckled, raising his paw, rubbing his nose with his other one. "But...I dunno, maybe that wouldn't be so bad...." he grinned, gently taking her paw in his own.
Title: Re: [M+Messy(more or less misty)+Cold] Nathaniel and Annie
Post by: Retrofan191 on October 16, 2014, 02:45:11 PM
I really loved this! excellent detail, and a really cute scenario!  I think you have a talent for writing :)
Title: Re: [M+Messy(more or less misty)+Cold] Nathaniel and Annie
Post by: BurningKhaos55 on October 16, 2014, 08:56:56 PM
Ah, thank you Retro! That means quite a bit! More then anything though, I'm glad you enjoyed it
Title: Re: [M+Messy(more or less misty)+Cold] Nathaniel and Annie
Post by: sneezyserpent on October 17, 2014, 01:16:23 AM
This was enjoyable and I like the scenario too :). I had images of this like a movie or a comic going through my head as I read it ^^. Very good job here! :D

That feline girl made me blush XD. She seems like a very pretty character plus she wasn't offended and had a little surprise for him at the end XD. Good ending to this story ^^.
Title: Re: [M+Messy(more or less misty)+Cold] Nathaniel and Annie
Post by: AMTW03 on October 18, 2014, 02:16:00 PM
Very cute! :D  Hope you continue!
Title: Re: [M+Messy(more or less misty)+Cold] Nathaniel and Annie
Post by: BurningKhaos55 on October 18, 2014, 05:26:46 PM
Definitely thinking about it. Thanks for the input!