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Title: [M + Messy + Mature + Explicit^2] How To Train Your Husky
Post by: Daedalus on September 10, 2016, 09:20:17 AM
Hello, my lovelies!  First off, a big jackalope hug to Mr. Ticklynoses (;u=147) who helped me write this story which is part three of my ‘Musk’ series, following “You Get What You Pay For (” and “You Get What You Pay For Again (”.  I do hope you enjoy! Cheers! =P

I don’t really consider myself to be an actual artist, per se.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t hold a great appreciation for art itself.  I like to think that I’m a fox with a keen eye for recognizing artistic talent in others - at least when it comes to ‘Performance Art’.  Oh sure, others might call it sex, fucking, yiffing, pleasuring, grinding, or what have you.  But here at Musk, pleasures of the flesh are genuinely an art form.  And the courtesans of Musk are masters of the craft.  I guess that makes me a patron of the arts.

Of course, master artists aren’t born that way.  Their skills must be honed, their talents must be shaped, and most importantly their eyes must be opened to the world that sex is more than just lube and rubbing parts together.  If that’s all you want then take your tail down to the nearest strip club and shove some money in a thong.  Here at Musk, the escorts are artisans of pleasure and understand that foreplay and fetish are just as important as climax and cum.  But like any true master craftsman, they must be trained hard.  Very hard. 

Today, by special invite, I’m being given an opportunity to watch and observe.  To see how one takes a simple lust-filled toy and turns them into an artist of pleasure.  So here I am, sipping merlot and sprawled out comfortably on this plush settee in a bedroom that’s not mine and doing the best impersonation of ‘patient’ I’m capable of.  I know that today's ‘recruit’, as it were, is being given a lesson in a fetish of my personal favorite.  My cock is already tingling just thinking about what’s in store for him.

I was told to come and make myself at home, so I did just that - showing up here in my most comfortable outfit.  Sometimes I don’t know why I even bother putting on a shirt since I just leave it unbuttoned anyway.  And these cotton wrap pants?  I love them!  The cling to me in all the right places and yet are still roomy enough to - shall we say, ‘accommodate’ me when things get yummy.  Jeans?  Yuck.  Sure they may look nice on my legs and ass but I’ve learned the hard way not to wear constrictive clothing here.

Speaking of yummy, our padawan should be arriving soon.  In the meantime, let me acquaint you with the hot piece of wolf standing opposite the bed over there.  That is Ashton.  And no, Ashton is not a courtesan.  Though with that muscular frame he’s got, he would certainly command a hefty price - one I’d pay in a heartbeat.  Sorry, I digress.  Ashton is what you might call the welcoming committee for new recruits.  He’s one of many here at Musk, but I’m told his technique and skills are particularly impressive.  I certainly hope so.

The door opens, revealing a rainbow of neon husky fur.  He bounces in the room with a wide grin and spring in his tail that seems to be consistent with all of his breed.  He’s got the body of a swimmer and the ass of a high school cheerleader.  Honestly, I’ve never cared much for neon fur highlights but I must admit he wears them well.  Streaks of purple and pink race up and down his back and sides.  He’s got on a pair of neon yellow and pink spandex boishorts and a slightly too big tee shirt with the words ‘Boner Garage’ diagonal across both sides.  He’s got his hair died a shade of neon teal that sets off his eyes well, but wearing it flopped to one side like that is still pretty hideous.  He stops and briefly looks confused before turning towards me and flashing an electric smile.

“Haaaaiiii~,” he giggles.  “I’m Driskel!  It’s so fabulous to meet you,” he prattles on with his tongue flopped out to one side, extending a limp wrist out for me to shake or kiss.  I smile back at him in silence.  He’s cute, no doubt.  And that ass of his is enough to confuse even the straightest of men.  Well done, sweetie.  You’ve got my cock’s attention.  I motion with my finger for him to turn around, which he does, thinking I want a better look at that ass.  Which I do, but also there’s a grizzled wolf on the other side of the room looking a bit impatient. 

As soon as Driskel turns around and sees Ashton glaring at him from the darkened corner, he starts his whole greeting routine all over again, like someone hit the reset button on his game.  Ashton doesn’t take his limp paw either.  Instead he throws a pink collar on the bed with the word ‘Dish’ embroidered on it.

“Shut your dick hole and put that on!  You’ll speak only when I ask you a question.  The only two names you will care about anymore are ‘Sir’ and ‘Master’!” 

Ashton circles him like a predator, barking at him like a puppy getting his ass chewed out.  It’s difficult to tell from this angle whether the husky was quite prepared for this kind of reception but from the looks of his nervous tail I’d say probably not. 

“From here on out your name is ‘Dish’!  You like that name, don’t you?  You love it!  Tell me how much you love it!”

‘Dish’ flips his teal bangs out of his eyes and shrugs, “I mean it’s okay, I guess - I mean, like, if you like it then sure, but it doesn’t really go with my usual…”

*SPANK!*  Ashton’s paw comes across Dish’s ass so hard it makes me flinch in my seat, leaving a tingling sensation across my tummy and also in my groin - though, admittedly the second one could be from how it made Dish’s balls wiggle from the sheer impact.  The husky’s face is a chaotic mix of shock, arousal, and shame all at once.

“Did I ask for your opinion, Dish?  I asked you a simple question.  It has a simple answer.  Now do you love your new name?”

He nods, at first at a loss to remember how to speak.  Finally he chokes out, “Y-yes.”

*SMACK!* Ooohh~  That ass is gonna get sore quick at this rate.  I’m licking my lips, wondering if Ashton gives any private lessons. 

“Yes, WHAT?” he barks right up in Dish’s face, eliciting a whimper and folded ears from him.

“SIR!  Yes, sir!  Y-yes sir, master!  Sir!  I… I l-love my new name!  S-sir!”

“Damn right!  It’s the best damn name in the world.  You love it.  You’re going to wear it.  Every damn day!  You are not to take this collar off under any circumstances.  Only I can take this collar off.  You will wear it every day because you love it, isn’t that right, Dish?”

There it is - that split second of indecision on his face.  The dawning comprehension of what he’s just been told.  No matter where he goes or what he does within the confines of Musk or outside taking a stroll in the park or visiting his mother, he has to keep wearing this thick, bright pink collar for everyone to see.  He whimpers again, looking desperate.  “Well, I…”

*SPANK!*  “I asked you a simple question, Dish!  The next time you open your dick hole you better give me the best damn answer you can or I am going to severely tear this bubble-butt ass of yours up!  Now, you’re going to wear this collar every day because you love it, isn’t that right, Dish?”

“Y-yes, sir,” he nods, biting his bottom lip and slowly curling his tail up underneath his legs.  Oh, he may look pathetic and whimpery, but that throbbing bulge in the front of his spandex shorts tells a whole different story. 

Holy balls.  I honestly have no idea which one I want to fuck more right now.  And we haven’t even gotten to the best part yet.  Twice my paw has tried to reach down and rub my sheath out of reflex before I caught myself and grunted in frustration.  In truth, I think my poor cock is confused.  Usually by this time he’s getting a lot of attention and petting.  I tell him to try to be patient.  Try to understand the ends to this are going to justify the means.  But he continues to argue with me, stretching up and trying to poke through the fabric of my cotton wrap pants, demanding to be petted.  This is going to be rough.  I better pour myself another glass of merlot.

Meanwhile, Ashton continues to circle Dish, looking him up and down like a piece of sirloin.  Every time he comes around front and makes eye contact, the husky shivers a bit more and his crotch flexes.  The twitching bulge does not escape the wolf’s gaze.  He thrusts his paw down the front of the husky’s neon shorts and and applies a firm grip that is just shy of painful.

“I better not have to tell you that cumming without my permission is a serious offense, do I?”

Dish shakes his head and gives a muted whine, somewhere between worried and excited.  Ashton firms up his grip for emphasis as Dish’s eyes widen in surprise. 

“Good boy.  Because the same goes for that muzzle of yours,” he growls, leaving Dish with a befuddled tilt of his ears. 

Ashton grunts and steps over beside the bed, pulling out a small bag.  Dish watches anxiously as Ashton searches the bag and pulls out an assortment of feathers.  He selects an enormous ostrich feather with thick plumage.  My cock practically jumps out of my pants at the sight of this thing and at the thought of what he’s about to do with it.  Ashton turns to Dish who’s looking at the feather with a curious, eager expression.

I watch with rapidly swelling anticipation, my breath throbbing in my chest as Ashton steps right in front of the nervous looking husky and waves the long fluffy ostrich feather in front of his face like a hypnotic charm.

“Now, be a good Dish and stand still.  For the sake of your own ass, you better not sneeze on me.  Dish?  Are you listening?  So help me, if you sneeze on me without permission - I’m gonna spank those buns of steel into ground beef!”

Dish gulps audibly.  Dawning comprehension splashes across his face.  His tail gets bushy and tense.  His eyes expand and as his ears twitch.  The long, dainty tendrils along the feather’s shaft get closer and closer to his nose.  I’m leaning in so far, I’m practically falling off my chair. 

The husky’s nose, sensing imminent danger, begins to twitch and recoil, distancing itself from the approaching tickles, wrinkling his muzzle.  At the first caress of the feather’s plumes dancing across his nose, I watch with rapt attention as his left nostril engorges itself, flaring out and quivering.  Ashton moves the feather slowly back and forth across Dish’s snout, taking his time.  I’m salivating.  My ears turn sharply towards the first whimpering rasps of hitched breath as Dish tries his best to obey his master.  Ashton takes the feather and stretches it out, slowly dragging the wispy edge of the fluff over the trembling, moist nostrils on Dish’s snout.  Dish’s eyes start blinking rapidly, his breath gets more and more difficult to control.

Ff-fffggghh.. Hhh… *g-g-gaa-ssp*  heehhhhh-GEHHH!..  *sniffle*  hhhihhhh-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h…

Oh, rookie mistake!  I giggle to myself.  Never sniffle like that when the feather is right on top of your nostrils.  You’ll just inhale all those tiny bits of feather into your nose and make everything so much more tickly inside.  I can see by the sudden expression on Dish’s face he just figured that out for himself.  I guess I don’t have to tell you how badly I want to touch myself right now.  My right paw is almost shaking with desire and, yep - it looks like I’ve gotten pre all over my new cotton pants.  Oh well.  I’m surprised they stayed clean this long to be honest. 

I look up and swallow hard, trying not to drool on the carpet.  Ashton is just standing there, right in the line of fire, his eyes deadlocked on Dish with a stoic expression.  I can’t tell from here if he’s hard or not, but Dish on the other paw - his cock is certainly testing the limits of the fabric of those shorts.  His nose is dribbling all over his muzzle, poor thing.  I bet he wants to sneeze so badly.  All those tingles and itches in that wrinkled, spasming muzzle of his.  He blinks more tears from his eyes and tries to hold out a little longer as the feather makes another pass over his flexing nostrils.

Hhhihhh-h-h-h-h.. Nnggggeehhhhhh-h-h *gasp!*  Heeeh!..  *SNIFFLE* I c-c-can’t hhhihihheeehhhh-h-h-h  I… *sniffle* I h-have t-t-to hhh *GASP!* I h-have to sneee…  geehhh…  EEHHH! *G-GAASSP!!*

I watch with dilated pupils as Dish’s eyes start to roll back in his head and his muzzle throbs and contorts on his face, the first cracks in the dam starting to show.  I’m genuinely surprised he’s lasted as long as he has.  My cock is so hard I doubt there’s any blood left anywhere else in my body.  Ashton just keeps looking at him with one eyebrow raised, all but daring the sniffling husky to give in to those sneezy urges.  He’s so close, the mess would be all over his face and ears and neck and…  Fuck, this is not doing my painful boner any favors.  My heart is racing now.  I can feel the tension in Dish’s voice as he pleads for mercy - no doubt thinking about the punishment his ass is in for if he slips.

Pppfff.. Geh.. *wet sniffles* p-please..  S-s-sir.. I.. Hihh..  I c-can’t… ihhhh… HEhh.. Oh, shi…  hihhh.. EHHHH-HHEEHHH!!  Hiii’ch*****NXF!  Gheehh… *SNIFFFLE!*  Oh no, p-please d-don’tt.. Hhhh..  EEHH!!  Hiiiii’TCH***********NXKK!  *Snort!* Oh, it t-tigggglessss!   HHEEH-N*********XXXGG!  *sniffle* S-Sir… p-please d-don’t t-tiggle my nose I c-can’t I.. I c-can’t… hhhh-EHHH!  *GAAASSPP!!*  GAAAAHHH-SSPLLTCCHHIEEEEWWWWW!!

Oh, fuck me there he goes.  My cock lurches hard in my pants, tugging at the fabric.  I feel pre drooling down my thigh.  I’m almost surprised I didn’t cum paws-free right then.  All those stifled sneezes.  And then that monster release.  I’m panting - actually panting from all that.  I’m not sure how much more of this I can take before my sanity snaps.  But Ashton is far from done with this husky.

The wolf slowly opens his eyes, globules of snot sliding off his face and ears.  Dish looks genuinely worried and slinks back.  Tail tucked.  Ears back.  Head down.  The look in his eyes says he wants desperately to apologize and make amends.  Ashton curls his lip into a snarl that makes Dish’s tail bush out.

“Dish!  I told you no sneezing without my…”

GEHH!… HHEEH-SSSSHIEWWWW!!  HHHEEHH-CCHIEWWW!!  HHHIIIIIH-SSCCHHIEWWW!!…  *sniffle* GAAH!  OH, SHIT!  S-S-SIR!  I..  I’m so sorry!  It - the feathers.. M-my nose it.. I..  I didn’t mean - No, wait!”

Of the three of us in the room, I’m not sure which of us was more startled by Dish’s second volley of sneezes.  I watch with amusement as Ashton wipes his face off with one paw and grabs Dish by the scruff of his neck with the other, spinning the hapless husky around and exposing that delicious, round ass of his. 

“NO!  *SWAT!*  Bad puppy!  *SPANK!  SMACK!*  You know better than that!  *SMACK!  SWAT!*”

I take another sip of wine and murr, licking my lips as Ashton ‘punishes’ Dish.  The husky’s throbbing erection looks like it’s about ready to burst.  A feeling I know all too well at the moment, as my own sex twitches each time Ashton’s paw grazes that ass of his. 

I’m panting again like a bitch in heat, which is exactly how I feel.  I shrug off my shirt and try to fan my fur, get some air.  I’ve been edged and put through orgasm denial before, but I was always tied up.  Now the only thing stopping me from pleasuring my own flesh is me.  And right now I’m so hard I could play baseball.  It dawns on me, watching Dish’s ass get hammered by that wolf’s paw, some of the whines and whimpers I’m hearing are probably coming from me.

“Dish!  Disobedient puppies lose the right to wear clothes!” Ashton declares as he rips the t-shirt and neon underwear off him revealing a rather impressive cock for such a petite husky. 

My eyes nearly pop out of my face.  I’m so horny right now, that husky’s cock, glistening with pre, beckons to me like a succulent lollipop made of pure ambrosia.  I must hold out longer, but at this rate I’m genuinely starting to wonder if it’s possible to get dehydrated from leaking this much pre.

“Dish!  Pay attention!  If you want to earn the right to wear clothes again, you will obey!  Understand?”

The naked husky nods, sniffling and then looking on in fright as Ashton opens a pepper shaker and dumps its contents in a gray, dusty pile on the end of his nose. 

Oh, fuck me!  I turn and bite down into the fabric of the chair, crawling all over it as my cock somehow finds a way to get even harder than it was already.  I whimper softly as I turn back and force myself to watch in a fascination of raw sensual overload as Dish scrunches up his face, bites his lip and tries with all his might to resist the burning itchy tingles as the pepper creeps its way into his trembling nostrils.

Dish’s nose begins to twitch and wiggle involuntarily, getting more and more messy as more fluid drips out.  His chest quivers, trying to suck in a might gasp to forcefully expel all of the irritating pepper from his nasal passages. 

Geeekkkkxx…  nnppf… *SNRRRK!*  heepp.. Pf.. Hhh.. *g-g-geeeeaassp*  hhhih… gehhhnngehh…

Dish and I both turn our gaze towards Ashton, pleading with him silently to please show some mercy and let the poor boy sneeze before his nose explodes!  I’m just as tense as Dish is, watching him struggle and try to keep the burning itches from burrowing back into his sinuses.  He grits his teeth as his lip starts to curl and his nostrils begin to expand and undulate.  Oh for fuck’s sake, he can’t last much longer!  My balls ache just seeing him like this!  Ashton leans over and whispers in Dish’s ear.

“Very good, pet.  You may sneeze one time and only…”


My jaw hits the floor.  And I’m pretty sure that pathetic, girly whine came from me too.  I pull out the waist of my wrap pants and look down to confirm my suspicions.  I see my very angry looking dick staring back up at me and screaming to be let out.  The fur on my inner thighs is completely soaked in precum.  And I could swear my balls actually look swollen.  I’m trying not to hyperventilate, to not get dizzy and lightheaded.  But after that display I’m almost seeing stars in front of me. 

Ashton actually flinched and jumped back a little - totally surprised by the violence of Dish’s reaction.  No wonder with all that pepper lodged in his nose!  I’m ready to applaud the boy’s efforts and treat him to the finest ass hammering he’s ever had.  But lo, Ashton is still not done.  I clutch anxiously at my ears and tail and try to hold on a little longer.  My balls are straining so hard, I can see bits of semen leaking out along with the pre at this point. 

Ashton growls at Dish in protest, causing the sniffling husky to squeal and jump back.  The wolf turns in a huff and retrieves a different feather from his toy bag.  This one is long and thin, looking more like a quill and less like the fluffy plumage of the ostrich feather.  Dish watches all this with wide, large eyes, waiting for his instructions.  I watch with the same expression on my face as well.

Ashton steps to the side and takes off his belt, snapping it against his paw with a crack that makes me and Dish both flinch.  He drops and steps out of his jeans and boxers, letting his cock flop out.  How he does not have a raging erection like everyone else in the room, I will likely never understand.

“Dish, on you knees.  Show me what that mouth of yours can do.”

For the first time since he entered the room, the husky’s tail wags.  Finally getting to wrap his lips around some thick wolf cock - well, I mean who wouldn’t wag?  Eagerly he cups one paw around Ashton’s heavy balls and the other encircles the base of his knot, massaging and working him hard while his very practiced mouth slurps down on that thick, musky shaft.  He stops wagging when he remembers the feather.  His eyes pounce on it, following it around with large pupils.  He watches as the tip of the feather slides gently into his right nostril, pressing in deeper and deeper, causing his entire muzzle to quiver and shake.

“Who said you could stop sucking, Dish?  This dick ain’t gonna suck itself.  Now keep going!” Ashton proclaimed while twirling the feather in Dish’s nostril.

The husky sniffled wetly and gave a whimper of ascent trying to ignore the effects of the feather on his already hyper-sensitive, twitching nasal cavity.  The tip of the feather works its way back further and further until the tip of the delicate tendrils began to tickle and teases the back ares of his sinuses.

Hhhhhgg-geehh!  *slurp!*  *sniffle* hhhhhh..  HHHRRREEEESSHMMMMMMPPFFFFFFF!!

My pants are off.  There was no way I could remain clothed after seeing THAT!  That choice piece of husky ass sneezing with his mouth full of wolf cock?  My balls are practically screaming in pent-up pain.  Fuck trying to hold out any longer.  It is time for Daddy to sample the goods. 

Ashton either doesn’t notice or doesn’t care about the naked fox waltzing up behind his trainee.  Speaking of behinds - I place both paws on Dish’s ass and lift him up on all fours with his mouth still firmly wrapped around Ashton’s cock.  Fuck me, I’ve sampled plenty of ass in my day, but this one is truly something special.  I’ve never seen such round, tender, yet firm flanks before.  I’m guessing three maybe five hours a day on the stairmaster to achieve perfection like this.  Part of me wants to just keep massaging and petting it, listening to the way he moans and whimpers every time my paw drifts under his tail and over his balls.  Oh, Dish.  I’m going to have to sample you again someday real soon. 

Meanwhile the feather continues to take its toll on Dish’s nose.

Nnggehhh-h-h-h-hh.. *s-snifff-ffle*  hehh… *lick lick s-suck lick*  geehhh… *g-gasp!*  HHHRRRRRPPPTCCHMMMBBLTT!! Hihh.. EEHH!  HHHHHEEH-SSHHMMPFFFFFFF!!  GAAHH-TCHHMMMMBBLLTTFFF!!…  *sniffle*

Holy balls, if I don’t cum soon I’m gonna lose my mind.  With my cock already slathered in my own precum, I grab Dish’s tail and slide my flesh into his.  His ass fits me like a silk glove as I hear him lurch and dribble his own pre on the carpet.  I make no illusions of my intentions, slamming myself in like a wild jackhammer.  He takes me without complaint, working Ashton’s cock so well, I can see the surprise in the wolf’s grizzled eyes just how fast he’s approaching climax.  A little too fast it seems.

I look up in a blissful haze and see Ashton growling, “No w-wait, slow down - slow DOWN. Ah, shit! Fuck-fuck-FUUUUCK!”

With his knees shaking, threatening to buckle under him, Ashton grunts and grabs hold of Dish’s ears, knotting himself balls-deep the husky’s drooling mouth.  This, consequently, has the added advantage of pressing the feather in deeper.  With each thrust and surge of cum from the wolf’s cock, the tip of the feather swirls and tickles the sides of the husky’s nose, driving the sneezy urges in his muzzle to a fever pitch. 

I watch as Ashton continues to howl and pump hot seed into Dish’s mouth, overwhelming him with volume until his cheeks are starting to balloon out.  The husky tenses up right as my knot slips inside him, locking us together like superglue.  He starts to flail about, the urge to sneeze growing exponentially in his twitching muzzle as the feather continues its assault inside his nose.  I feel my balls straining to unload.  I cry out with a feral snarl, flinging my head back just as Ashton pulls his thick cock out of Dish’s cum-filled mouth.  The husky gasps and pants, rearing back and scrunching his face in a sneezy contortion.


There goes the feather, blasting out of his muzzle along with an impressive volume of wolf cum spraying from his mouth and nostrils.


With every violent sneeze his body clamps down on my throbbing dick, milking me like a machine.  I’m cumming so hard I’m screaming.


For fuck’s sake stop!  There’s nothing left for you to milk out of me!  Unclench so I can pull out of you and collapse in a puddle on the floor!  Oh shit - no, WAIT!


We’ve created a monster.  A sneezing/milking machine in the body of a husky twink that is now completely out of control.  He can’t be bargained with.  He can’t be reasoned with.  And his ass absolutely will not stop its assault on my hyper-sensitive flesh, continuing to rub and massage my cock long after my orgasm has past.  I’m crossing the threshold between pleasure and sensory overload.  I feel consciousness slipping from me.


Ashton, my hero, comes to my rescue with a finger pressed firmly under Dish’s nose, halting his sneezing fit dead in its tracks.  The husky’s ass finally relaxes enough to release my knot along with the majority of the hot seed I pumped into him.  I fall to the floor in a heap, the room is spinning too much for me to even sit up without drooling on myself and falling over.  Dish flops over on the floor beside me, shivering in his own puddle of orgasmic euphoria. 

I’m still dizzy and cloudy when Ashton comes over and sits next to me holding a clipboard.  He checks off a few items and scribbles some notes.  He looks over in my general direction and asks my opinion.

“So, what’s your take?  He’s okay, right?  Got a fine ass on him, that’s for sure.  Decent mouth.  Think he’ll be worth the trouble?”

I try and squeak out an answer between ragged pants of breath, but all I can manage is to nod and give a very weak thumbs up.  Ashton nods in agreement and signs the clipboard. 

“Good, good.  I’ll give ya five minutes to rest up and we’ll bring in the next one.  Sound good?”

Oh, fuck me.
Title: Re: [M + Messy + Mature + Explicit^2] How To Train Your Husky
Post by: Chikara on September 12, 2016, 08:21:40 AM
Wow, you weren't kidding with the "Explicit^2".
Title: Re: [M + Messy + Mature + Explicit^2] How To Train Your Husky
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Haha wow!!  Awesome job ;D
Title: Re: [M + Messy + Mature + Explicit^2] How To Train Your Husky
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impressive! :3 love the details <3