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Title: [F + Mature] Holly's Waitress Job
Post by: Spare Wisp on February 26, 2017, 01:52:24 AM
This story is shorter than many of my stories and contains only one sneeze.  I'll call it a vignette.  Be mindful of the brevity, and have fun!


The argument at the table is getting on Holly's nerves.  Specifically, it's getting on the nerves inside her nose.  Tall, leggy, busty, and with a fine swimmer's physique, the Vaporeon-girl fits perfectly into her waitress's outfit with the caveat of pushing the top and front of it out a considerable distance.

She's blue all over, minus the white frills around her neck and the yellow fin-flaps that make up the dorsal fin on her head and her ear flaps.  None of those colored things are important by comparison to the other non-blue body part right now: her black nose, the nostrils of which flare and twitch at the scents coming off the enormous platter in her hands.


Her inhale is unheard over the loud conversation at the table as the eight patrons crammed into the circular booth try to re-determine who ordered exactly what.  Despite what an onlooker might surmise from the contents of the tray, the peppered, spiced, and seasoned contents are contributing less than half of the problems that her sensitive nostrils are currently experiencing.

"/I/ ordered the peppered steak and the bowl of Thai!"  "The bowl's yours, but we both ordered a steak."  "What about the spring chicken?"


There are a few allergies that set her off unlike any other.  Certainly she has her own unique allergies, but some are shared among her siblings, pervasive through the family since and including her mother.  In no particular order, those shared burdens are chrysanthemums, the pollen of which could trigger hay fever for any of them; cedar, which took only the scent to reduce them to a fit of sneezing; and mint, the smell of which nearly guaranteed a sneezy, elemental blast.

"HH-hhh...  HH-hhh...  HH-HHHAAaaah...!"

Holly's nose wiggles, protesting the presence of four glasses of mint tea loaded into the dead center of the tray.  She had made haste to the table to make the delivery after seeing how impossible rearranging any of it was, but the time she gained with quick feet has more than been wasted by the patrons attempting to divine what goes where.

"HAAAHHH..."  Her chest rises, pushed up by her lungs.  The argument buzzes in her ears while a tickle buzzes in her nose.   "HAAAAHHH..."  They're paying so much attention to themselves that her expression, despite growing ever more needy for a sneeze, goes unnoticed.  "HAAAAAHHH...!"

She exhales unsteadily,   trying to calm herself for long enough to ensure she won't drop the ridiculous amount of food foolishly piled onto one tray with a prime allergen.  Her free hand moves from being ready to unload the platter to gripping the side of the platter itself, joining the other to make sure she can hold it still.  "HAAAAAHHHH...!"

Her mouth hangs open, her head tipping back, black nose twitching and nostrils flaring.  The patrons finally seem to have taken notice of their waitress at least in part, the sound of her inhaling for a sneeze having stopped five of eight argument participants.  Their eyes are instead locked on her mounting disaster.  "HAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!"

"HHHAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!"  The Vaporeon-girl's face is positively desperate, having crossed over the point where she could ever hope to stop the oncoming reaction.  She needs to sneeze, and nothing can stop it now.  "I'm telling you for the last time-"  The bird on the end of the row spreads his wings for emphasis, and Holly feels plumes rush past her nose, the feathers whipping the smell of mint into the air.

"HHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"  The argument ceases, three heads turning.


Holly's head snaps forward, the echoingly loud sneeze miraculously restrained just barely long enough for her to aim down at her uniform.  Water sprays her front, the weight and force of it tearing the outfit down off her shoulders and down around her stomach.  The swimsuit top she had been wearing as underwear suffers a similar fate, the neon pink bikini coming to rest just below her smooth breasts.

The same as every time, she's dazed by her sneeze.  It takes her a literal few seconds to gather her senses again and open her eyes, which is when she finds herself staring at her own naked tits, both around the size of cantaloupe halves and capped in dark blue nipples that are already getting stiff from the chill of water droplets on them.  She looks up to see eight awestruck customers, and her cheeks start to change color from light blue to purple.

A hand releases from the platter to pull her bikini top back into place, a sniffle bringing the threatening smell of mint back into her nose.  She hurriedly unloads the tray to complete silence, shoving plate after plate onto the table without any regard for what belongs to who.

There's no commentary as she works, only stares, especially when she leans over to place things on the far end.  When finished she brings the metal shield up in front of her body and quickly trots off towards the back, her waitress outfit bouncing around her hips.  "I'll let you all figure it out!"
Title: Re: [F + Mature] Holly's Waitress Job
Post by: Furry-Sneezes on February 26, 2017, 04:24:37 AM
If a quickie sneeze like this is what it takes to see you posting again, then by all means take that route. ;) Thanks for sharing.
Title: Re: [F + Mature] Holly's Waitress Job
Post by: Y31 on February 26, 2017, 06:52:23 PM
"Gesundheit, Holly!" *Passes her a large tip.*

Glad to see you writing more, Spare Wisp!  I'm with FS, I'd love to see more vignettes out of you!  This one was great, a lot of good anticipation packed into it.  Frankly I'm surprised that the mint didn't make her sneeze again while she was leaving.  ;)
Title: Re: [F + Mature] Holly's Waitress Job
Post by: Spare Wisp on February 28, 2017, 01:55:30 AM
Honestly she probably does sneeze again somewhere along the way, but that wasn't part of the story.  Arguably she probably should have sneezed more than once as well... maybe the fans were blowing the right direction for her to catch a break.  One sneeze fit the story the best, so make up any excuse needed.  Imagining she has one or two on the way out is also perfectly welcomed.