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Title: Sneeze cartoon comics in other languages (mainly F, some M)
Post by: sneezyserpent on September 04, 2015, 06:17:34 PM
If you type in the word sneeze in different languages in google, you sometimes find different pictures :). I was curious and decided to try this, and I found some things I don't know if we have.

Don't ask my why this appeared when I typed in niesen, the german word for sneeze XD. I am happy it showed up :) The book is called Dr. Duck...apparently there's a lot of books by that title which is probably why I never heard of it before ^^; In this book, a lot of trouble is caused when a lady porcupine catches a cold, and her sneeze makes her needles fly everywhere. I don't know exactly why (kid book logic) but those quills make other animals have side effects too, one of which is an elephant catches her cold too... (
and (

This is another german thing. Don't know exactly what she is, but it's an older style cartoon animal. (

Here's another sneezy porcupine loosing its quills. Don't know why a sneezing porcupine is so common but I'm not complaining :D (

I am also including attachments of things I found earlier.
Title: Re: Sneeze cartoon comics in other languages (mainly F, some M)
Post by: sneezyserpent on September 04, 2015, 06:28:37 PM
I also wanted to share these too...old Sonic comics were available during my summer job I really didn't like, and I was able to buy them. It took me until about a week and a half to sit down and read them...but when I did, I discovered a lot about the Sonic characters I had no clue about. It also was really interesting seeing how Sally, Eggman, and even Sonic and Tails looked WAY different when they first appeared back in the day XD.

These sneezes both happened about the 12th comic I read, and one of them happened almost immediately after a sneeze that Sonic did himself...although I know we have that one in the archives :) This sneeze from Tails we don't have.

The next one is...unique and off page XD. It's human, so don't look if you don't care about that stuff. It's Dr. Eggman. The chapter I took this from is the very first chapter Dr. Eggman actually looks like that. As you can see, he's not completely human at this chapter...he transformed from a supercomputer form of himself, so it's not the Dr. Eggman that was in the early 2000s onwards. Anyway, he sneezes because of a computer virus Sally and the computer Nicole infect into his main computer, so when he tries to download something in his main computer, he gets that virus and it effected him.

Really bizarre scenario, but I liked seeing it :). Dr. Eggman/Dr. Robotnik is one of my favorite villains.

Anyway, sorry for the randomness ^^;, but I hope these are something new for you all :)
Title: Re: Sneeze cartoon comics in other languages (mainly F, some M)
Post by: Paws on September 04, 2015, 11:57:56 PM
The porcupine in the book is so cute! ;w; I love her little red nose and the shot of her wrapped in the blanket.